‘Batman v Superman’ Dropping 65% to $58 Million Second Weekend in U.S.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will see a 65% slide in its second weekend to about $58 million at 4,256 sites — leaving it with the 19th-highest sophomore session of all-time, early estimates showed Friday.

The decline is somewhat lower than recent forecasts that had pegged the Warner Bros. mega-tentpole with about $66 million. Still, should Friday’s estimate hold, “Batman v Superman” will wind up the weekend at more than $265 million in 10 days.

The first week of the movie took in $209.1 million in the U.S. — the 10th-highest first-week total of all time — with a $166 million opening weekend. “Batman v Superman” took in $7.7 million on Thursday and is expected to dominate this weekend with a projected $18 million on Friday, $25 million on Saturday and $15 million on Sunday.

Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst with comScore, noted that the first weekend included $27.7 million in preview grosses.

“The second weekend drop will reflect that in a bigger than typical percentage,” he added. “The first weekend was an Easter holiday weekend, so that also had an impact.”

Other blockbusters have seen deeper declines, such as the final “Harry Potter” movie at 72%, and the third and fourth “Twilight” films, both of which slid 70%. Still, three movies that wound up with more than $600 million saw much smaller declines with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” falling 40%, “Jurassic World” declining 49% and “Marvel’s The Avengers” down 50%.

“The Force Awakens” is the second-weekend record holder with $149.2 million, followed by “Jurassic World” at $106.6 million and “The Avengers” at $103 million. Seven other films have taken in more than $70 million in their second weekends — “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Avatar,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Iron Man 3,” “Shrek 2” and “Spider-Man.”

Dergarabedian noted that “Batman v Superman” is facing minimal new competition as Pure Flix’s “God’s Not Dead 2” is headed for an opening of less than $8 million at 2,320 sites and Freestyle’s “Meet the Blacks” will wind up with less than $4 million at 1,014. Disney’s fifth weekend of “Zootopia” will be its nearest rival with about $15 million, followed by Universal’s second weekend of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” at about $10 million.

“Zootopia” has totaled $256 million in four weeks and the “Big Fat” sequel took in $25 million in its first week.

Many critics have savaged “Batman v Superman,” Dergarabedian added. “The DC Comics film has been the poster child for the disconnect between critics and moviegoers, but a great release date that gives the film a wide open marketplace in terms of direct competition until ‘Captain America’ opens May 6 and strong buzz for the actor’s performances (in particular Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman) will ensure ‘Batman v Superman’ solid returns in the coming days and weeks,” he noted.

Pure Flix’s faith-based “God’s Not Dead 2” generated a moderate $400,000 on 1,982 screens at Thursday night preview screenings. The movie stars Melissa Joan Hart as a teacher embroiled in controversy for referring to Jesus in class.

Meanwhile, Freestyle Releasing’s spoof “Meet the Blacks” pulled in just under $200,000 in Thursday previews at about 700 theaters. It’s a parody of the film “The Purge” and follows a family that moves to Los Angeles on the same day that crime becomes legal in the city.

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  1. loco73 says:

    Well, after having suffered through the2 1/2 hour mind-numbing mess that was “Batnipples V. Superboringman: Dawn Of Justin Bieber”, its not really that surpising…

  2. ambel says:

    I grew up reading every DC superhero title I could get my hands on. So I was truly disappointed by the steaming pile of crap called Batman vs Superman. I’ll go see the Wonder Woman movie but I will be hard pressed to part with my $ for another Zack Snyder (hiss) movie.

  3. Rudy Mario says:


    Get rid of the English guy: he looks weird. Bring in a new guy to play superman. Even superman’s girlfriend needs to be changed to a younger fresher looker.

    Put Ben as Batman on probation. Get him a better toupee. Get rid of that israeli gal.

    And yes B grade director must be put to pasteur.


  4. The best review I read of the movie was from a Finnish film reviewer – maybe it plays better in Scandinavia.

  5. Rich says:

    I’m sorry but this film was dope….and I believe it will it’s billion no doubt. Haters are gonna hate, because ya know who doesn’t love hating something right? Smh Critics are just intellects with overblown opinionso on movies. The majority of audiences enjoy this film and the minority are the ones trying so hard to hate this film into submission. Instead accepting it for what it is people are crying about something it is not. This is what we got people….deal with it. Show some love, because c’mon who doesn’t want to see a Justice League movie?

    • EricJ says:

      “Show some love, because c’mon who doesn’t want to see a Justice League movie?”

      That seems to be the real reason for the fierce diehard loyalty we’re seeing:
      Fans seem to be more in love with the NEXT movie, than the one they got.
      Which, oddly enough, is the exact same reason most Marvel fans -hated- Age of Ultron.

