Poll: Which Actors Were the Best Batman and Superman?

[POLL] Best Batman, Superman Actors? Cast
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This weekend, Ben Affleck takes the Batman reins as the new Dark Knight, and Henry Cavill reprises his role as the Man of Steel in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

But the current Batman and Superman have plenty of predecessors. Over the past decades, a handful of actors have portrayed the iconic comic-book characters, each with their own spin.

While some prefer Christian Bale’s brooding bat in “The Dark Knight” Christopher Nolan trilogy, many are partial to the Adam West days in the ’60s ABC series. Meanwhile, plenty of fans see the late Christopher Reeve as the quintessential Superman, and others see Cavill as the perfect Man of Steel after his 2013 debut.

Who do you prefer? Cast your vote below! (Note: Affleck has been left off the poll, as many audiences have not seen “Batman v Superman” yet.)

Along with Affleck and Cavill, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” also stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and Jeremy Irons as Alfred. Zack Snyder directs the film, which will be the first in a new DC cinematic universe for Warner Bros.

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  1. Andrew Dexter says:

    For me, the best Batman was a difficult choice between Adam West and Michael Keaton, but I finally chose Adam West because he was the first one I saw, though Michael Keaton too was also very good. As for Superman, well, easy, no contest, Christopher Reeve all the way, Henry Cavill shouldn’t even have got that close to Reeve, but for Reeve to be on the top of the list is no surprise,..as expacted, and as it always should be.

  2. Jessi says:

    Batman v Superman wasn´t so good. The first movie: Man of Steel was great with Henry C. Bad thing is, that Z. Snyder overvoted from WB to do that movie. Best opinion would be, that Z. Snyder has done the 2nd part of Man of Steel….. However. Positive point is, that WB need a bridge to the next great movies “Justice League”. So for that reason the movie was ok.

    • David says:

      BvS is an intelligent masterpiece, full of depth, themes of religion and humanity. Politics and the media play a big role in the film in presenting a realistic society. How would the world react if Superman was real. Lex, Batman and Superman are written with so much depth.

  3. Mike says:

    Dean Cain all day long

  4. Louise says:

    Batman VS Superman is the worst superman movie. Not enough story telling and dialog. Ben, not so good. Probably due to the writing.

  5. RR says:

    Awesome movie…loved it..way to go dc comics…all actors played their part to the fullest…loved wonder woman..and the clip of aquaman….it’s a mature movie…not some super heroes doing a bunch of fighting in a fictional/unrealistic time…this movie is current time and believable if there was a real possibility….loved the fight scenes of Batman and wonder woman…..can’t wait for part 2

  6. George Reeves as the best Superman and Adam West as the best Batman.

  7. Chris says:

    Going with Christopher Reeve as the best Superman. George Reeve was cool but had kind of a 50s FBI almost G-Man quality.
    Christian Bale is the best Batman. Michael Keaton was good, but we don’t get enough depth from him and the fighter-persona is just not there as we see in Bale. I saw BvS, and Affleck was good, but doesn’t bring Batman to life as much as Bale.
    Cavill is likeable as Superman but just doesn’t have the acting skills of Christopher Reeve as Superman.

  8. Connie says:

    George Reeves as Superman and Adam West as Batman, the others cannot compare to them!

  9. Keith Fahey says:

    Christopher Reeve — no interest in seeing his followers.

  10. That Mordin says:

    For Batman – Kevin Conroy by a mile. Superman? Christopher Reeve.

  11. phoc says:

    Adam West was the best Batman. The Batman character should’ve stayed that way. The most rheetahrded DC character is Batman.

    Christopher Reeve still the best Superman. Despite not having the proper CGI technos we have today during the 80’s, Donner did Superman correctly at first & 2nd crack.

