‘Batman v Superman’ Shrugs Off Reviews, Heads for $180 Million Weekend in U.S.

Big-Screen Blockbusters Like Batman v Superman
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

A slew of downbeat reviews are having no impact on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” with the Warner Bros. tentpole heading for a $180 million opening weekend in the U.S., early estimates showed Friday.

The Good Friday opening day number is likely to wind up between $78 million and $83 million at 4,242 sites — which translates to $165 million to $180 million for the weekend. The Friday number included an impressive $27.7 million from its Thursday night shows.

Should “Batman v Superman” come in at $180 million, it would be the fifth highest domestic opening weekend of all time. It’s already smashed the record for highest Thursday preshow for an Easter Weekend, set last year by “Furious 7” with $15.8 million on its way to a Good Friday launch of $67.4 million and a $147.2 million opening weekend.


Batman vs Superman

Ranking the Batman Movies From Worst to Best

The superhero match-up stars Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman and the film carries a whopping $250 million price tag. Recent estimates had placed the film at $150 million this weekend and more than $300 million globally when it rolls out across more than 60 major territories including China, the world’s second biggest market for film.

Disney’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” set the Thursday night preview record on Dec. 17 with $57 million in the U.S. “The Force Awakens” easily beat the previous preview screening record of $43.5 million set by Warner Bros.’ “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” in 2011.

“Batman v Superman” should surpass the 2012 record set by Jennifer Lawrence’s “The Hunger Games” for the best March domestic opening of all time — $152.5 million. That’s the 10th best domestic opening weekend.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” broke the record for top U.S. opening weekend with $248 million, smashing the mark set in June by “Jurassic World” at $208.8 million. Disney’s “Marvel’s The Avengers” is in the third spot at $207.4 million, followed by the studio’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” at $191 million.


Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

‘Batman v Superman’: 5 Reasons Not to Hate the Superhero Mash-Up

“Batman v Superman” is coming into the market with minimal support from most critics, many of whom point to what they see as a jumbled story line as Warner Bros. attempts to set up an array of DC movies with new characters such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman. The Rotten Tomatoes rating is at 30%.

The weekend’s other opening, Universal’s counterprogrammer comedy “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” took in $1.02 million at late night shows Thursday and is expected to finish Friday at around $8 million at 3,132 locations.

The comedy will likely wind up the weekend with $18 million to $20 million. The 2002 original was a phenomenon, grossing $368 million at the global box office.

The follow-up, which cost $18 million to produce, stars Nia Vardalos and was produced by Gold Circle Entertainment, HBO and Playtone.

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  1. Xing says:

    Um, no. It didn’t meet projections and the Friday to Sunday drop off was the worst ever for a superhero movie’s opening weekend It’s first weekend is the worst DROP ever, that’s the most important metric for sequels. How much word of mouth kills you after the fanboys you were going to sell no matter what. How do you work for variety and not know SEQUELS are all about the DROP RATE.

  2. The majority of negative reviews are coming from critics, and we all know critics have their heads up their asses. Nearly 75% of movie goers, including me, enjoyed the movie.

    • Silas says:

      Audiences gave it a B cinemascore, placing it in the company of Green Lantern, Steel, and Catwoman.

    • EricJ says:

      OTOH, grownup critics who don’t usually watch comic-book movies were the ones who praised Dark Knight to the skies, saying it “Challenged our ideas of the comic book movie”, with “Complex, contemporary issues to question our notion of the hero,” etc., etc., and other malarkey, seeing as in 2008, “A comic book movie” meant Fantastic Four, Daredevil or the Ang Lee Hulk–The first Marvel Studios Iron Man had only been in theaters for a month, you see, and everyone just thought it was a lucky fluke from a good director.

      Now it’s those same critics “with their heads up their asses” who are calling Warner’s Snyder/Nolan Dark Knight gritty-fixation as “bleak”, “depressing”, “punishing”, etc., now that there’s a competing brand to make it look better.
      And the Dark Knight-fixated fans are the ones saying “What do those critics know, they’re probably all part of the Marvel-fanboy conspiracy! They just want a happy jokefest, like those stupid Guardians and Bug-man!”
      Yes, ladies and gentlemen, people who prefer the less punishing Marvel movies apparently just “aren’t mature” enough being served complex ideas and dour pessimism when they go to a comic movie, since they’d rather have something, quote-fingers, “fun” than something they should know is good for them–They’re complaining because they ordered bacon and got spinach instead, the ungrateful bums! ;)

      • Rammi says:

        Critics are not intelectuals. They are fanboy for the most part. The times when RT critics were of the caliber of Rogert Ebert are long gone. They don’t know about movies that you and me, they are people with degrees in journalist or webmasters of popular blogs, not intellectuals with knowledge of movies. And they are easiliy bribed. I prefer to see the reaction of friends who share my taste than visiting the RT site.

