‘Batman V Superman’ Run Time Revealed

Batman vs Superman
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.’ “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” has a lengthy run time of two hours and 31 minutes, the AMC Theaters chain has revealed.

The film, directed by Zack Snyder, is three minutes longer than Snyder’s 2013 Superman tentpole “Man of Steel” and 12 minutes shorter than his 2009 action movie “Watchmen.” By comparison, Fox’s surprise hit “Deadpool” has a much shorter run time of an hour and 46 minutes.

Warner Bros. is releasing the film worldwide on March 25 and has been touting “Batman V Superman” as a war between the DC superheroes when a new threat arises and puts mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.

Snyder directed from a script by Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer. Producers are Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder.

The film also stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, with Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane returning from “Man of Steel.” Jesse Eisenberg stars as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons stars as Alfred, and Holly Hunter will play a U.S. senator. Jason Momoa will appear as Aquaman.

“Batman V Superman” is the first live-action film with both Batman and Superman and the first with portrayals of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash. Warner Bros. announced the film at the 2013 Comic-Con.

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  1. That movie is going to be sooooo phoney. Bat Man can’t even fly, any one with common sense can tell you that it can take Batman up in the air and drop him and he’d be dead before he hit the ground.

  2. JR says:

    Wow…so much unjustified hate for a movie that no one has seen. This movie already seems to be leagues above the usual formula Marvel flick (that’s not meant to be a pot-down as I’ve enjoyed many of them). Everyone I’ve ever spoken to who has seen the new trailer is pretty stoked to see it. And I have no problem with Affleck,,,I think he might just be the best Batman yet (although I do HATE the mouse-eared cowl). Since the original cut was reportedly well-over 3 hours, many of us just might leave the theater wishing more had been left in. Regardless, this movie will make big bank. I just hope the 3D is also well-used. (And for the Marvel maniacs, I am also very eager to see DR STRANGE.)

  3. ruzzty says:

    Halls of Justice Vs. Legion of doom.

  4. Brad says:

    A 2 hour 30 minute rain soaked grim looking headache.
    Yeah, pass on that

  5. hgyigyuiy says:

    what am I missing? Batman has no chanceinhell of whooping superman. No contest !

  6. Joe Nobody says:

    I predict that this film is going to bomb so bad that it will make the failed Nic Cage “Superman Lives” project look like “Citizen Kane” in comparison. “Suicide Squad” also looks to be riding the rails traveled by the Fail Train, even with the inclusion of Margot Robbie and Jared “heroin chic” Leto to the cast. DC needs to just accept the fact that their properties, with the notable exception of the Dark Knight-version of Batman, are simply not suited for the Big Screen. They do seem to work as serialized television shows though, as evidenced by the success of Arrow, The Flash, and (marginally) Supergirl. DC needs to stick to developing TV properties and abandon this fool’s errand of trying to compete with Marvel properties at the box office. Need I remind anyone of the abject failure that was the “Green Lantern” movie?

  7. All white razzies for 2016 now too!?! Rigged!

  8. That's Mr pugnacious to you says:

    Have you seen I am legend?
    The date of mankind is at the begging of the end come the ides of March.

  9. I suffered through the trailer. Gawd, it looks abysmal – totally, absolutely fake, with comic-book CGI and a “script” apparently written by 12 year olds.

  10. mke says:

    Fine with me. I’ll love every minute. If it was 3 hours I’d watch happily.

  11. Rob Paul says:

    The fact that they completely disregard The Flash tv series in this film is enough to make me not go see it. Why ignore a successful tv series and change The Flash character in the movie. This deserves to bomb just for that.

    • John says:

      The TV shows are separate from the movies and for good reason. It doesnt add anything to connect the two worlds as has been illustrated by Marvel’s failure to do anything with it. Their TV and movie worlds are supposed to be the same but really they aren’t at the end of the day.

    • A series you obviously do not watch, since a multiverse with different flashes is clearly established in it, and the universe of the film is different from the universe of the series, and different again from the universe of the CBS series Supergirl. Why does it deserve to bomb again?

  12. The Bunny Suit Killer says:

    2.5 hours of Michael Keaton fighting Christopher Reeve?

