Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool’s Open Sexuality: A Boyfriend ‘Would Be Great’

Deadpool trailer
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

In the comic books, Deadpool is an equal-opportunity smart aleck — and flirt. That’s a sensibility that the producers of the new 20th Century Fox superhero movie, starring Ryan Reynolds, tried to re-create for the upcoming tentpole.

But while the big-screen version of Deadpool earns an R rating with graphic violence, profanity and sexual content, you won’t see this masked hero sharing a bed with another man.

That could change, particularly if the film — which is expected to dominate the box office this weekend — spawns sequels. On the red carpet at a New York screening for “Deadpool” on Monday, alongside hundreds of fans decked in red tights and masks, Reynolds said he’s aware that Deadpool identifies as pansexual.

“I love that about Deadpool,” said Reynolds. “I love that he can break any boundary. In the future, I hope we get to do that more,” he said, alluding to his character’s monogamous relationship with a woman (“Gotham” star Morena Baccarin).

Reynolds added that he thought it would be “nice” for Deadpool to have a boyfriend at some point. “I certainly wouldn’t be the guy standing in the way of that,” Reynolds said. “That would be great.”

There are clues in “Deadpool” that its hero is just as interested in men as he is in women, but they are often handled with a wink rather than occupying a major plot line. Early in the movie, Deadpool suggests a mock fling with Wolverine and seems open to sexual experimentation during a sex montage (although the only partner in the scene is his girlfriend). “We knew that was part of the comics,” said one of the film’s screenwriters, Rhett Reese. “We wanted to honor that in the movie. But we did it in subtle ways.” Added producer Simon Kinberg: “There’s veiled references to it in this film. It’s in the DNA of the character.” Kinberg said he wouldn’t rule out showing Deadpool with a male companion in future installments.

But that would still be considered a major risk. Even though gay marriage is legal in the United States, the movie industry has been slow to develop projects anchored by queer characters. The first — and, so far, last — gay breakthrough romance is still 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain.” A recent study from GLAAD found that only 17.5% of studio releases in 2014 featured LGBT characters, and they usually appear in supporting roles.

One reason for the resistance to gay characters is that Hollywood is heavily reliant on box office from China, where attitudes about homosexuality are less tolerant. And Hollywood executives are generally slow to change, especially when it comes to diversity, as evidenced by the discussion over this year’s Oscars ceremony with all-white acting nominees. When Andrew Garfield suggested in a 2013 interview that Spider-Man could be gay, the creative team at Sony didn’t exactly endorse that idea for the upcoming reboot.

Deadpool could represent progress if future installments allow the character more freedom to be who he is. Ed Skrein, who plays the villain Ajax in the movie, said he wasn’t aware of the term “pansexual” until he got the part. “You know? This is 2016,” he said. “We all need to grow up. I’m going to be a spokesperson for pansexuality from here on out.”

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  1. schnecks says:

    Really? Going Ghostbusters again?!
    Lets see how that will play out. (Am I a Sexist jet?)

    Don’t change things like that. Make a good movie!

    • Philip Wester says:

      They wouldn’t be changing diddly. Deadpool is clearly pansexual in the comics, constantly flirting with Spiderman (among other men). It would actually be changing the character to NOT have him be pan- or bisexual.

  2. Christina says:

    Also i vote spidypool its my headcanon

  3. Christina says:

    If they can find a way to do it in a way that makes sense and dosent kill of Vanessa that would be amazing

  4. John Amparan says:

    My biggest issue with this situation is how strong the romance in Deadpool was. What is going to happen between Wade and Vanessa? Have you EVER seen a sequel where the romance from the first film is discarded end well?

    • schnecks says:

      I fear the worst. You don’t just walk away from a genuine love story.
      The laziest version would be that she has to die in a flashback scene.

      I hate that SJW shit! Fucking let Wade become trans. I don’t care anymore….

  5. Lol don’t point the finger at China. We should all remember that China was very tolerant of homosexuality before they influenced by WESTERN culture.

  6. inez says:

    I love how some monosexual people think that in order to be under the ‘bi’ umbrella (bisexual, pansexual, polysexual…) you have to have been 50/50 with similar and different sex partners or else it doesn’t count. A pansexual with no dating/sex experience can still be pan, a pansexual who dated only women too. It’s really not that difficult to grasp, geez.