  3. Batman would be dirt and Superman feet it sucked.

  4. lurch says:

    This movie did kind of suck. Weak story, didn’t make sense. Batman’s suit looked stupid. Superman dead? Dumb and impossible.

    • xman says:

      Dude superman didn’t die, did u see the last scene before credits? U just want a typical normal ending. Superman can only die on kriptonite just so u know lol

    • jd says:

      Looked stupid, lol. His bat suit is so far the best bat suit especially with his armored suit on. You just have a bad taste unfortunately.

    • LMAO! Obviously you are one of those retards that has no knowledge of the comics before watching the movie. People like you are sad and shouldn’t be allowed out of the house.

  5. Jr D Max says:

    I just saw it with the kids. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. What do the critics know- says a kid in the 90’s who spent all his paychecks reading Superman and Batman Comic books. I think also that there were plenty of Christian imagery- like that of the character ‘Aslan’ in the Lion The witch and the Wardrobe, or of the 14th station of the cross- if youre a practicing Catholic, then you know what I mean. Sure there were some cheesiness- but its from the comic book genre- and the story, like comic book stories work. The dream sequences would be alien to many- if you are not a comic book reader.. The Justice League is coming! The side introduction of the other leaguers where cool, especially flash- but not Aquaman- although, it was still amazing. Go see it…and have a blast!

  6. The dumbest movie I have ever seen.

  7. Gyaneshwar says:

    Best film made…. Epic.. all hail Zack synder

    • EricJ says:

      Okay, Snyder? You’re missing the point here: I don’t know what Warner’s been telling you, but there is no “King of the comic movies throne”, there’s no version of this where you come out on top. Maybe your little movie comes and makes a billion dollars, and maybe it’s too much for us good-movie fans, but right now, it’s all on YOU. Because if we can’t protect the DC Movie Universe, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it. ;)

  8. Cary David Hoffson says:

    There is a love for DC. Comics and graphic novels and Batman and Superman to get anyone to see the movie when you put them together with doomsday to see the movie and make money off of a great time with

  9. Nimish Sonar says:

    Batman vs Superman movie review:
    It has not only the action but a well developed story also. But please don’t expect this as an usual superhero movie. There was more scope for clashes between the two superheroes but in this movie it gives us less of both of them individually and together also.
    Despite bringing two superheroes together, the story and treatment of the movie in first half is more like a usual real life story without much fantasy element of superhero which everyone eagerly awaits to start.
    Even there was a big scope for superman’s action in the South Africa terror camp event but why they gave it a purposely miss i didn’t understand. Till the mega fight between the two happens, you almost forget that there is any superhero in the movie despite there are two. But when both of them fight for the only one time, it frightens and scares us. The treatment of whole movie is dark and a bit horrific. Dark and dark everywhere! All major and important scenes are either in dark or in night.
    It takes too long time for the much awaited climax to come!
    Many kids and children may not like the way movie is treated: very serious!
    But, despite all this when the movie ends, your opinion will change and you will say that the movie is good.
    Those who haven’t seen any previous installment of either of the two superhero movies separately, will be disappointed. But, overall this is still a good movie.
    A dark movie.
    Dark atmosphere.
    Dark characters.
    And yes in climax, it suddenly takes a surprise bollywood touch when it comes to one saving another’s “maa” (mother). Climax looks much similar to the one in “The amazing spiderman part1” after doomsday enters!
    Also these two superheroes of DC comics fight with the help of wonder woman against the doomsday who looks much like the hulk of the Marvel comics.
    The wonder woman comes in her actual getup only for very very short time. She looks wonderful but wonderfully disappoints also by her very short appearance.
    Dialogues of the movie are however good.
    Batman definitely looks very confident than superman throughout the movie.
    And one more thing: It has a “disappointing” surprise element at the very end which if i reveal, will play as a plot spoiler or suspense revealing. So i will keep mum or both superheroes will run after me and beat me instead of fighting between themselves!

