Antonio Sabato Jr. Says Hollywood is Blacklisting Him for Supporting Donald Trump

Antonio Sabato Jr. Republican National Convention
(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Antonio Sabato Jr. claims that he’s been bullied endlessly in the days following his appearance at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Not only online, but by Hollywood directors who have blacklisted him. On July 18, the actor opened the RNC in Cleveland with a speech about why he’s supporting Donald Trump, calling him the “unity” candidate, who would secure borders and protect citizens. Sabato Jr. reached out to Variety to share what he says happened next.

Antonio Sabato Jr.: I think this country allows you freedom of speech. Anybody should be allowed to say whatever they want. When you’re in my business, you can’t talk about [conservative] politics. You just can’t. You’re attacked viciously in a way that I’ve never been attacked before.

On Twitter, there’s been name calling, and celebrities attacking me. That’s fine. I see it, but I don’t read it. I block them and delete them and move on. There’s so much negativity you can be taken into that. But I’ve also heard from celebrities: “If he can do it, I want to speak my mind too.” They are fed up with the way this country has been running and by all these lies.


Antonio Sabato Jr Republican Convention

Antonio Sabato Jr. Doesn’t Care if Supporting Donald Trump Hurts His Career

I was never a politician. I care about my country. I put God first. For the last seven-and-a-half years, I’ve seen this country led by a leader that’s made mistakes. I spoke my mind about it. But because I’m in the industry, you can’t talk about that. The media and the liberals act the way they act: The will back up the president until the end. It’s been interesting. I’ve had fantastic directors who have said officially to my agents and managers they will never hire me again. They will never even see me for projects. That’s unfair. It’s just like Communism.

We’re in the business. You’re supposed to be hired based on your talent and abilities, not because of how you feel about politics or religion. But that’s how they do things. It’s not just me. I know a lot of people in the industry who are in the same boat. The reality is if you’re associated with the Republican Party, the casting directors and producers already blacklist you based on that. I know people that just showed up, they didn’t speak – and they are not getting work because of it.

Hollywood is very liberal, but they contradict themselves all the time. They don’t want the war, but they’ll have a president who voted for the war. Hollywood wants to help the entire world. They do the opposite— government under the Democratic Party has done absolutely nothing. I choose Trump. I support everything he’s going to do. A lot of people in America feel the same way.


Donald Trump GOP Republican Convention

Kerry Washington, Mark Ruffalo, Other Celebrities Join Campaign to Stop Donald Trump

The industry doesn’t like that. A lot of the bosses, a lot of the executives, they own the channels, they own the media. They donate millions to Hillary Clinton and President Obama. I’m just a normal dude speaking my mind. So be it. I will keep fighting for what I believe, and I will keep looking for work. My work and my life is based on God. My leader, the one I look up to, is Jesus Christ. I’ve seen people in the industry say, “I’m not going to talk to this guy, because he talks about Jesus Christ.” It shows the true personalities of these people. Well, I wouldn’t want to work with them anyway. But if I acted the same way as they did, I would never work for anybody. They are all with Hillary.

I think it’s a disgrace that the Democratic Party is using [the Khan family] for their own good. All of a sudden, we hear about a father losing his son? I send my condolences. But at the same time, they are using it for their own benefit. It’s not right. Hillary was for the war. The guy is talking about losing his son for a war that Hillary was part of.

I have my hands in all kinds of businesses. I’m never going to leave Hollywood. I’m going to go after it one way or another. I’m just speaking the truth — people don’t know how this business works. I feel strongly about the fact that Donald Trump is going to win. I think he’ll be elected in November.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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  1. Business jobs are given a 7 day bill.

  2. carlos says:

    Only thing he had going for him was his youth and beauty. Both of which are slipping. Silly guy who was purportedly a big supporter of LGBT rights. What did he expect.

