Marvel v DC: Who Walked Away the Bigger Hero at Comic-Con?

Wonder Woman DC Movie
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

SAN DIEGO — With both Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios slated for panel time in the San Diego Convention Center Saturday for this year’s Comic-Con, sparks were sure to fly as the two superhero heavies revealed looks at the next phases in their quests to conquer the pop culture world. But who left the biggest mark on the geek masses?

WB was first out of the gate and, unlike in years past, led with the DC material. Other tentpoles like “Kong: Skull Island” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” were held for the back stretch.

Conan O’Brien moderated the event, which went nearly 30 minutes past its scheduled two hours and began with thoughts from the five directors behind DC’s upcoming slate: Zack Snyder (“Justice League”), Patty Jenkins (“Wonder Woman”), Rick Famuyiwa (“The Flash”), James Wan (“Aquaman”) and Ben Affleck (“Batman”).

Things then transitioned to the first of those scheduled to hit theaters: “Wonder Woman” (June 2, 2017). Jenkins, who was once attached to “Thor: The Dark World” at Marvel, flashed her geek bona fides by touting Richard Donner’s 1978 film “Superman” as a seminal moment. “That movie made me have an experience I never had before: I cried for Superman, I was Superman, I wanted to change the world and do good,” she said. “That’s the most powerful artistic experience of my life as a child.”

Joined by her cast, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Connie Nielsen, the director then premiered the first trailer for the film, revealing a full-blooded World War I action film with Gadot’s empowered Amazon all out of bubble gum (to steal a phrase). It’s a movie that comes at a time when strong female leads, certainly in the superhero space, are lacking, which Jenkins said was crucial to the mixture.

“I feel so fortunate to be the person here in this window,” she said. “It’s overdue, but it also feels like the best time in the world to make this movie.”


Wonder Woman

‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Premieres at Comic-Con

For Gadot, it was important to portray the character, also known as Diana Prince, in a way everyone can relate to — girls and boys, men and women. “Wonder Woman has the heart of a human and the strength of a goddess,” she said. “I watched a documentary about the real Princess Diana, where she said she leads from her heart and not from her head. I think that quote describes our Diana.”

Snyder then took the stage with the cast of “Justice League” — Affleck, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Jason Mamoa and Henry Cavill — to tease what they could of the film, which is still in production in London. It was a sizzle reel cut to The White Stripes’ “Icky Thump” and tonally much lighter than the dark territory of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” depicting Affleck’s Bruce Wayne recruiting Mamoa’s Aquaman, Miller’s Flash and Fisher’s Cyborg, with particular levity afforded to Miller’s section.

But as impressive and enervated as that footage was, it’s worth mentioning that Snyder excels at crafting promotional material like this, often set to foot-tapping tunes. In 2009, “Watchmen” conjured a slick tone with Smashing Pumpkins’ down-tempo “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning.” In 2010, it was “Sucker Punch” electrifying the Hall H audience with a little help from Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks.” And Snyder then primed the pump for “Batman v Superman” two years in a row, first in 2013 with an announcement that he would tackle Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” source material in some fashion, and then the following summer with a clip that seemed to deliver on that promise.

Reaction to all three films was considerably more muted than you might have thought in the convention center bubble, which is all just to say that the jury is still out.

You could say the same thing about DC’s slate in general. Unlike Marvel, which is mid-stride with no indication of slowing down, Warners’ comic book factory is still finding itself in a corporate system that touts itself as “filmmaker friendly.” But it seems to be figuring things out, amassing an earth-bound world full of interlocking mythology, with the cosmos (“Green Lantern Corps”) still to come.

The final showcase — “Suicide Squad,” releasing Aug. 5 — exemplified the most self-assurance of the bunch. Matched with an irreverent Day-Glo-like marketing campaign that sets it apart not just from the comic movie fray, but from its DC stable mates as well, David Ayer’s bad guy ensemble really feels like the eye-popping vision of a director eager to rile. The film revved its engines one last time with a trailer and the whole cast on hand. It’s ready to fire out of the canon, and perhaps drag the next phase of DC Films with it.

Later in the day, Comic-Con’s annual marquee moment finally dropped: the Hall H Marvel Studios panel. And there was a lot to get to, four films, in fact, with casting announcements, character revelations and a bit of light show wizardry thrown in.

Marvel president Kevin Feige kicked things off with “Black Panther,” bringing out director Ryan Coogler and stars Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan and Danai Gurira. It was Boseman and Nyong’o’s first time at the convention. Gurira, however, was among her people as a featured star of TV’s “The Walking Dead.”

Coogler, though, was on his second trip, but it was a considerably different experience for him this time around. “This is emotional for me,” he said. “In 2009, I came to my first Comic-Con and I sat way, way, way back there!”

There was nothing to show as the film doesn’t begin filming until January, but Coogler said he would take the fans’ energy and “go work harder.”

For “Thor: Ragnarok,” director Taika Waititi sent something a little different: a mini-doc in the style of his comedy “What We Do In the Shadows,” detailing what exactly Thor was up to during the events of “Captain America: Civil War.” You can probably expect it to show up as a special feature on the eventual DVD/Blu-ray release.

