‘Warcraft’ Fever Hits China as Advance Sales Reach $20.4 Million

Warcraft Movie
Courtesy of Universal

Warcraft” advance ticket sales in China totaled an impressive $20.4 million on Monday, two days before the launch of the fantasy-adventure.

“Warcraft” brought in the third-highest midnight pre-sales total for China behind “Furious 7” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Imax pre-sales for “Warcraft” have already reached a record $6 million in China, far ahead of the $3.7 million for “Captain America: Civil War” on the day before opening. It’s also sold out all of the 285 Imax midnight screenings with $825,000 in advance sales, surpassing the $810,000 record for “Furious 7.”

“Warcraft” grossed $29.9 million from 28 territories this weekend, fourth on the charts, to bring its worldwide haul to $70 million after two weeks of release. Russia is the top territory with $17.3 million, followed by Germany with $10 million and France at $7.8 million.

The international performance will be especially key for Universal and Legendary, which spent $160 million to produce “Warcraft.” The tentpole will open June 10 in the U.S., where it’s currently on pace for an opening weekend of less than $25 million, which will likely place it behind the launches of “The Conjuring 2” and “Now You See Me 2.”

Based on Blizzard Entertainment’s multi-player fantasy game, the videogame adaptation began its international launch on May 25 and will open in 37 more territories over the next two months. “Warcraft,” directed by Duncan Jones, is the first major release from Legendary Entertainment since it was acquired by China powerhouse Dalian Wanda in January for $3.5 billion.

Starring Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper, Robert Kazinsky, Toby Kebbell, Ben Foster, and Ruth Negga, the movie is set in the peaceful realm of Azeroth, which stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of Orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. It was produced by Charles Roven through his Atlas Entertainment banner.

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  1. Just got back from this about an hour ago. My whole family REALLY enjoyed it. For the record we ALL play WoW and I’m a super lore whore. I’ve read all the books and gleen additional info from the wiki and other lore sites.

    That said, the movie made sense to me but it could TOTALLY be confusing to someone not familiar with the lore. Several times I had to explain to my wife who was doing what and why. Some of the lore transgressions I didn’t care for but I understand why they did it. To NOT have Garona kill Llane on the battlefield creates an issue for a sequel that would need explaining. Same goes for Lothar and Blackhand. Both of those are way off the lore. If you were not a fan you would just view Medivh spewing fel as a “oh, I guess he was a bad guy afterall” moment but fans know WHY that was significant and what it means for the future.

    If you are a Warcraft player and know the universe well, this movie is DRIPPING with easter eggs! So much so I know I would have to watch it a few more times to even come close to seeing them all. The Murloc cameo, the subtelties of Stormwind and karazhan. Even a Tracer form Overwatch in the opening credits before the movie.

    All in all, a GREAT fun movie I will see again but I can understand why the critics find it hard to follow.

  2. Bestrafer says:

    Why are so many people thinking, that their taste of movie is an oerall fact?
    Critics from the press all over the world – not especially from the U.S. – gave that movie about a 20% rating. Viewers gave it over 80%.
    Viewers talking about fun while watching, far better than expected after watching trailers, press people talking about a WoW-Movie (which it isn´t), which trys to be like Lord of the Rings (which it doesn´t want to) and then get lost by trying to analyze , why a movie like Warcraft cannot work for viewers.

    It works, not only for chinese People, not only for Warcraft-Fans. It can work for Fantasy-Lovers, it can work for millions of people, who just want to relax in the Cinema with a ne spectacle.

    “It cannot be good, because chinese people love it” – does that mean, that the U.S. people have an overall good taste in movies? Really?

    I think that Warcraft will surprise many reviewers from the press, because they didn´t get one important thing – Warcraft will set a start for that big potential of game-movies, which maybe will be the next big thing after nobody wants to see superhero-movies anymore.

  3. Rhenn Sahani says:

    I’m just looking forward to drinking my tea and eating my popcorn when all these places that are predicting a domestic commercial failure have to eat crow. So much tea and popcorn.

  4. Jake says:

    So are the people predicting $25 million in the US the same people who predicted it was going to tank overseas as well? I can see this movie continuing to beat all the predictions by these so called film critics and experts. This is a movie with a pre-existing fanbase. A fan base who had already made up their minds to see the movie, and who aren’t swayed by ill informed critics. A fan base that is also tens of millions strong. Word of mouth from those fans is going to carry this movie despite the dragging through the mud by professional critics.

  5. Kratos says:

    This movie is so great!! 10/10

  6. Guillermo Mendez says:

    You were one of the sites that tried to kill this movie. You have failed.

    • Kay says:

      Nobili tries to kill a movie with a review: if a critic thinks the movie is bad it has nothing to do with its commercial success: you see how Chinese and European fans responded. But the movie it’s bad, no doubt about it: I’ve watched it, I’m not a gamer, and if you’re not familiar with the game, the movie is a mess of a confusing story, bad direction, awful performances and cartoonesque CGI. It will be fun just for the fans of the game. Which is ok. I just hope if they have the nerve to make the trilogy, and they will because all that Chinese money is guaranteed, I hope Jones will have the courage to step aside instead of waiting precious years in another bad movie. He’s talented and he failed here.

    • David Lopez says:

      Well, the movie deserves to be killed.
      It’s really, really bad.
      The chinese liking it just proves it.

      • NO WAY this movie doesn’t finish in the black. Blizzard fans alone will push it to 100m.

      • Movie is fantastic i watched it.BY the way way u cant speak about CHinese when AMericans payed 330mil domestic to watch the atrocity it is called B vS

      • Grace says:

        Guillermo Mendez acts like the movie has finished its box office run. It will open big in China, but it probably won’t open big in America. The movie will still have to make A LOT of damn money to break even.

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