Brie Larson the Frontrunner to Play Captain Marvel (EXCLUSIVE)

Brie Larson Captain Marvel
Rex Shutterstock/Marvel

After winning the best actress Oscar for “Room,” Brie Larson has her sights on another marvelous role.

Sources tell Variety Larson is in early talks to play Captain Marvel, one of Marvel’s most popular female superheroes, in an upcoming standalone film. It’s unknown where negotiations stand, but sources have told Variety that Larson is their first choice, and that she’s leaning toward playing the part.

Marvel had no comment on the story.

No director is currently on board. Marvel, however, had always planned to have an actress lined up early, with the idea of possibly introducing her in one of its upcoming films before its “Captain Marvel” movie bows.


Captain Marvel

‘Captain Marvel’ Movie Eyes ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ ‘Inside Out’ Writers

“Inside Out” scribe Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman are currently writing the script, which follows Carol Danvers, an air force pilot whose DNA is fused with that of an alien during an accident. The resulting alteration imbues her with the super powers of strength, energy project and flight.

Kevin Feige is producing the pic.

Larson has been choosing both big-budget spectacles, like the upcoming “Kong: Skull Island,” and prestige films, such as “Room” and “The Glass Castle,” which she is currently filming.

She can be seen next in Ben Wheatley’s “Free Fire” opposite Armie Hammer. She is repped by WME and Authentic Talent and Literary Management.

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  1. Paul Nash says:

    Well, is Rogue(Anna Paquin) going to make an appearance in order for Rogue to sap Carols powers during their fight in San Francisco? “Well hello sugah”

  2. the only comic Captain Marvel who should even be remembered is Billy Batson, who becomes the world’s mightiest mortal when he says SHAZAM. That the company that changed its name to Marvel long after that character was created managed to snag a Captain Marvel trademark and use the name for other characters is simply unfortunate

  3. snapchat says:

    The only comic Captain Marvel who should even be remembered is Billy Batson,who becomes the world’s mightiest mortal when he says “SHAZAM”.

    That the company that changed its name to Marvel long after that character was created managed to snag a “Captain Marvel” trademark and use the name for other characters is simply unfortunate.

  4. third3ye says:

    Perfect choice. She’s got the acting chops to own a titular role and Marvel Studios has proven they don’t need to cast someone who just looks like the comic character. And anyone who thinks she’s too young needs to go watch Room and Trainwreck, she can easily pull off early 30s.

  5. It’s amazing to me that Yvonne Strahovski’s name was not even in the list with the other actresses.
    She was bad-ass on Chuck and looks more like what Captain Marvel is than any of the others.

  6. Charlize Theron would have been a wonderful choice but Brie’s credibility as an Oscar winner will do just fine ( though Ms. Theron’s is an oscar winner too )

  7. Was anybody else not expecting this? I mean of all the rumors, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, and Chloe Moretz and more. . . Brie Larson was just not anywhere on my radar. . .

    Still think Charlize Theron would be the best choice.

  8. Shandy says:

    Hm…she was good in Room…does seem quite young for this, not that I know much about the role. Then again, if we know Marvel, she’ll be playing the character in multiple films over a long period of time, so…she can grow with the part? :]

  9. nerdrage says:

    I was rooting all the way for Katee Sackhoff but Brie Larson isn’t a bad choice. Looking forward to this!

  10. JL says:

    Marvel’s male superheroes are 30-50+, with many in their 40s. But all female superheroes must be cast while in their 20s, of course.

    • therealeverton says:

      Not so at all. Chris Hamsworth and Chris Evans were both in their mid 20s when cast as Thor and Captain America (Some fans complained about their age).Evangeline Lilly, Cobbie Smulders? Tom Holland/.

      Their may be a poitn in there somewhere, but your facts on the age of the main characters in the MCU are off I’m afraid..Some characters are older than others. (Even Thor , who is centuries old, was cast to look mid – to – late 20s. Tony Stark is “old”. Dr. Stragne is “old”. Scott lang is a father. But Steve Rogers was “young”. Quicksilver young, . Wasp older, Agent Hill, older, Widow, younger and so on. It is character based and there are both male and female characters all over the spectrum.

  11. AH says:

    I’d like to see Carol played by actresses in their 30’s (and maybe 40’s) like Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron, or Yvonne Strahovski who would be perfect IMO, but I know it’s a long shot. At least I’m not the only one who thinks of her…

    When Kelly Sue DeConnick (previous writer of the Captain Marvel comic-books) was asked by people on her Tumblr about her #1 choice she replied: “I do get asked that a lot, but I don’t expect you to know that. I usually say Yvonne Strahovski because I loved CHUCK and I think she looks a lot like the Carol that lives in my head.