From there, a reel of footage and concept art was dropped on the audience, before seamlessly transitioning to a smoke- and light-filled display teasing the world of “Doctor Strange.” When the lights came up and the smoke dissipated, star Benedict Cumberbatch stood poised center stage like a rock star.


Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch

New ‘Doctor Strange’ Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con

And that’s the environment Marvel has so thoroughly cultivated at Comic-Con. The massive screens lining the hall, which Warner Bros. brought in some years back, were used to dazzling effect and the whole thing took on a concert atmosphere. Later, when Michael Rooker and others from the cast of “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2” took to the stage in-character and decked out in full makeup and costume, it felt like the hall was being treated to a variety show.

Footage was shown from both films, a mix of clips and trailer material. Most notable was director James Gunn basking in the glory of having successfully mounted an off-shoot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that stands on its own (not unlike “Suicide Squad” is aiming to do). “It’s much less pressure to know people are excited to see your movie rather than waking up in the middle of the night thinking you might be making ‘Pluto Nash’ and not know it,” he said.

Marvel also was able to showcase a little bit of Sony’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” with director Jon Watts, star Tom Holland and others from the cast on hand to reveal something akin to a John Hughes high school movie. In this Spidey, the third iteration of the character in 14 years, Peter Parker watches YouTube clips in class of himself kicking butt (the “Civil War” fight sequence) and girls play “F—, Marry, Kill” with members of the Avengers. Watts noted that it was meant to be a ground-level view, the daily drama of pubescent life in a world full of superheroes.

It’s an increasingly expansive palette Marvel is working with and every new piece of the puzzle seems confidently placed. If anything, maybe the “Doctor Strange” material was a bit muted, familiar in many ways (“Inception”-like effects), in others, odd in tone (Strange’s snark felt out of place). But it doesn’t matter because wherever the slack may be on this slate, there is plenty of help around to pick it up.

And almost casually, the panel ended with a long-rumored casting announcement: Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. The Oscar winner hustled out for a Marvel group photo and that was it. They didn’t get into specifics with her because they knew they didn’t need to. Everyone will be back next year anyway, eager to see what Feige and company have up their sleeve.

There’s a lot to be said about that kind of confidence.

Nevertheless, in the battle of “Marvel vs. DC,” it would be disingenuous to declare a winner this year. It was the first time both of the two giants came to the duel with their pistols loaded, plenty of wares to show from separate line-ups, the machinery well-oiled on each side of the aisle. Bottom line: Hollywood’s superheroes got down to business this weekend, and fanboys — judging by the recent box office hauls of Marvel and DC films — will continue to be there to save the day.

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  1. Mike says:

    Its a good trailer. The music is just too damned relaxed. Hate to say it but the music sucks and brings down the whole trailer. Don’t know what Zack Snyder is thinking this time. THE MUSIC SUCKS.

  2. jokerbBx says:

    It’s funny how variety site mods are taking down comments against the author who is getting into it with fans. The fat stuff is not called for but some other worthy comments have been tossed yet the author’s insults towards his own readers remain. Too funny.

    • Is the “insects” thing the painful insult? Do comic book fans really not recognize a line from a comic book movie? (One that was hardly reiterated here with a serious tone to begin with.)

      • JokerBx says:

        It comes across as demeaning and unprofessional to all readers/participants in a conversation anytime an author engages the children who post stupid comments. That’s all I was referring to. You should be proud that the article has sparked debate and banter. It’s not that bad and painting a broad stroke by implying all, or most, of your readers are insects is demeaning, whether it is a comic movie reference or not. You should appreciate all feedback (minus personal attacks of course) and just stay above it all.

      • I don’t know anything about our readers’ ages. And I frequently engage my readership. Have for 15 years, for better or worse.

        In any case, I withdraw the comment. It really was just meant to be an “X-Men 2” joke. Cheers for reading and engaging.

  3. StanTheMan says:

    I just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading an article with a misleading title. And then I read the childish back and forth between trolls and the author, lol, which made up for the crap article.

  4. crossie says:

    I don’t know, maybe because you people suck, just, SO MUCH, it’s well, kind of depressing for, you know, NOT STUPID PEOPLE.

    • no mahbles says:

      Nerds trading barbs about their favorite comic book company is far less depressing than the DNC Kristopher is covering. Lol. You have…you have…no mahbles. YOU HAVE NO MAHBLES!!!!!

  5. eddy says:

    Variety at Comic-Con is like my grandmother at a strip club.

  6. Towanda says:

    And the winner is…..The Fans!!!

  7. waz says:

    Fans walked away as the bigger heroes !!

  8. K says:

    Tapley doesn’t even answer the question. What a tool.

  9. areki38 says:

    Ok. Firstly, anyone who even thinks that one of them must win does not play any role in any arena of life and society. If you need to write anywhere that DC/Marvel sucks, the only one sucking is you. Truth. Fact.

