‘Batman v Superman’ Cast, Director Respond to Negative Reviews

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Despite some less-than-stellar early reviews, including New York Times critic A.O. Scott saying the film “is about as diverting as having a porcelain sink broken over your head,” the stars of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and director Zack Snyder are not even close to throwing in the towel on their epic superhero battle.

Although critical response can affect viewers before they even step foot in a theater, Henry Cavill, in his first interview after reviews were published, says that fan reaction is the ultimate test.

“What is really going to matter, I believe, is what the audience says,” Cavill told Yahoo Movies UK, “because they’re the ones who are buying tickets.”

He added that the fans will dictate the success of this film, the longevity of a franchise and whether more films like these will be made.


Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

‘Batman v Superman’ Looks for Heroic China Opening

“The audience’s voice is loudest and after this weekend the audience, at least partly, will have spoken,” he said.

Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane, said that viewers should go into the movie without letting others’ opinions cloud their experience.

“I know that Zack doesn’t make the movies — or none of us are making the movies — for the critics,” she said, adding that fan responses so far have been positive and articulating that they’re “making the films for them.”

Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, said that Snyder has done an impeccable job laying the groundwork for more characters in the future.

“Yes, there’s a lot in this movie, but I think he nailed it,” she added.

Snyder, who will begin production on “Justice League” in April, says he’s always been a “comic book guy” so he made this movie using that aesthetic as much as he could.

“I don’t know how else to do it 100%, so it is what it is,” said Snyder.

The film is forecast to rake in $300 million worldwide this weekend.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” hits theaters March 25.

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  1. Ben Culture says:

    I can’t get anyone I know to watch it, but the Ultimate Edition (extended cut) makes for a fascinating movie. I did hate the theatrical cut (I saw it twice, and it wasn’t any better the second time), but the UE cut is a film I can respect. There’s more to filmmaking than tone . . . There’s also an important little thing called “pacing”. The extended cut (which I assume is Zack Snyder’s preferred version) has an artistic pace to it (a slow one, but it feels natural), which matches the beautiful cinematography. If only DC/WB had had the nerve to release the three-hour cut to theatres in the first place, this movie would not be infamous for faring so poorly with critics and fans alike.

    You just can’t cut 1/6th of a movie out and expect it to still make sense.

    I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I wouldn’t mind if there were more downbeat and brooding DC movies to balance it all out.

    But these films can’t just be made for “the fans”. The point is to make NEW fans out of people who haven’t picked up a comic for decades. Movies made Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye popular when most people had barely heard of them. Guardians of the Galaxy was perhaps the most obscure Marvel franchise ever, and they made a roaring smash out of it. Likewise, a film about Ant-Man should have flopped, yet it succeeded beautifully, and is still re-watchable. I love to point to movies like those and say “See? THIS is why I read comics!” Comic-based movies should win new fans, not just tease knowledgeable fans who recognize parademons or a Mother Box as soon as they see one.

  2. Batman says:

    I have watched this movie twice now and really don’t get the hate it’s not bad in my opinion, it’s not great but it’s not bad. I actually liked this movie more than i liked age of ultron. Actually i think this movie is better than alot of the Marvel movies (not all of them, but some) I love the darker tone of the DC movies.

  3. Michael says:

    People gonna hate, and that’s fine. To each their own. But speaking as an actual lifelong Superman fanboy, the character of which I’ve read the most comics, I enjoyed both BvS and MoS. The combination of snyders visual style in tangent with hans zimmers work is simply overwhelming at times, and in a good sense. Perhaps I am just more open to snyders take because I am a huge fan of elseworlds and alternative character takes. Granted BvS had some issues with narrative flow and cohesion, but well see how the uncut version solves those issues if at all. Honestly, besides the overabundance of CGI, I hope they allow Snyder to continue his vision. This is essentially his Man of Steel trilogy, I believe. If MoS was A New Hope, BvS is definitely more akin to Empire, and justice league will be a Return (of the Superman). Justice league was always going to be lighter and more comedic -snyders even said as much, given its inclusion of the flash and other more comedic characters. And then watch Snyder get blasted for “copying marvel.”

