Charlotte Rampling Says ‘Racist’ Oscars Remark Was Misinterpeted

Best Actress Oscar Contenders
Courtesy of Artificial Eye

Actress Charlotte Rampling said her remarks about a possible boycott of the Oscars due to a lack of diversity in nominations being “racist to white people” were misinterpreted.

“I regret that my comments could have been misinterpreted this week in my interview with Europe 1 Radio. I simply meant to say that in an ideal world every performance will be given equal opportunities for consideration,” she told “CBS Sunday Morning” in an interview. ” I am very honored to be included in this year’s wonderful group of nominated actors and actresses.”

Rampling was earlier asked about calls for a boycott of the Oscar ceremony during an interview with France’s Europe 1 Radio and said the move would be “racist to white people.”

An interview between Rampling and CBS News correspondent Anthony Mason is slated to appear during this Sunday’s broadcast of the show. In the interview with Europe 1 Radio, Rampling was asked about a movement to boycott the awards that has grown since actors Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith and director Spike Lee have indicated they would not attend this year’s Oscars ceremonies.

“Diversity in our industry is an important issue that needs to be addressed,” the actress said during the interview, selections of which were provided by CBS News. “I am highly encouraged by the changes announced today by the Academy to diversify its membership.”

She has been nominated for her work in the British film “45 Years.”

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  1. Paul says:

    So sick of this. The black actors around are nowhere near the standard of Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington etc. Will Smith (the Homophobic Farrakhan supporter) seems to think he should get an Oscar every time he puts a film out. Scrap the Mobos, it’s racist. Spike Lee – Hasn’t cast a white man in a lead role yet. Racist. These people should not be role models.

  2. sanman$ says:

    And the winner for best actor award is…Paul Brno…well maybe next year.

  3. Ed Pe says:

    Since Gold is already taken, what color Statue should the Black Academy Awards be

  4. Louis Bryan says:

    This is in response to Charlotte Rampling’s arrogant, bigoted, and totally insensitive remarks about Hollywood’s blatant exclusion, for the second year, of actors of color from ANY academy awards nominations: How very “colonial-minded” of you my dear Ms. Rampling. And that also goes for Michael Caine, who should know better.

  5. Knowing the Brit sense of irony, her remark struck me as referring to a kind of “Catch 22” implicit in the boycott issue. If you oppose the boycott, you’ll be seen as prejudiced against people of colour. If you approve the boycott, you’ll be accused of prejudice against white people. The irony is that no matter which “side” you choose you will, as a public figure, be demonised by the other side. A hair-trigger response is part of the problem of all forms of prejudice. A closer look at Rampling’s life and work may give a truer picture of her character. BTW, I’ve never been a fan of her films but I don’t judge her based on fictional characters she’s played.

  6. Esther Poiny says:

    It is pathetic that people like her say racist things and then backtrack. I really hope this ruins her.

    • Shlomo Bagginstein says:

      Will that make your sad life better? She is white and will not be ruined to the degree you wish for.

      Let go of your anger and be proud of who and what you are.

  7. Kenneth Eugene Young says:

    It’s funny that here in America where white people who have never been enslaved, separated from their families or any such abuse can quickly say what blacks aren’t owed. In America blacks are owed everything for all other places that America abused they paid but not only have they not paid blacks they haven’t even had the decency to even admit that they were wrong & while you people blacks & whites are bickering over these nothing issues once again the true issues are being smoked screened under the radar to be forgotten. Issues like free education, medicine, & general reparations etc. are the issues that should be presented by blacks whenever there is a forum & with the term of America’s first black president quickly coming to an end i kenneth eugene young a man who speaks truth with knowledge & wisdom backed by the 1 true god asks that Mr. Obama do something in order to right some of these wrongs himself that is if you are still 1 of us Mr. President sir?

    • AReynolds says:

      Ever hear of the Irish? There were many Irish slaves in America who experienced the same cruel fate as African Americans. The Irish were repressed for many, many years in America. Get your fact straight.

