Box Office: ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Dominates Opening Weekend, Blasts Toward $60 Million

Star Trek Beyond
Courtesy of Paramount

Paramount’s “Star Trek Beyond” is dominating at the U.S. box office as the latest entry in the durable franchise heads to a solid $60 million opening weekend, estimates showed Saturday.

The 13th “Star Trek” movie is performing in line with forecasts and will wind up the weekend with more than double the nearest rival — Illumination-Universal’s third frame of hit animated comedy “The Secret Life of Pets” with about $28 million at 4,048 locations. “Pets” will finish with nearly $260 million in its first 17 days.

Fox’s launch of animated comedy “Ice Age: Collision Course” debuted in third place with a somewhat disappointing $21 million at 3,992 sites as “The Secret Life of Pets” blunted its potential attraction in the family space. New Line’s opening of horror-thriller “Lights Out” could edge past the fifth Ice Age film as it was outperforming forecasts with $20.4 million at 2,818 venues.

Sony’s second weekend of “Ghostbusters” could also wind up in third with about $21 million as the comedy declined by 55%. The female-led reboot will have banked $86 million by the end of the weekend.

“Star Trek Beyond” took in $22 million on Friday, followed by “Lights Out” with $9 million, “The Secret Life of Pets” with $8.5 million and “Ice Age Collision Course” with $7.6 million.

“Star Trek Beyond,” the third film in the rebooted sci-fi series, won’t match its two immediate predecessors. It’s down 14% from the $70.2 million launch of 2013’s “Star Trek Into Darkness” and 20% from the $75.2 million bow of 2009’s “Star Trek.”

But the franchise has shown remarkable staying power since the original TV series launched 50 years ago with four more series and 13 movies. Paramount announced Monday that it is already developing a 14th movie starring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Chris Hemsworth as his father.

Justin Lin (“Fast & Furious 6”) directed “Star Trek Beyond,” which premiered at Comic-Con on Wednesday. It has a hefty $185 million production budget and stars Pine, Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock, and Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy, with Idris Elba joining the franchise as a villainous alien commander.

“Star Trek Beyond” is also releasing in 37 markets internationally, representing 46% of the movie’s ultimate international footprint with launches in the UK, Australia, Russia and Germany — and hopes that it can continue to show traction overseas. “Star Trek Into Darkness” grossed $228 million domestically and $238 million internationally, the only movie in the franchise to have grossed more overseas than domestically.

The 12 films have grossed $1.24 billion in the US and $569 million internationally.

The film also marks one of the final appearances of Anton Yelchin, who portrayed Pavel Chekov in the rebooted films and died last month in a car accident. The film is dedicated to Yelchin and original “Star Trek” actor Leonard Nimoy, who passed away in 2015.

“Ice Age: Collision Course” carries a $105 million budget and comes four years after “Ice Age: Continental Drift” dazzled by taking in $161 million in the U.S. and $715 million internationally. “Collision Course” has already grossed over $140 million internationally in 60 markets.

New Line Cinema’s “Lights Out,” based on David F. Sandberg’s short film, has a modest budget of under $5 million  and should become quite profitable for Warner Bros. It represents another strong performance in the horror sector by New Line, which saw “The Conjuring 2” pass $300 million earlier this week.


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  2. Ben says:

    Star Trek is a good movie.
    It will make a profit with worldwide box office.
    There is nothing to worry about at Paramount.

  3. Ben Jones says:

    Everyone is quick to highlight the “diminishing returns” in regards to Star Trek opening weekends. But let’s not forget… ST started as a television show…. and we’ve been without one for 10+ years now!!! So there’s a whole generation that’s gone through those formative early/teen years w/o any ST on television to inspire them!! (Both at the box office *and* cerebrally.) I have big hopes for Star Trek: Discovery. We need it now more than ever… since the men/women who are going to land on Mars someday are just now entering grade/high school. As cliche as it may sound…. I hope the show “lives long…. and prospers!” ;)

  4. Isn’t it interesting that they say, “Ghostbusters COULD end up in 3rd place”, when it could just as easily finish in 5th?

  5. Sam says:

    And still SONY will claim #1 live action comedy in America!!!

  6. IT--II--IT says:

    BS in spandex

    MEN in a can

    A decades STALE – – -plastic can.


    WHO needs IT ?

    In fact, come to think of it, WHO EVER needed it ?


    That 22.5 million opening day number is stellar to say the least. STAR TREK enthusiasts really are turning out in droves for this installment. The trailer looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow. I love that scene where the Enterprise shoots out of a canyon like area like a bat out of Hell. It looks like the movie is loaded with action. Perhaps the strong word of mouth and the fantastic trailers are the reasons why STAR TREK is performing BEYOND expectations. Wouldn’t be surprised if final estimates come in closer to $70 MILLION.

