Ben Affleck Confirmed to Direct Standalone Batman Movie

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

A standalone Batman movie starring and directed by Ben Affleck is officially in the works, Warner Bros. chief Kevin Tsujihara confirmed Tuesday at CinemaCon.

It was reported in July 2015 that Affleck was in talks to star and direct, but Tuesday’s announcement marks the first official confirmation of his involvement. Affleck made his debut as the Caped Crusader in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which bowed March 25.

Tsujihara first mentioned Affleck when he took the CinemaCon stage in Las Vegas, saying that the studio was excited to be moving forward on the standalone Batman film with the actor and filmmaker.


Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

‘Batman v Superman’: Where’s the Superhero Suit at Warner Bros.?

Tsujihara said the studio has committed to 10 DC films — most of which have already been announced — within the next five years, then named every movie along with their director, including Batman with Affleck.

Warner Bros. confirmed that Affleck would be directing the movie later on Tuesday in a press release.

Affleck took the stage later, along with his “Batman v Superman” co-star Amy Adams. He did not, however, go into further details on the standalone Batman movie.

Despite its massive $166.1 million opening weekend — the seventh-biggest of all time — the box office receipts for “Batman v Superman” look like something of a disappointment for Warners. It’s doubtful that the movie will reach the coveted $1 billion worldwide mark.

Warner Bros. had already planned a sprawling slate of movies in the DC universe through 2020, with “Suicide Squad” on deck. Also planned are “Wonder Woman”; “Justice League” Part One and Two, which will see Affleck reprise his role; “Aquaman”; “Cyborg”; and “The Flash.”

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  1. paul c says:

    I disagree with these negative comments of the Dawn of Justice movie. They did a perfect job. People are just hating because supposedly Superman loses to Batman and dies at the end. According to the DC universe,Superman is just in a coma and Lex Luther makes a clone of superman who goes haywire and original superman rises again to fight against his clone while wearing the black and silver suit.”superman doomsday” watch that film b4 talking shit about the ending because it could be a possible plot for the next superman movie. Besides Batman was going to win the fight regardless because he has gone against stronger,and smarter opponents before and can still hold his own.

  2. paul c says:

    In my opinion Ben Affleck is by far the best Batman to ever hit the big screen. From the voice,the appearance,and overall performance Affleck nailed the roll of the caped crusader. I for one am a huge Batman fan and Ben Affleck has been the only actor who has ever truly made me believe that he is Batman other than the voice acting of Kevin Conroy. If Ben decides to add Catwoman to his film. He should really consider giving the roll to Olivia Wilde. That being said I’m sure that the stand alone batman movie will be a blockbuster hit and will really give Batman fans around the world The Batman movie we have all been waiting for.

  3. twipzdeeauxilia says:

    Ben Affleck to me was a good Bruce Wayne. Very good indeed. But as a Batman, I have not decided my mind yet.

  4. rossmitchell says:

    I think Ben afflecks Batman Sounds like a good idea not anouther origin story i thought it was cheesy in Batman v Superman how there still going on about the Death of his parents and one thing i want them to do in this is bring back robinbut a dick grayson robin every other superhero gets spoken about but him we ve saw him scince Batman forever i think a good actor to play him would be Ryan phillipie

  5. Ben says:

    uh , SNORE

  6. JR says:

    I am SHOCKED to read all the naysaying here. Affleck has proved himself repeatedly (“Gone baby Gone”, “The Town”, “Argo”, etc. And for those who may actually have SEEN the too-mature-for-most-viewers” BvS, Afflecks work as both Wayne and Batman owned that movie! The only complaint I have is the long wait. I’m just wondering if Batman will be the same, fed-up Batman we’ve just seen or a younger version (WITHOUT Robin, one would hope).

  7. Resident Troll says:

    I’d rather have Nicolas Cage’s “Big Daddy” character from Kick Ass be the Batman

  8. I do hope the Batman Franchise loves Affleck as it will be another movie I never watch!

  9. What I realized watching one of the top 5 worst movies I’ve ever seen (BMvSM) is that Ben Affleck was playing himself in Dazed and Confused. That is why he was actually OK in that movie. Every thing since has been him acting and it shows.

  10. Unfortunately Affleck just isn’t a very good actor. As for ANOTHER Batman movie…confirmation that Hollywood has cut the creative department out of the picture along with writers who don’t just recycle the same sheit over and over again.

