Box Office: ‘Sausage Party’ Scores With $33.6 Million, ‘Suicide Squad’ Plunges in Second Weekend

Sausage Party
Courtesy of Sony

Sausage Party” scored at the box office this weekend, debuting to a meaty $33.6 million and providing a much-needed win for struggling Sony Pictures. In a summer dominated by spinoffs and reboots, the story of a gang of grocery items grappling with the dangers of the kitchen was an antidote to sequelitis and a reminder of the power of original ideas.

“It was the something different that adult audiences have been craving,” said Jeff Bock, an analyst with Exhibitor Relations. “When comedy pushes the envelope, that’s when it works best.”

In the case of “Sausage Party,” which liberally deploys sex jokes and four-letter words, it’s a foul-mouthed affair that more than earns its R rating. The $19 million animated comedy was also backed by Annapurna Pictures, the maker of “The Master” and “American Hustle.” Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Edward Norton, Jonah Hill and Bill Hader are among the vocal cast members. The studio released “Sausage Party” in 3,103 locations, and it now holds the record for the largest August opening ever for an animated film.



‘Suicide Squad’ Is a Hit, But DC Needs to Start Making Better Movies

“When you have something so fresh, it just stands out to audiences,” said Rory Bruer, Sony’s distribution chief. “People were blown away by the movie. It’s outrageous, off-the-wall fun.”

It’s good news for Sony, which has had a bruising period at the multiplexes. Flops such as “Ghostbusters,” “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and “The 5th Wave” have outweighed hits such as “The Shallows” and “The Angry Birds Movie.” It gives Sony momentum as it tries to put its recent bad run behind it and prepares for a fall and winter that will bring the debuts of “The Magnificent Seven” with Denzel Washington and “Passengers” with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

And then there are victories that feel more like defeats. “Suicide Squad” topped domestic charts with $43.8 million, bringing its stateside total to a hefty $222.9 million. However, that represented a punishing 67% slide in the superhero movie’s second week business, nearly equaling “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s” 69% sophomore plunge. It’s a signal that the deplorable reviews are catching up with the film and is unwelcome news for Warner Bros., which is trying to launch an inter-connected series of cinematic adventures based on DC Comics characters, but is still struggling to make movies that people like, as well as attend.

The weekend’s other major new release, Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon,” faltered, mustering roughly $21.6 million from 3,702 locations, despite scoring glowing reviews. The remake of the 1977 family film about a boy who befriends a dragon stars Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard. “Pete’s Dragon” snagged third place on the charts. It cost $65 million to make, making its opening a disappointment. Still, Disney believes that it could ultimately make a profit when its foreign grosses are factored into the picture.

“We’re going to come out of this having made money,” said Dave Hollis, Disney’s distribution chief. “People who are coming out of the theater are just loving it and their advocacy is going to help us put together a nice, solid run.”

Coming in fourth, Universal’s “Jason Bourne” added $13.6 million to its haul, pushing its domestic total to $126.8 million. STX Entertainment’s “Bad Moms” rounded out the top five with $11.4 million. The raunchy comedy has been a breakout hit for the new studio, earning $71.5 million to date on a $20 million production budget, and holding well on a week-to-week basis despite the presence of several summer tentpoles.

Paramount debuted “Florence Foster Jenkins,” a comedy about an off-key opera singer and heiress (Meryl Streep) who rents out Carnegie Hall for a public performance, in 1,528 locations. The film did a muted $6.6 million worth of business, and appealed primarily to older audiences, with 97% of its opening weekend crowd clocking in over the age of 25.

“Word-of-mouth is definitely going to be our friend,” said Megan Colligan, Paramount’s president of worldwide distribution and marketing. She added that the studio is confident that Streep and possibly her co-star Hugh Grant could end up in the hunt for awards, something which could goose revenues.

“This is very much in line with the Academy’s sensibilities,” said Colligan.