  3. Kevin says:

    This guy is a joke…blacklisted? He never worked before so how could he think he’s blacklisted now. Antonio should understand that his only appear in the industry was that he is a good looking straight male actor who’s body and looks appeal to the gay community. Other than that, he’s acting ability is non existent. Maybe if he wanted the gays to still hire him he should have kept his political beliefs to himself.

  4. goanddo2 says:

    We need more people who are interested in doing what is right, not what is popular! Glad to see someone putting the country ahead of his Hollywood career. I almost wish I were in CA so I could vote for him. Actually, it’s not that much worse than being in Oregon…

  5. roadfilddler says:

    Yes, the producers are in business, and they are making a business decision. They do not have to hire anyone they feel would negatively affect their image and, as a result, their bottom line. It’s what any business does in a free market economy. As a Trump support, you should be the first to support that!

    • And last year all black actors bitched and complained that more blacks were not hired or won. So Hollywood somehow succumbed to their wishes and this year there are black works everywhere. So why blackmail him because he supports Trump? You did not invoke business when blacks complained. He is free to do that and he should get the same allowances blacks were given. Hollywood is disgusting, pezzi di morda.

  6. Laura says:

    God bless you Antonio! Well said my friend.
    Keep the faith! Jesus will always hold your hand! Always know Good trumps evil. You are not alone, there are many Apostles of God.
    Keep fighting the good fight!

  7. Truth Sayer says:

    Sabato Jr. IS a moron and definitely a BIGOT, and not just for supporting Trump either. He’s an idiot for thinking that someone like Barack Obama HAS to be Muslim simply because of his name, or because his father was from Africa. Obama was raised by his Christian grandparents from his mother’s side, and attends a Christian church. He married a Christian woman and is raising 2 Christian daughters. Someone needs to tell that dumbass Sabato (who by the way is Hispanic, but pretending to be Italian) that religion is something that every individual has to choose for themselves! Aside from being totally wrong about Obama, when he refers to Muslims or middle-easterners (many of whom by the way ARE Christian) as “the bad guys,” that there is solid proof that he is a Goddamn bigot. There are hundreds of millions of folks in the middle east, and 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide. Only about 0.000001% of them may be terrorists belonging to groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda. Obama by the way, have used military drones exponentially more than G. W. Bush has to kill many of these individuals that were on a terror watchlist. Yet clueless nitwit Sabato still thinks that Obama is “with them?!” Are you kidding me? It’s these idiots like Sabato (who by the way is not even from America) and the jackasses they support, like Trump, ARE actually the biggest threat to our country, not a few Muslim extremist half the world away!

    • goanddo2 says:

      Actions speak louder than words, Truth Sayer, you need to look at what B.O. does, not what he says, before speaking your truth. As for not being from America, interesting you should bring that up…

    • Jason says:

      Antonio was born in Rome. I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m pretty sure that makes him Italian, not Hispanic.

  8. dorothy says:

    Well done Antonio. You are a man of true principals. I met you when you came for a meeting with Sandy Gallin in 1996. I was horrified with what you had to tolerate to get somewhere with that sick Manager. You have definitely seen the dark side of Hollywood and I wish you would spill the beans. That said, maybe I will.

  9. Pat Diaz says:

    I have always admired you greatly, Antonio. Now more so…….your love for this country, desire to see change in Washington and your love for God, fantastic. Hang in there, loyalty and values are without price. PH

  10. Susan says:

    Acquiring acting jobs seems it would be based on an actors likability…. Apparently Mr. Sabato has none following his endorsement of Mr. Trump. I have never heard of him, and quite frankly like him less after his endorsement. 😏

  11. coryducey says:

    That’s in treating given there are well respected and talented actors that are clearly Republican and get work…Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris, Duck Dynasty family, The Arnold, Gary Busy, Charlie Sheen, Stephen Baldwin…no wait…these guys generally don’t work any more…my bad…

  12. curls says:

    Hum, if I had a job lined up — my upcoming manager saw me making false, unknowledgeable comments left and right, and found me supporting a narcissistic bigot without other motivation (such as trying to save your Republican Congress job)

    … i’m sure my upcoming manager would cancel spending time with me. That’s not blacklisting. That’s called, how not to hold a job.