  4. If the critics had praised B v S as the greatest superhero film of all time, the fans would gleefully accept their opinion, but because they’ve panned it ‘critics opinion’s mean nothing’. I love Zack Snyder, but this is definitely his weakest film. To be fair, the movie REEKS of studio strong-arming to include everything under the sun to compete with Marvel (who have made some garbage films themselves, Iron Man 2 and 3 anyone?) and word has it Affleck was re-writing the script ON SET in his Batman costume. I love Superman (my favorite superhero). I love Batman. I love Wonder Woman. This film elevated Superman somewhat (my Batfap friends were all of the opinion ‘Superman is pretty cool’ by the end of the film) but tarnished Batman. Affleck was awful. What do critics know? A lot really. They’re trained journalists who examine film and understand it’s mechanics. Batman Vs Superman is a critical failure, and that is a gigantic blow, to the characters, to WB and to DC fans. Affleck clearly understands this, hence his sulky demeanor on the press tour. The script was 70% done and probably rushed so DC had something to brag about at Comic-Con. Yes, that is where we’re at. Half-baking films for Comic-Con. This movie had the potential to be the BIGGEST film of all time and failed. I’d give it 6 out of 10 stars, but for a movie of this magnitude it simply isn’t good enough, and this is from someone who thinks Watchmen is a modern masterpiece and Sucker-Punch a fun way to blow some time. Watchmen was genuinely misunderstood, Batman v Superman has been universally panned by critics. Deal with it. I sure have to. Justice League hopefully rectifies the problems, but it isn’t looking good for Zack which is a genuine pity. I love the man’s work.

  5. Colton says:

    Was epic… They did a phenomenal job showing the reall batman… the real superman… the real DC… In my opinion any one who calls themselves a fan of DC should absolutely loce this movie!

    • Resuttles says:

      Originally David Goyer wrote a sequel to Man of Steel, which was eventually rewrote by Chris Terrio after they decided to have a Batman v Superman fight. Obviously, Synder and Co. wanted address the Metro destruction as seen by Bruce Wayne to bring Batman unto the scene. Yes. Warner Bros has their hands in the final product. With 250+ million and a possible flop on their hands. They got involved

  6. Thedarkwolve says:

    I watched the movie yesterday and thought it was relatively good. Only problem with this movie was the fact that the start was just way too convuluted and messy. The fight scenes and the ending was great, but the start, atleast for me, was hard to watch. I had trouble understanding what was going on with the dreams and the transition between scenes were bad and didn’t flow too nicely. Nonetheless, most of my friends didn’t like it that much and most of them thought it was just decent.

    • R Miller says:

      You got this exactly right. Those dream sequences should have been left out! Everyone in the theater I was at were murmuring about what was going on.

  7. Even though Batman was almost the focal point driving the story, I think the movie would have worked better with it being solely a Superman and Wonder Woman movie! I think it’s getting too supernatural for me! I liked it, but feel that it fell flat and never reached it’s full potential! Also, too many plot holes and doesn’t flow as smoothly! It tries to be similar to the Watchmen, but never reaches that level!

  8. Not Easily Entertained... says:

    You are delusional. This movie was AWFUL.

  9. Mr. Starkey says:

    Almost every movie gets some bad reviews, but the critical consensus for this film, insofar as the critics are taken at their word, tells us this film is on par with “Sharknado” or “Ghostrider.” Not only is this wrong from a subjective point of view, but is objectively wrong, period. The movie entertains, it is pretty good, and very often awe inspiring. Where I think Batman v Superman simply went over critics’ heads is by WB trying to make the “Apocalypse Now” or “Excalibur” (1981) of superhero/comic book movies. Hell, if the Wagnerian flourishes in the soundtrack weren’t enough to tip off the critics to the point of the movie, there was even an ‘Easter Egg’ in the film…i.e. “Excalibur” was listed on the Marquee as the Wayne family was leaving the theater to meet their destiny. But hey, film critics would have to posses just a modest grasp of music, and cinema prior to 1994 to grasp these concepts…and that is asking waaayyy too much of the current group of Humanities graduates who are playing as film critics.

