Susan Sarandon on Woody Allen: ‘He Sexually Assaulted a Child’

Susan Sarandon Slams Woody Allen: 'He

Susan Sarandon slammed Woody Allen at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday.

“I think he sexually assaulted a child and I don’t think that’s right,” Sarandon said during Variety and Kering’s Women in Motion talk with Geena Davis.

“I have nothing good to say about him,” she added. “I don’t want to go there.”

Allen is back in the headlines this week. At the Cannes premiere of new film, “Cafe Society,” comedian Laurent Lafitte made a rape joke involving director Roman Polanski that seemed to reference allegations that Allen sexually abused his step-daughter, Dylan Farrow.

That wasn’t the only reason Allen has been dominating the talk at Cannes. The director’s son, Ronan Farrow, penned a blistering opinion piece prior to “Cafe Society’s” debut, criticizing the media for not doing more digging into the allegations of abuse.

Sarandon and Davis also discussed the dearth of strong roles for women in studio films and the lack of directing opportunities for women. The actresses, who memorably collaborated on 1991’s “Thelma & Louise,” said that pundits initially predicted that the film would spur a new wave of projects about female friendship. But that never happened.

“The movie made a lot of money and that didn’t happen,” said Sarandon.

Davis expressed hope that things could improve. She noted that making movies more equitable is easier than increasing the number of women in boardrooms, congress, or other institutions.

“The thing about film is it can change overnight,” said Davis. “The next film somebody makes can be gender balanced.”

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  1. Woody Allen has not raped any child and she should be sued for libel. She’s more unhinged every day.

    • Nya Bey says:

      In all, Mia Farrow has 14 children. She adopted Soon-Yi in 1978 with then-husband André Previn, to whom she was married between 1970 and 1979. Soon-Yi was around 7 years old when she was adopted. Despite being about 35 years older — and her pseudo stepfather — Allen started an affair with Soon-Yi in 1992.

      Mia Farrow was dating Woody Allen from 1980–1992. Woody Allen waited in the shadows for the right time to “claim” his child prize but he had been waiting on Soon-Yi. The allegations of sexual misconduct with Dylan (one of his other children with Mia) were also during this time.

      The crafty pedophile had an affair for 12 years with a woman who he then DID NOT married BUT adopted HER children. The crafty crumbsnatcher set up a long game that included manipulating Mia Farrow in order to use her family.

      There are no delusions, lies, or fabrications about the way this pedophile insinuatated himself into a industry where he could pick and choose his prey with the promise of bright lights, fame, and money.

      There is a special place in HELL for Woody Allen. May his seat be hot, the fire burn bright, and his stay be eternal.

    • nichel calloway says:

      Woody Allen had sex, with not one but 2 minors, who by all intents and purposes were his children. Dirty Bird! Susan WILL NOT be sued for libel, slander or any other matter regarding the DIRTY PEDOpHILE because he bought his way out of trouble by marrying one (EWWWWW!) and discrediting the other! Classic incest/sexual deviate!

    • Peter Pitula says:

      I would suggest you speak to the child in question who has talked about Allen sexually abusing before you say Woody Allen didn’t rape a child. You are delusional.

  2. Rajesh Joshi says:

    Child rapists #WoodyAllen and #RomanPolanski get standing ovations in Hollywood incl from moral high priestess herself Meryl Streep. #MelGibson otoh can’t get a break even after Robert Downey Jnr and so many others he’d helped vouched for him. He had to hide his ass for 10 years. As he comes back #LenaDunham and Co are still baying for his blood. Guess why. Hollywood hypocrisy at it’s worst.

  3. I just lost a great deal of respect for Susan Sarandon. She believes an outrageous and insane accusation without any evidence or proof. That makes her a horrible person. Sad, because I have always deeply admired her before this.

  4. Trumbo Speaks says:

    Question: Would those defending Woody Allen do so if he was not a famous and talented movie director?

    If you simply saw this case in the local newspaper about a guy who worked for a software company, or designed websites, was an accountant or a cook at Perkins, would you be so adamant about his innocence?

    Would you be so forgiving about the facts? What are the facts?

    He married the woman who was adopted by his ex wife and her then husband.

    He began his relationship with this woman when she was 18. No one with half a brain would fail to see the very convenient age in which they started to be intimate. Why would they start o her 18th birthday, when he took nude sexually provocative photos of her and Dylan when they were younger than legal age? There is no way to prove they had relations before she was 18, but given those other facts, you’d be a fool to believe it.