    • lilyredrose says:

      It’s funny that here in America, where black people, who have never been enslaved, separated from their families or any such abuse, can say they are owed? Reparations? Free this, free that. I don’t owe you anything and you should be on your knees thanking God daily that, for whatever reason, you were born in America, instead of some poop hole where you would be digging roots for food and bathing in a river somewhere. Get over it. People in the Nazi camps went thru much worse than any of your ancestors ever did, as a whole. Your misdirected anger and bile is killing you all. Many, many peoples of all colors over the centuries have been used and abused. You are not special. America/The South did not invent slavery. Accept that you can do nothing for these dead people. You might worry about the people who are slaves now, today, if you need something to whine and complain about.

      • It seems this has struck a nerve. Allow me to try to put it in terms someone who has never experienced racism and who lives in system where your race is favoured can understand:

        Rampling is WRONG. She is wrong because she believes that someone pointing out inequality means she’s is the same or worse than those who foster and maintain the inequality.

        To use the Nazi equivalent if a Jew stood up in Nazi Germany and pointed out the inequality to the white people there you can bet the white people would tell that Jew to stop being racist or anti-white just like Jada is being told by the clueless people in these comments who seem to have NO idea what she’s actually talking about.

        All you’re concerned with is tell people that everything is fine…. well it is if you’re white! When I’m in a sunny climate everything is fine, I don’t know the struggle to fine suncream – does that mean I should lambast a white person who stands up and points out they need sunscreen to stay with me in the sun? Are they detracting from my experience in the sun if they too can enjoy the sun without restriction?

        This is a surface level issue fed by the undercurrent of a racially biased system so its not unusual at all. But look even hint that such a system is in place and emotionally hurt white people come flooding out of the wood work to shout down whistleblowers.

        The reason why theres a boycott in the first place is because there isn’t equality – isn’t that something you can understand? People go on strike when theres inequality at work. IF you were not treated equally to your co-worker would you just swallow it or would you stand up and point it out Would you expect your better off colleague to shout you down and tell you it s not a problem? Its not a problem for them so therefore its not a problem for you at all right?????

        Thank you for helping maintain inequality offended white people, you’re doing the exact job they require of you – plenty of allies all over the place it seems. Aaaaand the status quo is maintained and everyone can go home and feel comfortable about themselves and the system they’re benefitting from. How nice.

  8. Bill Morton says:

    I agree With Charlotte Rampling.
    I have lived for the last 35 years in the most ethnically diverse metropolitan areas of the country.
    I have also been the one out of a hundred minority member in a black neighborhood in which I am a home owner.
    It is time that caucasian Americans, like myself, get over white guilt, and see things as they are.
    Perhaps this year, there were no contributors, with an African American background, worthy on an award in any of the categories.

    Yes, it is a possibility.

  9. kyltinlo says:

    I am Asian and I am doing fine with my life because I am honest and work hard. I can also take the occasional inconvenience of prejudice because that is a fact of life.

    This whole polarizing discussion which is damaging to society is coming from Blacks and the White elite who support them. What about the voice of Asians, Latinos and other races and ethnicities? And why the special treatment for Blacks? Why do some White people have to act like bullies, become very mean and stifle freedom of expression?

    • If you have a voice and you have a concern for your community stand up instead of complaining other are doing it for themselves.

      Who are you calling out to when you say “What about the voice of Asians, Latinos and other races and ethnicities?”

      Why would you begrudge a black person gaining equal treatment when it doesn’t improve or reduce your own chances of success in this society? What special treatment are you referring to? – Being recognised for your work in your job?

      How did things get polarised in the first place and why are they still like that? Who is actually to blame?

      Think about it

  10. 1favored says:

    The issue of racism is real. The arts is a reflection of our society. Ingrained in the fiber of America is institutional and societal racism. Most white people have no idea about the lives of black people beyond headline news and celebrity gossip. There is a book called ‘1001 Things Everyone Should Know About African American History’ . Read it and you be changed.

    (This English woman spoke out of ignorance. Her experience in America is as a foreigner who comes here to work but then takes the money and ‘runs’ back to the UK to live.)

