Danny Glover: Maybe We Should Do Away With the Oscars (SUNDANCE VIDEO)

PARK CITY, UT — Danny Glover thinks Hollywood can learn a thing or two about diversity from the indie movies playing at Sundance.

“Artists are the gatekeepers of truth,” he said when asked about the current Oscar crisis. “(But) I don’t see diversity in film in the world at all anymore.”

In the 1970’s, Glover said he could easily go to mainstream theaters and watch Italian, Japanese and African films. But now, $100 million tentpoles are kicking these “real” stories out of theaters and now all he can find is a very “narrow” version of his himself onscreen.

“We need to talk about the process, the democratization of making movies, not 15 men deciding ‘You’re going to see this movie this year and this movie.”

He added: “The Academy and everything else has been what it is since the outset.”

But awards shows, Glover said, are “Subjective. They always have been.”

“Maybe we should do away with them,” he suggested. Even the Oscars, asks Variety? “Oscars.”

But, like the $100 million pics, Glover admits the Academy Awards are a giant business with lots of money and influencers behind the ceremony.

Bottom line, he said: “We don’t find movies that tell us about the real, everyday survival people. How they build families, communities…how to redefine family, community in the wake of all the devastation.”

Those were the types of films he saw as a kid growing up in the ’60s and ’70s.

“It would widen my whole sense of myself and my relationship to the rest of the world. That’s what the movies and art is supposed to be about!”

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  1. Eileenmaltais says:

    Really,no common decency,where bill Paxton’s death ,should be shown,well before Meryl Streep’,s, nobody cares,being a money grabber,just shows,so much scumm,in Hollywood 🤡

  2. Eileenmaltais says:

    Should do away,which all award shows,people that watch films,like or not,no judgment,if I’m watching,a film not happy,stop watching,as we don’t all see the same,thank god for diversity,which is why,there is no possible way to judge,on there corporate level,can we not just enjoy films,without the pomp,and pageant

  3. DMH says:

    I agree, but not for Glover’s reasons. There are just too many award shows today. They have increased in number over the past few years to massage artists’ egos and make more money for the ‘biz”. Since every award show now seems to meet every sub group’s need (SAG Awards, BET Awards, Golden Globes, BFI’S etc., ) there really is no need for the 90 year old Oscars.

    Plus, the show itself is tedium, the hosts are awful and how many tributes to “old Hollywood” can you possibly sit through? Hollywood exists in name only, if it ever existed at all. It used to be a place, with massive studios churning out a movie a week with glorious stars, performing on massive stages and acres of backlots. Now just a few stages remain and are used for Wheel of Fortune and Dr. Phil.

  4. Old Salt says:



    GIVE ME BACK THE actor’s of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s,70’s and 80’s

  5. Magenta Riley says:

    y’all are insane. every one of you. leave sargent murtaugh alone. and please do not hate on lethal weapon – you know u went to all the sequels. i am also insane for commenting on this thread. good night fair Internet.

  6. Kay says:

    Hollywood and other entertainers need to stop spouting off about political and social issues. 99.9% of those who want to give the public their”wisdom” are liberal democrats, we already know what they will say. The vast majority of their remarks are not researched and are uniformed.


  8. TheBigBangof20thCenturyPopCulture says:

    He is so right. And anyone with cultured civilized taste taste knows this.
    Most movies today suck with little more than oldie remakes, superhero flicks and rom-coms. Check.
    Diversity is defined as B&W but leaves most skin colors in between to play support or stereotypes. Check.
    As in music, there is no innocence left in movie land which celebrates either evil or the bad guy. Check.
    Hollywood has no more adult old souls with charisma. Mostly man boys and waifs get all the work. Check.
    The NY Times stopped listing Oscar winning films in 2002. Check.
    And so on…and so on. Grave new world cinema has jumped the shark. You get the idea.