  6. SackZack says:

    The problem with the last two Superman movies is nobody wants a gritty, grimier, dark Superman movie. He is suppose to be a boy scout. Superman Returns is a masterpiece compared to the last two Superman movies. The fact that it made $200 million so quickly is irrelevant. I am a Marvel fan but I acknowledge Superman and Batman are the largest heroes in the comic book world. Heck, any ‘tard could have threw together a movie and put Superman and Batman in the title and make millions. Imagine if they stuck to the comic book roots with the story telling (like Deadpool)? The would have killed it. But no, they decided to act like Fox did with Fantastic Four and some of earlier X-Men movies and have a non-fan go with their “interpretation” of the comic book. Sack Zack! The things I did like about this movie were: 1) great cinematography 2) Ben Affleck – I think he crushed it. He’s a great Batman 3) Wonder Woman – although I wished Alexandra Daddario got the part …Gal did good job. Glad to have one character who wasn’t mixed up in confused about their life mission

    • Gabriel says:

      Apparently you’re still reading or referring to the kiddies superman of decades ago. Sorry to say,superman is no more a boys scout. his comics books have been grittier for a while now.

    • jeff says:

      people like you need to read new comic books, supes is not a boyscout anymore, he doesn’t wear the underwear and he kills,and always had to kill if pushed to the point. people like you usually call superman overpowered,boring, and too perfect. Read injustice comic or justice league NEW52, and thats how superman is. NOT A BOYSCOUT

      • therealeverton says:

        @SackZack… That’s a a classic misreading of how RT works. 290 isn’t the score, 29 is the percentage of critics who gave the film a positive review. The actual QUALITY mark for the film average is 5 out of 10.. (I think Man of Steel was 6.2%.

      • SackZack says:

        Jeff, did you LOVE the movie? I wonder how anyone support saying the movie was GREAT! I just “liked” it. I wanted to see a “great” movie. I wanted a movie that I can love. What I got is an OK movie. I don’t think it was a 29 as the critics said on rotten tomatoes. …and you are right, I stopped reading Superman comics in the 80s. The last one I read anything related to Superman was Frank Millers classic – The Dark Knight. I’m more in to Marvel comics now :)

      • Richard says:

        And that’s the problem with comics today . They are selling less and less and try to play to the fanboys with dark n gritty or convoluted cross over mega events which in the long run end up turning off a broader market. Comics should be rebooted about every 100 issues and start fresh without having to pay attention and be slave to 50 year old canon. Go back to printing on cheaper newspaper stock few can afford a comic book habbit at over $100 per month .

      • anom says:

        He’s not talking about what Superman is, he’s talking about what Superman should be. The gritty version of Snyder or New 52 are mostly bad. These versions are boring, especially the movie version. Clark has no agency, he becomes Superman because it’s his (lazy writing) destiny.

        Also, Injustice is an alternate universe version. That’s not ‘the’ Superman. Have you not read the book yourself? It’s like saying Superman is a nazi because of Overman.

        All-Star Superman is the perfect version of the character. The sooner Warner Brothers realizes this the sooner we’ll get a movie that could be considered a classic.

  7. therealeverton says:

    “The decline is somewhat lower”…
    No, if the film is making less money than expected the decline is greater. It has declined more than expected. The gross is lower( $58m, not $66m).

  8. Jacques Strappe says:

    Zootopia is one million times better than “My Big Fat Batman vs Superman Wedding Has Fallen”

    • EricJ says:

      To quote one online review:
      “It may only be March, but 2016 has already brought us an exciting yet sophisticated movie about two characters who, despite public consensus that they shouldn’t get along, are able to set aside their differences and join forces to defeat a terrible evil in their city.
      But enough about Zootopia. Now on to the gloomy ol’ superhero movie.” :)

  9. sam kingg says:

    I have seen this movie twice I liked it they are trying something different batman work in dark and they don’t need go into every little detail of superman its already understood. Though I understand everything they are trying to show in this movie but for some moviegoers there is too much information to comprehend..hence the bad reviews.
    Its just like when we saw matrix 2 and 3 when I had to explain to some of my friends what was happening.

    At the end maybe DC comic should brake it rather slow it down for people who don’t get it and increase the production to 4 rather then 2 movies a year so the marvel fans can get their head around it.

    • Brett Gambill says:

      Wow….you seriously believe BvS got bad reviews and a mediocre Cinemascore because they didn’t “get it”? I will agree to some extent. They didn’t get get it because the storytelling was atrocious. NOT because it was too deep or complicated.

  10. kylevpirate says:

    So much for all the DC fanboys saying how big and huge it is and its for the fans when that is not transitioning domestically where it will not pass any Avengers film, nor Dark Knight named film or Iron Man 3, Spider-Man, and barely Deadpool which is an R rated movie. Pitiful for a movie having Batman and Superman in the name. But nothing surprising for a mediocre movie that was disappointing.