    Now, DC has such a huge uphill battle. People wanting to shape reality in the way that DC did great on Comic Con are trying to use their powers of wishful thinking to mean anything in reality. Snyder got booed. Cavill’s entrance was greeted with such mediocre reaction. Ben Affleck seemed quite unhappy.

    The crowd was not immensely engaged.

    Again, that is not because DC sucks, it’s a description of the situation.

    JL must deliver. If it doesn’t, the DCEU is done. MoS, BvS, I liked them both, but what makes me angry about BvS mostly, is that it divided the audience. If you follow this up by saying “You an a-hole”, you, obviously without noticing, reinforced my point.
    Snyder said that in his movie, if Batman spent time in prison (like in Batman Begins), he might get raped.
    Now, Zack, just gtf out of here. Batman is a property that belongs to countless millions of people. There is zero need for a single individual ego to show up and f* everything up. Zero.

    WW looks great, just like she did in BvS, but that movie does not matter as much as JL will. If WW is great, great. If not, it still won’t decide the fate of the DCEU. JL will. And it’s headed by Snyder, so, after sowing disunity and discontent within the fan base with his first two movies, DC is quite in for it.

    I want an authentic Batman. I want a Superman that does the character justice (pun there). Affleck is awesome as Batman, so we got grade A material here. The very same goes for Henry Cavill and Superman. But if you make Batman a killer (????????????????, not enough “?” in the world for that crap) and create a Superman, script-wise, that doesn’t seem to mean anything, the actors being a great fit won’t cut it, obviously.

    Now Marvel. Marvel is so good that by natural law, there will be haters. But these are people with huge personal issues, and while any human being is of great worth and value, their opinions have no bearing on whether something is (or will become) a classic or not. Iron Man, the Captain America movies, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, these movies will be watched 300 years from now. When most of what is our present culture today has been forgotten and fallen into oblivion.

    On Comic Con, everything I could see was greeted with huge enthusiasm. Deservedly so. Holland was brilliant in Civil War as Spider-Man. GotG, nuf said. Dr Strange will kick ass, the second trailer confirmed that. And btw, this is such a third tier IP. But it seems to me, especially with Benedict Cumberbatch, they might pull it off to bring an obscure character like Dr. friggin Strange into the mainstream of what is our popular culture today.
    Black Panther, same league as Spider-Man. This is a huge project with such a significance.

    Thor 3. Luke Cage, Iron Fist. The list goes on and on.

    If you want to ask who won Comic Con, DC or Marvel, I don’t think there is a winner, because they’re not playing against each other. Because they’re not in the same league.

    That’s not DC hate, that’s saying I haven’t yet seen a movie from DC that has delivered as much as, say, Iron Man. I want them to. BvS, had it been done right, could have retrospectively pulled the feet out of the fire for MoS. Instead they poured on way more oil than even fit in the friggin pan.

    JL. Get Snyder away from DC as soon as you can. He thinks crappin on IP is creative genius.

    • Me says:

      Ummmm your obviously a marvel fan lol… So your opinion sucks. All I read was DC sucks and Marvel is great soooooooo….. Your comment is officially invalid!

    • Alex West says:

      First off, your opinion is completely invalid because well it’s biased against Zack Snyder. Second off, a lot of the stuff you said are lies. I was at SDCC this year, Snyder WASNT booed, people screamed when arrived on stage, and Affleck had a smile most of the time on his face unlike last year. You’re straight up a Marvel fanboy, Marvel is not good by natural law, I love Marvel but I can even admit Iron Man never had a good sequel, the Thor films are boring, Avengers: Age of Ultron was a disappointment, and The Incredible Hulk was simply okay. Out of the 13 films Marvel had, I would say 5 of them are good and many would agree with me that the good Marvel films are CA 2&3, The Avengers, Iron Man, and GOTG and that means they aren’t good by natural law. I’m not a Marvel hater, I love Marvel and have loved Marvel since I was a kid so don’t play that card. You’re so obsessed with Marvel that you’re hating on DC, it’s obvious by your statement. I’ll admit Marvel TV is much better than DCTV because Arrow is crap now and Flash is pretty good but not on the same level as Daredevil and Jessica Jones. But as for the DCEU and MCU, they are both doing good. They don’t need to rely their whole series on one movie as you say because they know it’ll be a hit. Suicide Squad is the most popular film on social media in 2016, Wonder Woman is the most popular female superhero, and Justice League will consist of the worlds most popular superheroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman) if the Avengers were successful when they were practically not known to the general audience then JL will also be a hit. So DCEU won’t be done for a while bud so you can either enjoy it or stop watching and talking about it because clearly you have no knowledge on the topic. As for who won Comic Con, neither DC nor Marvel won, the fans did. The fans got JL, WW, and SS trailers and they were fantastic, we also got a new Dr Strange trailer that was incredible and a great casting announcement. Don’t comment on topics you have no knowledge on, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

      • Connie Hung says:

        Agree completely on your number of good Marvel films assessment. There have been a few really good ones, alot of middling ones that are okay, and a heap of crap ones. Shhhhh though. Don’t say that to Marvel fans. The very words might diminish the amount of fecal matter they inject into themselves on a daily basis.