  9. Pauly says:

    I never really thought much of Danny Glover. I only had knowledge of his work from the movies Predator 2, those Mel Gibson cop movies, and The Color Purple. Only one performance was not unbelievable. Then I went to a screening of a movie he starred in and directed at The Mill Valley Film Festival. The movie was about a black couple on the outs in South Africa. During the post showing on stage discussion a member of the audience asked about the couples relationship in regards to the spousal abuse that Glover’s character exhibited toward his wife. Glover had the nerve to say, and I quote, “Spousal abuse did not exist in South Africa until the Dutch arrived in 1652”. The uber liberal Marin and bay area audience applauded with great exuberance. I was dumbfounded how such a remark could be made with a straight face since the subjugation of women in African culture is historically known. That and subsequent remarks from Mr. Glover forever changed my attitude toward this man. I will never look at him the same way, and he continues to spout divisive, and sophomoric b.s.. Never mind his over acting and amateurish delivery. He’s one to talk.

  10. Freeland_Dave says:

    Sorry but I just don’t place much stock in someone who’s only real education efforts was to graduate from High School and then drop out of San Francisco State Universiity. His “honary” degrees mean nothing and are just “honary.” Why people listen to High School graduates regarding the state of the world is beyond me. Do you canvas only those who have High School diplomas and base your decisions largely on their educational ignorance or would you tend to listen more to those who have the educational background to make their comments worth listening to? Danny is an entertainer. That’s it. He may be a director as well. But an authority on our society and culture of the world? No, that’s a stretch.

  11. Tony says:

    Stacy Dash said it Perfectly Do away with BET network The BET awards and the image awards. No caucasian are allowed at these shows. Now these celebrities get gift packages worth 100 of thousands dollars. Just think what would happen if there was a WET network

    • queentraveller says:

      Stacy Dash is a self-hating moron who says things to please racist assholes because she’s such a pain in the ass that no sane production will ever hire her again due to her manic tantrums on film/tv sets (I’ve witnessed them). She realized the only way she can make money is by going on Fox news to say stupid shit. Now… the whole “what if there was a white entertainment television network” argument has to go… mostly because people who use that argument ignore that the counterargument is actually a lot more persuasive and sensical. Majority of movies and television is still dominated by white people…to have a channel dedicated to more white programming would be redundant and silly to say the least. People create groups to celebrate their own achievements when they are underrepresented by the mainstream…are you saying you feel that whites are underrepresented in films and movies and that’s why you need a WET network? If so… the numbers (if you’re interested in facts) beg to differ. If you disagree with the BET network…fine… you just need a better argument then the stupid “what if there was a WET network?” There already is… it’s called 90% of the movies and programming out there.

  12. People Say says:

    Glover, MYOB.

  13. Rand E Oertle says:

    Maybe somebody should do away with Danny Glover. For a man who has been so successful at stealing so much money from unwary movie goers with sub-par performances, I suggest he retire so we won’t get ripped off by his lack of acting skills.

  14. rbblum says:

    Would make more sense to relinquish ‘divisiveness’ by focussing on inclusion and equality for all . . . as an American of a constitutional republic.

  15. When I was about 12, I figured out that the Oscars was about the movie industry make a big deal about giving awards to itself. Since then I have had almost no interest in them.

    As for voting for black actors or actresses, how does one make sure every considers a vote for them even in a year with very little in the way of great acting in movies with black characters. I like a good move with good acting regardless of the actor’s race, but my option does not count for the Oscars or the millions of people that watch the moves.

  16. Freeland_Dave says:

    While no more Oscars would be no problem for me, I would also suggest that we can also do without Danny Glover. If he wants to act, fine. If he wants to be a politician, fine. Just not both.

  17. Mike S says:

    I want to see fun movies and science fiction and things that make me forget about day to day troubles, he wants all movies to be ABOUT day o day struggles…. I got enough of that, peddle your BS somewhere else Danny.

  18. Kevin spawr says:

    Maybe he should stop collecting the million dollar pay checks that the evil, greedy, racist honkeys send him after every cinematic TURD he stars in.

  19. mc7e says:

    The first thing time I’ve ever agreed with anything out of the mouth of Danny Glover—End the Oscars! But I have other reasons than he. The back-slapping Hollywood sect are just not my cup of tea. Of course, they’ll never end the Oscars because it serves as marketing for the industry and it massages the egos of the narcissistic industry.

