Carrie Fisher Completed Work on ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Before Her Death

Carrie Fisher Finished Shooting 'Star Wars
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Carrie Fisher’s death Tuesday at the age of 60 has left her involvement in a number of film and television projects unresolved. Chief among them is her ongoing role in the Star Wars franchise.

The eighth film in the series, in which Fisher appears as Leia Organa, wrapped shooting in July and is now in post-production. Sources tell Variety that Fisher’s work on the sequel was finished. That means that Disney and LucasFilm, the producers of the Star Wars series, will not have to address Fisher’s death until the ninth film begins shooting in 2018. Leia was originally slated to appear in that production.

Beyond Star Wars, Fisher was highly sought after for her on camera work and for her writing and script doctoring. Among her many projects, Fisher had a recurring role on the Amazon/Channel 4 comedy series “Catastrophe,” playing the caustic mother of star Rob Delaney’s character. The show’s third season is set to premiere early next year. Fisher was on a flight returning from her work on the show in London at the time she suffered a heart attack.

“Catastrophe” has completed filming for its third season which will air in the spring. Fisher appears in one of the season’s six episodes. The show has already been renewed for a fourth season. There’s no word yet on how the show will handle Fisher’s character in upcoming seasons.

Co-creator and star Sharon Horgan said of Fisher via Instagram: “She was the most generous, fun, gifted, smart, kind, funny funny funny person I’ve ever met. She certainly wasn’t ready to go. I’m so glad we became pals. I’m so devastated at her loss. I want to write about her more but I can’t process yet.”


Carrie Fisher’s Life and Career in Photos

Fisher was also supposed to film a role in the film “Wonderwell,” which IMDB writes is a fantastical story set in the world of fashion. Director Vlad Marsavin did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the status of Fisher’s work.

Fisher had a recurring role on Fox’s “Family Guy” as the voice of Angela, the boss at the brewery where Seth MacFarlane’s Peter Griffin works. She most recently appeared in an episode from last season that first aired Jan. 3. It’s not clear if she had wrapped work on any additional episodes before her death.

A new documentary, “Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds,” will screen at the upcoming Palm Springs Film Festival and air on HBO in March.


Carrie Fisher Chevy Chase

Hollywood Mourns the Loss of Its Princess Leia, ‘Star Wars’ Actress Carrie Fisher

In the aftermath of Fisher’s death this week, tributes flowed in from across the entertainment landscape. Co-stars such as Mark Hamill and Whoopi Goldberg, as well as Hollywood icons such as Steven Spielberg paid tribute to her sense of humor, her screen talent, and her legacy as a survivor of addiction and mental illness.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy said it was difficult to imagine a world without Fisher, praising her as a barrier breaker.

“She was Princess Leia to the world but a very special friend to all of us,” she said. “She had an indomitable spirit, incredible wit, and a loving heart. Carrie also defined the female hero of our age over a generation ago. Her groundbreaking role as Princess Leia served as an inspiration of power and confidence for young girls everywhere.”

Daniel Holloway and Justin Kroll contributed to this report. 

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  1. sherrypatriot says:

    I always wondered why she thought of herself as one standing apart from the crowd but she was born right into it.

    She did have a story to tell and told it in a raw, open wound way that offended some people, but she had to bleed so that we could see and understand her pain. And it was huge. Because she was big as life trying to make her own shadow appear apart from the height and breadth shadows cast by her famous parents and their famous friends.

    She did good, casting her own shadow far, far away, above, and beyond.

  2. You are now one with the force Carrie. We will miss you. RIP

  3. Leon says:

    Goodbye Leia! We all loved you!

    However now you cant kill off Luke and maybe this gives Disney a way to bring in some real testosterone so these films are more gender neutral as opposed to be all for women.

    Rey is the worst character ever created.

  4. Warner Brown says:

    While this is another untimely death, a few days ago I finally got to see and enjoy Rogue One. The final shot of which left me with the biggest smile. The credits rolled, and I walked out with “That good feeling.” She left the world leaving everyone with a smile, and is sorely missed.

  5. Jamie Karl says:

    Whats interesting for me is, she’s nothing like the star wars character. She battled with addiction, mental health, was very blunt/outspoken, smoked most of her life etc. And whenever someone dies, all the pictures of them are always young. So weird to see a world greive for someone they didn’t know, whilst often treating those close to them with poorly veiled disdain. The psychology of it is fascinating.

  6. John Miller says:

    They definitely waited far too long to shoot “Star Wars” sequels. Now, it will become nearly impossible to finish this trilogy.