      • hornacek says:

        “Out of the 13 films Marvel had, I would say 5 of them are good”

        You just negated the rest of your comment by saying that.

  10. Lucifer says:

    I think both sides can be downright idiotic at times. Marvel fans acting like the MCU is an outstanding piece of fine art that should be in a museum and DC fans in denial the first 2 DCEU movies were mediocre and in need of improvement. That being said, in terms of who won at Comic Con: It was DC hands down. Mainly due to Wonder Woman because it’s been something many have wanted for a very long time.

  11. pretendernx01 says:

    It probably helps that DC had low expectations going in but I think they got their stuff together now while Marvel has sort of his a plateau doing more of the same.

    Wonder Woman looks like it’s going to be a great movie, just even as a movie. JL looks good, not to over the top sunny but it is after the Dawn and we knew it would lighten up. It also helps that DC comics is finally doing well too and again at a moment where Marvel is just doing more of the same with Civil War 2 Electric Boogaloo.

  12. JD says:

    Why is that when I hear Marvel and DC fans debate “who is better,” the DC guys always come across as being very…young. And half the time I get the sense English is not their native language. I’m still flabbergasted people look at BvS and think it’s “smart” and spend all day trying to defend it on YouTube and forums and elsewhere, that if you don’t “get” it you’re too “dumb.” Guys, there is a huge ocean of difference between “smart” and “convoluted mess.” Now cue the DC fans to start throwing childish personal attacks…

    • mark says:

      just like the opposite. don’t ignore the fact that marvel fans are throwing childish personal attacks too. in fact a marvel fan attacked me personally in the internet and tried to hack my fb account because he’s butthurt.

  13. DarkRyder42 says:


  14. Jacob says:

    DC always nails Comic Con. They usually do better, because in my opinion, they cater to the more reverent comic book crowd where I think Marvel has had most box office success with well-made movies (minus Thor, XMen, Hulk, all but one Wolverine, Fantastic 4, and Age of Ultron, etc. but I digress) for the mainstream family movie-going crowd. Most people on here misread the title (which is funny to find out it was not meant to be a hardened opinion piece) and blurted out Marvel. EHHHHHH! Mama’s wrong again!

    DC put out trailers for historic characters and had all actors and directors present. There’s no way you can tell me Doctor Strange and Black Panther (with no footage or teases) comes close. You can add Spiderman and Guardians and I only get excited about Guardians.

    Not even close. DC

  15. Cass says:

    Know how I know all of you are ugly? You debate Marvel v DC.

  16. Gregg003 says:

    All Marvel movies are shitty! People must have realized it by now that’s why most of the comments so far favored DC.

    I’m not a fan of both but I kinda like the badass dark themes of DC than the Floppy Cartoonist Marvel movies.

  17. marvel is literally mickey mouse material says:

    Not sure who won CC but I would take DC fans over scrawny Marvel fans in a fight. Marvel nerds were the ones who got beat up by DC nerds growing up. It’s true.

    Boils down to if you like gritty original filmmaking or bubble gum Disney goop. I know what I like.

    • Sydney says:

      Tbh I’d rather watch EXCELLENT Mickey Mouse (the application of whose name would always a compliment, never an insult…unless maybe you’re talking about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…) toons than more of this infinite stream of DC/Marvel stuff that does little for me beyond “Well that was fun in exactly the way I knew it’d be; nothing to think about or fixate on for more than a couple hours afterward though.” *shrug* Whatever.

    • Malcolm says:

      How many Marvel movies had even had Disney *oversight*, let alone interference/input. Whereas the main problem with any DC adaptation (and, increasingly, comics as well) is the corporate reatructuring that puts WB personnel & suits as the gatekeepers, rather than individuals with fan-knowledge and sense.

      Calling Man of Steel & B v S “gritty” is on the mark… but not a positive one. Calling them “original” is both laughable and lamentable – they are barely original (not that they should be, as adaptations) except in ways that insult or misinterpret the source material.

      Which is a great shame – DC have always had the better and (arguably) more film-able characters. But Marvel gets how to adapt, how to reapect the source material, how to appeal widely and how to make good, coherent films. There is hope for Wonder Woman. But beyond that… we can hope, but tinge hope with concern.

      That said, the SDCC reports show quite a good and evenly matched turnout of actors, exclusives and footage. Which is good for everyone!

  18. Fan says:

    Marvel won. DC movies suck. Sorry, I have no faith in Zack Snyder after BvS. Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 look amazing.

    • mark says:

      your marvel movies are so lame. they suck so bad you just have to say dc sucks so you can tell yourself that marvel doesn’t suck. hahahaha what a lame marvel fan.

    • IbeatupMarvelNerds says:

      Again, the question is who won Comic Con 2016. Only a Marvel fan could screw this one up. Are you trying to tell me there’s more buzz created by what Marvel did today (they showed nothing) than first trailers for the iconic Wonder Woman and Justice League? Omg hahahaha. Black Panther and Dr Strange are gonna fizzle just like every other Marvel movie that doesn’t have Iron Man or Cap in it. What an utter joke.

