‘Batman v Superman’ Hurtling Toward $170 Million Weekend With $82 Million Opening Day

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is proving its immunity to the kryptonite of bad reviews, as the superhero battle pic took in $82 million on its opening Friday. Warner Bros.’ massive DC Comics tentpole should finish the weekend with more than $171 million, based on early studio estimates.

The blockbuster is already handily earning back its whopping $250 million budget. Unspooling in 4,242 locations, Zack Snyder’s follow-up to 2013’s “Man of Steel” took off Thursday night with $27.7 million in preview showings, notching a new high mark for highest Thursday preshow for an Easter Weekend (previously held by last year’s “Furious 7” with $15.8 million).


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Should “BvS” make as much as $180 million this weekend, it will become the fifth highest domestic opener ever. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” broke the record for top U.S. opening weekend with $248 million in December, smashing the mark set in June by “Jurassic World” at $208.8 million. Disney’s “Marvel’s The Avengers” is in the third spot at $207.4 million, followed by the studio’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” at $191 million. “Batman v Superman” will inevitably set a new record for biggest March launch, held currently by the original “Hunger Games” (2012).

Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot star in this “Justice League” setup. Though many critics have been unkind, fans are turning up in droves across the globe. The film is unspooling on 19,700 screens in 39 territories.

Those averse to the heavy violence of the DC Comics world are seeking out lighter fare like “Zootopia” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” which finished Friday in distant second and third places, respectively. “Zootopia,” now in its fourth weekend of play, took in $9.6 million Friday from 3,670 locations. Disney’s animated animal romp should generate a three-day total of $23-$24 million, popping its domestic cume above $240 million.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” bowed Friday against “Dawn of Justice,” taking in $7.2 million from 3,133 locations. The family comedy ought to rack up $20 million by Sunday’s end. Universal Pictures, Gold Circle Entertainment, HBO and Playtone’s sequel to the 2002 original finished its run with a global take of $368 million.


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Lionsgate’s second weekend of “The Divergent Series: Allegiant” should tally $9 million, as the Shailene Woodley starrer took in $3.7 million on Friday from 3,740 locations.Sony’s Jennifer Garner-toplined faith-based pic “Miracles From Heaven” continues to draw the Easter-celebrating audience, having pulled in $3.3 million Friday from 3,047 locations. The religious drama, now in its second weekend, is on track for a three-day total of $9 million. It picked up $15 million in its first frame.

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  1. Joseph Belizaire says:

    God… DC fanboys have to stop defending this movie tooth-and-nails – it’s just not worth it.

    Reality Check #1: the movie is good. It’s not epic, or even great… just good.
    Solid action, everything related to Batman was fantastic, OK Supe and WW…
    However, it’s also way too long, with no real justification for that length; choppily edited, with a poor, nonsensical storyline; way too many different, disparate plotlines, most of which goes nowhere; a very poor villain (sorry, but Eisenberg’s Luthor is awful); and overall highly predictable (that second trailer did no one any favor, but it’s not as if Snyder and his writers even tried to take any real chance with the original comicbooks’ source material.)
    Still, it’s quite watchable… but this ain’t TDKT (GOD NO!), and, even with all its flaws, “MoS” was narratively superior, IMO. Still, I think people should go see “BvS” and make up their own mind about it. Which brings me to my next point…

    Reality Check #2: every action/sci-fi/DC/Marvel/Comiccon/movie fan out there was going to see it this weekend, which should surprise no one. A month ago, Fandango was already predicting a massive opening for “BvS”, way before any critic saw it. So seeing so many DC fanboys congratulating each other (???) for proving the naysayers wrong because of its solid BO number is quite ridiculous and disingenuous. How about waiting ’til next week before calling “BvS” a bonafide success? As far as I know, it got no real competition until “Hardcore Henry” comes out in 14 days, so there’s no reason for it to drop, say, 60% or higher next weekend… unless the current bad word-of-mouth gets to it, of course.

    I get it – most of you only like agreeing with reviewers when their reviews matched your own opinion, especially when you have no true objectivity about what you just saw – that’s why you’re a fanboy! However, the lots of you should be concern about the overall reactions of many audience members on this opening weekend. Like you, those guys paid to see this movie as soon as it got released, and… let’s be honest, let’s be real: that built-in public final judgement on this project was less-than-stellar. The current 29% critics’ Tomatometer is bad enough, but, factor it next to the 73% audience score (done from its Friday morning’s 85%), with the ‘B’ Cinemascore (which is NOT GOOD, however you want to spin it – anything beneath a B+ is seen as lackluster, at best!)… Then yeah, this movie may have some problems.

    I mean, hate to bring this up… but let’s compare “BvS” to “Deadpool”, the only other superhero film to open so far in 2016. It’s a hit, with Tomatometer of 84%, and an audience score of 92%. So, solely based on those numbers, both critics and moviegoers think “DP” is a superior movie. Nobody can claim some kind of Marvel-bias here, since this is a Fox production; nobody can claim “BvS” didn’t have a higher pedigree, with a cast that has a combined 10 nominations (with 3 wins!) at the Academy Awards, or a way bigger budget (even if WB evidently drop it from its originally reported $400 million to its current $250); and, most importantly, nobody can seriously claim DC didn’t have a serious leg up when it comes to name recognition here. Yeah, the general public love Deadpool now… but is he bigger than Superman? Or Wonder Woman? Or BATMAN!? Hell no. Yep, he is in the better reviewed movie! And that’s problem, however you slice it.