  7. RepublicanPseudoHeterosexual says:

    Why do republicans obsess about everything not being gay? Pansexual lol i guess Deadpool was raised orthodox catholic or jewish by a Ipod flooded with gay spy/maleware.

  8. harkness says:

    why does everyone have their panties in a twist about a fictional character POSSIBLY being pansexual? don’t you have better things to bitch about?

  9. Gregory Williams says:

    The whole China being the argument doesn’t really stand with Deadpool since it was so vulgar it was banned in China and it still annihilated box office records.

  10. rrrrr says:

    Almost every example people give of Deadpools supposed “pansexuality” is either banter (like a million straight guys do who are confortable with their sexuality) or just them taking something out of context to fit what THEY want Deadpool to be. Truth is he has only had girlfriends and only been intimate with them. I’m sorry you don’t understand that a man can joke about certain things without actively being those things. And I’m not against it or anything but it is NOT being faithful to the source material to give him a boyfriend, when he was created he was NEVER meant to be this pansexual icon so many people want him to be, fact is nobody ever thought this until VERY recent years when a certain person who has worked on the character said HE would say Deadpool is pansexual. Then the internet ran crazy with it.

  11. Gem says:

    Awesome!! Finally, someone’s making a little wiggle room in the straight jacket.

  12. tickelace says:

    Hahaha, the comments on this are hilarious. I hope they do bring in the fact Deadpool is pan and all the homophobic idiots, especially the ones who commented here, get to watch it become a huge hit.

  13. Jesse says:

    An gay Deadpool would fail. Listen he may be pansexual but he is not having sex with men in the comics. Having a bromance does not mean performing sex with men, and its not needed, or intended. Ryan is being a good sport saying this because if he said anything else he would get lit up by all the pro-lgbt community. If gays want heroes or to make movies then go do it nothing is stopping them, but stop trying to force everything gay or black just for political correctness. Be creative and create, don’t force your opinions or thoughts on others. Also all this “oh you must be Republican or Conservative if you hate on black or gays” is nothing but pure ignorance and intolerance on those who say it. Not everyone agrees, not everyone thinks a like. I have met many blacks and gays who identify as conservative and Republican, and many Liberals and Democrats who do not like or endorse gays and black pride movements. Freedom of thought and speech is not a one way street.

    • Isaac says:

      what decade are you living in? He’s pansexual, not gay. That means he’s attracted to people regardless of gender. Yes, even if they’re not women. And do you really think that there are 0 lgbt people involved in filmmaking in hollywood? Because that’s just so wrong. Ryan isn’t ‘being a good sport’, he’s trying to stay true to the comics. And when you said him having sex with men isn’t needed… what does that even mean? No sex, heterosexual or homosexual or whatever else, is needed in films. But it’s there anyway. What difference does it make whether he’s having sex with women or with men? If you don’t like it, don’t watch the film.

      • squck says:

        Honestly, why do you Repubs have to bring up your political affiliation in practically EVERYTHING online? Who the hell cares? That’s not even part of this conversation, but you had to throw it in there anyway,didn’t you?? And how the hell is showing racial and sexual diversity in films being forced on anybody? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. And all “political correctness” is, is being respectful of other people’s cultures and acknowledging their presence and contributions. As a woman of color, I want to see people that look like me in a film for a change—especially since practically 90% of films from Hollywood are mainly about white people. White people aren’t the only ones who go to the movies, you know. The world does not revolve around you uptight, stuck-up, arrogant right-wing repub nuts who happen to be Caucasian,lol.. And the funny thing is, just barely a decade ago, it seemed like all the politicians getting busted for soliciting gay sex encounters were Republicans–I wonder why?

      • Lee says:

        Who said anything about black people at any point in this article. These are fictional characters. Get a grip. And by the way. Black Pride does not mean anti white. Calm down

      • Adam says:

        From a straight guy to another, man, just take a step back for a moment. Why would you find it so bad if Deadpool was not straight? (also being pansexual means he likes both guys and gals, so you should probably stop trying to pretend you know what youre talking about).