In limited release, Bleecker Street launched the World War II thriller “Anthropoid” in 452 theaters, earning $1.2 million.

CBS Films scored with “Hell or High Water,” a bank heist picture that earned critical raves at the Cannes Film Festival. The thriller picked up an impressive $592,000 from 32 locations for a per screen average of $18,500. The studio partnered with Lionsgate on the distribution. It expects to keep expanding the film, which stars Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges, in the coming weeks.

Total receipts were up nearly 15% from the year-ago period — a weekend that saw the release of “Straight Outta Compton” and “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” Analysts said that August has now become a hospitable launching ground for films such as “Sausage Party” that deviate from Hollywood’s current franchise mentality. It has hosted the likes of “Inglourious Basterds,” “Superbad” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” among other off-beat hits.

“August is the time when the studios take off the gloves,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at comScore. “It’s not a time to play it safe.”

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  1. Sumeet says:

    Michael Aguiar you are getting it wrong . SS might have earned a little bit more than guardians in its 2nd weekend but guardians dropped only 55.5 % than the 67 % hold of SS. So ultimately SS is the looser here, guardians 2nd weeknd almost made similiar to SS 2nd weekend with smaller opening than SS so that’s a win. And based on its weeknd drop it’s ultimately going to make less than guardians in the states .

  2. For a movie that “sucked” Suicide Squad sure has a lot of fans. It had its issues but the critical thrashing it got and continues to get is absurd. I had fun. Most people that saw it enjoyed it. Maybe the “critics” are just a bunch of entitled snobs?

  3. Richard says:

    I saw SS on sat and I really enjoyed it. I had twice as much fun watching it as I did with X-men A. The film is doing really well despite what some would say (and the 800 million to break even is a flat out lie). Things are really out of wack when a movie that has grossed over 400 mill can be seen as a disappointment but the film in 2nd place is seen as a hit. Critics slammed this movie and I was expecting it to be Daredevil or Ghost Rider bad but that is just not the case.

  4. John says:

    Has anyone thought about why “Suicide Squad” is getting so many negative press? When its director David Ayer came out and told Marvel “F-You!”, he committed the cardinal sin of publicity. From there the movie became “Suicide Media”, the media won’t publicly say it, but right now David Ayer is media’s public enemy. I wouldn’t be surprised if David Ayer doesn’t get another studio directing gig outside of Warner Bros. It’s ashamed because I loved the movie “Suicide Squad”, but its publicity is badly damaged by its foul mouth director.

  5. “And then there are victories that feel more like defeats. “Suicide Squad” topped domestic charts with $43.8 million, bringing its stateside total to a hefty $222.9 million. However, that represented a punishing 67% slide in the superhero movie’s second week business, nearly equaling “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s” 69% sophomore plunge. It’s a signal that the deplorable reviews are catching up with the film and is unwelcome news for Warner Bros”

    Im Sorry Variety.. But Guardians of the Universe raked in 42.125 mil on its second weekend with Suicide Squad outperforming Guardians every day of the week since it came out. With the same budget.. So you’re saying that basically Guardians of the Galaxy had an awful 2nd weekend? because it made less with the same budget..

    I say that because I remember reading a piece by Variety when Guardians came out hailing it as a WOW fantastic Awesomesauce result for Marvel, so its confusing. Since you have 2 movies from different companies, with the same budget that one outperformed the other and yet you call the one who made MORE money the 2nd weekend the “loser” and signal of the “deplorable reviews”? What was guardians excuse for only making 42 then? The reviews were great!

  6. KingMarvel says:

    I want to see Suicide Squad, but I’m going to wait til it’s out on DVD. I don’t want the studios to get any more money for putting out such abysmally-rated stuff; plus maybe the DVD-cut will be better.

  7. brady1987 says:

    I would absolutely recommend seeing ‘Pete’s Dragon’. It was a beautiful, touching and heart-warming film.