    Mind you, Woody Allen is one of my favorite directors. Hannah and Her Sisters is in my top 5 movies of all time, as is Annie Hall. So, Woody has two of my top ten movies of all time, maybe even three.

    I have nothing but love and admiration for his work. But I just find it very hypocritical of apologists who go to great lengths splitting hairs to justify Woody’s behavior with his daughter and Mia’s daughter who is now his wife.

    The only reason anyone is defending him is because he is a famous talented director. Period. Remove that simple fact, and no one would be defending him at all. Not one here or anywhere. That fact alone demonstrates that people are letting his fame cloud their judgement.

    Make him nameless in your mind, a ‘nobody’ and then defend him. You won’t be able to stomach it, nor look yourself in the mirror if what he did to those girls, he did to your children.

    Be honest with yourself.

    That said, I’ll continue to see Woody Allen movies, because he is a great filmmaker. But I won’t let that cloud my judgement that he did wrong.

    • BAemB8UaZEtoj1MItUYHUHAtn47Iq8A37VdZnCqy/aI= says:

      Trumbo the allegations are not for SunYi who Woody is married to, but one of his youngest daughters Dylan. She was I believe 8 at the time and she still mainstains to this day that she was abused by him.

  5. Rzzzz says:

    So did Roman Polanski, who that elitist hypocrite Meryl Streep gave a standing ovation too. You pretenders and fakers only have morals when you can make $ off of it. That well is going to dry up. Boycott the oscars, stop paying for movies, stream them, steal them, make this leftist scum PAY !!!

  6. Ken says:

    Sarandon is right. She only dared to say what everyone knows.

  7. Em Annett says:

    I feel sure he did abuse her, after all, as an adult she has all the symptoms, and remembers what he did in just the ways that abuse survivors do, complete with dissociation and anxiety reactions PTSD plus all the evidence etc. Regardless, he has gotten away with it. I used to enjoy Woody Allen films a great deal, one of my favorite film-makers/comic, but once you recognize all the little hints and references and plot lines which fit with his having no boundaries regarding young girls etc., emotionally or sexually, it’s pretty hard to enjoy. Manhatten, wasn’t that another young girl/with him story? My memory is not so good anymore….but I believe there was enough evidence including the fact that he was seeing a psychologist because of his being ‘grossly’ inappropriate with Dylan before the charges were filed. All kinds of things which were very creepy…don’t want to think about it…..

    • LensView says:

      Em writes: “once you recognize all the little hints and references and plot lines which fit with his having no boundaries regarding young girls etc., emotionally or sexually, it’s pretty hard to enjoy. Manhatten, wasn’t that another young girl/with him story?”
      Except that Woody’s character in Manhattan does not abuse Mariel Hemingway’s (who, at 17, is hardly a “young girl” – and certainly not remotely close to Dylan’s age at the time of the alleged abuse.) Quite the contrary. He is more than a little uncomfortable about their age difference (btw, the same as Bogie and Bacall); at worst, he whines about her leaving the country to study abroad, and at the end he gets a lesson from her about the meaning of love.
      If you want a better example from Woody’s films, consider Crimes and Misdemeanors, where his protagonist gets away with murder. Unhappily for folks who look for evidence to convince themselves of what they can’t possibly know, they discount 99% of evidence to the contrary; in this case, that Woody is one of the few directors who consistently writes strong roles for women. As for the “young girl” issue, perhaps I am missing something, but I can think of only one movie where his character could be rightly criticized for boundary issues, and that is in Crimes and Misdemeanors where he shares with a precocious pre-teen perhaps a little too much about his misadventures with women. (The girl – his “niece” in the story – is played by the daughter of Mike Nichols, in case you are concerned by parental permissiveness as well) That’s once in 50 years and in more than as many films. Are there others, or did I miss something?

      • BAemB8UaZEtoj1MItUYHUHAtn47Iq8A37VdZnCqy/aI= says:

        Lens View funny you say that I noticed a few inappropriate things in Annie Hall as well that made me stop and wonder. This guy definitely has some fetish with young girls.

      • Sal U. Lloyd says:

        Mike Nichols and Elaine May’s daughter or Mike Nichols and Diane Sawyer’s???

  8. Jonathp says:

    I love Woody Allen as an artist, its really a unique filmmaker, its work outstands for its realism and intelligence, but I do believe he did abuse his seven year old daughter. All hints are there, and that is a really gross and disturbing accusation for a mother to make up just cause she is upset with her naughty husband.
    He did abuse her, and then married next young step daughter..
    He is a powerful man, his step daughter is none. It is harsh, the truth.

