‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Eyes Massive $140 Million Debut

Batman vs Superman
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is shaping up to be a box office powerhouse.

Early tracking suggests that the comic book movie will open to at least $120 million on March 25. Tracking shows massive awareness of the film and audiences report definite interest and intent to see the movie. It should be helped by the fact that it opens on Easter weekend, and if audiences get behind the picture, it could climb as high as $140 million. It will launch across roughly 4,000 domestic locations, and will screen in Imax, Premium Large Format, 3D and 4DX venues, each of them carrying surcharges.

The film brings together some of DC Comics’ most iconic characters in Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). Warner Bros., the studio backing the $250 million production, is hoping that the picture will kick off a new string of interconnected superhero sagas. It follows “Batman v Superman” with a super-villains mash-up, “Suicide Squad,” this summer and a “Justice League” adventure next year. Going forward, the studio hopes to release roughly two comic book movies a year, including films centered on the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.


Batman v Superman

‘Batman v Superman’ Gets R-Rated DVD Director’s Cut

Warner Bros. is planning a massive global roll-out for the film. It will debut simultaneously across 30,000 screens in nearly every major foreign territory, including China, the world’s second largest movie market. Other top locations include the United Kingdom, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and Japan. It should pull in $200 million overseas, giving the film more than $300 million in global grosses.

Tickets for “Batman v Superman” went on sale Monday. The top domestic opening for a March release is “The Hunger Games,” which bowed to $152.5 million in 2012.

Warner Bros. could use a blockbuster hit. With “Harry Potter” and “The Hobbit” finished, the studio is scrambling to find new franchises to replace the old. In addition to the DC Comics universe, it will return to Potter-world this fall with the spin-off “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

Although there has been some concern that the sheer onslaught of movies featuring costumed heroes will lead to superhero fatigue, comic book movies continue to be one of the most popular genres. “Deadpool,” featuring a character that is far less widely known than Batman or Superman, opened to $132.4 million over President’s Day weekend, and expectations are also high for future Marvel films such as “Captain America: Civil War” and “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

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  1. therealeverton says:

    “Although there has been some concern that the sheer onslaught of movies featuring costumed heroes will lead to superhero fatigue,”

    Neither has there been an “onslaught” (word does not mean what you think it does) nor any concern amongst your average moviegoer, not agenda having media, about this. There is ZERO evidence to suggest otherwise, zero.

  2. Tomahawk Jones says:

    In the city where I’m from we wear them pants (we wear them pants)!!

    Pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants…

  3. occupytaxes says:

    Brent Lang, Deadline recently did an in depth article on the Batman v Superman tracking numbers when they first came out Thursday. They are reporting a starting number of 140 million, and rival studios as they point out think that is very low. The article also states the presale numbers for Batman v Superman will likely pass The Dark Knight Rises, which tracked at 180 million million before that awful movie theater shooting in Colorado.

    Honestly, I do not understand this 120 to 140 million dollars figure. If anything 160 to 180 million seems far more likely at this stage when you look at the facts.

  4. mightymad says:

    … Sorry, but $140 millions seems quite underwhelming for this movie.
    Seriously, you would expect such a big event motion picture to get closer to the $150-180 millions range.

    Maybe Warners is edging their bets here… still, it better open big – nobody at that studio is keeping their jobs if this film doesn’t clear its $410 millions budget + promotional cost.

    • occupytaxes says:

      First off the author of this article is not telling the entire story. As Deadline has pointed out, Batman v Superman is trending towards presale number of The Dark Knight Rises. A film that was tracking at 180 million dollars opening weekend before the theater shooting. So, it is easy to assume Batman v Superman is really tracking above 150 million as a low ball number. The 120 to 140 predicting is not a safe prediction, it is very low ball.

      As for the production budget,that 410 million dollar figure includes promotional costs as reported in the original article about that.

  5. IT--two--IT says:

    “Understand, we now live in a 100% PSYCHOPATHIC system
    ———–and [ INTEL RUN ] Hollywood is –completely– RUN by PSYCHOPATHS.

    —————–Understand, PSYCHOPATHS are –INCAPABLE– of genuine creativity
    —————————and can only REPEAT themselves endlessly
    —————————————-and ‘evolve’ along pre-determined lines.”
    Informed Radio



    – – —–BULLLLEH—- – –

  6. Jim says:

    If this movie comes out at the $120 million tracking number, that would be a major disappointment for WB. That’s less than Deadpool and significantly less than the two Avengers movies, Iron Man 3, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. $120 million is barely more than Man of Steel did ($116 million) and WB considered that movie to be a box office disappointment. We’re talking about Batman AND Superman plus the other Justice League members and multiple major villains. They have 15-20 movies counting on how well this one does. WB would have to be disappointed with anything less than $150 million.