  8. Mario smith says:

    i was expecting more from Jason Bourne

  9. EricJ says:

    Sausage wasn’t “fresh and original”, it had a front-loaded cult that was ready to praise it as an “edgy” R-rated weed comedy only animated! (ooo….), which brought in a lot of fans who wanted to see the movie they’d imagined from the trailer.
    That’s pretty much what Squad had, and we see what happens to front-loaded cults the second week.

    And yes, it IS time for Sony to die. :) Their track record for picking the wrong movies to greenlight was made worse this year by their determination to go down with the ship and turn -anything- they owned into a “Universe”, and a bit of weekend-jolt is probably already making them think “crossover” with Hotel Transylvania.

  10. MikeS says:

    Memo to Warner Brothers: the drops for SS and BvS should show you what happens when you mutilate movies and release something different than what the filmmakers intended. The best thing they can do now is to release David Myers original version that was screened for test audiences. I’m 90% sure that was the better film based on what I’ve heard. THAT is the movie I was expecting to see and would pay to see. And it is probably the best way to boost box office receipts.

    The next time you greenlight a script and director, trust the filmmakers you hired.

  11. Falconsnacks says:

    Pete’s Dragon truly earned it’s great reviews and A Cinemascore,IMO so after you all see Suicide Squad and Sausage Party, THEN you can go see a real well made heart warming, small scale, family fantasy movie like PD.

  12. Cold Hard Truth says:

    It’s time for Sony Pictures to die!

  13. QUALITY is paramount! says:

    This week’s box office superlatives: THE GOOD- Suicide Squad remains #1 with $43.7M unless/until Monday’s actuals are reported, in which case we could see another adjustment downward. 2. S.ARTY proves many analyst wrong by opening to $33.6M, $10M more than many expected. 3. Holdovers score big time this weekend; JB drops just 39%, BAD MOM’S, just 18%, The S.L.O.P. adds 9M more dollars, and STAR TREK BEYOND adds $7M and a tiny drop of only 32%.
    THE BAD & THE UGLY- 1. Pete’s Dragon- bombs despite much critical praise and box office hype from forecasters. At 21.5M that is $10M less than what it was expected to make. 2. Suicide SQUAD drops 67.4 % in its 2nd weekend (YOWSA). Horrific fall for a movie in +4500 movie theaters. No doubt, it will quickly leave empty theaters very soon. Look for another massive plunge over the cliff next weekend. 3. 9Lives- EPIC FAIL. 4. ICE AGE 5- a domestic flop with only a 58M gross and already out of the top 10 while PETS continues to flourish.

  14. Dalton says:

    Yeah. I don’t get the title of the article either. SS made about 44 million but Sausage made only about 33. I’d say the sausage bombed when you consider all the hype and it’s the premier. SS made 133 mil in it’s premier weekend.

    More FUD from the DC haters I guess.

    I can’t wait to see the sausage movie but no way I’m paying to see it in a theatre. I’ll dl it and hope it’s not as childish as the reviewers say it is.

    So SS hit 222 mil after a 44 mil weekend when predictions where that it would just crack 200 mil. 435 mil world wide. No. 11 for 2016 so far. In what 2 or 3 weeks?

    Not bad, not bad at all.

    Sales dropped over the second weekend. I’ll mention that to save the troll from responding to my post.
    We won’t mention that they said that and were wrong about Monday (a record amount of money), Tuesday ( a record amount of money), The premier(a record amount of money) … oh yeah, this weekend(a record amount of money). But hey if you say something often enough it may eventually come true! As if.

    • lou says:

      Sausage Party nearly double it’s budget on opening weekend. It’s a successful. Nice try, troll.

      • Damon Tammas says:

        According to critics then the party will have to make 500 million back to make a a profit. And it will absolutely die overseas like most Rogen fare. Back under YOUR bridge, troll.

