Al Sharpton at Diversity Protest: ‘This Will Be the Last Night of an All-White Oscars’

Al Sharpton Oscars Diversity Protest
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Just blocks from the Dolby Theatre on Sunday, the Rev. Al Sharpton led about 70 demonstrators in a rally and march circle to protest the lack of diversity among this year’s Oscar nominees.

“You are out of time,” Sharpton said, addressing the Academy. “We are not going to allow the Oscars to continue. This will be the last night of an all-white Oscars.”

Speaking to demonstrators gathered in a strip mall parking lot at Sunset and Highland, Sharpton promised a longer protest, along with pressure on advertisers, if the situation doesn’t change next year.

“We are not saying who should win. But if you are locked out of the process you are dealing with a systemic exclusion,” he said.


Chris Rock Hosting Oscars 2016

Oscars: Will Diversity Controversy Take Over the Show?

As he marched, Sharpton told Variety that the changes the Academy has announced to diversify its membership “is a step in the right direction. The problem is, they didn’t announce anything until we came out against the second year nominations. They told us last year they would make a move and change things, and they didn’t. Then when we denounced this year’s, they called an emergency meeting. It took them a year to call an emergency meeting.”

Sharpton also noted that he had a meeting with Amy Pascal, then a Sony executive, over an email she wrote that was disclosed during the hack and was viewed as racially insensitive.

He told Variety, “She promised we were going to call on our colleagues to sit down and escalate how to put blacks and Latinos in decision-making, and none of that happened. So are they continuing to think they can delay on this?”

Sharpton’s National Action Network also staged demonstrations in New York, Washington, Detroit, Atlanta and Cleveland.

He said that this year they didn’t try to disrupt Oscar events, or “build up thousands or lay in front of cars, stop people from coming. This is a notice, but it will escalate. They cannot keep acting as if this was 1950 America.”

Sharpton marched in a circle around the parking lot with demonstrators, as funk music played and marchers chanted, “diversify the Academy.”

At one point Sharpton held before the crowd an Oscar painted white, saying that when statuettes are handed out this year, that is the color they should be. “That is decided who would win tonight,” he told the crowd.

He also called Chris Rock, who is hosting the show, “a great entertainer.” But he said that “this is not about Chris Rock,” or, he said, other performers, like Leonardo DiCaprio.

“We are not anti-Leonardo. I are anti exclusion, by the Academy and by those that run the major movie studios that have made the decisions.” Sharpton said.

Mollie Bell, 69, a resident of Compton who works for the postal service, said that she is an avid moviegoer but came to the event because she wanted Hollywood to know “we are more than just a ticket buyer.”


Oscars Academy Awards Placeholder

Oscar Winners 2016: Full List (Live Updates)

“As an African American, I spent good time and money at the movies,” she said. “And a lot of black people. they are actors and actresses. Why should they not be recognized for their craft? The film industry, albeit the Oscars, the Emmys, Golden Globes, NAACP. All of them should recognize them for the work that they have done. So I came here on a Sunday to be an activist agitator, just to shake up the waters a little bit.”

As limousines and SUVs drove by to a security checkpoint, the demonstrators marched peacefully in a circle for about an hour, chanting “no justice, no peace” at points.

About 150 to 175 people, including a heavy contingent of media, gathered at the intersection.

“Chris Rock will tell good jokes because he’s a good comedian. He’s a great entertainer. He tells jokes. I tell the truth. This is not about Chris Rock. This is about Hattie McDaniel. This is about  that were shut out and discriminated against. This is about what is real and what must be dealt.

“We are not anti-Leonardo. I are anti exclusion, by the Academy and by those that run the major movie studios that have made the decisions.

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  1. It really is just a little fast in the game enthusiasts that they are reviewing the program, in particular fanatics, it can time for it to learn which video game titles to assume by far the most.

  2. type00790265 says:

    The decline was not due to lack of black nomination but due to the ignorance of the host who also happens to be black.