    • Sal U. Lloyd says:

      It is very difficult for mean. BLUE JAZMIN was excellent. Perhaps his truly best. However, i went to see CAFE SOCIETY holding my nose.

  9. Jason says:

    I’m no Woody Allen fan, in fact I’ve never seen one of his movies. But it’s my understanding that the allegations were pretty much laid to rest years ago. Maybe he did do it, but the allegations didn’t add up and some were deemed to be outright lies. It should be taken seriously and not dismissed outright because maybe something will come up, but at the moment there’s absolutely no evidence to merit Sarandon hopping on the allegation bandwagon. She just loves controversy. Unless she actually witnessed something happen she really has no reason to be slamming somebody just because she read an article.

  10. samskara2012 says:

    Okay Susan, you were so infatuated with the late David Bowie. Then how about venting your spleen equally at him for his having sex with the under age Lori Mattix who has gone on record as stating Bowie “took her virginity” when she was 14? So how about you “going on the record” and accusing him of being a rapist since you so clearly are on a tirade of accusations? Clearly you don’t have a foot to stand on and my respect for you has gone down dramatically as you have refused to acquit yourself with the TRUTH of what happened in 1992 where NO charges were laid, and none prosecuted. And how about your friend Louis Malle who photographed an underage Brooke Shields for his film “Pretty Baby” a film in which you played her mother? Any response to that Ms. Sarandon?

  11. I Cantu says:

    Look, no one except Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen know what or if anything happened. What everyone does know is that Mia Farrow was very angry at Woody Allen for choosing her daughter over her. Indeed, her anger extended to her daughter- I believe she cut up all her daughter’s clothes and refused to pay for her schooling. So, it is should not come as a surprise that she and her son continue to
    attack Woody Allen publicly at the expense of Dylan Farrow. People who have been abused or even think that they have been abused as children, need to close that door to get on with their lives.
    But neither Mia Farrow nor her son care about that. All they want is revenge. Susan Sarandon
    should not be making judgments about other peoples lives.

    • HiHat says:

      Once again, it is a known fact that Woody Allen courted and wed his stepdaughter. That alone marks him as an individual operating beyond the norms of decency and propriety. And guess what? Where there is smoke, there is fire. So it is understandable that good parents would feel compelled to remind others praising Allen as an artist that he is apparently equally flawed as a human being and parent.

      • samskaramandala says:

        Soon Yi was NEVER Allen’s step daughter. He and Farrow never wed. And for all of that time, Allen and Farrow lived on opposite sides of Central Park. They never ever cohabitated. And Farrow ASKED Allen to spend time with Soon Yi. As for the allegations made by Farrow and regurgitated by both Dylan and The Christ Child Ronan, bogus. Allen was officially cleared by the Yale-New Haven Hospital for Child Sexual Assault, one of the preeminen experts in their field. Here is the report saying that they believed that Farrow coached Dylan.

      • MarkF says:

        False. How stupid can you be?

      • HiHat says:

        I was wrong about Soon Yi being Allen’s stepdaughter. Instead she was the adopted daughter of his girlfriend. His relationship with her, then, still falls outside of the boundaries of what most folks would consider proper. As to the full facts of the case, I refer Whodat and others to this Vanity Fair piece.

      • Whodatninja says:

        People like you are very dangerous HiHat. You hear something about someone you don’t like and rather than actually bothering to learn anything truthful about the subject, you just run with the lie. Fact: Soon Yi was not his daughter. Fact: Soon Yi was never his step nor adopted daughter. Fact: a team of doctors determined that the accusations made against Allen by his daughter were baseless and that the child was not telling the truth. Fact: Farrow lied again later and tried to convince people that her son was not Allen’s biological father and was actually Frank Sinatra’s. For a variety of reasons that is not possible. Clearly being angry over Allen leaving her for Soon Yi continues to be a source of anger for her. Now that last part is understandable. He left her for another woman. But do you want to really get into a discussion about icons and celebrities cheating on their wives? There are some beloved stars that did just that. What most of them didn’t do is marry the person they had an affair with and shared a life with them for decades.