        We have thousands upon thousands of super hero movies and comics to watch and read and all them are completely straight, so we can relate to them. But the one time a super hero is implied to be slightly gay, ignorant people like you all up and say its ‘forced’ and its for ‘political correctness’. Dude, the lgbt people have jack shit as it is. Let em at least have Deadpool.

  14. Me says:

    He flirts with guys a lot in the comics and finds them attractive, usually nothing serious has come out of it though. The most intimate he has been with a man is Cable whom Deadpool actually does have strong feelings for which borderline straddle the line of platonic bro and romance.

  15. Fuck Conservatives says:

    lmao at the homophobes in here, yall are so archaic. Have fun being left behind in some old fashioned fantasy world where you hate all non-white and non-straight people, the rest of us will keep moving forward and enjoying life.

  16. Meg says:

    I absolutely love Deadpool in the comics, so I’m excited for the movie. He is pansexual in the comics, so I’m happy they’re acknowledging it and hope he does a male partner in a future movie. I find it funny how some people claim if films include lgbt characters they’ll fail. That’s ridiculous. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t go see a movie because of a character’s sexual orientation.

  17. This is imbecilic. Why not just gather 80 or 100 mil and just burn it?

  18. Dordor says:

    Reynolds has to say that or the Hollywood PC police would put them in a cell. No one actually believes what he said, nor does he.

  19. ABC says:

    An effeminate superhero is an oxymoron and box office poison.

  20. Redbone says:

    Ryan Reynolds is lying. He sucks at the liberal teat knowing a gay Deadpool is a dead Deadpool at the box office. Weak-backed idiot.

  21. Einstein says:

    Ryan is being politically correct. Deadpool having a boyfriend drops the box office by one million percent, and he and his investors all know that.

    • squck says:

      If that was the case, why would he even mention it? Obviously he dosen’t have a problem with it, so why should you? I think it would be cool if Deadpool was shown to be bi—-it would make the sequel a hell of a lot more interesting,lol. Plus he’s just a comic book character—he can be anything his creators make him—even pansexual, or whatever, ha ha ha!

    • bruh says:

      He’s gay, deal with it

    • Probably drop readership of his book by 1 million percent too.. oh, wait…

      • Zyin says:

        @redbone, I’d like you to look at these snips from the comics themselves.
        As you can see, Deadpool is canonically queer in the “books”
        Please read into what you plan on arguing against before you say things like that.

      • Redbone says:

        Oh wait, he’s NOT gay in any books.

  22. Jake says:

    “17.5% of 2014 studio releases featured LGBT characters”. That’s bad or to low? GLADD’s own stats say only 3.8% of the US population identify as LGBT. That’s over 450% greater than their percentage of population. What’s the issue?

    • Edgar R. says:

      Except that Glaad’s numbers are 200 percent higher than the CDC which puts the entire gay community at 1.6 percent total.

    • The problem is that one stat is counting individuals while the other is counting groups of people.

      3.8% out of 1000 is, well 38.

      17.5 (let’s call it 18) is the number of films, so 18 films out of 100(for argument’s sake). If each film has 10 characters (obviously some have more, some have less) you only need 1 of those characters to ID as LGBT to get the film included. So you could, potentially only have 18 out of 1000 INDIVIDUAL characters or 1.8%

      I’m not saying that if someone actually broke down actual numbers that it wouldn’t be comparable, I’m just saying that these number don’t do that.

    • Spencer says:

      A lot of people are closeted, besides if you ask anybody you know they have met or know people that aren’t straight so at this point it’s unrealistic to have this little representation in media. Not to mention movies should have all kinds of characters, not just white straight people. Aren’t people tired of seeing white straight people in every major movie? I know I am. It’s time for change. We need diversity. There’s plenty of movies for the white heterosexuals out there, it’s time to represent other people, too.

  23. T1gerlilly says:

    Spideypool. Nice comic tie in, both actors are ok with it, and the back and forth between masked boyfriends would be hilarious. Plus, Peter Parker deserves to get lucky in love and Deadpool deserves a boyfriend with banter.

  24. Bill B. says:

    Cool dude.

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