    There are a TON of actresses working right now who would be cool choices.

    But the truth is my dream cast is a young Kathleen Turner.”

    • Jakob says:

      Emily Blunt was just announced yesterday to have been cast in the new Mary Poppins movie alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda, but I agree that Charlize Theron or Yvonne Strahovski would be perfect!

  12. Wellsoul2 says:

    Kathryn Winnick is 38. She will be 41 by the time the movie opens. You need a younger actress

  13. I don’t really know anything about Brie Larson, other than that she just won an Oscar for Best Actress. But this is a fascinating choice. Good job, Marvel.

  14. Binkertell says:

    This role does not require a strong actress(its superhero ffs) so I dont get why she is chosen. It requires the right LOOK and somebody with charisma and star quality. I dont think she has any of those things tbh. She’s more for dramas where it requires a strong actress who is so bland she doesnt overshadow the character.

  15. Popcorn Time says:

    Rowdy Ronda GREAT!!

    • Ledge says:

      @Binkertell do you even know anything about acting? you don’t win an oscar if you’re considered a bland actor. You want both the look and the charisma, star quality is not always needed, Chris Evans was no star before Cap, look at the movies he was in. Robert Downey was all but washed up when given a shot to play Tony Starks.

  16. gmail102448 says:

    Rowdy Ronda

  17. ww2nd95 says:

    Man I have no interest in her as Captain Marvel. I would much rather have Kathryn Winnick, who has shown interest in the role and would be a much better fit. And if not her, then Yvonne Strahofski, who has the looks and has been successful in action roles. I do not like this choice.

    • Thorin Oakenshield says:

      Who – never heard of them! At least Brie Larson can act – as proved by her Oscar win. Good choice Marvel!

  18. emotiondesigner says:

    Not sure I see it either. She doesn’t look like what I would think Carol Danvers would look like, but I think Marvel goes for the ability for the actor to exude character traits they are looking for. Remember when they cast Chris Pratt, he didn’t quite look the part, but he brought the personality of Peter Quill. And by the time it went to screen he looked completely the part. We just don’t know exactly what Marvel is looking for in their Carol Danvers. And they have years to prepare her for the role.

  19. chris says:

    Not feeling it….

  20. Kay says:

    I know it will never happen but I’d like to see a woman as Captain Marvel, not a “girl”. By Hollywood standards they need a 20 something in order to milk the life out of this role, but wouldn’t someone like Cate Blanchett or Robin Wright make the perfect Captain Marvel? But of course we need a fetus actress in the role….

    • Mary says:

      Cate Blanchett is already starring in one of marvel’s upcoming films, Thor: Ragnarok

    • Lexton says:

      Brie Larson was born in 1989 – she turns 27 this year. That makes her a grown woman by any definition, and the right age to play a superhero. Robin Wright and Cate Blanchett are both good actresses but Wright is 50 and Blanchett is 47. They are probably not going to be cast as the lead superhero at this stage in their careers. Both, however, are playing supporting roles in upcoming superhero movies. Robin Wright is playing an Amazon warrior in Wonder Woman (2017) and Cate Blanchett is playing an Asgardian villain in Thor: Ragnarok (2017).

  21. Derek117 says:

    I don’t see Brie in this role. My choice has always been Katheryn Winnick from “Vikings” on the History channel. But, the producers seem to be going for an award-winning actress…to give their product cred beyond the fanboy audience. And my guess is Brie is in this strictly for the big payday after all those indie films.

    • Thorin Oakenshield says:

      I disagree, she is a big fan of Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings – therefore, i doubt it would be the “pay cheque” alone that would only interest her!

  22. ArtR says:

    Yvonne Strahovski would look and act more like Captain Marvel

    • Si says:

      I guess, if she COULD act that is…she can’t unfortunatly.

      • JS says:

        Strahovski is a fantastic actress. She was amazing in Chuck and was Tony nom worthy in Golden Boy. She beat out Jessica Chastain for a Theater World Award.

  23. Martha says:

    Another skinny actress to play a gorgeous hero.
    Even Marvel makes mistakes.
    If, If that happens I won’t see this movie in theaters

    • Thorin Oakenshield says:

      Excuse me, Brie is Gorgeous and one of the best actresses of her generation – get a grip Miss!

    • ww2nd95 says:

      I agree. I don’t like this choice. Obviously she’s a good actress, but Kathryn Winnick is the better choice, who can act and has the experience of solid action roles. Marvel is usually pretty good with going with the fresh face/upcoming stars, but I simply do not feel this one.