      • Sam says:

        What IS known is that Soon Yi was NEVER Allen’s stepdaughter. She barely knew him other than he was her mother’s boyfriend. And it was with Farrow’s encouragement that Allen “get to know” Soon Yi. Note this, Farrow and Allen at no point in their “relationship” ever lived under the same roof nor shared the same bed for one night. So saying that Soon Yi was in any way a “step-daughter” is in error. Soon Yi has a father, Andre Previn. This isn’t about “flawed” human beings, this is about a woman who accused a man of sexually molesting his young daughter, yet a panel of doctors brought in by the police to conduct interviews with found NO evidence of sexual abuse. They, however, did find substantial reason to believe the child was coached by a very angry mother.

        Also not mentioned in this article is that Soon Yi and Woody have adopted two children. In the vetting process, neither state who allowed for both adoptions found any evidence to deny the adoptions. Is what Woody did in falling in love with Soon Yi right? To them it was. We have no right to question it. Moses Farrow has come out as saying that his mother is a nutcase, who demands loyalty and if that loyalty is not returned, she turns all full on Betty Broderick on you. Think of this as well, no one is talking about Mia’s brother John who has been convicted of at least three counts of child molestation in which evidence was fully proven as he was convicted. So with that, why is Farrow not coming out against her brother who has been found guilty, yet she continues decades old accusations in which no evidence was found?

  12. Winty says:

    Please tell me if you know, what floral dres is wearing Geena Davis, here?It’s very beautiful dress, but I can’t find out what brand it is.

  13. Eileen says:

    Hollywood truly does not care about sexual abuse victims, except to use them as fodder in storylines. Anyone who has worked with Woody Allen deserves contempt, especially if they justify it by saying he’s a great writer/director. Really? That’s all you need to turn a blind eye to someone else’s suffering?

    • The TRUTH hurts says:

      there is an irish politician her name is Mary Lou McDonald she condemned the vatican covering up abuse then she deflected her political party doing same

      • Sal U. Lloyd says:

        Your BUTT hurts, HOW does that address Eilen’s post??? Hollywood is full of hypocrites. It’s old news.

    • Whodatninja says:

      What suffering? What exactly did he do? He cheated on his wife with HER (not his) daughter and made a life with her. That is questionable behavior, but
      you can’t be naive enough to actually believe that cheating on a spouse is specific to Woody Allen. Would you like us to list for you an army of actors and actresses that have had affairs (a lot of them beloved by the public)? As for the allegations of abuse a team of doctors for the court determined that Allen’s daughter was not being truthful. What you are left with is a woman that is close personal friends with ROMAN POLANSKI accusing her estranged husband of something that was proven to be a lie.

  14. Whatever says:

    I’m in the camp that believes that Woody Allen is a creep and that the allegations against him have weight. Heck, what I don’t understand is how before Michael Jackson died, everyone made fun of him and was sure he was a sex offender, but in this case it’s different? Anyway, outside all of that, Woody Allen’s films are pseudo-intellectual freshman year film student garbage

    • Whodatninja says:

      Your horrendous taste in movies aside, your belief about Allen is based in fiction. That’s right, just because you believe something that was proven by doctors to be a lie doesn’t even begin to make it true. And you are actually siding with a woman that not only lied about her and Allen’s actual daughter’s supposed abuse, but also lied about Sinatra being the biological father to her son (there are a variety of reasons why that is complete fiction) and has stood up for ROMAN POLANSKI. The fact you don’t appreciate that irony is mind blowing. So what you’re left with is a understandably bitter woman that has lashed out and attacked Allen for decades. Leaving your wife for her daughter is a crummy thing to do without a doubt (and no, Soon Yi was not his daughter, step daughter or even lived under the same roof) but if we’re talking about Holllywood morality then prepare to be disappointed by a lot of actors, actresses and filmmakers you like.

  15. We live in a culture of looking the other way. The same powerful publicity machines that protected Bill Cosby for so many years, are doing the same to Woody Allen. Ronan Farrow can teach us about questioning powerful men accused of sexual abuse in a media that all but enables them. Decades ago I was once encouraged to be silent, the damage of being silenced lingers still.

    • Sal U. Lloyd says:

      You’re a little late, lady. DA declined to prosecute the Cos.

    • Kitty Carlisle says:

      How is it that a man accused of sexual abuse to his child/stepchild, had an affair with an underage child who he later married WAS ABLE TO ADOPT NOT ONE BUT TWO CHILDREN? What happened to the scrutiny involved when other people cannot get passed step one in the adoption process. Or were they privately adopted which is even more scarier since money was the reason they were adopted not love of children. Anyone, I say ANYONE who would let Woody Allen near their children is as much of a molester as he supposedly is.

  16. Natty Bumppo says:

    Nah she’s just pissed off that Woody hasn’t cast her in anything.