  3. keruj says:

    ” Al Sharpton is a total waste of hair, teeth, and eyeballs. Sub-human piece of shit ” Nothing more, nothing less !!! And Oskar goes to the – Bkpin – for an accurate statement :))

  4. SC says:

    This is scary because soon you’ll see Tyler Perry being nominated for Best Actor for one of his Madea Goes to ______ movies.

  5. kevin says:

    Wouldn’t bother me if it was the LAST oscar show.

  6. Bkpin says:

    Al Sharpton is a total waste of hair, teeth, and eyeballs. Sub-human piece of shit. I laugh in your face Sharpton for the measley little protest you could barely eek out, while spewing self-serving, race-bating shit from your mouth. When he dies, which I hope is soon, this world will be a MUCH better place. Maybe then, PEOPLE, not black or whites, or any other color, just people, will begin trying to repair ALL the damage this racist low-life, self serving, egotistical, shit stain has created between the races. And by the way, while he is mewling about equality, lets no forget that he owes about 4 million dollars in back taxes.

  7. enufisenuf54 says:

    I love hearing rich black people that live in white neighborhoods speak on behalf and make their money on the backs of poorer folks. Where does Sharpton live? How bout Rappin Jesse Jackson? Al Holder? Where will King Barak Hussein Obama live after he’s out of office? Not with the black folks thats for sure. Hypocrites! Black Lies Matter? Hypocrites all….guess racists in the black community aren’t racist? Your race card has expired yo!

  8. Dano says:

    Affirmative Action comes to the Oscars.

  9. jim says:

    he’s right from now on any black that is nominated or wins will have a tainted award. he has (along with the Academy pres. and boar) has cheapened the most vaqluable award in the industry. Can you imagine Morgan Freeman or Danny Glover ( great actors ) having this tarnished award presented to them? congratulations to little al and his blind supporters.

  10. Jim Morrison says:

    Rachel Dolezal, The NAACP Lady who fooled all the Blacks that she was one of them, should get the first Black Oscar for her convincing acting job.
    Why wouldn’t Liberals and the African-American community allow her to pretend to be Black the same way the Liberal White community lets Bruce Jenner pretend to be a woman?

  11. R Walter Konieczka says:

    Hey Sharpton – Pay your taxes you worthless POS!!!

  12. S.D.J. says:

    So, next years Oscars will be #Token Oscars

  13. John Doeyoe says:

    Yes… let’s force people to do what we want. Even if we don’t deserve it… if we can do it for college entrance, we can get everything our way. Typical action of black people… don’t base it on merit but on diversity, who care if someone is more deserving. Maybe white/asian/latino should start a protest with the BET awards and NAACP to have diversity also. I meant white is a color too, isn’t it?

  14. S.D.J. says:

    And out comes the ringleader of the circus freak show….

  15. cheryl says:

    I wish I could say this is your last day, you skinny no good for nothing.

  16. webeweldin says:


  17. sammy says:

    What is stopping black people of privilege from creating their own movie studios, what is stopping blacks from writing their own scripts ? could it be that blacks don’t want to spend their wealth on something other than bling and face time on the news. It is easy to declare war on someone elses a “whites ” success by claiming racism in an attempt to lay claim to something that is not theirs in the first place Black people use your own money and time to create what you seek and ask the wealthy black business owners, and athletes for a share of their profits instead of trying to steal from a white person with racism claims. . Movie studios did not become a success by “slavery ” but blacks want to make it about that. Ask Oprah for her money and apply at her various companies and see how many of what race she hires ? Ask Magic Johnson for a share of his wealth ? Ask LeBron for his money ? see what happens and I bet it is 100% no but heck no . Al Sharpton does not seem to have any black person in America that has stepped up to public and announce how many ( black ) people he has given jobs or money too., Oh but wait it seems that blacks are not subject to the same requirements as a white because they can keep all of their money for themselves but whites must hand over any thing that is demanded of therm by a black .

  18. Misty says:

    It’s ridiculous to lower the US education standard so certain race group can get into the university and now you have to give out the Oscar to certain people because of their skin colors and yet, their movies are sub-standard and at the bottom of the pit ?

  19. Darren says:

    what about there should not be an all black BET awards .