    • Cath says:

      Suicide Squad made an awful lot of money during the week. Most other movies would like to have the $222 problem after 8 days. Pete’s Dragon was a good movie, made all the better because, the actual dragon was the star of the movie and was visible (or invisible…see the movie) for most of the film. No worries for Disney there. Their kids’ movies usually make their money back with he DVDs, TV right, toys, etc. Kudos to Bad Moms which is very funny and holding steady.

    • Marie says:

      Sausage Party did rise above expectations. Calm down sour grapes.

    • Ajt says:

      One key metric is Sausage Party only cost $20 million to make. And was running 50% above expectations for the weekend. Suicide Squad brought in 2/3rds of what was expected for its week 2. And needs some legs to get back its much higher costs.

  15. Jason says:

    Trendy people with no mind’s. The critics want SS to fail. It’s not but it’s still at number 1 and the media still trying to make it sound like a failure. Sitting at 23 I’m SuperHero movie’s above a lot of great movies is not a failure. Not to mention it’s number 1 this weekend at 43.8 million. (In this article)

    • Yosemite Steve says:

      Dude, “trendy people with no minds” is pretty much WB target demographic for the DCEU, the comments in defense of this dumpster fire of a movie make pretty compelling evidence.

  16. Cass says:

    Where are the idiots that predicted a billion $ for Squad? Come on out. Take your beating for being dumb.

    • grooviegoo says:

      Where are the rest of you trolls that said SS would barely make 150MM in its entire run in the US? Come on out so you can get the hiding you deserve

    • JoHunter says:

      You mean the idiots who declared SS must make a billion to declare reasonable success?

  17. William Barry says:

    The title of this article suggests that the Suicide Squad movie fell to 2nd place and less than the 33.6 million Sausage Party made this weekend. I get that 67% drop is major but the SS movie is far from a flop despite critics wanting it to fail.

    • kenny says:

      the way things are reported is an issue. Press really rooting against suicide squad but they dont realise the more they keep trying to undermine the movie the more joe public loses faith in them. Be objective no matter the film and people will respect your opinions more

  18. Michael says:

    Hehe. DC fan boys are EXACTLY like Trump supporters at this point. Sorry your movie fell almost 70%, but that’s what happens when the superfans front load sales by purchasing advance tickets. Word of mouth from the average movie-goer defeated SUICIDE SQUAD, as it did with BvS and MoS. Better luck against Marvel next time… Maybe a girl (Wonder Woman) can turn it around for you.

  19. Joe says:

    Hahahaha! The butthurt critics are feeling because this movie is a hit after all their whining about “sexism”, while Ghostbusters crashed and burned is delicious!

    • Jason says:

      Actually it should say SS is still at number 1. Not worrying about how much it drops from the opening weekend. Yes it dropped but it’s still Number 1 this weekend.

    • nobody important says:

      Sausage Party was well liked by critics, you moron. Sounds like you need to get out of Mommy’s basement and stop whining about Ghostbusters, because it was a non issue

      • Dalton says:

        No, sad to say, but most critics are calling it out as a boring litany of childish dick jokes. Butt they like the producer (me too) so they are offering up that the ending has some kind of message. Apparently an orgy is a message?

        Watch the Cinefix review. They admit that they were plied with alcohol before the screening and it’s quite hilarious as they try to be truthful reviewing a movie that they repeatedly said would be well received by 14 year olds, ignoring the R-rating while trying to be nice to the guys who gave them the free beers.

        They wxplicitely stated that the beers coloured their opinion of the movie and clearly felt that any potential audience would require the same to enjoy it.

        Ghostbusters is the only major movie to lose money this year. It is absolutely relevant to a conversation about failed movies. SS is not in that ballpark. Number 11 so far for 2016. After only a couple weeks. It’s a hit. Suck it up.