  10. jason todd says:

    I gave it a hard 8 out of 10!!!!!! Don’t understand all the negative review’s????

  11. CO says:

    Come on, if it is not a black and white foreign drama critics won’t give it a good review. This is the setup for a whole DC universe franchise, casting was good and Ben A is probably the best Batman so far. Yes they are trying to tell a lot and the flow of the movie is probably what is holding BvS to be great. Overall is a 7/10.

  12. Bobby B says:

    I had the opportunity to see a prescreening of BvS on March 22nd, and I have to say that I disagree with the critics that are writing negative reviews. IMO this is one of the best superhero movies that I have seen. Sure, pieces of the plot and some character development is brief, but they are assuming that if you are going to see this movie that you already know the backstory on the heros. As for people saying CGI overload… please, but your pen/iphone/laptop down and show us (the audience) how to make a superhero action movie without CGI. This was a great action film, with awesome fight scenes, the plot makes sense, the characters all fit together, and the movie sets up all the future DCEU movies to come. Don’t see it for its comic book authenticity – go in with an open mind that this is a new telling of the storyline. In summart, this is a great film with a great premise and great action! I can’t wait for the next film in the franchise!

  13. elphupphy says:

    To make a movie in which Superman is beaten is to deny reality. Superman would never be beaten by Batman, no matter who or what is helping Batman. The whole premise of the movie is ridiculous and one of the examples of how modern writers have ruined the comic book genre.

  14. Kamille says:

    haha the fanboys are in total denial of the fact that BvS freaking sucks. That hack Snyder needs to be put down before he keeps making more mediocre films. He ruined Superman and now he’s on a mission to ruin the entire DC universe with his lack of vision and stupidity. And not to mention that Eisenberg gotta be the biggest miscast in recent years.

    • HummaVugula says:

      Kind of like how people who like Marvel films are in denial about how great they are? I genuinely loved Batman V Superman so how is my acceptance of the film registered as me being in “denial.”

      Some people loved Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy. I personally was bored and thought they were a complete waste of time.

      Did Batman V Superman have some problems? Yes, but they didn’t impede me from saying this goes up as 1 of my favorite superhero films right behind MoS.

      People want the heroes to be so idealistic but then will go watch filth and raunchy garbage like Deadpool and the soon to be released Suicide Squad where villainy and vulgarity is celebrated.

      Let’s face it…most people just don’t like Superman because they don’t believe a hero can be good all the time and people want dark heroes.

      Talking about being in denial don’t deny others the right to their own opinion of what they enjoy and have a great day:)

  15. Tony says:


  16. The architect of Batman’s seemingly paranoid nightmares, is either Martian Manhunter or Green Lantern, who is trying to warn him of the impending cosmic supervillain – Darkseid.

    That’s some prehistoric DC comic shtick, unknown to a largely unsuspecting critic community. Hence the bad reviews.

    DC fans worth their salt, would enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together and spotting all the easter eggs.

    • ben says:

      can’t be Martian Manhunter. The character looked too young plus his demeanor isn’t that of a widower. Now with Green Lantern it is a long stretch, stylistically speaking. However, why not Flash? cuz he’s able to travel to the past.

      • I wasn’t referring to the portal scene where Flash cries,”Lois is the key”. That was certainly Flash.

        I was talking about the dream sequence.
        The reason why Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter could be the ones orchestrating batman’s dreams, is because they’re superheroes who operate outside of earth.
        And Darkseid, for one, is a cosmic villain.

        In the knightmare dream sequence, Superman takes off Bat’s mask and says,”She was my world, and you took her from me.”

        Flash was probably warning Batman of a future where Superman goes rogue as a result of Lois’ death.

