‘Captain America’ Filmmakers Announce Chinese Superhero Project

Captain America Russo brothers
Courtesy of Disney

The Russo Brothers, the duo behind Marvel’s “Captain America” franchise, have settled on a mind-bending Chinese superhero film as the first project of their new Chinese production venture.

According to Chinese media, the brothers appeared at a signing ceremony in Beijing on Monday with Beijing Fangjin Visual Media Cultural Communication. They announced a project called “The Hero’s Awakening” and will reportedly serve as producers.

In March, the pair behind the “Captain America” movies, announced the establishment of Anthem & Song, a Chinese production label, in a partenrship with Chinese production and distribution company United Entertainment Partners, and private equity firm HDQH. Since then they have reported holding conversations with Chinese film makers including Ning Hao (“Crazy Stone”,) Jiang Wen (“Gone With the Bullets,”) and Wuershan (“Mojin: The Lost Legend.)

The brothers recently told the Los Angeles Times that they had been approached by a Chinese film maker with a story about a character who can control things with his mind, and would work to getting that set up. “It will probably go into production in the fall; its budget is about $30 million. … The release will be in late 2017, early 2018,” they said.

Their latest Hollywood movie “Captain America: Civil War” has blasted off to a sensational $105 million in its first four days of release in China.

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  1. Pretty incredible for the Russo brothers, I knew them primarily from It’s Always Sunny, Arrested Development and Community. Who knew they’d have such great action blockbuster chops?

  2. Chizz says:

    More proof these hacks have no talent.

    Learn how to frame a shot, then you can talk.

  3. Rex says:

    Are they freakin’ HIGH? Once again Hollywood show its eagerness to kiss the Mainland’s ass and make a film that will only make the Chinese look even MORE ridiculous to their own audiences and the rest of the world. Some Mainlander comes up with a threadbare concept — in a country that has NO HISTORY OF COMIC BOOK OR SUPERHERO CULTURE to capitalize on — and these guys just fling themselves at this supposedly amazing opportunity. When will they learn? Chinese filmmakers and the government think they can just instantly create a pop culture for themselves using the decades-successful American model. It’s laughable, truly. This isn’t the first time they’ve tried to make a Chinese sci-fi superhero movie, either, but no one remembers the previous attempts because they were awful. Adding the Russo’s will only give the project clout, not quality. China wants to be North America so bad, but it will NEVER happen no matter how much Hollywood talent they leech off of.

    Can’t wait until the lockstepping censors decide that this ‘mind-controlling’ superhero can’t ACTUALLY have supernatural abilities and force the writers to cobble together some stupid “explanation” for his non-abilities!

    • ajaj says:

      More blather from Rex, the American super-nationalist. China had their own comic books (manhua) that were popular during the 30’s. Guess he never heard about heroes of the wuxia world either.

    • Little Fish says:

      It HLW who want RMB. Don’t act like Chinese is begging them for help.

  4. CNU says:

    I love the comments blaming the Russo Brothers for all the ills of Hollywood.

  5. Leon says:

    ahem make up for doctor strange.

    don’t be a punk. boycott doctor strange until they reshoot. make it right.

  6. Jono says:

    Hurry up and pirate that shit China

  7. tlsnyder42 says:

    Guess Hollywood won’t boycott China for its righteous opposition top homosexuality – just American Christians.

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