  20. The NBA awards are #soblack but I don’t hear him saying anything. The Image award has NEVER gone to a white person. Not a peep.
    Statistically speaking, black people make up 12% of the population and have won 14% of the Best actor awards over the last 20 years.
    So black people are actually over-represented at the Oscars.

  21. Dan King says:

    The irony of a racist calling others racist.

  22. chukychez1 says:

    I wish Malissa & Al would disappear from our TV screens. No wonder MSNBC is 4th & falling in the ratings. I’ve seen some good movies about blacks or with black actors. Very few are worthy of an Oscar. They seem like they were only tokenly picked for political purposes. Less for out standing acting. Precious was awful. 12 years a slave was a great movie. 2 others involving ship board slaves were also good.

  23. jeremy says:

    so I guess the all black Essence Awards will be more white next year also?????????

  24. wulfman5150 says:

    how did a pakistani woman just get an Oscar? how? I thought after reading this article it was only for white folk. Guess it’s almost like #Oscarwinningfilmshavetobegoodtowin

  25. Al Sharpton is a racist. Black colleges, black entertainment network, it time for whites to protest against whites not being included?

  26. Gee Al; I don’t see plans for an Irish, Italian, or German heritage museum on the National Mall in Washington DC but there is going to be a Black Heritage Museum built there. You even currently have a black president in the White House and a black Attorney General. Maybe if there were more actors of color that could actually act beyond the few who do get parts instead of playing character or being comedians then you might see more diversity. Trying to ram it down the Academy or people’s throats is not going to work like you might think but instead alienate people all that much more towards you and your cause. Instead you should be encouraging young black people to stay in school and pursue careers in film instead of walking some protest line, blocking traffic, and illegally disrupting the lives of innocent others like you all seem intent on doing now.

  27. j. Pickens says:

    This is an admission that blacks don’t have the talent to compete and have to have another set-asside to feel good about themselves.

    They already have jobs set asside because they aren’t good enough to earn them on their talent, they get college set assides because they aren’t good enough to get in on their own merit..

    Al (idiot), Sharpton is going to admit they are not talented enough to earn an oscar on their talent and demand they get one just because they are black.

    The black community wants to go through another revolving door on somebody else’s push. They already are living on White people’s money…Section 8 housing, food stamps, welfare, etc. One more case of “gimme” from the people who think they DESERVE EVERYTHING WITHOUT EARNING ANYTHING!

  28. peter cooper says:

    Hey Al, I guess “whitey” didn’t think Straight Outta Compton was worthy of Best Picture!!!

  29. D.C.R. says:

    Not enough blacks? Give me a break. That is why tensions are always stirred up when black assholes keep pushing the race buttons. Go back to Africa where you belong!!

  30. tinkert walker says:

    who cares

  31. jack Benny says:

    Show me the money !!! That was good acting… Tom Cruise should have won something too, but he didn’t.. Should all the whiteys complain about that… Jesus Christ……………

  32. joya says:

    Could this be the last time we see and hear from AL Sharpton and his ugly face???? He does not help any cause at all!!!!!

  33. jack Benny says:

    Who wants a 1 way ticket back home?

  34. jack Benny says:

    OMG – I’m so sick of listening to these people

  35. Kim says:

    How the hell is he gonna make the statement ‘this isn’t 1950’s America’ then turn around and bring up Hattie McDaniel?!

  36. andy romdahl says:

    Thanks al. Giving mr. rock a run for his money.

  37. Linda says:

    In other words, from here on out the criteria for being nominated for an Oscar will be if the actor is black…nothing to do with talent and turning in an outstanding performance, just being black. Just like everything else they touch. The want to live in a neighborhood, the NAACP says they have to (nothing about working hard and earning it), and if they want to attend a certain school, or be part of a private organization…again the NAACP and a federal judge can swing that too.

    Blacks don’t have to work to feed themselves, they don’t have to work to be able to support a child, he11 they figure we’ll pay for one, so we’ll pay a lot more for five or six, they don’t have to work to have a roof over their heads, in fact they get free presents for the kids at Christmas, free coats, supplies and uniforms when school starts, they’ve been receiving free medical treatment for decades. It’s all FREE, FREE, FREE, for the blacks.