    Take it from someone who really want this movie to succeed (because, IMO, success from DC in setting up their ‘verse means everybody else will be forced to up their game): next weekend scares me. If “BvS” ends up dropping in the 60% range while facing competitions like the new Richard Linklater and “God’s Not Dead 2″… THAT’S TERRIBLE. And there’s a genuine chance something like this could actually happen!

    *sigh* Alright, rant’s done. Constructive criticism is welcome.

  2. bobbie says:

    Hope BvS can make back that huge budget!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a superhero movie but I liked the movie even though I got lost at times between all the dream sequences and flashbacks. And some of the things some of the superhero characters did still remain questionable to me from what little I remember of the first Superman movie.

  3. deb says:

    This weekend is hype and curiosity and people go to see BVS…..but when word of mouth hits,,,BVS will fall short.

  4. Shimon Ohana says:

    Well deserved, Epic movie!!!

  5. Jimmy says:

    Batman v. Superman was very complex and compelling movie. The critics are wrong about the movie. Zack Snyder has put two seminal works of Batman and Superman into one movie, and it is great. It raises the bar on superhero movies. Go see this movie as it jump starts the DC Comic universe. All the actors deliver great performances, great writing, and great direction. I will see this movie several times. I felt the same way walking out of this movie as I did with the first Avengers movie. Game Changer.

  6. Lance says:

    Saw it yesterday. Very boring movie. Not good at all.

  7. JOE S HILL says:

    It isn’t the first time that movie critics have tried to kill off good movies with their artsy fartsy crap,and it won’t be the last time,either! i enjoyed this movie,as all comicbook fans should-but to be undermined by the wrath of unstable film critics,is unacceptable and intolerable! these idiot critics need to read the comicbooks more carefully to understand the material,instead of trying to burn down the movie,despite their poisonous reviews-“BATMAN v SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE” is a great movie,,and if they (the critics) don’t like it,then don’t watch it! but don’t make us suffer,because you critics think otherwise,,who cares? get a life,and let us enjoy our movies!

  8. JM Magwood says:

    Zack Snyder’s laughing right now. No one cares about hack critics who have agendas. Snyder made a smart, great looking movie. It’s no one’s fault if trolls and partisans can’t follow it.

  9. Ronald says:

    I don’t hate this movie, but most of those reviews are right. It’s not about Marvel vs. DC, it’s just about making good superhero movies, and unfortunately, this isn’t very good. I liked some of the things BvS has to offer, but the editing it’s just terrible, the plot often doesn’t make any sense, Eisenberg it’s just too over the top, and there are many other things that make this movie seem more like a chore to me. It has nothing to do with beign “too dark” or “mature”, it’s not as dark as Nolan’s trilogy, it just wasn’t good enough. The best: Batman, Alfred and Wonder Woman.

  10. Mark says:

    Of course this movie will make a lot of money even if it’s bad, it’s BATMAN and SUPERMAN…even those ridiculous Transformers movies made more than a billion dollars…

  11. Larry says:

    The disconnect between the snotty critics and this movie’s audience proves how their nasty reviews mean nothing. Funny how there was applause and cheers at the end of the showing I went to.

    • Silas says:

      There’s no disconnect between audience and critics. Audiences gave it a B cinemascore, a rating shared by hated movies like Green Lantern, Ghost Rider, Catwoman, and Elektra. User ratings on sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are higher because they have been manipulated by fanboys. Cinemascore is more reliable.

    • bmg615 says:

      Mass audiences can be convinced to see almost anything on opening weekend, especially if it comes from a strong brand like Batman/Superman. The real test of whether audiences actually liked it are the box office drops in its second and third weekends.

      A second weekend drop between 50% and 60% is average for a mega-blockbuster opening. Under 50% is very rare and means audiences really loved it . Over 60% means they hated it. Anything in between is… fine.

      I’ll reserve judgement regarding a critic/audience disconnect until after next weekend.

    • Mark says:

      No, they are actually right…the movie is not very good. 30% on RT and the audience score is 73% and dropping…To me it was a huge disappointment.

      • cjflan32 says:

        …And yet there’s still a huge disconnect between the critics and the audience. A 73% score says good, not great, which seems to be the majority consensus as well as my own opinion. And I’m sure just as some people propped up that original score earlier (a claim you probably made somewhere else) others now are probably trying to tank it. Internet trolling is a two-way street.

        Bottom line is you and whoever else can pretend that this film is a massive disaster but it’s not.

  12. Paddy says:

    Great movie, loved every minute. I think it’s being mauled by critics who wanted it to be lighter and more fun. It’s not DC’s Avengers, and if you go in expecting that you’re bound to be disappointed. This is a character based drama with fantastic performances all around, Jesse Eisenberg was particularly brilliant.

    • JM Magwood says:

      Completely agree. Good to see some thinking movie goers here. Of course, those that claim “BvS” is so terrible probably haven’t even seen it.

  13. Len says:

    Great film , really liked it. 9/10. Poor Zach, he’s being killed in the media. So unfair.

  14. JOE S HILL says:

    Don’t YOU people have a life? get off this page,and take your infomercial with you!

  15. JOE S HILL says:

    Get your stupid infomercial out of here! why don’t you opportunists pester other obscure web sites,and keep your rubbish out of these forums! get the message,Amelia Lemon?

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