  17. IMC says:

    I don’t understand how this hypocritical celebrity who attended Allen’s Cannes premiere and party for Cafe Society can now legitimately seize the mic and lambaste him for an alleged crime he was neither tried nor sentenced for. Sorry, but all the caveats on that simply do not matter—we do have a system of justice in this country and vendettas, even “civilized” ones, are unjust. Ronan Farrow is asking for the media and actors and others to independently sentence Allen and punish him, while at the same time he would unleash the mob mentality of condemning without the facts. At the same time, just as Mia Farrow did, he is putting out his sister’s name worldwide, yet again. I have a very close family member who was the subject of child pornography, so it isn’t that I don’t understand the priority of protecting children against predators, but what Farrow does and asks is simply wrong, and Sarandon is shooting off her mouth while seeking the spotlight. I always loved her as an actor but I don’t respect her for this.

    • He had SEX with and MARRIED his VERY OWN CHILD!! What the heck does that tell you about his character?! It doesn’t get anymore sexually abusive than that! How can he ever be given the gift of adopting and raising more children, seriously?! Who’s going to stop him from having sex with and marrying another daughter???? He already did it once… And ever since he did that, I refuse to give that skeeze 1 single dime of our hard earned money! I won’t even rent 1 of his movies out of a redbox, for $1.20! I hope he rots in hell, with all of the other child sexual predators!

      • samskara2012 says:

        He had sex with a woman who was NOT his daughter. Soon Yi has a father and his name is Andre Previn. He married a woman who was old enough to consent and who was not his daughter. There is ZERO evidence he “had sex” with Dylan, but then only in the mind of Mia Farrow and her equally morally corrupt minions. Perhaps you should read up on the case before you issue your spleen to something you clearly have not comported yourself with the facts of. In fact, here is an eye opening article for you to read form someone who supported Farrow. Eye opening in that Farrow abused two of her children, who are apparently the adopted ones.

        And if you’re looking to curse Allen for your imagined crimes he’s committed, how about Farrow’s assertion that Sinatra is her son Ronan’s real father? A man who is own wife, Barbara, said was incapable of providing children since he was impotent at the time Farrow claims she got pregnant with Ronan. And a woman who Sinatra refused to have anything to do with after their divorce in 1968. So Farrow has lied about many things, but Allen somehow is the venal person you and others claim he is. Mia Farrow is not only venal, but a dedicated liar.

  18. Nick says:

    I respect Susan Sarandon for speaking up ! I agree with her. Allen seems to be a pedophile and a deeply amoral person.

    • Trumbo Speaks says:

      He was raising her as his child, even though she was adopted by Previn and Farrow. She looked up to him as a father figure in the household, not as a future husband.

    • The TRUTH hurts says:

      marlon brando knew hollywood as well as anybody and he said it is controlled by jews

      notice the pedophiles they deflect/support are all jews

  19. Lee Witoszkin says:

    Susan and Geena expect to be treated respectfully yet they attack Woody based on hearsay and innuendo. Those charges were never laid against the man so why pillory him based on gossip. Ladies, what have YOU done to deserve to be heard when you act like silly cows?

    • kc williams says:

      So to be heard and validated. “ladies” need to speak of men “respectfully” and not act like “silly cows”? And a rape accusation is hardly gossip when it’s being shouted for years by his own children.

  20. CJB says:

    I think Susan S. is a wonderful actress and a thoughtful spokesperson.
    I also think she is woefully wrong on this.

  21. tysonrp says:

    typical femanazi

  22. Lulu says:

    He wasn’t prosecuted for it. Shut the heck up and stop labeling the man. This is why he can get some of the best actors around to do his films because he was never tried. Innocent until proven guilty.

  23. Trisha says:

    Sarandon “thinks” he assaulted a child? Was she there? How dare Sarandon say something like this. And it’s fascinating that the Farrows only make comments like this when Allen has a movie opening or is nominated.

    • The TRUTH hurts says:

      1 Woody Allen took naked photos of Soon Yi when she was a child
      2 Woody Allen lied to the police about being in the attic
      3 Woody Allen’s legal team destroyed notes
      4 the judge said “his behavior was grossly inappropriate”
      5 Robert De Niro refused to work with Woody Allen

    • Sarita says:

      True, he wasn’t prosecuted, but according to Farrow: “The prosecutor met with my mother and sister. Dylan already was deeply traumatized — by the assault and the subsequent legal battle that forced her to repeat the story over and over again. (And she did tell her story repeatedly, without inconsistency, despite the emotional toll it took on her.) The longer that battle, the more grotesque the media circus surrounding my family grew. My mother and the prosecutor decided not to subject my sister to more years of mayhem. In a rare step, the prosecutor announced publicly that he had “probable cause” to prosecute Allen, and attributed the decision not to do so to “the fragility of the child victim.”