  19. Donatello says:


  20. Stan Pee says:

    DC owned this year and last. Not even close. Marvel has gotten only a couple of its characters right. There will be no rush for ppl to go see either Dr Strange or Black Panther. This phase for Marvel is called Phase ZZZZZZ. Sony movies suck, Fox’s movies definitely suck, and Disney will follow suit.

  21. Gregory Eckes says:

    I would have to say DC because Marvel did not release all their footage to the public.

  22. Marie says:

    Marvel vs DC
    Enough with that childish “argument”.

  23. TiredOfTheStupidArgumentsHere says:

    I don’t see it as a competition (especially since they have different characters with different worlds). I like many aspects of DC and Marvel both. I am just happy they are both DC and Marvel are bringing to life many of their characters. I’ve enjoyed all the movies thus far (to varying degrees), and that’s all that really matters to me. Just a note: If you haven’t seen the BvS Extended Edition, you’ve missed what should have been in the theaters!

  24. Capt Marvel says:

    DC owned SDCC, Marvel has edge on overall race. Anyone who sees it different is lying to themselves. Who really cares about yet another kiddy spiderman, or gulp, a black panther movie that NO ONE cares about and is only being made for Marvel race relations. Big yawn from Marvel this year….kind of like last year…when they didn’t even show.

  25. Truth says:

    Marvel has edge on DC from collective standpoint although they have put out alot of questionable crap too that does not seem to draw the ire of fans. Who won CCSD? That’s so simple!! DC!!! More views of their trailers, more iconic characters, more buzz. You Marvel fans and your bubble gum movies need to chill.

    • Malcolm says:

      I think you’re confusing “bubble gum” with a some kind of critical dismissal. Even if it were accurate (in any sense), you seem to be ignoring that it suggests “populist”, “popular”, “wide-appeal” and suchlike epithets. Just like people who witter on about “Disneyfication” and “kids’ movies” without justification or sense – Marvel (and DC) purposely aim for a middle-ground – acceptable for children, popular with adults. Marketing markets both AT children (to sell toys), not least because these are (historically) children’s characters. Children tend to like bubblegum, too.

      They stark difference in tones and outlook is that the WB/DC misunderstanding of the Nolan films (and then the success of Deadpool) reads them as saying “dark” (and ‘R’) = success. That’s not the sum. Darkness has to have purpose and the tone has to fit the character – Superman shouldn’t be dark. Batman and Superman shouldn’t chase an ‘R’ rating. And making grim films for grimness’ sake is not good filmmaking – it’s actually more lazy than the counter-criticism. There’s a time and a place – Suicide Squad is comparable with Deadpool; Superman should be comparable to Captain America & Iron Man; Wonder Woman matches Thor; Batman films can skip between Cap, Stark, Thor and Punisher. Character consistency and internal sense outweigh any superficial sheen of grimness, frivolity or attempts at social relevance.

      So DC did well this week – a strong showing with widely-watched footage. But footage of questionable quality, which perhaps dampens there being A Winner.

      • Martin says:

        Another butt hurt Marvel fanboy. It’s like the Patriots fans, always winning and then whining when someone else wins. No one is saying DC has the better movies, yet. They’re saying they “won” Comic-Con this year. And they did. Were you even here this weekend? And don’t try to babble off some dissertation about winning a battle but not the war, etc.

        Simple title gives way to simple answer: DC won comic-com this year, and yea hahahaha, last year. Can’t you give them that? You putting no released footage alongside the likes of the Black Panther (please don’t even get me started on that), Dr. Strange, and the third Spiderman reboot in 13 yrs against brand spanking new footage for Wonder Woman and JL???!!!

        The comic book gods are angry at you, Malcom! No go repent and say 30 hail Mary’s while rewatching Man of Steel and BVS to get your mind back on straight. Laugh now, but history will show (and cult followings) the movies you mock aren’t nearly as bad as you make them out to be. You are a follower of mass-produced stories that all have the same jokes, you never worry about a twist or someone dying, and you have the same move experience over and over and over and over and over. Sp yes, I agree with commenter above and you should take your bubble gum Mickey mouse garbage, rub your face all over it, and take a nap on it.

      • Jpe says:

        You are wrong of course. Anyone who reads comics knows that many of them would be rated R if such ratings existed for the source material. That is why DC movies such as Watchmen, BvS UC, The Killing Joke, and V for Vendetta are R rated, accurately reflecting the source material. Whereas Marvel aims lower. When I used to read comics, I don’t remember Thor and Iron Man being the clowns that they are in the movies

  26. Cass says:

    Justice League trailer was God awful. Wonder Woman’s was epic compared. Even though it was semi-Meh.