  10. JOE S HILL says:

    The movie certainly pulled no punches,and was actually well made,despite the “poison pill” critics out there,who’ve shot and condemned the movie-laters with these characters,because they get paid to over critique too much stuff,,and for many of them,they do not know or understand about the DC Comics universe,or the complex stories,,but both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill play great versions of Batman and Superman,and Zack Synder really handled this,with creative and expert effect! of course,the ending of the movie was pretty gloomy,,but Bruce Wayne eventually begins the discovery of his future “Justice League” colleagues,thru the brief cameos in the film,and the battle with “Doomsday” was played closely to the 1992 comicbook series-so in general,Superman will certainly recover from the dead,,and Zack Synder will deliver a more surprising movie,down the road! but for the many critics out there,who complained about this movie,,read your comic books carefully,so that you may understand the material a little bit better! don’t know if this will put a big dent with the Marvel movie universe,especially with “DEADPOOL” still doing great,and the close arrival of “CAPTIAN AMERICA:CIVIL WARS” and X-MEN:APOCALYPSE”,,but for those,patient enough to watch what Zack Synder has started,i think the wait will be worth the while!,since this is called the “Dawn of Justice”,we’ll see much more surprises down the road! not everybody will be as lenient or patient,and to these people,this kind of material isn’t for them!

  11. I just saw it and it is pretty enjoyable. It is no TDK but the way story was told is not that bad. I don’t know why all this hate but it is better than avengers 2. Batman has always been a bit dark and this is exactly how it is. Finally a serious superhero movie.I am happy that I did not paid attention to all these critics hate and watched it in theater

  12. Aldo Guerra says:

    Critics are dead wrong. Read the comic books before bashing.

  13. Shourya Sodhani says:

    The critics just go into movies just to hate and criticize it. I, being a fan who had gone into the movie Batman V Superman with an open mind and a neutral perspective loved this movie more than any other I have ever watched. So for all those who change their mind about watching it just because of the critics, let me tell you not to do so. This movie is only receiving so much hate because critics are not used to watching superhero movies with detailed stories. This is the greatest superhero movie ever and deserves a watch from anyone who at least likes Batman or Superman

  14. PRAJWAL THAPA says:

    The movie is awesome. The critics are just way to harsh………

  15. barrymagrill says:

    Batman superman is awesome. Critics should get over it

  16. I saw the movie twice so far, my mother who isn’t a comic book movie fan loved it, my little brother loved it and thinks it is the best comic book movie and my little niece loved it, it made her cry twice but for all good reasons. It really is good, don’t fall for the hype against this movie, it is serious but full of heart.

  17. Ana says:

    Yes! Everyone should ignore what the critics said. The critics went into the showing with an incredibly biased mindset. When it comes to comic book movies, one thing is for sure, the fans are always right.

  18. GKN says:

    Good. That’s what they do – ignore the reviews, like I long have. These self-appointed “experts” have gotten impossible to please. And correction: The dislikes on Rotten Tomatoes are at 30%. The audience likes are at over 70%. What’s wrong with you people? Get a life.

  19. Daniel says:

    I can’t believe the harsh criticism. The movie was great, critics totally made it out to be way way worse and stiff than it actually was.

  20. Cass says:

    Will be like Avengers Ultron, front heavy money first 2 weeks, but no repeat customers.

    • macd says:

      Thank you, Cass, you are absolutely right! Repeat business is crucial to the success of these super-hero extravaganzas. Despite its many assets, the critics who disliked this movie because it simply isn’t “fun” were correct. The first, second, maybe even third weeks will clean up; afterwards comes the downhill slide. The first two “Superman” epics of the 1970s got rave reviews and struck boxoffice gold primarily because Christopher Reeve brought a keen sense of fun to the proceedings. That doesn’t happen here, and Warner Bros. should rejoice if it simply breaks even.

      • Jpe says:

        I, for one, plan on seeing it again. Finally a superhero movie for adults . Sure there may be a couple flaws which I expect to be resolved in the longer uncut version coming out on video. While I enjoy some of the Marvel movies, this one has more substance to it. And for those who complain that it has a dark tone, don’t worry. The Lego Batman movie will be coming early next year and perhaps that will be more your speed.

  21. Paully says:

    Like Fantastic 4 last year.. Disrespectful to the comic book fans. Hey if you inherently don’t like the characters why make the film. No wonder the Siegle and Shuster families want out at WB. Rumors that the mouse will offer 2 billion to them to walk Superman down to Aniheim..

  22. Jamal says:

    BVS is going to hit 200+ this weekend in the us alone

  23. Shimon Ohana says:

    Haha Choke on it #RottenCritics
    Amazing movie!!