  24. Don says:

    Does Allen have grounds to sue Sarandon for these public remarks? I hope so, and I hope he does. Regardless of opinion, the fact remains that he is an innocent man.

    • Kitty Carlisle says:

      The mere fact that Woody Allen has not sued for supposedly false slandering says something loud and clear. He does not want a trial because what would come out would destroy him. And boy he does not want that. If he is so wronged why has he not done something about it? The guy is probably a pervert and the fact two more little girls are being raised by him is a horror story in and of itself.

      • Gerard Kennelly says:

        @ Kitty Carlisle

        After he was “accused” of abusing his daughter in the attic Woody Allen lied to the police.

        He said he was never in the attic then they found his fingerprints up there.

        i believe a long time ago someone abused Woody Allen,

        Sex abuse is a disease and it gets passed on if the victim doesn’t get help.

    • It is not a fact that he is an innocent man. The fact is merely that he is not a convicted man; that does not mean he is innocent. Even the prosecutor wanted to prosecute him, and felt he had a good case. But the legal case was destroying Allen’s daughter and victim, so the victim’s mother declined to continue to allow her child to be victimized by a powerful man.

      Here is a fact – he married his step-daughter. What a creep. That alone is enough to make me boycott his films.

  25. Kate says:

    So just to get this straight. I have a question for those defending him: do you think it’s ok that he began dating a girl he helped raise as soon as she came of age? I’m just curious about that.

    Because I don’t know of many 18 year olds–adopted, step or other–who find their dad attractive and long to be with them, especially when they are 18. Unless they’ve been manipulated from an earlier age.

    Honestly. Do you think that is ok??

  26. Norbert Pullman says:

    Ronan says we should ask tough questions. OK, I’ve got a question for Sarandon: why is it that Mia Farrow refused to take lie detector test while Woody Allen took one and passed? Do you have an explanation for that?

    • Gerard Kennelly says:

      @ Norbert Pullman

      Woody Allen took a lie detector from his legal team not the police

    • Tricia says:

      Mia didn’t refuse. No one asked her to take one. Woody is the one who refused to take a polygraph administered by the Connecticut state police. Instead, he took one from someone hired by his legal team. The Connecticut state police refused to accept the test as evidence.

  27. Crystal Brooks says:

    She’s entitled to her opinion. If the evidence was strong, the case would have moved forward. He’s a great director, but we’re not talking about someone who brings in box office like Spielberg. Woody Allen did not live with Mia Farrow. And let’s keep in mind that Dylan’s other brother claimed there was no abuse either. He has nothing good to say about his mother either. And given how “young” the women are that male actors date, I would say leave Woody Allen alone.

  28. Correction: Dylan Farrow is his adoptive daughter, she is not his step daughter since Farrow and Woody Allen were together at the time of adoption.
    His step daughter is the one he married.

  29. anon says:

    Thank God someone’s willing to stand up. What is wrong with you people defending Woody Allen. He’s actually married to the child he was supposed to be protecting. How much more proof do you need?

    Also, to those commenting that Susan Sarandon is resentful or something. She’s standing up for PROTECTING children. That’s not resentment. That’s love. I would never let my child around someone like Woody Allen because of love. If you don’t understand that, perhaps you should see a therapist — or a better therapist, considering this is Hollywood, and most of you have one.

  30. Tim says:

    Saradon bemoans the dearth of strong female roles, yet Mr. Allen seems to be the only one around still writing them…

    • Cat says:

      If you think Woody Allen writes strong female characters, then you’re obviously not a woman. Even if he were to write strong female characters (or even *a* genuinely strong female character), he’s still indisputably a sexual predator and, no offense to you, I’m *pretty* sure that cancels out writing supposedly ‘strong’ female characters. Also, the fact that you’re trying to invalidate Susan Sarandon’s assertions that strong leading roles for women are at best underwhelming in mainstream films simply because she’s been brave enough to speak out against a pedophile shows what kind of a person you are, but I suppose that’s why you think the women Woody Allen writes for his misogynistic wish fulfillment films are strong roles!