    • Ruben Garcia says:

      You forget that they cast Gal Gadot, to portray Wonder Woman in BvS. And that’s because people only know her from her role in the Fast and the Furious franchise, and don’t forget she is kind of skinny. Brie Larson has won an Oscar before. Room was really emotional and I loved her acting. If they can cast an average actress to play Wonder Woman, an iconic character, then it really shouldn’t be a problem when they cast an OSCAR-WINNING actress such as Brie Larson.

      • GokuVegeta says:

        Thorin–Gal Gadot was actually one of the only well-received aspects of BvS.

      • Thorin Oakenshield says:

        Gal Gadot was miss-cast in BvS – her acting was wooden to say the least, not to mention she didn’t feel right as the character. I think Brie will surprise people – just like Affleck did as Batman!

    • Jim says:

      I’m sure Disney and Marvel will survive without your $10, lol. It’s pretty ridiculous to criticize the choice of an actress who just won an Academy Award…..they are hiring her to act and she’s a good actress. Carol Danvers gets her superpowers from Kree DNA….not from lifting weights at the gym.

    • millerfilm says:

      Yeah, having these “women” who barely go into the triple-digits weight-wise, are a joke when it comes to playing actual women heroes.

    • James says:

      You forget that nobody cares whether you go watch this or not.

      • Harry says:

        They actually do care and I don’t like this casting at all. Won’t be watching this.

  24. Andy Davis says:

    so you win an oscar and your agents put you in the Kong Movie and Captain Marvel? time to fire your agents.

    • If doing Kong and Captain Marvel allows her the financial freedom to do more movies like Room and Short Term 12, then I say take the paycheck, Brie. Besides, the MCU is a pretty high quality franchise right now which has attracted many other Oscar winners(Cate Blanchett just signed onto Thor 3), so it’s not like Larson is slumming it by accepting this role.

    • briantoohey says:

      What are you talking about? This is exactly why managers and agents sign you in the first place… in the hopes that you’ll hit it big and there will be big payouts down the line. Doing a couple of big commercial hits will only increase an actor’s cache and lengthen their career. Have you ever heard Michael Caine talk about doing Jaws 4? He says he needed to do those kinds of movies so when the good roles came around again, he was still working and in the business. I’m paraphrasing, but he said something like “I have never seen it, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.”

    • meep says:

      You don’t know how movies work. Brie has to do Captain Marvel and Skull Island so one day she can do another Room or Short Term 12. And why deny the chick a big pay day? She’s better than most actresses out there.

    • Jim says:

      Yeah, because Marvel movies have worked out so bad for actors, lmfao. Actors and actresses are lining up to get into Marvel movies. And why would an up and coming young female actress NOT want to play a superhero? People have been whining for the last 2-3 years that there aren’t any female-led superhero movies. So it’s a pretty big role….not to mention she’ll be in Avengers Infinity War which will make a boatload of money.

  25. Michael Stein says:

    I think this is simple.The Greek American Anna Rezan actually is Captain Marvel.
    The studios shall make an open casting call for this.

  26. Ghostbustier says:

    she’s too young and looks nothing like CM, but i wouldn’t boycott the film if she’s cast.

  27. Binkertell says:

    The part doesnt require a good actress. It requires a charismatic actress. And she is not that! Sorry but she seems one of those forgettable actresses with a bland look.

  28. blumemoritz says:

    i thought alexandra daddario would be a better choice

  29. Drnny says:

    She can act but Marvel has better choices.

  30. Sarah says:

    Oh. That’s disappointing. I was really getting excited for Captain Marvel too. She’s one of my favourites from comics so this is a sad choice.

    • BBGun72 says:

      I agree with “nobody important,” would be curious to know who you have in mind, since Brie as a possibility is not of interest to you.

      • stormqueened says:

        Someone with personality and charisma. I don’t have a favourite, I’d probably be okay with any of a dozen or more women, I just don’t find Brie Larson compelling in any way. And yes, I’ve seen her in multiple things, I’m just deeply unimpressed.

    • nobody important says:

      Who else would you see playing the role?

  31. nobody important says:

    She’ll probably be good in this, but I personally thought Saoirse Ronan was better than her last year. Both fantastic performances, but Ronan was a bit better.

    • Jamie Daborn says:

      I would love to see Brie in this role. I disagree with you about Saoirse Ronan I thought Brie deserved her Oscar as she was extraordinary Room.

      • Harry says:

        She was not that good in Room, a bit of over acting or cringe worthy acting… Overrated performance. Cate Blanchett or Jennifer Lawrence didn’t win just because they already won before…

      • Saoirse looks WAY too young to play an Air Force Captain.

      • nobody important says:

        Part of my problem is that I didn’t like the movie as much as the book. The book had more of an edge to it, and the character itself isn’t as interesting as in the book, to me at least.

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