        And Darkseid, is known for his telepathic abilities to take over anyone’s mind and control them. Which is exactly why we see Superman’s elite soldier team working alongside Darkseid’s parademons (winged creatures) in Batman’s dream.

        Flash travels back in time through the portal and warns Batman of a possible future where Darkseid mind-controls Superman to take over Earth.

      • Jpe says:

        Ben, very perceptive. Which makes you smarter than most critics out there. It was indeed The Flash. Even think I caught a glimpse of him but I’d have to see it again to be sure.

  17. gy says:


  18. Kingrs says:

    This was a great film. It embraced some deep themes and dared to re imagine the classic comicbook storylines that inspired it. These jaded critics seem to have long-since lost their sense of wonder.

  19. Kid Dynamo says:

    Well if you watch this film wearing MARVEL glasses then you will obviously find it wanting.

    The thing is DC will try its best to put forward its films to have them look “different” compared to the Marvel which are basically considered as standard or mainstream.

    How the general audience react to this will show in the turnout in the box office

  20. alarenay says:

    I just returned from an early screening (Cine Bistro in Tampa, FL $30 tix plus $45 dinner & drinks) and all im gonna say is that there were grown men and women audibly sniffing at the 3rd act’s big moment. People getting emotionally involved to that extent means Snyder and cast are doing a VERY, very good job.

  21. Anthony says:

    I found Jesse Eisenberg annoying as lex luthor after seeing the advance screening of the film. I then went home and read some superman comics with lex luthor. I then realised why I hated Lex Luthor because he is annoying.

    Now I actually think he nailed the character because everyone hated him. Everyone saying how horrible he played lex luthor.That is the beauty of lex luthor. He embodied what lex luthor is on screen. Arguably the most hated man in comics. You actually want them to destroy him.

    Mirror this to joker who you actually find yourself routing for at times. Lex Luthor is the pure villian. The one you hate and hopes the hero destroys him

    He has no reason to hate superman, but he just does. Jesse captures this character perfectly. I just think people don’t read the comics or get who lex luthor is

  22. Yuriah says:

    Movies can be made for the fans AND still be loved by critics. Like Deadpool or Avengers. 84% and 92% on rotten tomatoes respectively. Don’t use the fans as an excuse for a poorly assembled and overcrowded film.

  23. Victoria says:

    Just saw the film and it was great. Do I wish there was more backstory-yes! But if you saw the paradox Flash movie it all made sense. All of the actors were spot on and I will definitely buy a copy. Now if only I could see what they cut out to get it down to 2 1/2 hours…..

  24. Shawna waldron says:

    synder is a hack.

  25. With any DC or Marvel movie, i’m not expecting any of these films to get an Oscar for BEST PICTURE. I’m going to see EXPLOSIONS, DESTRUCTION, and A GREAT FIGHT! That’s it. BRING IT Superman vs Batman, and especially Wonder Woman.

  26. Je Vizzusi says:

    You realize that 300 million although quite a haul is below expectations. Rental on the 70mm version is crazy high. I recommend seeing the film in its largest format. Story is the downside but general audience’s won’t care. @JEV1A

  27. Either you get Peter Jackson or James Cameron for the Justice League movie. Snyder tends to overwhelm the climax with the eardrum bursting din of the score.

  28. Justin says:

    Sorry, I’m one of “the fans”. It was terrible. The critics have been too kind. It’s not just the worst Batman movie, or worst superhero movie. I think it is cinematically one of the worst things I have ever watched. This makes Suckerpunch look like Boys Don’t Cry. This makes Transformers 2 look like Stanley Kubrick.
    I hope people just avoid the film because this franchise is as dead as… *Spoilers*

    • what did you find so TERRIBLE about the movie?