  13. JP says:

    Pleaseeee-what jobs? what dead career is he loosing?ASjr should spend more time working on his bad acting rather than spending time in the gym flexing his pathetic pretty boy image-Old beauty queens die hard-male and female-no one finds him sexy anymore and he could never act.

  14. jim says:

    Dude can u sing ? Im getting marri8ed and need a wedding singer

  15. QNick says:

    Oh please. There are plenty of celebs “A Lister’s” that are Republicans a lot of which I’m a fan of and they arent being blacklisted. You Mr. Sabato opened your mouth and spewed untruths about our President and showed yourself to lack any real knowledge on what your where attempting to educate others about. You have nobody to blame but yourself.

    • Kate says:

      Sabato lied, spread knowingly false information about existing President Obama — that was Muslim and our country was run for seven and a half years by a Muslim president. That’s why he lost jobs. Pretty simple. False accusations against a sitting president. He can’t admit what he did and NOW want to run for office? So strange and sad.

    • Jason says:

      Name them. I’ll wait…

  16. Hey America and especially you in Hollywood do the world a favor and stop preaching that America is a free and open society. You’re nothing of the sort! Every time someone of position in the US speaks his mind, if it doesn’t agree with your own, you lash out and blacklist and try to destroy that person. You’re free in theory only, but not in practicality. What a bunch of f&*($@# hypocrites! You make a joke of your own Constitution lol!!

    • jsm1963 says:

      Hey Vincere! You have freedom of speech, not freedom from the consequences of your speech. Our Constitution protects us from government suppression of speech. LOL!

      • goanddo2 says:

        jsm1963, you are missing Vincere’s point. We so readily spew hate and what our rights are nowadays that we don’t listen to each other and try to work together. People may not have wanted Obama, but they tolerated him. The increased vitriol being shouted from everyone who doesn’t support Trump is cause to stop and consider, how much worse might it get the next election? If we are really interested in saving our country, peoples’ attitudes and (lack of) respect for one another needs to change, as does the pride.

  17. Alice Coker says:

    Thank you for speaking out. That is the only way we will retake our country which was founded by people who believed in God and many of whom worshiped Jesus Christ. Stay vocal and focused you know you will come out on top. I am so happy that you are willing to speak out.

  18. gary dungan says:

    thank you for your courage and love of america i will try to be as couragous as you god bless

  19. Ron Gardner says:

    This jackass told a reporter on live TV that he believed President Obama is a Muslim, despite all evidence to the contrary, and that it was his right to go on believing that. He said this all with a straight face, which was probably the best acting he’s ever accomplished. I don’t see Clint Eastwood clamoring for his services.

  20. Clifton Roberson says:

    How do you know if your being black balled if your career is already in the toilet?

    • Mandy says:

      He said on a TV spot that he had several jobs lined up and after endorsing Trump those jobs disappear. Why do you think all of Hollywood goes for the libs except ones that have enough money and clout not to have to worry about being blacklisted. I’m referring to Eastwood, Arnold, the Charlton Heston, Tom Selleck to name just a few. The hunks of Hollywood.

  21. He’s had such challenging roles such as “Handsome Guy #1” in the Critically Acclaimed hit of 2012 “The Three Stooges”.

  22. UnkB says:

    The liberal Nazis who try to suppress great artists will NEVER win. I can’t wait to see the major motion picture starring Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Stacey Dash. Look for the GoFundMe appeal. Genius cannot be denied by the libertards!!!!

  23. Dick, You'rea says:

    …maybe you’re just a shitty actor?

  24. Chris Rivel says:

    Womp Wooomp!

    Looks like someone is finding out freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences of your speech.