  13. Mike Garr says:

    Who cares how long the movie is.
    It is better to watch a film over two-and-a-half hours in length than one that is 90 minutes.
    What ultimately matters is a good the story line and the filmmakers’ ability to immerse the attention of the audience into the film.

  14. Gordon says:

    Anyone else think it’s weird that Alfred and Bruce Wayne look like they’re the same age?

  15. Greta says:

    I can’t stand to look at Ben for five seconds! I’ll pass!

    • John says:

      He’s been nominated for multiple Oscars for writing and directing (and won), so no one is pushing him on anyone. He’s paid his dues and that’s why he’s now playing the most sought after role in all of Hollywood.

    • blenderrecipes says:

      Jim Caviezel would have been a good choice

      • Robert Lopez says:

        Batman fighting Superman? Come on. Superman could kill him in a second with heat vision or a super breath. But wait..no Batman(Affleck sucks) actually can stand up to Superman. Forget it.Those awards were handed to him. Be honest now. None of his movies were worth crap and you know it. He sucks as a actor.

  16. twinstick says:

    I’m not so sure about Jeremy Irons as Alfred. But, I’ll watch the movie and hope that I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  17. Jessika says:

    Yo cast Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne? FAIL. But casting both Affleck and Jeremy Irons? MEGAFAIL.

  18. Joseph P. Toad says:

    Ben Affleck as Batman? Was Andy Dick unavailable?

  19. John Fairplay says:

    Wait a minute – in the comments below, some people indicate that Ben Affleck is cast in this movie as Batman. That’s just trolling, right? No one’s dumb enough to cast Ben Affleck as Batman.

  20. Tim Ryan says:

    Man of Steel wasn’t exactly a home run. No one wants a broody Superman in a dreary colored costume. His whole shtick is he is a big boyscout. Truth, Justice & the American Way! However, at least Superman did some super stuff in that movie unlike Superman Returns where the airplane scene was the only decent display of supe’s powers. I still don’t understand why it is so hard to make a decent Superman movie. Id personally rather see Superman & Batman work together like in the World’s Finest comics versus fighting each other. I mean what’s the point? Also why stuff other superheros like Wonder Woman & Aquaman in the same movie as well? Haven’t we learned from other over stuffed superhero movies that have a slew of heroes & villains in the same flick rarely works? Spiderman 3 or Batman Forever, anyone?

    • John says:

      Aquaman and Wonder Woman are in because this is the first movie leading into an eventual 2-movie Justice League movie. Justice League is the DC Comics version of The Avengers. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are the 3 lead members of JL. This is why the movie is called Dawn of Justice. Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg are also in the movie and are founding members of JL. Also, their parts are nothing more than brief cameos (esp. Flash and Cyborg). Batman and Superman aren’t fighting through the entire thing. They obviously put their differences aside when Lex Luthor unleashes Doomsday on them (as seen in the trailers). That’s what brings the 3 founding members together for the first time.

      Superman and Batman had a big fist fight in the most famous Batman story from the comics called The Dark Knight Returns. That story is the primary source of inspration for this movie. It deals with an older Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement to do battle against a gang that has taken over Gotham. Superman works for the US government and has become a crony of Ronald Reagan (the story was written in the 80s) who sends him out to take care of problems. In this case it’s Batman and at the end of the story they end up fighting. Batman is wearing the same armored suit he’s wearing in this new movie and it’s to help him take some of the damage from Superman’s punches. Anyway, Kryptonite is involved which allows Batman to ultimately win the fight but he ends up having a heart attack (which we later find out was faked…and Superman knows by the time his funeral ends). Anyway, the fighting in this movie is right out of the comics and the most famous story of them all.

      Superman from Man of Steel is the way Superman has been in the comics for decades. This isn’t the Christopher Reeve era anymore. He’s never been Batman dark, but he’s not that boy scout anymore ever since he got killed by Doomsday (who is also in this movie).

      Movies stuffed with heroes and villains rarely work? The Avengers movies each made over a billion each and they have a lot more characters than this movie. The Christian Bale Batman movies have the same number of villains as BvS (Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, a couple different mafia crime bosses, etc). BvS has Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Those other characters are all cameos, so it’s not stuffed. Don’t forget this movie is now part of the DC Cinematic Universe. It’s not a detached movie, so there is going to be a crapload of characters and easter eggs for fans. These films are very dense with information and will require more than one viewing to get it all.