  27. bsbarnes says:

    It is interesting to me that Gal Gadot already has a distinctive “voice” as Wonder Woman, the trailers for her own movie and Justice League demonstrate that her BvS: Dawn Of Justice turn was not a fluke. Same for Ben Affleck, whose Batman continues with as much gravitas as his Bruce Wayne in the Justice League clip. The weakest peg of the DCEU is Henry Cavill’s Superman, who continues to lack a strong point of view as a character. There is more warmth in Patty Jenkin’s trailer for Wonder Woman than in all of Zack Snyder’s DCEU movies, so hopefully he will up his game in Justice League. As for Marvel, with no footage for Black Panther, and only a casting announcement for Captain Marvel, they seem to have phoned in SDCC 2016, which Marvel might have earned, but with DC breathing this heavily down her back, Marvel did not acquit herself well this year, IMHO :D

  28. Vinayak says:

    Wonder Woman trailer was viewed over 8 million times on youtube and over 10 million times on Facebook conpared to Doctor Strange’s 2 million views on youtube and 2 million on facebook. I am not even getting into Justice league’s numbers. Safe to say DC owned this year’s comic con.

    • Cass says:

      Nice dumb comparison. Doctor Strange teaser has been out for months. Wonder Woman has had nothing, this was the debut. Try again rook.

      • mark says:

        why is that marvel fans are so stupid! hahahaha
        this guy is saying that he is not a marvel fan but he knows things about marvel. hahaha what a liar.

      • Clover says:

        You sound like an idiot and just made his argument for him lol. Dr strange has been out for months like you said Wonder Woman has been out a day and has over 8 million to 2 million and that’s with a month plus head start lol

      • marvelBlows says:

        STFU if you don’t care about DC vs Marvel then. Go wear your Mickey mouse ears!!!

  29. tlsnyder42 says:

    We should lead from our head, not our emotions. Our hearts are deceitful and wicked. Germany and the rise of Nazism there proved this fact, as do countless other instances of mass evil and mass atrocities in the “modern” world. . . not to mention previous ancient tyrannies. I think all civilizations had slavery at one point. Ancient Israel was one of the first cultures to start to put restrictions on it (if you owed someone money, for example, you could become their “servant,” but you still had some rights, not just obligations).

  30. TheBeyonder says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can even put DC on the same level as MARVEL. The MARVEL universe is so completely magnificent, enchanting, wild, inventive, and mind blowing. While DC is just blowing. Movie after movie they release since Christian Bale and Heath Ledger’s masterpiece, have all been master pieces of shit; including Man of Steel, and the new Dawn of Justice. To a comic book nerd like myself the let down is enormous. I think Henry Cavill is just terrible, and following Christian Bale, Ben Affleck just does not fit, and the ridiculous thick voice makes all dialogue as Batman sound ridiculous. I am sorry, but I am just being honest. Then on the other side, you have MARVEL with smash after smash. A few years ago when Winter Soldier came out, I said this is the best movie MARVEL will ever make, then I made the same comment after Guardians of The Galaxy, then I thought Age of Ultron was going to suck, but it was awesome, and then I was sure Antman was going to be cheesy and really suck. Then leaving the theatre, I could not believe how awesome it was, how perfect Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd were, and that basically every character fit perfectly into a great story. THEN IT HAPPENED… Captain America: Civil War blew everyone out of their seats, and if anyone can even compare a DC movie to this production, they need to check themselves into the 5th Ward because they are absolutely crazy. MARVEL is going to continue delivering the goods, DC has the chance to deliver some good stuff, but the showings of what will be Justice League, with Ben Affleck as half hero, half talent scout for superheroes, saying over and over “something bad is coming…” is not a good peek into the future. The only thing I look forward to are Shazam, and Jason Mamoa. That is just the way it plays out in my head, and MARVEL still has some of their best material yet to be released, with better characters, story lines, and cast talent. Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Guardians 2, Captain Marvel, INFINITY WARS etc. MARVEL owns the genre, that is just the way it is right now. DC has A TON of work to do. Suicide Squad was a step in the right direction, but a small one with so many titles flying out of MARVEL/Sony/FOX, it is just relentless. I don’t want people reading this to think I am a DC hater, because I have loved DC Comics my entire life, I just call it how I see it, and as honestly as I can. I wish them the best and hope that they can recover some of the stories I loved so much as a kid, the way MARVEL has. Much love everyone, from a true comic book nerd…

    • John says:

      Marvel is not true to the books which makes your post laughable at best. Someone here made a good point…there were never that many corny Marvel jokes in the books. They should have just hired Louis C.K. to play Thor. It’s poppy bubble gum crap and makes your heroes look like pansies.

    • BlackPantherIsSoLame says:

      They didn’t ask about overall universe, they asked about CCSD. DC owned. Chillax you Marvel follower.

    • JOE S HILL says:

      both the comicbook giants on that same level,because BOTH Marvel and DC are the kings of what they do best! you may loath “BATMAN V SUPERMAN” or the actors playing them,all you like,and fortunately for the universe,that is your opinion,such as it is! and while the Marvel movies have dominated the Box Office,eventually DC and Warner Bros. will catch up,because both these giants still have the resources to improve their films,and right now,Disney’s Marvel is in the lead! but i will defend the BvS movie,and it’s soon to be JUSTICE LEAGUE follow-up,because they are creative,and basically good fun to watch! and whatever you’ll think,that is obvious,but either way,you’re the minority here,and you are entitled to your negative opinions,while the majority of us will enjoy watching the DC Universe develop gradually to another level! as for the casting of Jason Momoa as “Aquaman”,that one,i have trouble with,,but i will watch carefully,to see how he pulls that off! i don’t care for his costume,because he looks nothing like the Aquaman i grew-up reading,or watching on CBS Saturday mornings in 1967,and the “Super Friends” in 1973-86,so i’ll have to see for myself! Ezra Miller’s “FLASH” looks “interesting”,but it’s a pity that they couldn’t have used the Grant Gustin version-but given Greg Berlanti’s creative control,it’s understandable!