    • M-Wolverine says:

      You said an absolute with no basis in actual knowledge and you have to immediately resort to name calling to cover up your fallacies. You might want to sit this one out.

      • millerfilm says:

        Hilarious how everything you come up with is from Troll 101! You really need to put some effort into this, since this is the closest you will ever come to an actual career.

      • millerfilm says:

        Anyone who follows “Star Wars” instantly knows what I’m talking about. That’s how we all know you’re just a random, third-rate troll, who wants to engage someone who never talked to him in the first place. Oh, and I just looked up your profile. Unsurprisingly, there’s just one line: “Wahhhhh! Wahhhhhh!” :-)

      • millerfilm says:

        I’m guessing you’re one of Gary Whitta’s Diaper Pin warriors. So easily damaged when you don’t get your way, and when anyone offers the slightest differing opinion. It is entertaining watching you throw your fits, though! I can’t imagine how you get through a single day when you’re so easily hurt.

      • M-Wolverine says:

        Are you dropping obscure names to try and pretend you’re something like a Hollywood insider?

      • millerfilm says:

        Poor baby! So easily hurt. If you want to dish it out, you have to be able to take it.

      • M-Wolverine says:

        You’re not dishing anything out, just acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Just saying find someplace else to get your diaper changed and leave this discussion to the grown ups. You’re too inconsequential to hurt anyone’s feelings if Internet Tough Guy is all you aspire to. Get over yourself.

    • Jamie Karl says:

      Well hopefully it’ll inspire them to be creative. Franchises are creative death traps. JJ created alias, lost, fringe, produced westworld – but look at his movies. Second star trek is good enough, first is meh. Star wars is well, idk. Its fun, has the spirit of the originals (unlike the prequels), its a fun visual action fest, but it doesn’t really add anything. Plus, mary sue. In fact in a way, so far it sort of substracts from the originals, like the prequels did. Not all that much looking forward to the trilogy, I suspect the stand alones will be better.

    • Derek fleming says:

      Because that’s a real important issue, what a selfish woman for dying before she finished a space movie. Grow up

      • millerfilm says:

        I’m certain you would walk right over anyone you found lying on a sidewalk without a thought. You haven’t matured from your stage of being a fertilized egg.

    • Robert J O'Dell says:

      As I said, they’ll have no problem completing the trilogy. What your touting is speculation that even if proven true doesn’t alter the fact that production on eight is long enough away that any script revisions needed to address Leia’s absence will be done with much forethought. Your whole deal with they waited too long is just baseless. People die. It is not foreseeable. Anton Yelchin died. Did they wait too long to reboot Star Trek? Daisy Ridley could be struck down tomorrow. Should they have filmed all three movies back to back to back? It is just a empty accusation.

      • millerfilm says:

        I know you’re desperately trying to be a supportive fanboy to Disney, et al. But, the reality is that, after killing off Han, Leia was integral to completing this trilogy. As “Rogue One” showed us once again, it is all about children, their missing parents, and their broken relationships. With Han gone, Leia was clearly the one who would be faced with facing Kylo in some important way. That will now not happen, unless they do the CGI thing. Don’t be such a drone.

    • Robert O'Dell says:

      They’ll have no problem completing the trilogy.

  7. Lenny says:

    You killed off Han, brought in a heavily sub par replacement. You are going to kill off luke (WHICH NOW YOU CANT DO!) in VIII for daisey ridley to take over which we are dealing with not enjoying. Also leia was going to be a huge part. I swear any CGI for her and i am done. You cant bring back Han. So make this a revenge tale and make Luke the star as he always should have been. Daisey who. Membererries.

    Leias desserves a generals death now. No other eay will do. We all know what that means. They set it up. They fix it. And maybe throw in a male lead jedi. Geez. Just one would be good.

    • Sean Brooks says:

      i doubt it. No one wold have cared if she wasnt even in 7 , much less 8 and 9. She played no real role and was just there for nostalgia.

    • Lisa says:

      First off, there is nothing that says they are going to kill off Luke in VIII, just a few people making their own assumptions.

      Also, while the CGI of Rogue One was far from perfect, it wasn’t absolutely horrendous. Not to mention what do people expect the franchise to do? Unless they have already written Leia out in Episode VIII there will almost certainly have to be some CGI of her character in IV, even if they write her out in that film either by her character’s death or her taking on a lesser and unseen role going forward. Thus it becomes one of those situations where CGI, even though its not preferable, should be given a pass. I’d rather see imperfect CGI than them recast the role. As a fan that would upset me more. Carrie Fisher is irreplaceable.

      Either way what a horrible loss to both our world and the Star Wars universe. Carrie Fisher will be sorely missed and forever loved for reasons that go well beyond any role she’s played.

