Blake Lively Fights a Great White Shark in ‘The Shallows’ New Trailer

Blake Lively finds paradise, but then gets terrorized by a hungry great white shark in Sony’s tense new trailer for “The Shallows.”

Her character discovers a secluded surfing spot in Australia that her guide calls “paradise.” She then tells her sister in a Skype call: “It took forever to find, but it’s perfect.”

Shortly thereafter, a shark attacks her. She swims for safety and becomes stranded on a rock outcropping about 200 yards from shore. Unable to warn them to exit the water in time, she witnesses two surfers being brutally mauled.

Lively’s character then begins plotting how to get back to the shore, which somehow includes possession of a firearm.

The film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra from a script by Anthony Jaswinski. Producers are Lynn Harris and Matti Leshem.

“The Shallows” hits theaters on June 29.

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  1. WW3 says:

    great another movie which is gonna get everyone to go kill sharks or be afraid of them
    everyone do know sharks do not attack humans unless they think we look like seals also fact they do not like the taste of human blood because of jaws the movie so many sharks were killed also they are a huge asset to our lifestyle in Asia please help stop killing them for a pathetic shark fin soup disgusting

  2. Mike says:

    I’ll bet the Australian tourism board is not happy!

  3. quiint says:

    In 2 min the trailer tells us she’s bit, both male surfers get eaten, and she makes it to the bouey where she finds a flare gun….. Why not have her walk off the beach at the end of the trailer?

  4. Vladimir Radetic says:

    I saw the trailer, I thought it looked great! Scared the sh** out of me, and that was in just two minutes.

  5. Michael Malak says:

    Based on a kinda-true story. Lively and cinematography sell this pop-corn, and other munchies, pic. Will open well and show some legs.

  6. Danish Dave says:

    how often does a shark maul multiple victims during an attack? ever? I’m guessing that would be extremely rare. If a shark of that size bites a 120ish pound woman the resulting injuries are going to be a tad more severe than what is shown in trailer. Do you think a 3000 pound animal is going to spend a whole lot of time trying to catch small human?

  7. Teeyana Ramsey says:

    Hollywood stop making these movies that demonize the great white shark because they are at risk of becoming extinct ok you all should be a little bit more responsible than this alright and if you all just need to make a shark movie well than it need to be more about megalodon rather than his pussy cat of a cousin the great white because the great white shark needs to be respected ,protected and admired it does not need anymore bad press it had suffered enough because of Jaws remember so Hollywood stop being lazy and up with something relatively new because I am very tired of these great white shark movies because they are overkill and you all should know this by now so where’s megalodon ?

  8. Jaws Shark says:

    This is nothing more than another stupid, terrible movie. Moronic concept, done to death. From the trailer are we supposed to presume this is a strong female character? If so, they fucked that up completely. Her “Uh uh” line is one of the dumbest I have heard. This film isn’t even good enough to chop up into chum to feed to the sharks. Hollywood is done for. Original concepts are a thing of the past, we need to prepare for thirty or forty years of nothing but remakes of past films or trope concepts.

    To think there are thousands of writers out there trying to “break in” to Hollywood and are turned away in favor of this kind of crap is truly saddening.

  9. Once again Hollywood shows way too much In the trailer. Please stop showing crucial moments. We saw two guys get eatin plus her getting to the other Floater AND stabbing the shark AND shooting it. why do you give away so much, leave out more and more people will be intrigued. Stop releasing the whole movie in 3 minutes. Stop stop please stop

  10. Frank Bevan says:

    O dear —what a load of bollocks,making a film about humans perceived fears of sharks is 1 of if not the most twatish things you could do to the plight of sharks.

  11. alex downey says:

    looking forward to this. like her films and this looks really good.

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