‘23 Jump Street-Men in Black’ Crossover Moving Forward With Director James Bobin (EXCLUSIVE)

2 Jump Street Men in Black
Courtesy of Sony

The surprise may have been ruined in Sony’s hack fiasco last year, but insiders tell Variety the studio is indeed planning a “23 Jump Street”-“Men in Black” crossover movie.

According to sources, James Bobin, director of “The Muppets” and “Flight of the Conchords,” is in early talks to direct the action comedy. While no official greenlight has been given, Sony is already eyeing a June production start date.

A spokesman for the studio had no comment.

Bobin will be stepping in for Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who directed the first two pics but are unable to direct the crossover due to their commitment to the “Han Solo” pic they’re helming at Disney. Lord and Miller are still on as producers along with Neil Moritz, Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald of Parkes+MacDonald.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will return to reprise their roles as Jenko and Schmidt, respectively. The two are also producing. As for Agent Jay and Agent Kay, execs have already made it clear Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will not be reprising the roles they made famous as the studio looks to use this film to relaunch the franchise with younger, fresher faces.


Ghostbusters 3

‘Ghostbusters’ Are Back in First Trailer Released by Sony

With that summer right around the corner, these roles are likely to become two of the most coveted roles in town given the A-list talents the actors would be replacing.

The idea of intertwining both franchises into one film came to light during the Sony hack crisis in the winter of 2014 when a leaked email from former co-chair Amy Pascal surfaced, containing information regarding Hill’s involvement in the hybrid.

While there was criticism over social media about the idea, Sony still decided to move forward with it, setting Rodney Rothman to pen the script. Sources now say Rothman has delivered the script and the studio is pleased with it.

Plot details are under lock and key, with only a few copies of the script available; most people have to drive to the studio to read the script if they have any interest in pitching their client to direct.

While several directors met for the gig, sources say Bobin has been a favorite for some time. Bobin cut his teeth as one of the exec producers and directors on HBO series “Flight of the Conchords” before landing “The Muppets” movie at Disney.

He most recently directed “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” the sequel to “Alice in Wonderland.” He is repped by UTA.

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  1. nothanks says:

    1 bad idea, 1 bad actor, 1 bad movie.

  2. Johnny Thunder says:

    I heard they’re gonna splice together outtakes from MiB 23 with Smurfs and Chappie, then release it as Robotech.

  3. considering the first two films, it will involve a drug that is reported to be alien in nature and they’ll have to find aliens to infiltrate the drug dealers.

  4. RODNEY says:

    I think both 23 jp st, MIB? will be two great movies regardless Jonah hill and channing Tatum are great actors funny as hell and basically can play and star in any roll they take on I can’t wait until they are released I’m just wondering who’s gonna play Kay in MIB? I say Jonah plays Kay and channing plays Jay even though they both can be really ditzy and truly funny channing I feel will suit the role better as Jay

    • lirion73 says:

      @RODNEY Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will be playing their respective Jump Street rolls and 2 different actors will be playing the MIB characters. It’s not a “What if Jump Street was MIB?” type of thing.

  5. Chris Ulsh says:

    I would have been down for this if Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were in it. If the actors don’t want to come back, then you change your idea, stop rebooting shit!

  6. So, this is definitely an early April Fool’s joke, right? Right?!? Oh God, please tell me I’m right . . .

  7. Either Hollywood has literally run out of ideas, or they’re just that stupid… wtf?!

  8. Lucifer says:

    I’m just waiting for the Cinderella and Mad Max crossover now.

  9. Joe Carey says:

    Yeah, this actually makes perfect sense. Think about it. In both 21 & 22 Jump Street, they make tongue and cheek jokes about how Hollywood has no good ideas left, so they just keep rehashing old plots and storylines. MiB, while 3 was technically a hit, is sort of dying out. The Jump Street franchise is still somehow fresh, but the characters, and their undercover alter-egos, have “nowhere to go” after college. So why not take a stale franchise, mix it with a fresh one, then make a joke about it in the first 10 minutes of the movie. It worked the first couple times, and I have faith it can work again. Their comedy styles fit kind of perfectly together. Both franchises mix smart back and forth witty dialogue with silly slapstick. Plus, this way they get to keep the rights to both franchises (the real reason remakes and sequels keep getting made).