  12. ray says:

    I can say Ben Affleck is my favorite Batman and Henry Canvil is my favorite Superman. I can easily see how Christopher Reeves was great as well. To me, both of the actors I chose relate so easily to the world we leave in. Everyone judges, and has their own opinions especially with social media, so I can see how modern day heroes would struggle with their alter egos as well. Some may say these films are dark, but the world we leave in isn’t much better. Major kudos to the actors and directors of these modern day DC movies. I think a lot of Marvel fans are expecting with comedy lines, but that’s not how DC is at this time.

  13. lorenzo says:

    Really? Michael Keaton? He was a weak Batman! He was not cool at all, wimpy, and did not play the part mysterious enough as how Batman should be. While Christopher Reeve is the sentimental favorite as Superman, there was no depth in how he played Superman compared to Henry Cavill. Christopher Reeves playing Superman was good in a sense that it brings smile to comic book fans—because it seemed like watching a comic book character come to screen, problem is it feels too comic book.

  14. to cloud says:

    I don’t understand why there are always butt hurt fans trying to fix everyone elses opinions. Please stop. This is not that important issue in a real life.

  15. Cloud says:

    Haven’t seen Affleck yet, but I’m really torn between Keaton and Bale for Batman. The only part I didn’t like about Bale’s Batman, was how he played Bruce Wayne when he was being social. He did the brooding, at home with my butler thing really well. But his social Bruce Wayne was kind of an a-hole. Social Bruce Wayne is this cool, sophisticated, charming guy. Not this “Hahahaha models hang around me because I’m riiiiich mwahahahahaa” kind of guy. But aside from that part, and the whole love thing with Katie which was totally unnecessary, Bale’s Batman was good.

    And I don’t know how you guys can honestly say Reeves was better than Cavill. I always thought the way his dad died was really dumb in the movies (because there’s no way Clark would not save his dad in that situation. It just wouldn’t matter the consequences, that’s what he’d do), but Cavill played such a real character. Reeves was a golden era comic book on screen, but Cavill played a very modern, very real superman. Clark Kent isn’t purely a disguise. Its who he is when he’s at home hanging out with his mom. Its who he was raised to be. Superman is Clark Kent putting on a costume and stepping up to be a hero. People trying to say that “He’s Superman and then he pretends to be Clark Kent all day” don’t get it at all. His personality and character as Clark Kent is purely 100% real, he’s just pretending he doesn’t have superpowers.

  16. jazz says:

    michael keaton was the best batman…haven’t seen ben yet, but have heard great things…definitely christian bale was the worst batman…he spoke like he had marbles in his mouth…

    christopher reeve certainly has a sentimental spot as superman, but i also give props to george reeves for his conviction to the role…also liked dean cain alot, but henry is just cardboard in a suit…he is definitely the worst superman…

    • lai yee weien lee says:

      agreed …. keaton is the best eventually nobody can replace

      • Michael says:

        Problem is that most people who voted were not even born yet when George Reeves was on the air. He was by far the best but the flying effects were the worst and the budget was nil. Like you said soft spot for Chris for obvious reasons. My second choice. George Reeves has so much more dimension to the character.

  17. amdreadX says:

    Christopher Reeves was obviously the best Superman, and Brandon Routh was the best modern representation of this persona. Henry Cavill is much to dark and sexualized.
    Superman to many always had sex appeal-I mean after all, he’s the ultimate super hero, perfect in every way with a a 1950’s sense of wholesomeness that made him even more appealing. Henry Cavill has changed Superman into this brooding, semi-dark character. I just never pictured Superman as being so edgy. I don’t think it fits the character. But every thing is turning toward the dark side these days.
    That being said, and I know it sounds slightly hypocritical, but Christian Bale is hands down-by far the bat Batman the every was. Batman had always been sort of dark and he embodied that persona perfectly. Been Afflec sucks, and was appeared to be trying to hard in the role. But just my two cents. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so it’s good that there’s a variety. Something for everyone.