    If WE don’t stop them, they’ll make it illegal for whites to even live here, like it’s getting in South Africa!!! They’ve forgotten one very important thing though…they can’t manage anything themselves successfully!!! Every town, business, and school they run is a failure. They don’t have any WORKER BEES…just sloths who expect someone else to do all the work! It’s time to dig in our heels and stop them in their tracks…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  38. Brian says:

    Maybe the Black Actors weren’t good enough to win? Is Al suggesting Participation Oscars for showing up? And if they arent good enough we can expect Riots sponsored by Black Lives Matter? Thank Obama for this. 10 more months and all of this ends.

  39. jerry0714 says:

    thing is we do not need your approval asshole. i did not see any whites at the BET awards……
    we do not need you or want your advice pigface..
    u drive around in a LIMO and wear 1000.00 suits and prey on poor ghetto girls……..
    you are not even a reverend…he was never ordained at anything folks- he is a poser and fake.
    please put a bullet in his face

    • mk15240 says:

      @Brian re: “10 more months” the time passing very slowly as it seems like a year ago when I thought 12 more months of this racially polarising , I care only about blacks and muslims and he he white people are not too swift cuz 42% of them voted for me. From the IRS stonewalling, Fast and Furious documents scandals the most opaque, remember how transparent he promised, admin in history will either stonewall the obvious infractions of Hill wrt to classified info or pardon her on the way out the door. Yes, this guy really represents my white values – Not!

  40. CLM says:

    How about shutting down the BET Awards.

  41. I don’t drive a black car, so I guess that makes me anti-black. Dear Al, kiss my white bumper.

  42. Jett Ward says:

    Race hustler Al never misses an opportunity! Jack nut

    • mike says:

      send his ASS back to Africa he’s nothing but trouble !!! he owes 4 million in back taxe’s, he should be in Jail, with Hilliary

  43. DAN says:

    This clown has zero credibility but only to the low IQ people does he matter. Owes the Fed’s 4.3 million and New York 430,000 in BACK taxes.

  44. Jack Whiskey says:

    The ugly racist has spoken. Whites are now forced to give up something else they built for all so the black racist can have it free. Better give it to them or, they will bur it.

    • mike says:

      right Jack, ugly Skull Head They have a BET channel Black Miss America,Black Movie awards and no one says a thing about it !!! they will be running this country in 10 years

  45. ronald says:

    I wonder why the blacks can have a all black entertain theater (BET) and also have a black oscars awards and that is OK. but to have a all white oscars awards or an all white entertain theater is not OK. also why do they say that black lives matter but no other race matters. why is it ok for blacks to shoot blacks, but not ok for whites cops to shoot blacks. it seem that the blacks want everything given to them just because they are black. they are so stupid that they wanted to honor a black young man that was shot by a white cop, even tho the kid was a criminal. when will they wake up and see that they are mostly to blame for the way that thing are with them. i would love the media to get answers to these questions.

    • John Wallsmith says:

      Let’s not forget affirmative action. They also receive points on the S.A.T. just for being black. My children are half Asian. So they fall under their minority race when they take the S.A.T.s. So that would be asian and asians lose points for being asian. When bidding for federal contracts the government has to grant so many contracts to black owned companies. Doesn’t matter on their quality of work or what they are charging for the job. I’m tired of this country rewarding people because of the color of their skin,not on merit!!

  46. tktool2013 says:

    blacks for an oscar sharpton says, that worthless crooked puke, leonardo set the bar blacks, let’s see you do it now, don’t want to see any oscars just because you are black

  47. Stevie says:

    No midgets in the NBA, not enough white players, not enough eskimos,, Yada Yada

  48. Ben Moore says:

    Al needs to take care of his back taxes and not worry about the Oscars. He like Jessie Jackson are as useless of tits on a bore hog!

  49. Jeffery Bosh says:

    Great work , Al. You made some really important progress on this extremely important world issue.

  50. Beth says:

    Did Sharpton pay his taxes yet ?

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