      • samskara2012 says:

        Okay, let me step back and look at what you said: “he’s still indisputably a sexual predator….” So that the the Connecticut State Police employed a Yale-New Haven Hospital panel of doctors to examine all parties found that ZERO molestation occurred based on testimony gleaned from the child and the mother and found that the mother was guiding the process and accusations, means no nevermind to you? Allen was investigated and cleared of all charges. It always amazes me how people like you can claim so much without much evidence to back you up. Oh wait, you have innuendo and Susan Sarandon to back you up. Well I have the facts as they stand that Mia Farrow has a brother named John who was found guilty and convicted of molesting and raping three young boys, would likely have been more had those boys been able to testify in court. John is now in prison, serving many years for those convictions. Yet Farrow shoves all that under the carpet and accuses Allen ad hock. Yeah, rich that.

      • HiHat says:

        Again, have a look at this summary of the article that appeared in Vanity Fair

  31. Sarita Brekituyou says:

    Doesn’t it say more than enough that Allen was officially “dating” Soon-Yi Previn as soon as she was out of high school? The guy is straight-up pederast.

  32. GKN says:

    Sarandon surprises me here. I thought she was more intelligent than to make assertions about things she can’t possibly know. Unless she was in that attic? Who’s her source? Mia Farrow?

  33. Katherine says:

    Ridiculous! Everyone wants publicity now. Leave this couple with a family who has been married since 1997 alone.

  34. Ben says:

    Susan Sarandon is a brave woman and only said what most people think: Allen is a creep and likes his girls too young. When you read everything about the case and Allen’s life, you’ll come to the same conclusion, that he did it. He always had a thing for very young girls & he was in therapy his whole life for a reason…Wait until he’s dead, then more people will come out and speak the truth.

    • The source is the child though, as it is with any sexual assault case. Although we can’t demand a blacklist since there was no conviction, there was strong evidence at the time for trial, it was decided it wasn’t in the best interest of the victim as she was too young. We now know that she regrets that decision, she wishes there had been vindication. I’m sorry, I understand your point in terms of none of us being able to know what a jury would have had the opportunity to know if this had gone to trial, therefore we can’t treat the case as though there had been a conviction, but let’s not all use that caveat in this particular case to pretend that sexual abuse of children doesn’t happen, or that pedophilia isn’t real and it’s all in the child’s mind when they have been abused. Come on, let’s not regress to a point where we allow whatever a person wants to do to children behind closed doors be ‘just fine’ and ‘private’. This child had a voice when she spoke out about this 20 years ago and she has a voice now. We know this much; his own child had vivid explanations of a lifelong pattern of troubling experiences with Allen that culminated in a very serious incident, involving very serious investigation and not once has any official involved said it was an open and closed empty case. They all say it was complex and troubling and ultimately left in an awkward place, but closed. That isn’t the same as ‘if you weren’t in the attic it didn’t happen’. She was in the attic. Maybe we won’t ever know, but we are entitled as people to believe his child. This has gone beyond good taste and privacy on Allen’s part.

  35. I know someone who worked at the hospital where the molestation investigation was taking place. Let’s just say that people shouldn’t let Woody near their kids. Also, anyone familiar with child abuse cases who’s read the documents can read between the lines here.

    • GKN says:

      The cafeteria lady? More likely this is pure bullsh*t, since nearly all the workers on the case went on record. Yeah, I knew them too.

  36. kat0711 says:

    She’s an idiot

  37. Lisa says:

    Brava! I read Dylan Farrow’s account of how Woody Allen sexually assaulted her and she didn’t just make it up as so many men seem to think every single abuse and rape victim does. A lot of people, mostly men, talk like there’s some ‘rape ghost’ drifting around because the man accused of assault is always innocent. Always. It doesn’t matter what the assault victim says, they always ‘just want money’ or revenge or they are pointing at the wrong person as the perpetrator. Of course the real perp is never found – maybe because he’s a ghost!. I am usually wary of men who protect the accused, I wonder if he’s running scared. Perhaps he’s assaulted someone and doesn’t want to be found out. Doesn’t want the justice system closing in on him and his cronies. Therefore he feels he must defend the suspect in order to keep the wolves at bay. Otherwise, he’d be wanting to find out who assaulted the child or the woman. However, it seems these days, too many men who could stand up and say something, just won’t. And now the real protectors, the women, are standing up to protect their children and each other. Nobody else will.

    • Sexracist says:

      Did you bother reading the factual evidence or the opinions of experts who investigated the case who found no evidence of abuse? Doesn’t sound like it. But they were men so of course they’re liars, right?