  21. Skip Toomalu says:

    Afflack is in it? PASS

  22. Happy John says:

    Still not excited about this movie and it’s because of Afflack. I’ll wait for it to show up on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or RedBox….

    • John says:

      Not sure how you can say this after seeing him in the trailers. The buzz from those who have seen it are that both Affleck and the guy playing Lex Luthor are the best thing about it. The Luthor stuff we’ve seen so far is horrible, but I think that is out of context trailer footage coloring what we see. It’s marketing garbage trying to sell him one way when he’s really the exact opposite. The best lines we’ve heard from him are definitely darker and not as annoying as the “bringing people together” moment from the 2nd trailer.

  23. Big Fat Al says:

    In the 1930’s, it was considered bad luck for a movie to have a runtime over 100 minutes. During that time, the most iconic movie monsters were created. Characters that have never really been surpassed in performance or storyline since. Today’s filmmakers need to have a strong editor working alongside them. They are in love with themselves, and their bloat-feats. Peter Jackson is a key culprit in this trend.

    Brevity is the soul of wit.

  24. John Th says:

    Make it stop

  25. Jay Gorchuk says:

    I guess I’m one of the few who want it longer. At $10 a ticket, I don’t mind 3 hours long movies… $3/hours is a fair price… but I’m cheap. And I love DC… to many character to make it only 2 hours or less.

  26. forked says:

    Good to know that there are still people who have their noses so stuck up their own rear ends that they wouldn’t deign to give a comic book movie the time of day. Congratulations on your moral superiority.

    • Dunstan says:

      Forked, I think what people are expressing about the negative aspects of comic book films is the sheer repetitive nature of them. Buildings get destroyed, cars get thrown around, bridges collapse jeopardizing school children in a bus…No doubt there will continue to be audiences for these movies. I grew up reading comic books but I tend to agree; too many and way too similar. Then again, that’s the nature of the genre.

      Aside from the Christopher Reeve “Superman” film, and parts of the Nolan “Batman” films, the only comic book project I’ve really liked is the Netflix series “Daredevil.’

      There’s a reason comic books were short; more filmmakers should try to remember that.

      • John says:

        Comics aren’t short. The storylines span 1+ years and multiple issues per month. There are plenty of storylines spanning hundreds of pages. The primary storyline influencing this movie is a 200 page miniseries from the 1980s, although only about a quarter of it is in the movie.

  27. Bill Smith says:

    Seems like they are morphing Batman into Ironman.

    • John says:

      The Batman armor is straight out of the comics from 30 years ago. The Dark Knight Returns featured an ending with Batman and Superman fighting it out. Batman has the same armor and the exact same non-armored regular suit (short ears, oversized bat symbol on the chest, huge boots). Batman wins the fight thanks to Kryptonite. This movie won’t have that kind of ending since they will be reluctant allies by the end of the movie, since this is leading right into the future Justice League movie (which is why it’s called Dawn of Justice).

  28. Bart White says:

    Why does it take 2.5 hours to use kyotnite on Superman.

    • John says:

      It’s not a 2.5 hour movie of the 2 fighting. There’s a storyline that’s connected with the previous film, Man of Steel, and the future Justice League and other future movies (Wonder Woman is already filming…a standalone Batman movie is coming. Suicide Squad is coming out in August and Affleck’s Batman is in a scene so it’s kind of connected to it (iikewise Joker has a small part in this movie and a larger one in Suicide Squad). Anyway, the fighting is a small part of this movie.

  29. Havent been to a movie in 10 years says:

    When is the next ‘reboot’ of spiderman coming? What are we on now, number 5, 6….7? So sick of these stupid movies.

  30. Bill Williams says:

    Looks like an excellent opportunity to go sit under a tree and read a book.

  31. Interested as to why this is a March release and not a Summer release.

  32. The Joker says:

    I hope they kill each other!

  33. Feynman says:

    Why did you cast Ben Affleck in this??? Why!?!?! I would be so excited to see this with a believable Batman.

    • Finkel Is Eisenberg Eisenberg is Finkel says:

      Affleck may or may not be able to pull it off; the real travesty in casting is Eisenberg.