    • Jpe says:

      No matter the genre Marvel makes the same movie over and over. Really when you break it down Ant-Man is the same movie as Iron Man. All of them filled with usual quips and jokes. DC at least was trying for some individuality but overestimated the audience. Anyway the. Wonder Woman trailer easily kick the butts of any other film clips shown

      • Malcolm says:

        Hm. If your argument is “superhero movies follow a roughly standard and similar set of plot beats,” you aren’t far off. But it would be ALL superhero movies – not (just) Marvel’s. And the beats are those of (almost) ALL films – an origin; the hero’s journey; an awakening/reversal; a showdown; a triumph.

        So if that’s your argument, it follows too narrow a set of criteria. And if that’s not it, then your argument seems odd.

        A dubious analogous case could be made that, as Ant-Man is lightweight and irreverant, it’s like Adam West’s Batman vs. Iron Man’s Batman (1989). (Without even the points of similarity that come from those two films featuring the same main character.) And those two films are demonstrably not the same, even allowing for them both featuring the same hero..!

  31. tlsnyder42 says:

    In the Photo Above: A Smurf gone bad!

  32. Ken Yan says:

    DC clearly won. The first trailer for Justice League was great and the first trailer for Wonder Woman was even better. The first image of the Justice League together in costume was EPIC. As for Marvel, the trailer for Doctor Strange was lame. Looks like Doctor Strange is just going to be a bad rip-off of Inception. In any event, that lame trailer for Doctor Strange didn’t make me any more interested in seeing the movie.

  33. Mark says:

    Marvel–hands down. dc is still mired in making ugly, dark juvenile fantasies instead of great movies.

    • TheBeyonder says:

      DC has not even pulled at the short hairs of MARVEL, who continues to blast movie screens and fans with awesome work after awesome work. This last delivery of Civil War (which I just thought was amazing) blew away, what I thought was a terrible Dawn of Justice (it is so easy to rip that movie apart from Lex L. right down to Affleck’s voice intonation as Batman were just downright shit… if you get a minute or two read my comment above). I love comics, have my entire life, and I am 38, and DC has just been a heartbreaker, with the last good work being long ago with Bale and Ledger, that was the apex, and appears to be the highest point they are going to reach…

      • Malcolm says:

        In terms of tone, the Captain America trilogy speak far greater volumes of critical sense about modern times than do the two DC films.

        Now, there’s clearly – if muddled and arguably dangerous, maybe sarcastic – commentary in MoS (fear of the government; addled-notions-of-privacy beat common sense and altruism; casual xenophobia, and justified xenophobia) and B v S (heroes spending more time being manipulated and fighting than dealing with Real Problems; secrets & lies; arbitrary points of similarity can unite people) that cross compares with reality. But it’s pessimistic, ludicrously simplistic and as warped a mirror of reality as any other work of fuction.

        On the other hand, the Iron Man films delve into PTSD and government overreach, private business vs. government ‘needs’, notions of patriotism, personal arrogance both justified and not and personal attempts to create a work/life balance. The Cap trilogy deal with a more “American” (pun intended) notion of patriotism as well as better analogizing the crazy “patriot” conspiracy theories about corrupt government (the insidious HYDRA arms), but also go deep into dealing with lightly fictionalized versions of various laws on equality, responsibility and even 2nd ammendment rights – what else is the superhero registration than a shell to discuss the Patriot Act, profiling, anti-terror legislation and revising the rights of private citizens to form armed militias? Add in the in-between Avengers films, and you also have arguments about eugenics, AI, genetic screening/manipulation, ends-justify-the-means necessities and undemocratic forcing individuals to comply for the greater good.

        All of these things are discussions more relevant to modern times than the alleged “tonal accuracy” of a grim Man of Tomorrow and an easily-manipulated Batman focusing on property damage over saving the planet from a dictatorial alien general.

        Civil War was flawed. But it attempted greatness; B v S was flawed, and never really attempted much, and on poorly-plotted footing. Marvel seem to understand their characters, and be fatalistically optimistic about the world. DC do not, and seem to be pessimistic and nihilistic about everything. Perhaps one tone is more accurate, perhaps not. But optimism beats nihilism everg day of the week.

      • Ac Dc Bc says:

        Civil War was a complete and TOTAL bore. I won’t get into the rest of your points, as I don’t want to dumb myself down to your sad (to steal a word from ‘Trump’), level. DC is much more tonally accurate for our time than Marvel and tone is the most important thing. I have ZERO interest in ‘S Squad’, but the Justice League trailer shows me a film I am excited to see. Can’t stand the goofy tone of ‘Guardians’, and we have a penis joke to contend with. Tonal wise, brain wise, it’s DC all the way. But I’m an adult, not an adulating, idiot fanboy like you (go play Pokemon Go in the traffic why don’t you.)