  10. Snerdguy says:

    The two story lines don’t seem all that compatible although I’m sure there are plenty of people who would pay to see Channing Tatum get a good probing.

  11. This might be the worst idea in the history of Hollywood. Heads should be rolling.

  12. AD says:

    Huge/big budget movie..with no official directer set and Sony thinks they’re starting in June? rrrright…..

  13. Bill says:

    It’s official. Hollywood has run out of any original ideas.

  14. rossmitchell says:

    These cross over films are stupid idea men in black 3 was a flop why can’t Hollywood do or even a summer blockbuster do it an original idea

  15. Sonia frank says:

    Thax pls cool

  16. sofiyataylor0036 says:

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  17. MarjorieRMcGuinness says:

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  18. Aoladari says:

    Worst idea ever. This is the best way to kill any interest in more MiB films from current fans. Lets do a crossover with a film-brand that the current demographic for MiB are not likely to like/ watch.

  19. BarkStar says:

    Trainwreck about to happen

  20. sdgdsfgsad says:

    I til I looked at the paycheck ov $8641 , I accept that…my… mother in law woz like really making money part time at there computar. there friends cousin had bean doing this less than fourteen months and as of now paid for the dept on there condo and got Land Rover Defender . you could try her…
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  21. Steph says:

    This is a joke, right? Nobody would be stupid enough to think this is a good idea. It has to be a joke.

  22. BillUSA says:

    Errrrr…..iceberg ahead. Hard to port.

  23. Apparently somebody is smoking some Really good shizz for this to make sense…

  24. Dave says:

    Read title and caught excited.

    Read Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones wont be in it and Now i could care less

    Whats the point?

  25. TLJ says:

    If those 2 clowns hire Jonah Hill to play Han Solo, we’re burning Hollywood to the ground.

    Now can someone use that MiB mind eraser doohickeys on me so I can forget about the stupidest crossover in film history?

  26. lucky day says:

    I’d like to see John Boyega in one of those black suits. (Not because one needs to be African-American, I just think he’d be great).
    And loved the Muppets and FotC, so that’s right on, if anyone can replace L+M it could be this guy

    • that guy says:

      I’d just like to point out that Boyega is not African-American, he is what we refer to as Black British, or black. The whole African-American thing is more racist than the things it replaces as it suggests that very single black person is a combination of those two races rather than just accepting that they are black as well as being born somewhere other than an African country.

      • Tim Mehesy says:

        Tomato Tamoto. Don’t be technical about race. You brought up the issue. Why cant you just let it be. The people who call other people racist are the people who are racist and offended about being offended by racial issues. If a person has to mention a human-being and point out their skin color to specify something, they are going to offend someone of that race regardless what term they use, if they are pale skinned. The idea of racial tension is egged on intentionally just to cause strife. Someone has to be offended by someone calling a human-being “black.” And don’t you dare start saying that calling someone ‘African-American” is racist. You are trying to stir up a pot you will not keep from boiling over.

  27. Jim says:

    This is an awful idea…..figures that it comes from Sony….they need to get out of the movie business altogether.

  28. Matt says:

    Why not Spider-Man? If Sony is just going to put their movie characters in the same movie, why not include Spider-Man, Sgt Wardaddy, and black ANNIE.

    It’s Gold, Jerry! Gold!

  29. john says:

    Most of the people who have championed this don’t even get why 21/22 Jump Street worked. This is an abysmally conceived infusion to the Jump Street franchise – “Aliens are real!” was even too far ‘over the top’ a comedy concept for any of the ‘fake sequels’ in 22’s end credit sequence!

  30. John says:

    Most of the people who have complained about this don’t even get why 21/22 Jump Street worked. This is a hilariously logical progression of the Jump Street franchise.

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