    • Ed Gruberman says:

      Scuttlebutt is Ben Affleck is the best part of this movie…

      • bpeschel says:

        “Name one good movie, aside from a Kevin Smith film, that Ben Affleck has been in.”

        A little Michael Bey indy project called Armageddon ring a bell? Just saw it last night, back when Bruce Willis cared about acting.

      • Cath says:

        Still wouldn’t make me want to see it. As a matter of fact Affleck is the reason I don’t want to see it. Two and a half hour superhero movies means 20 extra minutes too many of characters bashing each other. These kinds of scenes go on too long.

      • Feynman says:

        I actually like Cavill as Superman. Name one good movie, aside from a Kevin Smith film, that Ben Affleck has been in. And don’t tell me Good Will Hunting. That was a self-righteous piece of excrement.

      • Walter says:

        That’s the same scuttlebutt that predicted the Justice League movie would be delayed and Snyder wouldn’t be directing it, right?

      • Lee says:

        That’s not really saying much though. Is it?

  34. Why is the boss black? When did that change? And how are we supposed to believe Batman stands a chance with Superman? And when are these comic book movies gonna end??!

    • bunker98103 says:

      Why can’t the boos be black, bigot?

    • cadavra says:

      See? This is exactly why you can’t win. If Perry White were white, we hear all about diversity. So they make him black, and people holler why-is-he-black-when he’s-supposed-to-be-white? Sheesh.

      And Superman pulls his punches because he doesn’t want to kill Batman. Duh!

  35. JOSETOYOU says:

    I am sick of Marvel comic movie plots!
    Maybe that is one reason why I haven’t been to a movie theater in quite a long time…

  36. Tyrone says:

    Boy does this look like it will be an epic fail.

    • John says:

      Batman isn’t dressed in black in this movie nor is his suit armored like in the other Batman movies. It’s a black and grey suit made out of some kind of kevlar like fabric just like the comic version. Of course, you’re talking about the other suit with the glowing eyes. It’s straight out of the comic story The Dark Knight Returns. He has to wear it to help protect him in one of the fights with Superman. Also, that suit isn’t black either. It’s grey. If you’re going to try and talk crap about something then at least get the facts right first. Oh yeah, what do you mean it’s Lex Luthor in an Iron Man suit? Do you know the difference between Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne? Wayne is Batman. Luthor is a Superman villain. Ironically, Lex Luthor does sport an armored suit from time to time in his battles with Superman. It hasn’t been shown in any trailers, but I’m pretty sure we’ll see Luthor in his famous green and purple armor by the time the movie ends. I’ve seen a couple of BvS Lex Luthor toys of him wearing it.

    • Dunstan says:

      Tyrone, when I saw the initial images of Batman in that iron/metal suit, I thought ‘what?’ Once you get past the ridiculous title (which even in the comic book universe is ludicrous; Superman could kill Batman with the tiniest effort), the chances of it being an epic fail are probably fairly slim. I heard the Superman reboot with Cavil was really a huge bore yet it did enormous global business. So we’ll have to wait and see.

      • John says:

        Man of Steel was a fantastic movie. Nothing boring about it, so perhaps try watching it before making comments about it and this new movie (since BvS is a sequel to it….the aftermath of the destruction from Man of Steel directly contributes to the plot of the new movie).

        The title of the movie is Dawn of Justice because this is just that. The story before the formation of Justice League. Actually, Superman and Batman have fought in the comics and Batman won the fight thanks to Kryptonite. That’s how this one plays out, too. Lex Luthor clearly has a big chunk of Kryptonite in one of the trailers and we see Bruce Wayne on his motorcycle heading towards LexCorp, so I’m betting he’s going to be stealing some of the good green stuff to help beef up his armored suit (which is also straight out of the comic storyline featuring that fight from 30 years ago). Plus, Superman doesn’t want to kill Batman. He makes this clear in the trailers, too (paraphrasing: “if I wanted it, it would be over already!”). Anyway, this new film looks epic. There’s nothing failed about it.

      • Dave Was Here says:

        I wouldn’t call it a huge bore…a colossal bore, perhaps, or even a crushing bore would strike a bit closer to the mark.
        Although a DC fan from (long ago) childhood, between the atrocious casting of Affleck and Galdot I fear only the strength of a superb story can save this one now. It worked for Damon (Martian) so one can only hope at this juncture.

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