  24. DD says:


  25. upsidown says:

    Of course the reviews won’t have much impact on the opening weekend, a lot of those ticket sales were from pre-sales. The big test will be the second weekend and how word of mouth impacts the film at that point and going forward.

  26. Chris says:

    I thought it would higher than that. Barely getting 30 million more than the first Hunger Games got without all the 3D and IMAX

  27. rgs2000 says:

    of course critics doesnt have any impact, it was a great movie…my family love it and everyone in theather love. May be those critics are fan for another comic brands :p hahahaha…anyway, the only thing i regret were the trailer since they were given too much away :)

  28. Dixxsy says:

    Rotten Tomatoes might be at 30% but IMDB is at 9.4/10.
    I personally loved the movie and would recommend it to anyone. See it for yourself and make your own opinion not based on reviews or comments people have made.

    • Kurt says:

      The rating is now 7.5 and dropping fast!! Movie was a disappointment.

      • Carlos says:

        “And seem to remember Warner saying that BvS would “have to do a billion dollars for some folk to keep their jobs.”

        Citation Needed

      • EricJ says:

        IMDB is user-submitted, and BvS wouldn’t be the first movie to be “ballot-stuffed” with fan zealotry before it opens–Remember the 10.0 the weekend Passion of the Christ opened?

        And seem to remember Warner saying that BvS would “have to do a billion dollars for some folk to keep their jobs.”
        It might make $200m by the end of the weekend, but it ain’t making a billion by May. That’s Zootopia numbers. From normal audiences who LIKE the movie.

    • Silas says:

      IMDB is now 7.6 and falling.

      • Silas says:

        Murica, I do make my own decisions, on the basis of the evidence. I could arbitrarily ignore one source of evidence (i.e. reviews) as you are suggesting, but that would be foolish. I don’t care for the sort of independence of mind that you seem to prize, which involves shutting your eyes and ears and hoping for the best.

      • Murica! says:

        You should make up your own mind. It’s really pathetic that you need some critic to tell you what to watch. Do you need other people to tell you what to do every day? Are you incapable of making your own decisions? I never read reviews. I couldn’t care less about the opinion of some moron. I decide what movies I want to see. Clearly you need someone to hold your hand.

      • Silas says:

        >”I meant use your own brain to form an opinion.”

        If you mean a final opinion about the whether a movie is good, I certainly rely on my own brain for this purpose. But I can’t make such a judgement before seeing the movie, and we are talking about deciding whether to see it in the first place. So I presume that that’s not what you mean by an opinion. You must mean a preliminary estimation of the likely quality of the film. I do rely on reviews for this purpose, because they are the best source of evidence available. I’m still not sure why you think that this betrays a failure on my part to use my brain.

        I certainly admit that if your reasons for seeing movies are different from mine (e.g. if you merely wish to satisfy your “interest” in them, and don’t care how good they are) then it might not make sense for you to consult other people’s opinions before choosing which of them to see.

      • Dixxsy says:

        I meant use your own brain to form an opinion.

        I don’t read reviews or listen to anyone’s opinion to help me make a decision whether or not to see something. If I’m interested in something, I’ll spend my money regardless, because after all, it is my money.
        If you need someone else to tell you what they think of something to help make your decision that’s your choice.

      • Silas says:

        You seemed to be suggesting that the divergence between user ratings on IMDB and critics’ ratings on RT was significant somehow. If you weren’t, then my mistake.

        >”Don’t choose to not watch a movie based on other people’s opinions. Use your own brain.”

        If other people’s opinions have proven in the past to be good predictors of how much you will enjoy a movie, heeding other people’s opinions before spending your money is using your brain. I tend to enjoy well-reviewed superhero movies more than poorly reviewed ones.

      • Dixxsy says:

        I seriously don’t give 2 shits what any critic review or opinion site rating score is. My point was that everywhere, Rotten Tomatoes rating score is used as a base for how good or not a movie is.
        Only a minority of people would even use those sites.
        Like others have said, the movies are made for fans not critics.
        Don’t choose to not watch a movie based on other people’s opinions. Use your own brain.

  29. man1985 says:

    I think its erroneous to say that the bad reviews aren’t having any effect on the movie’s box office. Sure $180 million is impressive, but can you imagine how much more money it would be making if the movie and the reviews were actually good. I personally feel that the movie would have made over $200 million opening weekend

    What a shame that the movie was so…. mediocre. It’s not as bad as people say but I will tell you this. It was filled with dumb moments. So many dumb moments that don’t make any sense. What the heck? How does this happen? They had 3 years to get it right. What in the heck happened?