    • Robert O'Dell says:

      Wow! Lots of assumptions there. And what’s with the “we”. It’s you not we. I like the new characters introduced in TFS. The whole point of this trilogy is to pass the torch from the original protagonists to new characters. Daisy Ridle is a welcome addition. You seem to forget that the movie was well received and there is great anticipation for episode 8 as is evidenced by the enthusiastic response to Rogue One.

    • LMAO says:

      Please stop crying. You sound heavily triggered.

    • xesthan says:

      You’re just assuming things. You don’t know if they were going to kill Luke or not. Just because you think you know doesn’t mean that you actually know.

    • I think they did a good job with the Leia CGI at the end of Rogue One, so I’ve no issues with CGI as long as they do it good and do it right. If they do not do it good and do not do it right, this is where I would take serious issue with it. I also feel they did an extremely good job on the CGI with General Tarkin in Rogue One. Of course until CGI improves, I do agree that the less of it that is used, the better. One part of what made the CGI work well for both Leia and Tarkin, is that they used as little of it as possible, only where necessary and not using more than need be. If they use CGI to give her the heroes death she deserves, a complete lack of a speaking part would be wise. Merely seeing her there and seeing her get killed in one last act of heroism. Perhaps some evacuation of a base of some sort that she is heading up, as other characters who already made it out, speak of her refusal to leave until she is absolutely certain that no one has been left behind, as we see her in the background of scenes coordinating that effort, and then the base takes a fatal blow and other characters in the story line are seen confirming that she absolutely did not make it out, and that there is no way anyone could have survived that sort of strike. So there are ways in which limited CGI could be used, without screwing things up. But limited, not over kill.

      • M-Wolverine says:

        Peter Gregory, actor soon to be replaced by a computer.

      • The CGI in Rogue One was HORRIBLE! Anyone who thinks it isn’t is deluding themselves. Suddenly video game animation in a major feature, and it was both obvious and off-putting. No CGI at this point will come close to an actual actor. Sorry if jobs are lost in animating these freaking things, but really, they have to go.

  8. Claudia L Price says:

    My kids grew up during the Star Wars movies. They enjoy watching them now as they did then. My granddaughter is 3 and has started watching them.
    Thank you Carrie for your dedication and professionalism toward your craft. You will always be remembered by this family! RIP

  9. Rudy Mario says:

    RIP. Very saddened.

    But the show must go on….As Hollywood always love to say.

    Disney should negotiate with her kids/grandkids for digital rights to her image/visages for a couple of SW versions until a suitable end to the character can be woven in.

    • Agreed. The technology exists, when done right. From what I have heard, it wasn’t done real well with Tarkin in Rogue One (I haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t comment directly on that). I know that it has been done really well with other productions. The live stage show of Jeff Wayne’s Musical The War of the Worlds ‘resurrected’ Richard Burton. They got a man with a similar facial structure, and through the use of prosthetics and digital work, they had Richard’s face narrating the show, just as he did in the original recordings of that version.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree as well. One thing to note that I would think likely effected the CGI of Rogue One is they had no recent footage to use to create the CGI since the original film is almost 40 years old. Where as in this instance they will have very recent footage that they could use. Hopefully that will make any CGI they do more realistic.

        I would much rather them do cleverly shown shots and hopefully well done CGI to continue the character until a decent and uncontrived exit can be written for Leia. This is a major character who no doubt has an important role in the upcoming films. Having her character die in the early scenes of Episode IV would, IMO, seem like the cheap and easy way out and wouldn’t pay the needed homage to the character that Carrie Fisher worked hard to bring to life for us.

      • I personally think they did a good job with Tarkin, of course there are sure to be those who do not agree.

      • Rudy Mario says:

        Absolutely. I like you will be watching the plot lines. I hope they get some top notch writers and cone up woth something that does not come across as contrived.

        May the force be with the princess!

  10. josstothekim says:

    She is one with the force, and the force is with her. Rest in peace, Carrie

  11. Michelle Peden says:

    Was sad to hear the passing of Carrie Fisher she was a great person and actress she will always have a place in my heart ❤ RIP never forgotten

  12. Walter K says:

    Sad, sad news. She will live on in the roles she played, especially Princess Leia. Such an iconic character. RIP

  13. Tom E says:

    RIP Carrie. As a survivor myself, it sounded like she was not going to make it. Very sad.