  11. Andy Howe says:

    The Dark Knight Droops

  12. Worst Batman since George Clooney.

    • Joel Hughes says:

      You clearly haven’t seen the film if you think he is a bad Batman, he is the live action version of The Dark Knight Returns

  13. Whitey says:

    This guy is a moron! This Rat-Dog, cannot shut his ignorant pie-hole about things he demonstrates complete ignorance on…Like Islam… Fade away Ben you filandering goof!

  14. Chip Payne says:

    The World is literally going to Hell in a hand-basket and all people are thinking about is a Batman Movie!!! WTF

    • paul says:

      WTF is this guy talking about. This whole web page is about the upcoming Batman movie. And he wants to talk about the world going to hell. GTFOH with that BS. No one wants to here that crap

  15. appleforaface says:

    Affleck? Isn’t that the talking duck commercial?

  16. BaleISBatman says:

    Bale/Nolan/Caine made the modern Batman series. SMvBM tried to out Marvel Marvel. Batman can be dark, but he must also be sophisticated and deep. Didn’t see that side of him in the SMvBM. Sad news that Affleck will star/direct because this cost saving will just make a bad movie less expensive to make. Junk in junk out.

  17. Minnie Hallman says:

    One of the most boring actors ever.

  18. NeoGeo says:

    Yeah, but what about a Wonder Twins movie?

  19. Michael says:

    “7th biggest opening of all-time”…….. “huge disappointment!”

    I’m less tired of the sequels as I am of film executives who keep expecting pie in the sky sales figures and the minimum-wage fan boys who keep telling them if they don’t break the new ATH it’s a massive flop. Be happy with the profit you made, it’s already way bigger than most companies in America will ever reach.

  20. cimmerian77 says:

    How did this putz get into Hollywood?? Is Matt Damon’s coattail really that longlong? This spineless sad excuse of a man can’t act any better then Pee Wee Herman.

  21. Nearboston says:

    So….. the last decade of Affleck Flops isn’t enough, we need another?

  22. kadyalsalaam says:

    Why, Hollywood?

    I’ve been a loyal follower of your movies. I’ve gone whenever I can. I’ve taken the family. I’ve told others of movies I liked, and I like more than many others do.

    So, why, Hollywood, WHY would you punish us with Ben Affleck AGAIN, as Batman? Was Vince Vaughn too busy to do a major franchise action flick? You couldn’t find a blasted actor from some high school musical with the chops to be a better job?

    I feel ill. Go ahead, put Katie Holmes in it too. May as well kill us all off in one fell swoop.

  23. IT--2--IT says:

    HOW many times are we supposed to watch the –SAME– franchise slum offerings?

    FOREVER! – – -IF the 100% INTEL RUN franchise slum has its PSYCHOPATHIC way.

  24. Justa Guynamedjoe says:

    Can’t be worse than BvS or (DC commits) Suicide Squad.

    Well, it could be….but it’d have to be Gigli bad to do it.

  25. He deserves it…As well, he is a great director…See; The Town…

  26. Aleric says:

    I have no problem with who is playing the main roles, I have an issue with the terrible writing and plot holes the size of planets in the movie. Also the character of Lex Luthor made no sense for his actions, it wasnt greed or power it appeared to simply be that he was an azzhole.

  27. That's Mr Pugnacious to you says:

    You have erased any chance that you will get a dime from me. If that giant douche is in a movie, I won’t post money to see it.

  28. Ron says:

    The worse Batman ever! Affleck is way to stiff to play this part. Oh well, people will still pay to see it. I saw it for free on my computer. Glad I didn’t have to pay for it.

  29. David says:

    Booooooooo! Worst Batman in history!

  30. jdlredskin says:

    Affleck was an amazing Batman. I loved the movie.

  31. He was a pretty good the Batman.

  32. Ron says:

    Whatever. LAME. The worst Batman ever.

  33. clowninAround says:

    I was going to say FAIL but your’s is more accurate!

  34. ScottSD says:

    S v B is a very good movie, Aflec is a so so Batman.

  35. jj says:

    Best Batman Ever! Looking forward to more films in DC universe.