    • Dixxsy says:

      Silas, you are clearly unable to comprehend my basic words. I dont know how you interpreted what i wrote into that.
      I’ll make it simple for you.
      I have my own mind. I decide whether or not i want to see something no matter what anyone says about it.
      I make my own judgement of what i have seen without anyone’s influence or input.

      It’s fine if you don’t have those capabilities. Don’t think everyone does things the way you do.

      I’ll say it again, I loved the movie.

      I’m done with you sir. Im not a fan of talking in circles.

      • Silas says:

        Dixxsy, I never challenged any of the things you just said. I merely ignored them because they were irrelevant. I was responding to your original suggestion that taking others’ opinions into consideration mean not using one’s brain.

    • EricJ says:

      “but can you imagine how much more money it would be making if the movie and the reviews were actually good.”

      The true movies that make long-range money are the ones that are BETTER than they look. (Who would have gone to see a cartoon about animal cops?)
      There’s a little thing analysts might have heard of called Word of Mouth: Every fan who thinks the trailer looks cool is going to be there on the first weekend. The only audiences who go on the second weekend are those who have to be dragged/persuaded by the first week’s audiences that “No, really, I know what you’re thinking, but you have to see this anyway!”
      That’s not what this movie is getting. What it’s getting is what Fifty Shades of Gray got–A big huge fat whopping fan-convention pilgrimage of loyalty stuffing theaters up to phenomenal headlines on opening day, the studio getting all excited about sequels and franchises, and then a big fat cliff-dive in the second weekend when the reality turned out nobody ELSE wanted to go see it, those who did told them not to, and the critics agreed. (Followed by the studios crying “Wha-wha…what happened??”)

    • are you a comic book fan? because if you are not, then of course it will not make sense to you. those moments will be explained in the next DC movies (Justice League). WB and DC already explained that 2 years ago.

      • man1985 says:

        There are TONS of other moments like this too but I don’t feel like writing them all.

        I will say that Lois’ entire side story was completely useless. The “Superman Incident”, as it was referred to, was unnecessary. That entire subplot wrapped up with Lois finding out that Lex knows who Superman is, and then that information didn’t matter ever again in the movie. Lois was completely useless.

      • man1985 says:

        I’m a comic book fan. I’ve watched every Batman TAS episode (own the box sets). I’ve watched every Justice League and Justice League Unlimited episode. I’ve watched every DC movie ever made.

        And when I say “dumb moments” i’m not talking about *SPOILERS AHEAD** the dream sequence where Batman sees Darkseid’s Omega symbol, and parademons come down and attack him. I’m not talking about the Flash cameo where he apparently times travels into Bruce’s dream.

        When I say dumb moments i mean **Spoilers Again**

        Batman shoots a tracking device on to a truck. Then proceeds to mow everyone in the convoy down with his Batmobile battering ram and 50 caliber murder gun. Only to lose the truck in the end and then rely on his tracking to device. My question is…… What was the point of tracking it if you had zero reservation killing the bad guys? You track it in order to follow it covertly. Otherwise just storm the dock and kill everyone there. Jesus. Then he launches his Batmobile at the truck and rips it in 2. Just BARELY missing his tracking device. You can’t tell me he aimed his Batmobile 2 inches above the tracker. That move was a completely retarded move by a man who is supposed to be smart. He was lucky he didn’t crash right into his tracking device. The whole chase was pointless. Once he had tracked any other Batman would have just followed the beacon to the warehouse where it was stored and steal it later. The chase was filmed JUST TO HAVE A CHASE SCENE. It made no sense. If you wanna have a chase scene then: have Batman show up at the docks just seconds late. The truck is already leaving. Now he has to hurry to catch up and get close enough to plant a tracking device on it. Now you can film your chase scene and now it makes more sense. Now you have Batman pretty much doing the exact same thing except this time at the last moment he finally plants the tracker and pulls off. The bad guys none the wiser.