  25. Terry B says:

    This man is a phony and not a good actor. He is a has been and he wants some publicly. Give this story about President Obama a break, what an idiotic remark. P.S. Who would want to hire him anyways.

  26. Jonathan says:

    You have to be someone people want to HIRE before you can be blacklisted.

  27. Dianne Williams says:

    Mr. Sabato jr made a racist and false statement. That is why people are upset. Supporting Donald is one thing, making a insensitive, highly flammable, ignorant comment is another. Calling the President a Muslim and implying he was somehow involved with terrorists was reckless. He made his bed, he can now ly in it.

    • Joseph Kony says:

      I would say that supporting Donald Trump and making insensitive, highly flammable and ignorant comments are one and the same.

  28. R. Desai says:

    Idiot. He’s an embarrassment to actors everywhere. He gives new meaning to dumb and pretty (although right now….his stupidity actually makes him ugly).

  29. “We’re in the business. You’re supposed to be hired based on your talent and abilities” On that, he is correct. If you suck as an actor, you suck, that’s not anyone’s fault but the actor.

    • Joseph Kony says:

      That may be the case when you’re hiring a factory worker, but nobody wants to look at this guy’s stupid face anymore after this. Not that anyone wanted to look at it before..

  30. Nellibly says:

    It’s exactly like what happened to Clint Eastwood after his speech to the RNC convention in 2012. Wait, nothing happened to Clint Eastwood. He has talent.

  31. Mary Sue Sagor says:

    Antonio, you are not getting work because, while you are very handsome, you are not a good actor. Obama in not a Muslim (Muslims do not host Christmas parties on television!) and donny is not a Republican!…and just because you were brave enough to speak on donny’s behalf, you are still not a good actor, and that’s why you are not getting roles.

  32. pengelnyc says:

    Sabato Jr. should be grateful he can cry “blacklist” – no one even remembered this bad actor until 2 weeks ago.

  33. I’ve never heard of this person.

  34. If you want to learn more about how people ‘make it’ in Hollywood, See a segment on Hollywood that is part of a new documentary called Communism by the Backdoor.

  35. jsm1963 says:

    You have freedom of speech, not freedom from the consequences of your speech.

  36. jsm1963 says:

    He hasn’t been able to find a job in a week and a half! BLACKLIST!

  37. Chris says:

    That guy hasn’t has a big movie or role in decades. NEWSFLASH it’s his acting not his political views.

  38. Dan says:

    So he has trouble understanding what freedom of speech means.

    Yes you have the right to express your thoughts. I did not see anyone stopping you.

    But others also have a right to react to what you say. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism.

    You have every right to stand up for what you think, but be aware that others have the right to do the same. And further if they really dislike what you say, they have the right to not spend time with, or interact with you. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from repercussions either.

    That’s why it’s referred to as “standing up” for what you think. You understand that taking a stance makes you visible, and possibly a target for those who do not agree. But also a beacon for those who agree.

    Besides, no normal adult expects that everyone will agree with them. To be surprised that you catch some flak after taking a controversial position is beyond reasonable.

  39. Bonnie says:

    Trump bragged about all these BIG name Hollywood stars who were at the RNC, all I saw was this has-been and that idiot Scott Bao, another has-been. Lol.

  40. Dan Mauller says:

    If you’ve been “blacklisted” for supporting Trump, doesn’t that sort of illustrate that he’s NOT a “unity” candidate?

    Maybe you’ve been “blacklisted” for being an idiot.

  41. Ready true says:

    He says:
    “I think it’s a disgrace that the Democratic Party is using [the Khan family] for their own good.”
    But he conveniently forgets how the RNC used the mother of the fallen Benghazi soldier who called Hillary a “liar” and said she (Hillary) should be jailed.

