‘Warcraft’ Opens in First in 11 International Markets With $9.3 Million

Warcraft Movie
Courtesy of Universal

Legendary-Universal’s fantasy actioner “Warcraft” has opened solidly with $9.3 million and first-place finishes in 11 international markets — two weeks ahead of its U.S. and China launches.

Germany opened No. 1 on Thursday with $2.2 million for the biggest opening day of the year with a 50% market share.

Russia generated a first-place launch with $2.8 million, which marks the second-biggest opening day of 2016 behind only “Deadpool.” It is the seventh-biggest opening day of all time in Russia and the fifth biggest non-holiday opening day ever.

France saw a first-place launch on Wednesday with $983,000. The two-day total has hit $1.5 million. Austria opened Thursday with $280,000 and a 48% market share.

“Warcraft” also opened No. 1 in Denmark, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Lebanon, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. The film, which carries a $160 million price tag, will also launch this weekend in Norway and Sweden.

“Warcraft” is based on  Blizzard Entertainment’s multi-player game and centers on the peaceful realm of Azeroth standing on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: Orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another.

It’s directed by Duncan Jones and written by Jones and Charles Leavitt. The movie stars Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Rob Kazinsky and Daniel Wu.

“Warcraft” is a Legendary Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment production. The producers are Charles Roven, Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Alex Gartner and Stuart Fenegan. Jillian Share, Brent O’Connor, Michael Morhaime and Paul Sams serve as executive producers.

Prospects are mixed in the U.S., where tracking is showing a $25 million opening weekend, well behind the $40 million-plus projection for “The Conjuring 2.”

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  1. Chief says:

    I want warcraft 2,3,4 ! Loved the movie 😊 Well done ! I also want to see Starcraft.. the movie.. with badass tanks and nukes 😆😆

  2. Critics tend to dis fantasy/sci-fi films in general. Let them go back to their Blue Velvet, I will see Warcraft on opening day.

  3. ws says:

    Also this movie is based on the storyline from original warcraft RTS, not the world of warcraft MMO.

    Claiming that Warcraft (2016) is based on World of Warcraft is as ignorant as claiming that The Hobbit film series is based on Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  4. ws says:

    Most of these critics gave negative review because they were unfamiliar with the warcraft’s story and characters, which is completely absurd.

    Thats equivalent of you giving a negatively reviewing a harry potter movie after never having read the book nor having ever heard of any of the characters. As some one who is not familiar with Harry Potter, I would also not give a crap about anyone in the film. But that also means that I would never watch the film nor choose to review it. It leads to a conclusion that the only reason they reviewed the movie is most likely because they hate videogames.

    It is also worth mentioning that in terms of overall story as well as numbers and depth of characters, warcraft universe far surpasses Harry Potter, and is more comparable to that of LOTR and Star Wars universes. If anything, Warcraft (2016) is incomparably better than the latest Star Wars VII, a garbage movie compared to its predecessors as well as having been hijacked by feminazis and SJWs. But oh wait, Americans have this incredible stigma against videogames and those who play it – just like what I have against them being obese, watching football match on TV while drinking beer all day.

  5. ws says:

    bad reviews in US is not surprising, since america is full of anti-intellectual filths who little appreciates the billion dollar game industry that funnels foreign wealth into their country

  6. Seen it, and loved it. Don’t care what the reviews say. I want Warcraft 2

    • Gray says:

      Yes to Warcraft 2 but also would love to have Warcraft the prequels .. never read or played any warcraft gaming stuff so really curious as to the war between the seven kingdoms and how the half orc girl got created the other side of the portal.

  7. Cojak says:

    Its not based off World of Warcraft, its based of Warcraft: Orcs and humans, an RTS game from the 90’s.

  8. I wonder if Disneny paid those US critics. We ll never find out

  9. Cyn says:

    Warcraft is not based on World of Warcraft. It is based on the Warcraft RTS’s.

  10. Rhenn Sahani says:

    “tracking is showing a $25 million opening weekend, well behind the $40 million-plus projection for “The Conjuring 2.””