  20. Marty says:

    According to Box Office Mojo, Suicide Squad has made 465 million dollars in about two weeks. Just because this writer didn’t like the movie doesn’t mean that it is not a hit. This article’s bias makes me glad I don’t give Variety a nickel of my money. At least try to be somewhat objective in your writing!

    • michael says:

      SS needs at least 750 mil… imo it will keep dropping and dropping and won’t get there… Considering the characters they have at their disposal like Joker and Batman, it is not really a hit…we will see if it breaks even, but still it should/could have made a lot more if only it were a good movie…

    • Really? says:

      465 is world wide you idiot, and if you think Variety why are you reading their article lol? I have a suspicion that you JK Chris Lex are one person.

  21. JK says:

    Dear Variety, update your article with relevant information and not just bias against DC to prove you right for your reviews, stop claiming a defeat for Suicide Squad when it won the weekend, the biggest second weekend in history and doing it while having great competition and breakout hit to their same target (sausage).

    Not acknowledging that it only shows the bias of Variety

    • LBlaidd says:

      Biggest second weekend of all time? Not even close, but just as an example, Star Wars: the Force Awakens did more on its second weekend that Suicide Squad did on its opening weekend. Plus the dropoff was less than 40%.
      In fact, a quick check shows SS is #55 on the list for second weekends. It was beaten by Transformers: Dark of the Moon and The Lego Movie, among others.

    • Thorny says:

      Finding Dory ($72.9 million), Captain America: Civil War ($72.6 million), Jungle Book ($61.5 million), and Secret Life of Pets ($50.8 million) all had bigger second weekends this year alone. No.1 all time second weekend belongs to Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($149 million)

      Source: BoxOfficeMojo

      • Cath says:

        Three of those movies are children’s movies. Captain America is part of the Marvel franchise and Star Wars, is, well, Star Wars. People (especially families) are more likely to spend, spend, spend on those movies which is why they are successful and they are willing to go more than once.

    • Really? says:

      The biggest second weekend? On what planet, talk about bias Marty, Chris, or Lex?

      • JK says:

        Biggest august second weekend in history!!!. there you have it. Did they acknowledge that?, no, because there’s a lot of bias, so shhhhh!

  22. Chris says:

    I don’t get it . A movie makes almost 44 million in its second weekend and this is bad? Last time I looked that was a great deal of money and obviously the reviews did not keep them away. Give me a break

    • Really? says:

      You obiviously skipped math lessons … 67% decline meaning 44 million is hollow victory movie is not going to see repeat viewings or expand beyond the fan base. So yes in this case reviews did impact the movie.

  23. Lex says:

    Dear Variety, please shut up. So sick of your broken record.

    • Really? says:

      But yet you’re HERE playing (reading) that same record … glutton for punishment, of course you are you liked SS!

    • Richard says:

      Dear Lex, please explain or shut up. What record are you listening to?

      • Richard says:

        Well the article also state that Disneys Pete’s Dragon did not open well … Must be bias! It also states that Meryl Streep’s lastest opened weak… Variety must be biased against her! Variety must love CBS films because they are reporting the low budget critical his is doing well in limited release….must be biased!
        Oh I get it it’s because Variety is reporting the facts that SS squad fell 67% which by all historic BO measures is not a good sign for future legs . Go ahead and blame the messenger for the bad news. DC Fanboys have morphed into a different breed I don’t recall the righteous indignation from Marvel fanboys when they are given inferior product …Hulk ..Wolverine ..Iron Man 2 ect. They overall didn’t attacks the critics for pointing that out they directed thier frustration at the studios. Unfortunately or fortunately WB / DC know they have like Marvel a huge fan base and that if they keep thier budgets in check they can with minimal effort throw crap in the screen and the fanboys will turn out just to see any version of their favs. Problem is you are never going to breakout like the Nolan films or the MCU films. They are more like Twilight cheap crap than quality Harry Potter that draws in more than the base. Bitch and moan but do it to the only ones who can make better movies the studios and not the critics or the BO analysts.

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