      • Russollini says:

        My favorite character of all time is Batman. I love the DCA, have hated the recent movies. As for why I disliked this…Lex acted like Joker, Batman killed, they had way to many plots and subplots (seemed like they crammed 5 scripts together), none of those plot lines were closed, Martha, why did Batman not go for the spear??, using doomsday in movie 1, WW’s slow motion fighting and hair blowing while she posed, everything was in the trailer, the dreams, and the nonsensical hate of Superman. I honestly think this should of been MoS2. They should have carried the first half of the movie out. Ben, who did fine, could have been Bruce with no Batman. Gal could have been Diana with no WW. Let Superman redeem himself, only to have more issues. Bruce has enough and goes at him in the next film. They could do a Batman, WW, Flash, etc before they get to BvS and then launch JL. It felt forced and disjointed. Was it entertaining? Sure. Was it a good movie? No. Hopefully they can make it right in the ultimate edition.

  29. Bing Bong says:

    “Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane, said that viewers should go into the movie without letting others’ opinions cloud their experience.” So if sit through the ENTIRE movie and I think it’s garbage I can get a full refund right Amy Adams?

  30. Rob Nero says:

    Yes, The critics need to hold their opinions until the fans go to see it. All too often they shoot down a thing before any of us get a chance to see it ourselves and it is aggravating like sitting next to a person that days the lines before you hear them in a movie. We are wanting to see it because we enjoy the characters. story/ director. You may not like it and that’s fine, but we may love it, so hush.

  31. Jeff says:

    Considering critics hate pretty much everything to begin with?

  32. Gregg says:

    If Zack would hire an editor that knew how to tell him NO the movie would have been better. But it wasn’t terrible by any stretch. Just cut out 25-30 min and those confusing Batman/Bruce Wayne scenes and it’s fine.

  33. mark says:

    SO HAPPY this movie is out!!!!

    After 3 years of hype – now it can fail and i can stop seeing ‘leaks” and positive spins

    Fail and be done = happy

  34. bangmaiknee says:

    Marvel movies are just silly and immature. Take a look at GOTG and Deadpool. Just silly. It just shows the level of maturity of the audiences these days.

    • nooooo namer says:

      Entertaining enough, I’d say. It would seem you’re part of an older generation that is on its way out. Don’t let the door hit you. Elderly people and others with sticks up their butts always complain about the younger generations. I’m sure it happened to you, and now you’re coming full circle and whining about today’s youngest generations. How about you head over to a hospital and ask them to euthanize you? Must suck being a bitter and lame old geezer.

  35. So Weak says:

    Had they gone just the “Frank Miller” Dark Knight Returns route the whole way (not just the two similar costumes) this would sound watchable. The trailers are terrible and if this ISN’T related to the “Christian Bale” version whatsoever, couldn’t Batman get better than a “rubber suit” either way?
    This looks like a “coked-out” WB’s “high up’s” version or telling of a really bad drug-fueled story.
    Only to be forgotten about in a few years time. Sad……

  36. Patrick says:

    If they would have done the simple task of casting Bale as Batman there would be a completely different, more positive tone surrounding the film

  37. WB should have followed Marvel’s proven strategy and put out several stand alone films for each character before the big team up event movie. Such a strategy makes sense from both an artistic and commercial perspective. Artistically: You test what works for each character, build depth and narrative tension, and are able to do fan service for each character. Commercially: You test the waters with a series of smaller investments before making a big bet on a team up event. If the character movies succeed individually you have the option but not the obligation to reinvest your profits into the big tent event.

    This whole situation reminds me of the old joke about the two bulls who come to a hilltop and see a valley of cows. The young bull says: “Hey dad, let’s run down this hill and each have our way with one of those cows!” To which the old bull says, “No son, let’s walk down and have them all.” Marvel in this case has clearly chosen the wiser strategy by pacing themselves. WB… I have no idea what they’re thinking.

  38. Mach says:

    As soon as I heard Affleck was Batman I decided to wait for free TV, if then.

  39. I’m a fan , and I watched this movie, and was bitterly disappointed . I heard Hack say that the 3 hour “Ultimate Cut” has a longer ending. The ending already challenges the record of Return of The King to keep audiences sitting in the theatre even though the movie is over and done with. Its currently on 31% on RT , and where RT is concerned i always say that everything counts in large amounts. The review count is now 185, and 150 are rotten. Even some of the fresh reviews are kind of damning the film also. Tommy Wiseau’s The Room has 35% on RT . Think about that . Fire Hack Snyder, and bring in George Miller ASAP !!!