        The next dumb moment happens immediately after. Superman confronts Batman about his “vigilante” ways. He tells him that “the bat is dead. Bury it”. Now let’s keep in the mind that this is the first time that Batman has ever met Superman. He knows why HE has a problem with Superman but as far as HE knows Superman has no knowledge of him (Batman). Let alone that Superman has a problem with the bat. And this 10-15 word conversation is the first words Superman has ever spoken to Batman. And instead of questioning why Superman would have ANY sort of problem with him, he just takes it as a given. And retorts his “tell me do you bleed” line. Doesn’t it strike Batman as odd that Superman would have a direct conflict with him? As far as he knows Superman is a good guy who saved the world, and still goes around saving people left and right. Remember that he says that Superman is “not yet” an enemy. So why does he just accept Superman’s seemingly rude antagonizing greeting? Why doesn’t he question Superman. “the bat is dead? why? what’s your problem with me? I’m a hero just like you. what are you jealous? threatened by me? What? WHAT? What did I do to you?”. Nope. Instead the scene just feels like it was forced in just to have a pre-fight confrontation scene. It feels even MORE forced later on when they actually fight and Superman’s problem with Batman’s vigilante ways is no longer a reason why he fights him. By that time Superman doesn’t give a s*** about Batman being a vigilante. In fact he’s hoping Batman can use his skills to help him find his mom. Soooooo….. what was the point of the “bat is dead” scene earlier? There was no point to it. It no longer holds any bearing in the fight.

      • Richard says:

        So a movie I see today will be explained in two years ….Ok so it is and adaptation of trilogy or book series uhhhmm no you say . Oh so it’s an original screenplay …so why do I have to wait two years because the screen writers couldn’t construct an intelligent story?

      • joe says:

        I read comics. I am familiar with the DC Universe. This is not a good movie.

  30. jeff says:

    I really liked the film. Affleck did a great job as Batman. The fans are going to drown out the reviewers on this one.

    • wayne Klein says:

      I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece but it was entertaining and the story elements did dovetail nicely.


      The Lois storyline did have meaning because Lex used Lois to set up Superman and demonize him as a bad guy so he could get permission to bring in as much krypton as possible and weapon i.e. It as possible. I’m assuming some of the loose ends will be tied up in the Director’s Cut that Snyder is planning to see released.

      As far as Superman going to confront Batman, I’m hoping man1985 remembers thst Alex was sending photos to Clark to demonize Batman AND he had been working on a story on Batman for some time that Perry kept shooting down. While they might not have met before, Siperman was aware of a Batman and had been for sometime (he asked Wayne what he thought of Batman at an early scene which implied that maybe he had figured out who Batman was. There are often times scenes that are implied in films from the context of the earlier scene. It may not be explicitly spelled out (this is referred to as a Elliptical narrative) and refers to other scenes that are implied outside of the story.

      Heck, I had to walk out of the theater to take a call briefly at one point and I followed this.

      Lex was pitting Superman against Batman and vice versa from the beginning to put them both out of the way (why? I have no idea yet except he’s crazy).

      It’s not a perfect film but it’s less of a mess than Ultron in my opinion. Both are loud, kinetic films with too much fighting/explosions and not enough exposition but I do admire the way they cleverly integrate the Dark Knight fight AND Doomsday into a larger narrative really designed to set up the Justixe League movie.

  31. Rudy Mario says:

    Better enjoy the first few days 9f box office collections. Terrible movie. What do you expect from a minimally talented director?

    Another disappointment for Warner Bros.

  32. raj@hotmail.com says:

    this is a nightmare…damn….this was not suppose to go like this….

  33. therealeverton says:

    Opening weekend is not the barometer. It’s how well it does net weekend that tells you if people’s views mirror the critics, or oppose them.

  34. EricJ says:

    When fans see a movie in opening weekend, they’re going to see the movie they crafted in their own imaginations from the trailers and buildup hype….SURPRISE! :)
    It’s the second weekend that makes or breaks–Like the old saying, a movie doesn’t make its money on the fans going in, it makes it on the fans going OUT.

  35. J-dog says:

    Greek Wedding 2 is the big surprise this weekend – +$25 Million. Go blue-hairs

  36. Oscarbait says:

    The critics loved “Hail Ceasar”. Drop mic! Do what you want, see what you want. Why let some stranger dictate what you do and see.

    • Sylvia says:

      So true. The audiences of today make up their own minds and ignore poorly paid hacks that hide behind their computer screens.

      • James says:

        Poorly paid hacks? When done well, these are people who love film and who can articulate their opinions. Just because they don’t support some blockbuster enterprise that, in all honesty, doesn’t look very good doesn’t mean they deserve that kind of hate. To be honest, the film is critic proof due to the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman combination (Not to mention the 150 plus ad campaign which hijacked the zeitgeist to make the film the first thing most Americans are talking about this weekend when it comes to pop culture.) Also, these people don’t hide behind their computer screens. Unlike your anonymous post, these people’s names and their pictures are there for anyone to see along with their reviews.

      • Just remember Rocky got bad ratings when its script got looked over and it won Best Picture.

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