  8. Matt Lane says:

    Beyond was ok, it was a fresh story which was nice. Idris Elba was great, it was just kind of average, and honestly pretty stupid in several parts. Ghostbusters is a massive flop, wow, that movie might lose $50-$75M when all said and done. Forbes is a reporting a 63% drop this weekend, not sure where you are getting that 55% decline number.

    • JustMe says:

      Actually, re Ghostbusters Forbes says it’s a 63% drop from Friday to Friday and also predicts about at 55% decline for the weekend. It’s not really a massive flop (sorry), but because it was so expensive to make it will take some time and overseas efforts to see any profits.

  9. Robert says:

    Saw this last night and have to say ST Beyond was a blast! The nay-sayers out there seem to have an agenda, which probably has something to do with the non-issue Sulu thing. The audience I saw it with didn’t give a hoot about the blink and it’s over moment that he meets his partner and daughter. Applause followed the ending at our screening because the movie was so damn good. This is a straight-up good time popcorn flick that hits all the right beats for an escapist summer film.

  10. Keiran Slater-Cox says:

    Great movie!! defiantly a need to see it keeps the atmosphere of the past 2 movies while adding in a bit more fun which works well with the previous movie have a very serious tone and tells a great narrative with compelling characters :)

  11. Quinton McHale says:

    I just saw it in 3D and thought it was great.
    If you like Star Trek go see the movie.
    Critics are all failed screen writers with an axe to grind.

  12. Trucker Pat says:

    Star Trek Beyond is the worst Star Trek Movie I have ever seen, worse that Star Trek Generations, and yes worse than the Search for Spock. At the beginning of the movie we have a repeat of Kirk being attacked by primitive natives without spears this time, then when it is time for the Enterprise to visit the Star Base the script writers decide that Kirk needs to get drunk just prior to arrival, then it kinda goes downhill from there. In short every time the movie threatened to get good Kirk, McCoy, and Spock acted more like college kids playing at running a Star Ship than individuals trusted with the responsibility of running a Star Ship.

  13. steve says:

    Almost ALL MOVIE CRITICS are socio-paths. I’m completely convinced of this. I’ve met so many of them at screenings, festivals – and they’re all the same: Ugly-looking, chubby, Caucasian males with glasses. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

  14. Cass says:

    Only 14mil more than Ghostbusters got last week? Great spin on how ‘dominant’ it is.

    • That Guy says:

      What does last weekend’s box office have to do what’s dominating THIS weekend? And lest we forget, Ghostbusters didn’t dominate last weekend, either. It was number 2.

      I find it interesting that you think there’s a spin against Ghostbusters when The Secret Life of Pets has beaten it both weekends. I wonder why you aren’t upset about a spin against it?

  15. Matt Hoffman says:

    There have been five series since the original, you’re probably forgetting the animated series.

  16. Rudy Mario says:

    The writers claim about Star Trek simply does not match the BO performance. The latest is making less than its two previous so how can it be called a success given that ticket prices today are higher when compared to the time the last two Star treks opened?

    Star Trek is a tired franchise whose time for retirement is overdue. Perhaps moving it back to TV like the other flopping trilogy make make sense.

    • Drew says:

      I don’t understand why you would expect a 3rd movie to out perform a reboot full of excitement back in 09…Paramount sees 60 million and has already green lit a 4th movie…these last 3 movies far out performed the previous films like Insurrection and Nemesis

  17. Daniel Stephonson says:


  18. nerdrage says:

    I’m a Trekkie but these new movies just look so damn generic. Watched the first one, waited for the second on rental (not even worth doing that), this new one is a rental too. Maybe CBS can do something interesting with Star Trek again, I’ve given up on the movies.

    • Classified says:

      Only the rabid progressive fans like it. It basically isn’t Star Trek. It’s Agenda Trek.

    • Squicidebro says:

      Your the only one haha I sense the butthurt strong with this one

      • Theo Bear says:

        I laughed at the gay Sulu reveal. It was so pointless and left wing agenda driven. The lingering camera shot of Sulu and boyfriend with their arms around each other might as well have had a big rainbow superimposed on the screen. . .you know, just to make sure we got the message. Eugh. Pegg and Lin sould be ashamed of themselves.

      • Drew says:

        Yet these new movies far outperform the previous movies like Insurrection or Nemesis…people like sci fi popcorn flix…the 2017 TV show can go ‘deep’ and all intellectual…these movies are designed to make $$$ during the summer.

  19. Tom T says:

    Want bigger numbers Star Trek? Bring in a big name to co-star….I mean Matt Damon at one

    • Theo Bear says:

      As a percentage of budget, the Abrams Trek movies are far less profitable than all the original Trek films up to and including First Contact. Check the numbers for yourself on box office mojo.

    • M Hardwick says:

      The Romulans were in the first movie. They were the ones referred to as “Romulans.” The Klingons were in the second movie. They were the ones referred to as “Klingons.”

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