    He says:
    “You’re supposed to be hired (in Hollywood) based on your talent and abilities…”
    But the fact is he wasn’t hired much as an actor before the convention and if he believes that “talent and abilities” are what separated the hired from the non-hired, he clearly doesn’t know Hollywood. No, this guy is just making excuses and trying to draw sympathy. Also, if his Christian beliefs allow him to vote for Trump, then Jesus is surely shaking his head. Jesus said “Bring the children onto me.” Trump says “Get the kid oughta here.”

    • Bonnir says:

      If Trump had not even said anything about Khan family and kept his big mouth shut, no one would even be discussing this. STFU Trump.

    • Bonnie says:

      But it was ok to parade people across the stage at the RNC bashing Hillary and Obama, right? Get your head out of Trumps butt and stop eating his sh–! Trump said he likes the uneducated because you believe everything he says.

  42. Tell It says:

    Ha! Just an excuse for not being in demand in the years before the convention.

  43. Eric says:

    The high point of his mediocre career was during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Didn’t hear him complaining then.

  44. Thank you Antonio Sabato Jr. We need many more people like you in the industry with strong convictions and courage. I’m sorry you’ve been blacklisted because you defend your patriotic rights in our Republic, U.S.A., or is it now considered, U.S.A.R. Wasn’t there a time in the industry when some great industry people like Lucille Ball were blacklisted and falsely accused of being a communist? and most voted Republican?
    I can not understand some of these industry people and celebrities who support such corruption and blatant dishonesty in Hillary Clinton and the Wars she’s been involved in that killed and destroyed so many lives, based on lies and they said for humanitarian reasons?!! And you know, many journalists have written that if she becomes president there will be many more and our lives and society will get worse. So many more things I’d like to write and say but it would be to long, so I’ll end here and wish only the best for the ‘people’ of our country that it become better again with a president like Donald J.Trump who I trust in.

    • jsm1963 says:

      Is Antonio being falsely accused of something?

    • Scott Smith says:

      Pretty sure Joe McCarthy wasn’t a liberal. If you’re going to try to paint this has-been with that same brush, at least be smart enough to understand the historical context of the HUAC and Joe McCarthy. No idea what “USAR” means, but I’m sure in your mind you make perfect sense. And, after all it’s those voices in your head you have to answer to.

  45. ela says:


    • Bonnir says:

      In your dreams, Trumps own party are scattering like roaches jumping off the Trump Train! Do you really want a racist narcissist and someone who committed treason and is in bed with Putin, won’t give up his tax returns because he getting money from Putin and the list goes on and on each day he is opening his big trap with rhetoric hatred and fear?

  46. Joesph Massi says:

    He’s a liar. No celebrities have called him to say they are supporting Trump! And who really cares what this mediocre actor says? He’s an idiot not because he’s a RUPE but because he is supporting a liar con man mental case.

    • sikmade says:

      Really? And have you seen how Hillary has lied? No, you refuse to believe that Hillary lies because your getting so wet between your legs for a first woman president that you ignore facts and close your mind because you don’t want to hear all the negative things about her.

      You Hillary supporting Liberal cock-snots are never able to put up an argument. All you ever keep saying is “The first woman president!!”.

      STFU trash.

  47. Laura Bosselmann says:

    Antonio, I used to be crazy about you, but I feel irritated regarding your comments about Donald Trump and the Khans. The Kahns made the ultimate sacrifice – and lost their only son fighting for this country. Donald Trump can’t help his racial slurs against Muslims. He is the ultimate narcissist who can’t even control what comes out of his mouth. Is this really the kind of man you want in the White House? Wow, it’s disturbing you are that shallow minded, that you can’t see what s danger he is to this country!

  48. cadavra says:

    And let’s not forget there was once an ACTUAL Blacklist–or who was behind it. (Hint: Not liberals.)

  49. mypoorhoney says:

    He’s not even a “has-been!” He’s a never-been, and now he complains it’s because he spoke at the RNC. Sad and pathetic!

  50. Cass says:

    HAHAHAHA. That Blacklist has lasted like 15 years, wow.

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