  18. BrotherMan says:

    Best Superman – Henry Cavill. He plays the the character as real as possible and he looks like Superman straight out of the comics. Reeve was good too. But he played Superman straight and played Clark Kent for laughs to the point that it should have been obvious to the other characters that his Clark Kent wasn’t a real person but a performance. The uneven tone in the original Reeve Superman always bothered me. Somber and serious on Krypton and camp and silly when it got to Metropolis.

    Best Batman – Toss up between Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. The Dark Knight is the best Superhero movie ever IMO, but Bale’s Batman wasn’t that good a fighter, with his telegraphed round-arm punches. Affleck’s Batman, on the other hand, fights like Batman should – a trained ruthless martial artist that can take out a room full of thugs who are also trained fighters.

  19. GKN says:

    If you’ve left Affleck off the poll, why vote? He ties with Michael Keaton as the best!

  20. TragicBeatzs says:

    If I’m 100% honest I have to say that Ben Affleck’s batman in a way was better than Christian Bale’s batman solely because his batman encased what batman is actually supposed to be. Batman can lift up to 2000 pounds, is a master at all martial arts and a master detective. Bale’s batman was very good but the fact that he got his back broken by Bane is just killing his case. Bane was an awesome villian and I’ll watch that movie every day just to see Bale and his co-stars but Ben afflecks batman caught me as soon as I seen the guy point the gun at him in the room where he was on the ceiling and he moved like a mad man to get across that room and out of there in a great way. Now, later the fighting seemed kind of slow like they should have been fighting way better because anyone who knows anything about superman knows he doesn’t even have to train to learn anything. All he has to do is read it and/or see it and he can manipulate it or know it(I.E Fighting and learning). And superman should have in a way been putting up some kung fu moves or something because he has that capacity to learn it by just reading about it. Now as far as the better superman I feel like this super man is going to be better if they stop trying to treat everyone watching these movies like they’re babies. 99% of the people who are going to see this movie are grown ass adults who wanna see superman rip someones fucking arm off or something. Stop not showing us blood and not showing us murder when in reality it damn sure has to happen. They need to take the next movie to a higher level of grittyness. This was a pretty decent movie and affleck kicked ass in it even though I was one of the people who as soon as I heard about him playing batman I prayed to the Bat Gods and asked them to let him get hit by a train cause I felt he was going to ruin it and he didn’t. PLUS If you look at all the other batmans before him, other than Bale none of the batmans did any fighting whatsoever, so I’d have to say Affleck’s was better than bale’s because he took on O.P. Characters and was able to kick ass and stay alive rather than having his back broken by a person who is just a human like him. This power couple is the best in my opinon. Affleck/Cavill

  21. bale as batman/bruce wayne and Reeve

  22. For me Bale is definitely the best Batman/Bruce, he is the most realistic in terms of what a real batman could be and in terms of Bruce you realy see a guy with two personas, the playboy and the conflicted one, in terms of acting he is clearly a far superior actor than Ben Affleck and even Keaton witch realy helps when you are trying to sell a real batman/bruce.

  23. Jay K says:

    Bale is the best Batman. Keaton is the best Bruce Wayne. Reeve is the only one who does Kent and Supes well. We barely saw Cavill as Clark. So far, Tom Welling is the best Clark post Reeve.

  24. Carmen says:

    Best Superman is Christopher Reeve, no contest. Henry Cavill can’t act and is as stiff as a board. Best Batman there are two; Micheal Keaton and Christian Bale.

    • agreed. But I have Keaton above and beyond. I really liked Batfleck , and I put him above Bale. The one thing BvS managed was to make me really excited for a Batman movie written, and directed by , and starring Ben Affleck.

  25. Dunstan says:

    I’d have to go with Reeve. Obviously, the tone of his films was completely different from the recent Superman projects but he managed to capture both a believable Clark Kent and Superman. As the original ads for his film proclaimed, “You’ll believe a man can fly.”

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