  20. Seems to me that African Americans just do not have decent stories and or script writers in place to be able to compete in “whitey “Hollywood. When Black Americans “put out” in movies as they do in sports, that is when they will see the recognition. Stop putting the blame on Hollywood. When was the last time a white movie producer turned down making millions of dollars on a decent movie.

    As well just look at the amount of crap put out by white Hollywood. Crap that never has a chance to even bump into an Oscar.

  21. Jack Kennedy says:

    as oscar goes that way of detroit………………. buh bye

  22. r-henry says:

    How has baseball achieved such successful integration? Pure meritocracy.

  23. If Iz can’t win, nobody shou win.

  24. Mike says:

    I think everybody should get a participation oscar.. this way there are no hurt feelings.

  25. dburcha says:

    I am tired of hearing about “diversity”. If the Oscars embrace this fakery called diversity then every year they will not be able to placate the minorities. There is never enough “diversity” for most of them. Diversity should not be a substitute for excellence and that is the problem in the whole country,…not just the Oscars.

  26. Jan Vones says:

    I loved Danny Glover in Back to the Future, and the episode where he almost kicked David Letterman in the forehead was a classic.

  27. Hey, Danny, maybe we should do away with racism? Like BET? Like the NBA? Like the Black Caucus? Like Black Lives Matter? Are you unable to understand that it’s YOU and your ilk who perpetrate the divide? So, go ahead, start your own Oscars, Globes, Emmy’s . . . who cares. Blacks won’t be happy until they’re white.

    • rbblum says:

      IF only . . . May there be an awakening to allow the purity of our constitution to endure . . . and, that all men are created equal to freely pursue their endeavors (for better or worse – on their own accord)

  28. S.Yahathei says:

    “Artists are the gatekeepers of truth,”
    This made me laugh so hard I spewed my coffee. Artists are egotistical exhibitionists that envy each others success. The only “truth” they speak are the words written by others. Their opinion is worth just as much as a farmer, chemist, taxi driver, or anyone else.

  29. Donald Field says:

    Don’t do away with them. just make a quota of blacks that don’t have to be nominated but they will get an also ran award

  30. Yirmin says:

    Maybe if they want the award to have any real meaning they could start by eliminating any televised showing of them… Stop using them as a way to parade the “Actor or the Day” on a red carpet… Make so that it wasn’t a feeding frenzy for the publicity seekers and then… maybe then it would become a ceremony where the best actor or film of the year could and would win some recognition by their peers.

    Because for the past 30 years the selection process and winners haven’t been picked because of the quality of the work but solely because of the marketing money that a studio put behind this actor or that movie. The whole thing is a joke and I often wonder if any of the idiots hoping to hear their name called out know that it is a joke.

  31. smyers says:

    Hey Danny, make whatever film you wish. If you are willing to risk your money, you can make whatever film you want. You can open whatever theater you want. But no, you are expecting others to risk their money to make things the way you want them. I suspect you are confusing art and entertainment. I don’t need a movie about everyday life. I live that myself.

    And what is wrong with subjective awards shows? It’s not like they close down any movie that doesn’t win. Of course they are subjective, unless you just want to acknowledge the biggest money maker, or longest film, or something measurable there is no choice but to have it be such. It’s only an award show, it isn’t real, and it just doesn’t matter.

  32. Sheepleherder says:

    Or maybe they should just invite the folks who want to participate, and let others who don’t, have their own awards.

  33. Guyan says:

    Danny .. what you say is so anti Semitic

  34. aolsux says:

    sure Danny…. great idea…. since you people can’t compete on an equal scale, we’ll eliminate it…. maybe we should eliminate schooling grades too, since you guys can’t compete there either…. oh, and let’s not forget to eliminate qualifications to play basketball, football & baseball…. that’s right Danny boy, we should only have 13% of professional sports be black….
    Danny, count yourself in with the other “stupid is what stupid does”….. idiot….