  36. gfb says:

    Reindeer Games

  37. Bobby T says:

    Never mind the haters. Affleck was excellent as a troubled, hardened dark knight who had been at it too long and and had slipped towards or over the line. I am so tired of people getting bent out of shape by their own expectations. There can be a thousand variations on Batman. There is no single version. Just relax and enjoy his take. It’s nuanced and surprising.

    • kadyalsalaam says:

      “There can be a thousand variations on Batman. There is no single version. ”

      That’s kind of where we disagree. And you don’t have to be a “hater” to disagree.

      When Hollywood does a comic book flick, the character is largely established by the existing canon. Batman, therefore, has certain characteristics that, if you screw with them, you end up telling the story of somebody else who just happens to be wearing a batsuit. Batman, by definition, is a wholly mortal creation of his parents murder, and growing up in a chaotic, crime ridden city. He himself is dark, serious, uses gadgets but is not defined by them; and is guided by an extremely strong moral sense of right and wrong.

      When that biography is disturbed, people are right to express their displeasure.

      • Bob Kane says:

        You clearly haven’t read Frank Miller’s Dark Night Returns. Affleck did a superb job of portraying that version of Batman, it’s just too bad that they didn’t start with a movie to explain that version to the general public.

    • David Davich says:

      With 28% on Rotten Tomatoes? What’s to enjoy, Skippy?

    • Jack Burton says:

      He’s no longer THE Batman if he kills. Batfleck is cosplaying.

      • Jethro says:

        For real. And it wasn’t scene for scene frank millers the dark knight returns because throughout that whole book batman stresses no guns no killing, he uses rubber bullets against the mutants and the joker finally wins because he pushes batman into finally crippling him, and snapping his own neck to have the world think the batman has killed. Other versions have had batman not go out of his way to rescue people but frank millers run at least was based on “no guns no killing”

      • That scene was literally frame for frame out of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. There have been several versions of Batman willing to kill, including the original golden age version who actually toted a gun.

    • Cherryl Ball says:

      Never mind the haters is exactly what they are doing…glad to see there is one person who doesn’t require much to be entertained.

      • SackZack says:

        Bobby T …I am with you. Affleck did a great job as Batman. He did an even better job as Bruce Wayne

  38. KPowel says:

    And a reboot of Green Lantern with a TRUE portrayal of a heroic, fearless Hal Jordan (as written in the Silver Age – not a comedic version with a chorus of alien Green Lanterns as backups) is long overdue.

    • Eric says:

      The chorus of aliens was from the original comic, the comedy wasn’t. (And could be traced back to a busted urban legend that Jack Black wanted to make one.)
      The Lantern we got was back when Warner thought they WOULDN’T get a Justice League movie, and now, heh…

  39. K Powell says:

    Okay, fine. But give me Man of Steel 2 like promised after the success of the first movie. Cavill has more than earned it!

  40. NO MORE AFFLECK says:

    Bummer. Another Batman movie I’ll have to miss. WB needed $1 Bill to hit an adequate IRR on this one. Wonder if the folks like me that boycot all Afleck flicks had anything to do with it. We’re tired of the politically active actor and he’s the worst.

    • Cherryl Ball says:

      He is not a superhero and I don’t really like him as an actor. He should stick to playing a lawyer or a cheating husband. I also haven’t liked Batman since he became the dark knight, and really Batman vs
      Superman, without kryptonite Batman has nothing that can even match Superman. He can’t fly or turn back time, hold up the Andreas Fault, etc… Superman is truth, justice and the American way.

      • MrWonderful says:

        Aflick is better off playing a slime ball husband or lawyer… MUCH more believable.

  41. Todd White says:

    I refuse to watch “anything” Ben Affleck is in….its just sad that they would hand someone with no talent this franchise. I hope it royally tanks and they get someone with some talent to handle this role or just kill the whole thing off.

    • Jack Burton says:

      Affleck just doesn’t work in my view, all I see is Batfleck doing cosplay, not THE Batman. Batfleck kills people, The Batman would never do that. Sad, will have to wait years for another incarnation to get it right.



    Sounds like the WB is doing a redirect for the Batman series now that BvS has tarnished the image of both Batman and Superman. Affleck will be able to renew interest in Batman 0and save the franchise from an early demise.

    • Cherryl Ball says:

      How? He’s the one who is killing it!