  7. DVC says:

    And what about the rumor that they’re planning to hide merchandise in the box office to inflate the number?

  8. Reality check. says:

    Wishful thinking doesn’t make it so, and neither will pimp pieces like this. The trailers have turned off millions. There is zero curiosity factor, even comics people are calling it DOA.

    • Sigma 12 says:

      Assertions don’t make it so. How can you possibly know that the trailers have turned off millions? Did you interview these millions yourself, or did you hire a research company to survey these millions for you? You are trying to pass off your opinion as a fact.

    • Jeb El says:

      What are you talking about? You sound about as dumb as Trump. LMAO! Interest for this movie is through the roof.

      • mightymad says:

        … Going to copy/paste the same comments everywhere, Jeb?

        If so, ‘sure looks like like even you don’t have much faith in this movie…

  9. jluckhurst41 says:

    considering the deadpool numbers I would say this one needs to collect a bit more than $120-140m in order to be called a success. if deadpool did $132m on a february weekend, then the two biggest superheroes every, combined in one film, should generate more than that, otherwise this whole dc franchise can start packing their bags, but maybe that’s just me

    • False Equivilence says:

      That was a 4 day weekend.

      • mightymad says:

        “Deadpool” actually grossed $150 million over the 4-Day President’s Day Weekend.

        The more you know…

      • shar07 says:

        But Deadpool still grossed over $132M in only 3-days. Pretty good for a first time DP movie with only a $58M production cost. BVS, which has 2 well known superheroes, has to beat DP’s opening weekend numbers by a significant amount to be deemed a success. Especially since it also has a $250M production cost.

  10. People will vote for Trump, people will go see this.

    People are stupid.

  11. Bill says:

    A tad surprised at these expectations, but glad. I’m not much of a comic book movie fan, with an exception that pops up every now and then, but I am interested in this I guess due to my Superman obsessed childhood, so I hope it is a hit.

  12. Cass says:

    I’ll bet on slightly under. There is crazy buzz like Suicide Squad.

  13. TrueStory says:

    If Affleck is in it I won’t watch it. I think this will have a huge first weekend and drop like a rock the week after.

  14. The “darkness” may be the trend and quality may not matter…but if the latest Superman is the template and the trailer is the indicator, there may not be a Justice League film as planned, but one that will undergo rewrites and personnel change. What does matter is profit; that relies on how the movie trends post-release, especially overseas and non-theatrically when the real money (and indicators) informs the future of a franchise.

    • mightymad says:

      Warners already confirmed production on “Justice League” has already started.

      Snyder has started filming for it two weeks ago…

      So it’s happening.

  15. Jeb El says:

    wow… what’s with the negativity. I love comic book movies and the comics. I’m 38, successful and the woman in my life is both exceptionally intelligent and way more beautiful than should be allowed. Belittling others shows both a lack of character and confidence in oneself. The only rage I see is yours jacques.

    • Rogers says:

      Marvel fans have issues… Usually they stick to their own little bubble but it looks like some got out.

    • If you want negativity, watch the trailer for this movie. When it aired before The Force Awakens, I seriously considered walking my children out of the theater because it was so violent, so grim, so loud and unpleasant.

      Man of Steel was a morose slog, this looks to be even worse.

  16. Dunstan says:

    As a given group of movie-goers ages out of what are clearly repetitious comic book films, there will always be another group of kids, pre-teens, etc. who will flock to them. I never saw the Henry Cavil Superman film but I heard it was a gigantic bore. While this one looks no better (let’s face it, Superman could destroy Batman in an actual fight), it will be huge around the world. Quality doesn’t matter.

  17. Tomahawk Jones says:

    I scream “Oorah Bandidos” every chance that I get!

    You know why? Because I’m too legit to quit!

  18. Jacques Strappe says:

    Batturd vs Superdouche: Dawn of Failure. There, I fired the salvo. :Let the DC vs Marvel war commence in earnest for the crown of who is the biggest loser with absolutely no life. Writing your rants while wearing the superhero costume of your favorite hero and only friend in life, might help better channel your rage.

    • stacy030 says:

      Dude, you are bitching about ta comic book movie on the Internet. You are just as big of a loser at the rest of us.

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