    On a STAR WARS note. I said it was a huge mistake for Disney and JJ not to have recast the roles with actors in their 50’s. You had JJ reboot a series that did not need to be rebooted; at the needless cost of destruction of dozens upon dozens of EU NY Times bestselling novels that had a very fit Leia who was becoming versed in her Force skills after a long career in politics. These rich books would have sold to all new audiences had they not rebooted, but only selected from a rich array of story material already established post Episode VI.

    Now we have Episode IX likely retooled to deal with Leia’s sudden absence – and that after the completely unnecessary reboot. All JJ seems to do with franchises is reboot and destroy them – Vulcan etc. – and give us film legacy with a thousand implausible plot holes (The Farce Awakens). Planet-size weapon that shoots multiple planets across solar systems, destroyed by a ground force after getting shields down… seems like a bad re-do nightmare. Unskilled Force user getting Level 1000 Force Skills unlocked by concentrating, and fighting old school (slow style) against a master Force User. Yeah. Good job JJ. Good job Disney.

    Thank you, Carrie Fisher. RIP

    • Jamie Karl says:

      The creator of star wars was the one that sold to disney – after he made the largely disappointing prequels. So yeah, not disneys (a profiteering corporation) fault, nor JJ, who BTW was involved in alias, lost, fringe, westworld and many more cult classic tv shows. Its YOU, the nostalgia obsessed fans who wanted more. It’s you the past craving audience, that wanted transformers, my little pony and everything else under the sun, ressurected for one more round of abuse. Franchises are a creative prison. You can never make genius from such a thing

      And the original star wars wasn’t even that good. The character arcs are cartoonish, the characters arent very deep, there’s plot holes galore, even the plotting isn’t that great. It was just the first movie space opera, with some fun humour, the odd bit of ripped samurai/zen wisdom and a nice fantasy for kids. I mean the concepts were essentially just a mashup. I think people are giving it way too much cred, treating it as some holy grail, when it wasn’t that great, just novel in certain ways. Compare star wars to the sci-fi we have now. Like star trek is positively primitive. Its just nostalgia that makes it seems great.

    • I don’t really think that JJ screwed up at all. I don’t view Rae as suddenly getting Level 1000 Force skills being used against a Force Master. I think they accurately portrayed Rae as being incredibly sloppy with the force and her lack of light sabor skills being a complete joke, exactly as one would expect from someone with zero training just trying to muddle their way through extreme circumstances. We must also take into consideration that Snoke refused to give Ren any real training and that Ren was also extremely sloppy. More practiced than Rae, sure. But still, as sloppy as one would expect from an apprentice who was not trained well at all. Snoke feared Ren’s capabilities just as Palpatine feared Vader’s. Which is also why Palpatine DID NOT complete Vader’s training as he had originally promised to do. Vader needed to do most of his learning on his own, which was not really covered in depth in the main movies, but has been explained more in depth in the expanded universe. Ren’s temper tantrums also make Anikan’s moments of egotistical rage seem calm by comparison. So you did not have a Level 1000 Force User for no reason because Unicorns, battling a Sith Master. You had one untrained novice battling one highly insecure and inadiquitely trained apprentice. If not for the Star Killer Planet literally falling apart around them, then Ren absolutely would have beaten Rae. Ren was also distracted by his own arrogance, being under the impression that he could convince her to turn to the dark side. It’s the typical “join us, or die” recruitment package.

      As for Star Trek, I don’t think the reboot was a bad idea. After all, it is an ALTERNATE timeline. It is not the prime timeline. So they can explore lots of other things without making a mess of the original timeline. This also leads to open doors to cross-overs between the two timelines, should JJ want to ever go that route. Not saying he will, not saying he won’t. But it does open that door, just as that door was open via The Mirror Universe from ST:TOS and that door was taken advantage of in both ST:DS9 and ST:E.

      As for the differences in ship configurations between the two timelines, this is easily explained with two references. The first reference, is from an Episode of The Flash where The Flash from Earth III is having a conversation with The Flash (Barry Allen) from Earth I. Explaining timelines to Barry, the Earth III Flash broke a coffee cup, then put the pieces of it back together. He explained that even though you can put the cup back together, it is still forever changed. There are cracks in the cup. It can not ever fully be exactly as it was. So to in this way, does time also work.

      The 1990s Trek Era Jadzea Dax also made a very good point about the ST:TOS style of things, which would only be more fully realized “in real life” in todays Information Age Era. She explained the look of the ship, tricorders, etc as merely a stylish fad. That how the physical interaction of the technology looks, as less to do with the technological capabilities of a civilization, but rather the styles that are popular and trending at the time.