    • E Mara says:

      George Miller? My Lord, Mad Max was a horror that would never stop. Pure torture.

      • Yennifer says:

        Couldn’t agree more Jennifer, Mad Max had a great story right? /sarcasm

      • Jennifer 7 says:

        George would be great! Zack is all spectacle – NO STORY. He thinks it just needs to lokk “cool.” Not good enough.

      • Far from a fan myself, but at least he knows how to direct, and hes already a producer on Justice League. Babe Pig In The City is better than anything Hack Snyder has made.

  40. BKeith67 says:

    I am looking forward to this movies – critics be damned!

  41. Robert Marley says:

    The critics lost 100% of their credibility when 50 out of 50 reviewers gave it a 100 making it the perfect movie… the most critically acclaimed movie in the history of man.

    You can’t trust those idiots.

  42. jason says:

    this movie will flop like a fish dying on a pier waiting to be kicked back in the water

  43. I’ve watched movies the critics said were great that sucked….I’ve watch movies the critics said sucked that were great.

  44. Frank Cas says:

    Well I look forward to seeing it and I have never paid any attention to what critics say. I mean when you look at say rotten tomato’s and scroll through some of the worst ratings. They down voted plenty of good movies that to many were pretty darn good so yeah there opinion doesnt hold much weight to me.

  45. obi says:

    wooow. Just came out of the movie. it was a great movie!!!! better than the dark knight rises for damn sure. Better than all marvel movies less Avengers 1. The movie wasn’t perfect. It left me disappointed in the same way avengers age of ultron did. Amazing love-making without an amazing climax is the best way to describe it. I liked that they tried to honor some of the most epic superman and batman comic-books. I understand why people don’t like it. Its too complex for non hardcore fans. However people who have read the comics “the death of superman”, the flashpoint paradox ( think Thomas Wayne), a death in the family, batman year one, and the dark knight returns 1 and 2.. and people who have Played the Arkham games, will bow to Zack Snyder. This is simply one of the best superhero movies ever made. For the first time ever batman was scary in a live action movie. I think folks held this movie to such high standards that “not perfect” is seen as horrible. Amazing BATMAN!!! VERY GOOD SUPERMAN. Amazing wonder-woman! amazing Alfred!! lex was very interesting. I enjoyed him, and did not find him annoying at all. I rate this movie A. Great job snyder.

    • Justin says:

      I am a fan of all those things and this movie did not do them justice (no pun intended). It just cashed in on a bunch of quality source material and shat on the medium of cinema. More turd than Avatar.

    • mark says:

      You’re being paid for reviews……you have to be.

  46. James Chapman says:

    I will definitely form my opinion on my own. Critics not liking something is actually good news to me usually. I’ve often asked “Who pays critics their salaries and why?”

  47. Rene Campos says:

    Could care less what the critics say. I don’t know them or care to. I plan to see it several times and eventually buy it. Makes me wonder why these critics even have jobs. Who died and made them the ultimate word on what’s good or not? I guess they couldn’t get real jobs and were able to get some fool to hire them for their “opinion”.

  48. Joey Chappa says:

    I saw the movie yesterday, Damn Good. The 2.5 hours really delivered what other high budget movies fail which is to give you a great story!! The movie was awesome, my wife, and 16 year old and 9 year old were talking about it all day today!!

    I will buy this movie comes out on DVD and my son is going to see it again this weekend. As for the bad press, I have no idea why…… Ben Affleck the others in movie were in it …. 120% PS, he beat the shit out of Superman!!…lol…

  49. Jaime says:

    Everyone told the director that Ben Affleck was a bad casting choice. You think he listened? Noooooooo….
    That’s his fault.

  50. Balboarules says:

    If Batman and Superman had a love scene together, the critics would be calling it the movie of the decade.. If they are so good why are they not writing or acting in the movies??

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