      • mouse says:

        Afleck is a decent actor and played a great Batman, the sad thing is many of these “critics” are using the 2nd worst batman ever… Bale.. as their ultimate. Bale was horrible, only a bit better than Kilmer and a bit worse than Clooney. There was never a Batman worthy after Keaton, he had the role down pat, and portrayed it to perfection. Afleck is closer at doing that. The stupid Bale deep voice crap is ridiculous and ruins every movie he is in for me, I laugh each time he does it, and that ruins the film. and BTW Cheryl, get over the “:cheating” husband crap, most ppl are not monogamous, its sad, but fact, get over it, he didnt cheat on you. As for his “political views” I cant stand when a actor feels because they are a celebrity it makes them an expert on the political system, Afleck is entitled to his opinion, and it matches millions of other Americans..not me, but that is beside the point, my husband and millions of other Americans have fought to make certain we all have the right to speak what we believe, and to let our voices be heard, so to judge anyone for that… is pretty anti-american.

      • Daddy says:

        Bitch please. Your negative, 3 chin having ass needs to go somewhere with all that negativity. You seem like the type to deserve being cheated on .

  44. John Lake says:

    This was always Warner Bros. plan. Superman & WW are loss leaders for yet another Batman franchise. WB wants to make money on only Batman films because he’s the cheapest one to produce. Another attempt to get Superman or Green Lantern right? Nope. Too expensive. WW, Flash & Aquaman better make a billion dollars to warrant a sequel. It’s okay to admit it if you’re sick of Batman.

  45. Sean says:

    As long as it’s not Snyder, I don’t know how he keeps getting jobs

  46. Bay Area Bob says:

    How stupid are these execs? With 28% on Rotten Tomatoes, Batman v Suoerman has tanked. Hard. And it’s all due to casting the lump of earwax that is Ben Affleck. He is a horrid “actor”. Warner Bros casting this emotionless, wooden waste of space only underscores their complete lack of touch with paying audiences.
    I’ll watch BvS when it’s released on Plex so Matt Damon’s girlfriend doesn’t get a cent from me.

    • The movie got a Ciniscore of B rating from the audience. 70% from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, and 7.4 on IMDB audience rating. And the film made 700 million World Wide in three week. It’s already out shadowed all marvel movie, except Avengers movies and Iron Man 3 and perhaps Winter Soldier.

      While not the expected hit, it certainly not a failure.

      • appleforaface says:

        “lump of earwax that is Ben Affleck”. That’s a new one.

      • mouse says:

        he is hardly a bad actor, give that credit to Bale, who ruined the Batman franchise for me, I actually enjoyed BatmanvSuperman, its no Dead Pool, but it was a great transition movie. It seems many ppl do not get the entire “transition” thing..
        Afleck did a great job, Not since Keaton have I enjoyed a Batman, well I enjoyed LOOKING at Clooney… , Ben is a good actor, he has the ability to pull off characters, some ppl here are really stuck to long in their basements, because this movie has been a hit with the audience on almost every review I have seen, and Ben has had some great work, unlike the sad Bale.
        As for his political views, if you boycott an actor because he is enjoying his AMERICAN rights to have free speech, and free thought, then you need to rethink your life. Seriously. I do not agree with his views, however, he has EVERY right to them, and guess what, many many many other Americans also believe that way, and that is their right, and they speak up on election day, obviously there are more that are in line with his views than are in line with mine, as the elections have shown the last 8, probably 12 years…. YOU have no right to judge someone because they have a political view, or because they speak out about it, unless you would rather be on his side, and have more government in your life, and have your views silenced completely what gives you the right to speak yours, but he not speak his just because you do not like them. smdh

    • Cherryl Ball says:


  47. Nanny Mo says:

    At last, one that I won’t have to go and see. I need to save my money anyway.

    • Dave Hilling says:

      Agree he was horrible I called the movie Derpdevil 2… he literally had the same look on his face the entire movie…sadly he wasn’t even as bad as the horrible plot and editing of the movie…it was a disaster.

  48. CapitalG says:

    Affleck sucks and he especially sucks as Batman. Skipping the entire ‘Affleck pretends he is Batman’ series. #FAIL

  49. Tom Roberts says:

    Why doesn’t he star as something more true to life – perhaps as a dog catcher, a bore or an idiot?

  50. Rich Miller says:


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