    I will eat my hat. I don’t own a hat, but I will buy one for the occasion.

  11. Greg A says:

    Apparently critics and those that project these opening takes forgot to research just how wildly popular the whole Warcraft legacy has been Overseas; in particular, the Asian market. Once it hits China in two weeks, Blizzard and Paramount will probably break even on costs just from the ‘take’ from that one market alone. Oddly, it’s places like South Korea, China, Hungary, UAB, etc, where most of the hackers and so-called ‘gold miners’ thrive, that will ultimately be the most profitable markets for this movie. I personally plan to see it on the big screen because I’ve played the latest incarnation of Warcraft, World of Warcraft, for nearly 11 years counting. Even though I’m sure the movie was produced as a sort of ‘thank-you’ for the billions in subscription fees Blizzard collected from players over the years, I still choose to look at it like a tip-of-the-hat to the many millions who have made the Warcraft legacy truly legendary.

  12. Fan Tasy says:

    Fans love it, so, thank you Jones, and you do it only with orcs in battlefield, I can’t imagine when night and blood elf, tauren, troll, worgen, draenei … come. We support the saga, I’ll see it 3 times.

  13. Joe Ricci says:

    The critics want this to fail. I spoke to co workers and without asking if they were going to see it, they told me they were looking foward to seeing it. They dont play the games either. Screw the critics. If they didnt critique they would be out of a job. They are giving this the BvS treatment.

  14. MagiC79 says:

    Good who cares bout some critics they’re no one but ppl anyway and 99% came in to the theater trying hard to hate. Glad its doing well there can’t wait to see it here June 10th

  15. Kyra says:

    “Warcraft” is based on Blizzard Entertainment’s multi-player game”

    No, it’s not. It’s based on the original RTS games.

    • NoX says:

      Ah and i forgott “Warcraft” is based on Blizzard Entertainment’s multi-player game” is true because whatever warcraft you like to be the loremaker for the movie all are multyplayer games from blizzard ;)

    • NoX says:

      but you know that d.jones himself and all actors say by themselfes too. that its a world of warcraft movie?

    • THANK YOU !!! Warcraft started out as blizzards first RTS it gave birth to the now world famous starcraft. the RTS is where all of WoW lore comes from.honestly if your going to have someone write a article about video games I don’t know make sure they’ve played one or at least know how to research so they don’t sound like a moron.

      • john says:

        manuakam no, it has not been a multiplayer game, do your research before talking, Warcraft was a Story-driven RTS game from the get-go, Orcs and Humans. Multiplayer was just an extra up until Warcraft 3 where it became competitive.

      • manuakasam says:

        You mean like you sound like a moron for being so bitchy about something that’s simply slightly wrong? Ultimately, even the RTS Parts of Warcraft had Multiplayer parts. Surely the story came along on the single player parts, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still been a multiplayer game ;)

        Furthermore, it is about “The WORLD of Warcraft” – or “the universe” – so stop bitching around about something that is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT and grow some ballz.

    • I noticed that as well.

    • Tom Jackson says:

      Even the original RTS games were multiplayer

      • Stratejacket says:

        Indeed they were, but the story is based on the single player aspect of the RTS games and we all know that this article is referring to World of Warcraft when mentioning “multiplayer”.

  16. You forgot to mention Warcraft beat both Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman openings in Russia.

  17. Azeroth wasn’t particularly peaceful before the Orc invasion. That’s a strange characterization by the writer.

  18. Sallar says:

    Jesus Christ variety, it is NOT based on the multiplayer game “World of Warcraft” but the RTS game Warcraft. There’s a huge difference.

    Please, for the sake of journalism and fans get this right. Please.

  19. Chris says:

    It looks awful.

  20. No wonder.As i said the majority of EU critics gave the movie a solid 6-8/10 most of them.

    This movie surprisngly and awakrdly gets all the negative reviews in US. THis is a very strong early showing in terms of box office.

    But i am not surprised the word of mouth from people who have seen the movie(fans and non-fans) is extremely positive.

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