  35. JST says:

    I would NOT miss on second of the Oscar show if it went away..I can not stand actors kissing other actors ass’s telling each other how great they are…The average Joe does not get and an Award Show for simply doing their JOB. PLEASE Cancel every Award Show…Thanks Danny..The Left eating the left for not being liberal enough..How Fitting…lol

  36. Mr. Paulien Guillott Jr. says:

    My understanding of the purpose of awarding an actor or actress an Oscar is to recognize their achievement in a specific role as part of the production of a motion picture. The Oscar awards ceremony lost its credibility when those same actors chose to use that venue as a platform to voice their personal opinions on social/political/human conditions. That was and is impolite, rude and an abuse of the first amendment. If any person or group believes the producers of motion pictures are not properly casting the movies, whatever the investment, they should address that issue at the beginning of the production cycle, not years later at the awards ceremony for that hard work.

  37. Maybe they should just do away with the whiney ass little babies who complain that not everyone who participates gets a freakin trophy!! Whiney ass little kids!! That’s what’s wrong w/this country!

  38. Bill B. says:

    Sick of the topic which has been blown way out of proportion, but awards aside, he is right about one thing. There was a time, back before tent poles ruled the scene, when there was a much bigger diversity in the type of films that were available to see in mainstream theaters. It’s a shame we left the creativity & adventurousness of the 70’s in the past.

  39. Hyon Kim says:

    It’s becoming more and more apparent that the democrat party and its supporters have become nothing more than a collection of misfits, felons, refugee’s from sanity and ticks on societies ass as a whole.

  40. Juan says:

    Left eating the left…love it.

  41. Bill Woodman says:

    Women allowed to vote. Women fooled by cuteness, promises, and smiles. Liberal adult fetus elected. Election has consequences. Things work from top down. Laziness, foolishness, naivete, disingenuousness, and bad judgment prevail. Wrong decisions made. All foreigners considered friends and “good people.” Open borders allowed. Strangers, belongings, pets, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, diseases, flood into U.S.A. Microcephaly causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. Human misery results. Women cry. What the hell is the solution? Isn’t it obvious? Everyone should get a copy of “Human (D) Evolution: The Origin of Our Left-wing Species,” by John Hayberry. It’s on sale right now at Amazon Books. Read it. Believe it. It’s true.

  42. Leroy Mohammed Goldstein says:


  43. Japonica Jones says:

    Yes, if someone gets offended let’s not figure out a way to fix the issue or take a look at all the reasons. Let’s just end it so no one ever gets offended again. That’s what MLK would have wanted.

  44. I have been disturbed by the lack of diversity in professional basketball for years. Maybe we should eliminate it.

  45. phasegen says:

    What an idiot. Maybe we should do away with BET, the NAACP, black colleges, and the United Negro College Fund.

  46. Bill Williams says:

    “Artists are the gatekeepers of truth”

    Pretentious twaddle from a dopey leftist, Danny. What you’re saying is “blacks didn’t do well the last couple of years compared to others and I’m mad about that, so tear it all down.”

    Sounds like Ferguson or Baltimore.

  47. Brian says:

    The Oscars?

    I don’t care if they have them, I don’t watch them.

  48. danshanteal says:

    We should limit the blacks in pictures to 13% of those acting in line with the number of blacks in America.

  49. Scott says:

    Anyone who really believes “Artists are the gatekeepers of truth,” is obviously clueless about truth and making it up as they go along. Do you think Danny feels the same way about the Black Awards – doing away with them for lack of diversity? Doubtful. Hypocrite.

  50. Sammy says:

    Then find non stereotypical guys like tyler perry to produce these films. If you want movies with diversity and family stop pumping out a bunch of comedic black comedy with typical cheaters, drug dealers, and broken families. I also, think its interesting that black movies only present black actors and actresses and when they show a white person in the film, they play them off as stupid or incompetent. That’s not racially fair. In fact that’s reverse racism. You have African Americans in this day and age who want to dwell on their ancestors past as a way to justify their behavior. Choose which side you want. To be treated equally or to be given your own awards show, you own channel. For crying out loud the president is African American, as well as the Oscars President, and the host for this year. Stop whining and do better for yourself. You want more diversity at award shows when award shows are based on talent. So let’s factor in more diversity based on race and not talent. That’s not racist at all.

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