    • john says:

      lol compare the worldwide gross of this film to the films you mentioned.. tell me if they were able to have $540.6M in just 6 days stop it you scum don’t downgrade the success of this film just because you hate it

      • kylevpirate says:

        That much money is nothing special. From the massive drops in China, Russia, France, UK and other markets now it looks like it wont even make one billion and with it barely if it even does surpass the R rated Deadpool. Kind of pathetic

  11. My entire family is seeing it for a third time this weekend. We thought it was a great movie. Much better than Age Of Ultron. Don’t understand all the hate from the Marvel fans. they should enjoy all the comic
    movies. It’s a great time to be a fan.

  12. Roger says:

    Great movie.Will definitely go a second time maybe even third!!!

  13. Going to see it a third time. Great movie that is made for the fan.

    They will not Cancel or Delay Justice League.

    Wonder Woman is going to be huge as is Suicide Squad.

    This was not a film for the bright shiny Marvel fans.

  14. jj says:

    Great film, it will do better than they think this weekend.

    • Dunstan says:

      Calling this a “great film” is very wrong. “The Godfather” was a great film. “Chinatown” was a great film. Comic book movies? Not so much.

      • Actorul says:

        Dark Knight and Dark Knight rises. BVS wasn’t great (it could’ve been, maybe the R extended version that will come out this summer), it was just good..

  15. Lance says:

    Good, Batman vs Superman was awful. Big drop for a shitty movie!

  16. Brucekentforthe95 says:

    Jhs39 you sound like a Marvel fan. The words out the film is just too deep for people like you. Zach Snyder is the man and he has clearly made up for watchmen.. So of you want to watch the movie and understand it go to your local Barnes and nobles and buy DAWN OF JUSTICE for dummies. I will be seeing it for a third time in IMAX 3D tomorrow… It will make more than enough money! Justice league will also make a ton of money. Stop hating..Can you do a better job? Hell no!

    • Mark says:

      it’s boring and ugly, with zero sense of humor.

      • JR says:

        That “sense of humor” argument is what IDs people as “Marvel Fanboys” (whether you are or not.)
        Subjects aside, this was meant to be a serious movie for grown-ups, not a formulaic quip-fest where there’s never any real sense of stakes, as in the Marvel flicks. YOU will happy to hear, however, that Warners has heard you and are now doing re-shoots on SUICIDE SQUAD to make it more jokey. Thanks to people like you, instead of getting a tough David Ayer movie about nasty people, we will now have them more humourous (because ALL villains are just failed stand-up comedians)

        For those of us who do not suffer from ADHD, the movie was NOT boring in the least. Nor was it ugly …it was very stylish and unique, with visuals that blow away ANY Marvel action sequences completely.
        I’ll be seeing it again and have already placed my order for the uncut 3D Blu-Ray

        Thank you Zack Snyder. You tried to give us something different and unique…but you over-estimated
        .the attention span of the American public looking for humor and jokes.

    • crossie says:

      Give me $250 million and, actually, probably. I could do better.

  17. jhs39 says:

    A 65% drop puts Batman V Superman on an almost identical box-office trajectory as Man of Steel. Warner Brothers panicked after Man of Steel and canceled the planned Man of Steel sequel. Will they panic again and rethink Justice League, which is supposed to go into production in a matter of weeks? Why won’t they admit that maybe Zack Snyder isn’t the best director to be the engine for the DC Cinematic Universe considering how divisive his films have been with critics and audiences? Sure, the comic book geeks love Zack Snyder, but general audiences who buy the most tickets clearly prefer Marvel and their more crowd-pleasing approach to the superhero genre. Using Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy as a blue plate for Zack Snyder’s two DC films was also maybe not a great idea.

    • Malcolm says:

      “SOME” ‘comic book geeks’ love Zack Snyder. Some film-only fans do, too. It’s not an ‘us vs. them’ dichotomy – there is love, hate, bemusement, enjoyment, praise and derision coming at him (and his films) from all corners of the intended audiences.

    • crossie says:

      Zack Snyder is the Rob Liefeld to Christopher Nolan’s Alan Moore.

      • crossie says:

        Actually, I don’t even like Moore that much.

        (Replay to AF, since Variety threads comments weird, and I have no idea where this is going to end up.)

      • AF says:

        Moore deserves better than to be compared to directors of average-at-best movies. A more accurate comparison for Nolan would be Geoff Johns, extremely lauded but far from great.

  18. Cass says:

    And what did I predict. Like Avengers Ultron. Front heavy money, then a freefall.
    Doesn’t take any brains to predict that.

    • EricJ says:

      Cass…Is that short for Cassandra? Yep, no one believed us until it happened. :)

      (Me, after all the persecution for daring to utter the heresy of predicting that normal people might NOT want to go see a Zack Snyder movie, you can be Cassandra, I’ll be Galileo–“E pur si puzza”.)

    • Malcolm says:

      As with MOST films. Particularly ones rhat factor in – as the article noted – early previews and holiday weekend openings. It’s not necessarily any reflection on the film at all…

      • Cass says:

        Guess I was right. A 70% drop is staggering for a tentpole.

      • Cass says:

        Not this drastic of a freefall. Still early hours of the weekend though. Maybe it will surprise like last week. Who knows.

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