      We see this very much today with USB Vinyl Record Players and USB Cassette Tape Players, we see VHS and DVR combo units. We see things such as “Nintendo Mini” in which now there is a “brand new NES” in which every NES game ever made is loaded onto this one small console unit that is being sold for around $60 if I recall correctly. We see every game from the old NES all the way up through SNES even up into Game Cube being available for the Nintendo Wii U at an average of about $4 per game. We see softwares which take retro-technologies such as online text-based door games, message systems and file distribution systems and loading them onto modern BBS Softwares which also have full modern WWW technology support and functions, that run on modern up to date platforms and operating systems.

      The list goes on by the point is — the various changes and differences are easily explained in both real life mundane ways, as well as in the more complex quantum physics and science fiction ways of these sorts of movies and TV series.

      Lastly, let us take into considerate that no matter what JJ (or anyone else) does or how they do it — there are always going to be people who love it, and always going to be people who think it is terrible, hate it and feel that it is just the worst ever. Damned if you do, or if you don’t — when it comes to that.

      • Jamie Karl says:

        For me the TFA was alright. Totally fun, humorous, very well made, but empty of creativity and defo mary sue. About as good as one can expect from a film ressurected one to many times, by the audiences that want to see them.

        Star trek, actually I love em. I think the first film is really set up. The second film gets a bit more thinky, and I suspect the third will have full star trek flavour – some weird alien culture, and energy being or something conceptual. So I am quite happy with that. Maybe star wars will be the same, a slow move from the accessible, to the creative.

        Honestly though, who can blame the film industry for what audiences will pay for rather than pirate? The film industry has survived the almost unsurvivable, primarily the audience is now teenagers. So safe bets on franchises, book adaptions and so on, is most of all they can financially do. They don’t actually exist to make our personal favourite films at any cost. They are trying to make a living like anyone, albiet with some creativity.

        If people want to golden age of movies back, instead of the current golden age of TV, they better throw away their big screen TVs, their pirate bay bookmarks, and pay for all the new films. Not going to happen, but just saying….their funding model doesn’t allow the big risks of yesterday.

    • Contin says:

      The 2009 Star Trek movie, directed by JJ Abrams is a reboot. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a sequel. Please learn the difference.

    • Bob Booth says:

      You’re an idiot.

    • The new episodes didn’t destroy any novels. They still exist. You sound like one of those morons who claim the 2016 Ghostbusters somehow ruined the original. No one is forcing you to watch anything JJ or Disney does.

    • n2darkness says:

      How insensitive of you. Death can strike at any age. Look at the young actor who played Chekov. He was only 27 and died . Sadly sometimes people die and movies have to be rewritten. Casting with younger actors would have been no guarantee and the audience might not have accepted it when Carrie was around and still working.

    • M-Wolverine says:

      An “I told you so” post is in incredibly poor taste, only heightened by the complete lack of logic it to it. “They should have recast everyone in their 50’s; the reboot was a bad idea.” Because recasting everyone isn’t a reboot that fans and actors wouldn’t be pissed off about. Actually it’s more of one; he didn’t reboot the movies, your suggestion would have. You’re more upset a bunch of mediocre books got nullified than a woman died. Get over yourself.

      Oh, and hard living 50 year olds can die too; RIP George Michael.

  14. Sam Maverick says:

    In a world full of Donald Trumps’, be Carrie Fisher. RIP Carrie. ~ Sam Maverick

  15. Leon says:

    This sucks. She was great. However I think they are in deep trouble with Episode 9 cause with her and luke gone after 8 then we have no one left. They already killed of solo.

    • Lisa says:

      Just curious, who said Luke would be gone after Episode VIII? We dont even know what they will do with Leia post Episode VIII, they may CGI her character and let her live on. But either way it doesnt necessarily have an impact on what they do with Luke’s character.

      RIP Carrie Fisher. Sending lots of love to her family and friends for them to get through such a tragedy.

    • Ryanthusar says:

      Leon, thing with Solo is that Ford had wanted the character killed off after Episode 6, but it was scripted that he wasn’t. He however got his wish when Episode 7 was slated

  16. Carrie was such an inspiration! Deep condolences to her mom Debbie Reynolds, her brother and her daughter. In memory of her, I created a memento video, celebrating her life and incredible accomplishments.

  17. loco73 says:

    RIP Carrie Fisher…is there no end to this bloody year?!

  18. Falconsnacks says:

    May The Force Be With her family,friends,castmates and fans (myself included) who simply cannot begin to process this devastating and heartbreaking news. We all loved you Carrie Fisher. R.I.P.

  19. Sadden by Carrie’s passing, I guess many of us girls used to dress up like her as Princess Leia, have the best memories thanks to her. Rest in Peace Carrie! My condolences to her beautiful daughter Billie.

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