    • Ivan says:

      If you knew anything about this woman, you would know that she doesn’t make movies in the USA, and she lived in France for the last 30 years.
      And God forbid there is a person in this world who doesn’t see it through black-white prism, like you seem to.

  11. Anu says:

    The same actress would no doubt have something different to say about the lack of parts for older women and their representation at awards. The Oscars are not about “art” but about commerce and prestige. Whether one likes it or not there will always be pressure groups for inclusion, whether it is older women or blacks or Asians. It is the way the world works. Perhaps blacks now have enough of a voice to articulate their exclusion from the awards. Just like there is a body of older white actresses who speak out about their exclusion.

  12. 85wzen says:

    Hey! Hitler is dead! There will be no pure white race on this world missy!

  13. ObserverMI says:

    Misinterpreted? Please.
    Should have been strong enough to stand behind her belief, popular or not.

    And for these boycotting babies, for you to infer academy members you have no clue about are all racist? That they view art through something as shallow as skin color, like yourselves, is a pretty outrageous accusation. Where’s your proof of such a claim, huh?

    Then shut up, stay home whatever, yet get ‘your bigotry’ in check because you’re all embarrassing the hell outta yourselves, showing your lack of intelligence let alone being ugly to others you have no clue about.
    Grow up.

  14. Pooky says:

    Round and round we go….

  15. eddie willers says:

    “Diversity in our industry is an important issue that needs to be addressed,”

    Why is it important?

  16. Spider says:

    But, this boycott idea IS “racism’ towards white people. Why aren’t the Hispanics bitching about lack of “diversity” and nominations?? Yes, Inarritu (a Mexican) is nominated, and as a Hispanic myself, that is more than enough reason to be happy that at least one Latino artist was “worthy” of a nomination.

    • ChicagoGirl says:

      “Worthy” being the operative word. Those who were nominated are the BEST of the BEST. Just sour grapes and poor “sportsmanship” on the part of the Smiths.

    • Groc says:

      Latinos are new to this. You are just happy to be here. Once you have been in the mix for a while in Hollywood, you will want more too. Its not racist, its time for these rich white men to step aside and let people of color get in there as well.

      • Ignorant statement, Latinos have been a part of this country for generations. Remember the Alamo? Puerto Rico?

      • Michelle says:

        They aren’t new to it. Look up Oscar history. What an ignorant comment. They’ve won all the major Oscar categories except for Best Actress, and they did it without throwing a tantrum.

        What you guys have done, though, is wreck the Oscars. When somebody is forced to give you a prize, the prize becomes degraded and means nothing.

      • Erik Wright says:

        “its time for these rich white men to step aside and let people of color get in there as well.”
        So…a Hollywood version of affirmative action then. You should get an award whether it was deserved or not, simply based on the color of your skin?

      • ChicagoGirl says:

        “Step aside”??? No way. “People of color” need to learn that entitlements, Affirmative Action, and “quotas” have NO place in Hollywood or anywhere else in this world. You wanted “equal” rights, you got ’em. If you’re NOT as good as the other races, that is YOUR FAULT, and no one else. From this point on, “people of color” (of course, it’s blacks doing the complaining) will NEVER know if they were nominated and/or won because of “entitlements” or their acting abilities.

  17. Greggan says:

    Unless they’re directly in the line of fire, it’s smarter for industry players to remain silent than to take the bait by commenting on this issue. No matter what is said, it’s attacked. There’s no upside.

  18. Jerome says:

    Anyone notice the lack of diversity among the starting lineups in the NBA All-Star game? Perhaps the NBA should change its policies to ensure more diverse starters.

  19. Lisa says:

    Yeah, everyone just misinterpreted her words. ‘Racist against White people’ can be interpreted in so, so many ways. Most racists don’t even realize they’re racist. And it’s not just about race, it’s about gender also. The only category women excel in at the Oscars is Best and Supporting Actress and Costume Design, and that’s it. Well, I’m sick of playing Barbie dress up!

    • giantslor says:

      “Most racists don’t even realize they’re racist.” Exactly, and that includes all the white racists in this comment section.

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