  34. Nick says:

    I’m sorry. I love Marvel but DC clearly OWNED the game this year. Wonder Woman trailer was one of the best trailers in recent memory.

    • swanpride says:

      The Wonder Woman trailer was promising, but part of the reason why it excited me so much was because my expectations were so damn low. Anyway, we got two measly trailer from DC plus some very controversial TV stuff. Marvel went all out, with a new Logo, Ravagers on the GotG panel, some exclusive sneak peeks which didn’t leak (congrats there), some exciting casting announcements, and so much information about the upcoming movies, I will need some time to sort it all out. And then there is the Doctor Strange trailer. Visually compelling but still full of characters I can’t wait to see in action.

    • Jacques Strappe says:

      Even if that were true ( I was NOT in attendance), DC has so much ground to catch up to Marvel. Imitation is the highest form of flattery as DC is still trying (unsuccessfully) to copy the Marvel Universe magic and in the process find its own voice. A ;lot is riding on Suicide Squad. DC fanboys will surely claim is blows away Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy but will that be enough to translate this into a box office smash and start a new successful DC franchise or will it quickly crash like B v S. Will film critics fawn over Suicide or slam it for not having any heart and the dark humor for being too mean spirited? It appears that Suicide Squad might be more suitable for older hardcore fanboys looking for more edgier wisecracking villains and violence.

  35. Cryptic Knowledge says:

    Marvel won obviously. DC is so desperate for success. Rushing Justice League. It looks horrible. Stick to what works for them, Batman. The Batman universe alone could carry WB & DC by its self. Suicide Squad will be a hit because Batman & Harley Quinn alone. & with promise of finally exploring the Batman canon of characters will have the fans so excited. Don’t get me wrong people will view their other movies, as will I. Just don’t expect them to go back for a 2nd or 3rd viewing. I didn’t care to go back & watch Dawn of Justice a 2nd time. I was exhausted by the end of it. Wonder Woman was great. Just thrown in with no in depth reasoning. She deserved better. They should of just titled it Dawn of Justice. WB just thought it wouldn’t sell well without the vs, bull—-. Add more focal to the 3 main characters & it could’ve had great potential. Marvel, & haters won’t agree yet know it’s true deep down that they’re on a whole other level. The difference between their Comic-Con trips is as follows: Marvel went to share their expanding universe. DC went to throw all they have in hope they’ll have something, anything other then their Batman universe to expand on.

    • JR says:

      Yes, the Marvel Universe expanding into… the same formula we’ve seen from them over and over just with different window dressing. Think we’ll ever see Thor wearing his iconic helmet in a Marvel movie? Probably not. And although I haven’t read one in years I don’t remember him being such a clown in the comics. *yawn*

      • mightymad says:

        … Remember: the MCU also includes the Netflix series.
        So… gotta work harder to justify your bias, JR.

    • TheBeyonder says:

      I agree with you so much, I need not say anything else…

  36. Jace Larsen says:

    “it would be disingenuous to declare a winner this year.” So WTF was the point of the headline & article?

    • Now is a good time to remind some of our readers that headline decisions by editors are often divorced from content decisions by journalists. One more reason getting hung up on them is a waste of anyone’s time and, as ever, the content of a given article is what you should engage with.

      • Martian Manhunter says:

        Stupid answer and crappy article. Also, also you Marvel brown-nosers can seriously suck a fat one. Marvel comics has put out some decent movies but they have also put out a bunch of crap. Hulk can’t stand on his own so they are adding him in with Thor…how another Thor movie is being made baffles me. I don’t know anyone who likes the movies or who is looking forward to a 3rd version of that crap storm. Spiderman has sucked and now will be a teeny bobber flick (the way you baby Disney freaks like it anyway), XMEN is lame, Fantastic 4 sucks, ant man was a joke..what does that leave you? Iron Man and Cap. Well Iron Man will be crap once Downey leaves (was the iron man movies that great to begin with?) and Cap lacks any real connection to his character…bad acting by a bad actor. You Marvel fans are just high on the fumes of your own smelly crap. DC has the better heroes and by far the better villains. I like that DC does not put out bubble gum Justin Biberonian crap like Mickey Mouse, I mean Marvel. Oh, and who really cares about Black Panther pr Dr Strange….bleh. Marvel can do crappy box office and still be loved. DC, because there is such an expectation, can still do great box office and be hated. It’s just a fad now and you Marvel fanboys should bow down to the greater universe. Oh, and DC owned this year’s CCSD. That was not hard to figure out Variety. To the commenters, they didn’t ask which is beat universe thus far. Dr Strange…..crap. Black Panther….yawn. Teeny bopper Spider man…get ready for another crap Spiderman trilogy. Captain Marvel… Piddly actors, piddly characters Marvel keeps putting out.

    • Jacques Strappe says:

      LOL. Classic click bait headline. Well-played, Variety.

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