      You are the reason this problem exists, namely that you insist on ignoring the facts and chalk it up to sexism.

      • Sexracist says:

        Hi Hat two adults over the age of consent are free to choose whatever kind of relationship they want to have with each other. Anyone’s opinion of that relationship is irrelevant. If you condemn them you condemn every gay and lesbian relationship as well.

      • HiHat says:

        I condemn Woody for his part in initiating an inappropriate relationship with his stepdaughter, which is tantamount to incest and must have impacted the other children in the family. I’m sure Woody’s therapist had plenty to say on this subject as well. The connection between their inappropriate relationship and gay and lesbian relationships is totally false.

      • GKN says:

        Actually, they weren’t all men by any stretch, as I recall. And I agree. The stuff on Farrow and her hatred of him, her manipulations of her kids, was far more credible than the rest.

      • HiHat says:

        Check the link to the Vanity Fair article another commenter posted. Those are the facts of the case, and Woody Allen is apparently NOT without blame. It’s certainly a fact that he made love to — and later married — his stepdaughter. Does that sound like normal, acceptable behavior to you?

  38. Does anyone remember the last time SS was relevant to the entertainment industry? A few years ago she was slumming on “Malcolm in the Middle”, long removed from her Oscar win for “Dead Man Walking” and her 30 year shaking up with that beanpole narcissist. Must really suck when the residuals dry up and they can’t stuff you into a bikini or a superhero costume – which seems to be what the audience is buying at the box office. This is not some ridiculous grand conspiracy against women. There’s Lifetime, Oxygen, and Hallmark for those weepy female led dramas that no longer command screens. Of course you don’t hear director Katheryn Bigelow moaning about this nonsense. She’s too busy making movies people want to watch.

  39. Roy Atkinson says:

    I wish all the people who assume Woody Allen is guilty would watch his no questions barred 60 Minutes appearance in 1992. Mia Farrow was offered equal time.

  40. HiHat says:

    This Vanity Fair summary should be required reading for all commenters on this matter. Thank you for posting the link…

    • Hi There @HiHat, I couldn’t find the link, could the moderators have taken it down? Or did I just miss it? Do you recall who posted it? I’d like to read it, if at all possible… Hope you are well! Have a great afternoon :)

  41. Dennis Brian says:

    Maybe he didn’t want to cast her in a movie

  42. I hear her. I don’t think he is one to be celebrated or rewarded.

  43. LensView says:

    This article is more evidence that Variety has lost its sense of journalistic integrity. The headline reads: ‘Susan Sarandon on Woody Allen: He Sexually Assaulted a Child.’ But she is quoted right off “I think he sexually assaulted a child. . .” Sarandon said. . . Ah so – She THINKS Allen assaulted the child, an opinion to which she is entitled, just as are those who wrote comments here on either side of the question. The issue for me, since the facts are unknown, except to perhaps two persons, is that Variety feels it serves its readers by a headline that suggests knowledge instead of opinion. Readers chime in accordingly, with more opinions clothed as facts.

  44. Bill B. says:

    How the hell would she know?! Very unfortunate comment.

  45. Susan Sarandon s just as crazy, mixed-up and has a big mouth with monsensical rhetoric as Mia Farrow.

  46. BillUSA says:

    Far be it for me to agree with Sarandon, but I’m in agreement on the point of pedophile Woody Allen’s exploits.

  47. cadavra says:

    What the hell’s going on here? She’s built up 45 years of good will as an actress, activist and–yes–sex symbol (especially in her later years), and now she’s crapping it all away, first by her misbegotten attacks on Hillary Clinton and now sliming a man who was wrongfully accused of a crime. She must be having some sort of breakdown. Please, Susan, get help, before you completely destroy your legacy.

    • BillUSA says:

      The only breakdown being suffered here is the one involving the lack of common sense and decency among pedophile Woody Allen’s nay-sayers. There are people who still think pedophile Michael Jackson was framed. They can’t accept the truth.

      • cadavra says:

        Correction: The only breakdown here is the one suffered by people who ignore the six-month investigation that found not only zero evidence that Allen molested the kid but that she had been coached by Mia into telling and even believing this BS tale, because Mia wanted revenge on Allen for ending their relationship. Do you honestly think you know better than all those cops and psychiatrists? I’m guessing not.

  48. Thandie says:

    Why did you go the premiere of Café Society then?! Hypocrite.

  49. Ken says:

    Oh Susan, puh-leeeeeze.

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