Box Office: ‘Batman v Superman’ Debuts Lower Than Projected With $166.1 Million

Big-Screen Blockbusters Like Batman v Superman
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Box office estimates were too bullish for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Now that the final numbers have been tallied, it turns out that the superhero gladiator fight grossed $166.1 million, Warner Bros. said Monday. That’s $4 million less than the $170.1 million that the studio initially projected “Batman v Superman” would generate in its first weekend.

It’s still a massive figure, representing a record for a March debut, for Easter weekend and for a DC Comics film. The revised numbers do, however, mean that “Batman v Superman” will drop a rung on the all-time list of top openings. It’s now the seventh biggest debut, behind “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’s” $169.2 million launch and in front of “The Dark Knight Rises'” $160.9 million bow. “Batman v Superman” ranks as the second biggest debut for Warner Bros.


Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

‘Batman v Superman’: 5 Reasons Not to Hate the Superhero Mash-Up

The film grossed $81.6 million from Thursday pre-shows and on its first day of release on Friday, $50.7 million on Saturday and $33.8 million on Sunday, which coincided with Easter. Looking ahead, the studio is confident the film will do well this week, given that many schools are off for spring break. It should also benefit from a lack of competition — there isn’t another major blockbuster hitting theaters until Disney’s “The Jungle Book” on April 15.

A lot was riding on “Batman v Superman’s” performance. Warner Bros. is looking for new franchises to replace outgoing series such as “Harry Potter” and “The Hobbit,” and the hope is that the film will kick off a number of interconnected sequels and spinoffs featuring DC Comics characters. The studio spent $250 million to produce the film and tens of million more in promotional materials. Going into the weekend, the film was expected to bring in roughly $140 million.

Zack Snyder (“Man of Steel”) directs the film with Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. Reviews were savage, with many critics faulting the film for being over-stuffed with characters and undone by loose narrative threads. Audiences were kinder, handing “Batman v Superman” a B CinemaScore.

The film also did brisk business abroad. It launched to $254 million overseas from 66 markets, including China, where it grossed $57.3 million, the best ever debut for a Warner Bros. release.

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  1. Richard says:

    170 or 166? Still a ton of money anyway you look at it. Curious to see how critics respond to the other upcoming films in the genre because the way they went after this you would think it was the worst film ever made. Is it perfect, no but it did not deserve the beating it took.

  2. Tod Lautenberg says:

    The film made 500 million worldwide in one weekend! Whoever wrote this ‘hit piece’ will never see that much money in a hundred lifetimes.Hey Brent, you are not the brightest bulb in the pack huh.Mail me a postcard from obscurity baby! Ha Ha Ha :0)

    • Conrad S. Hauser says:

      Wow, defensive much? Nobody is rounding the worldwide number down to $160. You do understand the difference between Domestic Gross and Worldwide Gross, right? I mean, it’s not Rocket Science. The film grossed $166 million Domestically. Domestically means in the United States and Canada only, since I have to spell things out for you. $420 million is what Batman v Superman grossed Worldwide. Worldwide means all of the countries it released in across the world (including domestic, just so I don’t lose you). Nobody rounded down to $166 million. The Sunday night estimate was reported as $170 million domestic, and $424 million worldwide total. An estimate is when you don’t have an accurate count yet, and so you “estimate” what the final number will be based on previous totals and patterns. On Monday, the final counts were in. This count is called “Actual” total. The Domestic “actual” gross was $166 million. Not rounded down, but “actual” total. The Worldwide “actual” is $420 million. Not rounded down, but “actual”. No one is saying the movie will stop grossing money today. We are talking about “actual” opening weekend numbers. Try to stay on topic.

    • Conrad S. Hauser says:

      Do you always round your figures up by $80 million when you do math? $420 million is a nice number on its own. When you try to embellish it, you lose credibility.

      • Everyone on this site ROUNDED DOWN to 160 when the number was closer to 500, 420 i guess for all the stoners out there. Still Conrad are you saying that this film is done making money? I’ll be right on wednesday you rocket scientist you.,

        BOTTOM LINE = The film is making money hand over foot and it has only been 4 days . Anything else is sour grapes.

        It doesn’t make you smart to rip people down. It just makes you boring.


        I keep reading about all those wealthy glass half empty kind of guys, NOT!

        This is the opening weekend and the whole business has moved on demand. Are you seriously bent Conrad? This film will clear a billion dollars in profit easily by the time it ends it’s on demand run. hell it may even make that theatrically.

        I don’t choose to see a a hugely profitable film as a loss because I want people to think I’m bright Conrad.

        This is the Entertainment business, not Demolition genius. Now go do something useful with your time you naught nelly you. :0)

  3. jonpaw says:

    Who projected it to make $420million? No one!

  4. Marie says:

    But it still made a lot of money.

  5. BD says:

    What exactly is the problem with critics, writers and this film? It’s as if they have never seen a bad movie before. Sure the film has terrible problems, but enough is enough. How bitter can critics be that nobody paid attention to them and they went to watch the film. Even when saying a film grossed 166 million during three days (or four if you count thursday) plus the massive international take they talk about it as if it’s a bad thing. You people could not be more excited about those 4 million dollars that you are so glad to take away from the projections. It’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened. You could not be more excited that it’s one spot lower on the all time list. It’s such an exciting time. More bad things to say about BvS. Congrats!. And of course we still have to look forward to the amazing amount of clever things they’ll find to talk about the second weekend and how much it will drop.

  6. David Wood says:

    If Batman v Superman movie grossed less than $200 million in opening weekend, it would be below expectation. Based on the past records from Man of Steel and all three Batman movies since 2005, Warner Brothers must have expected to get box office over $200 million, similar to the Avengers movie record. But now it only has $166 million. If the movie budget is really $250 million, this movie won’t make a profit.

    • Tod Lautenberg says:

      David you are not including international. Ben is a nice guy and I feel he should get props fro wiping the floor with these fools.

      • Darren Hood says:

        International totals do not go to the studio alone, only 50% does, so while the worldwide totals go up to 420 million, Warner only sees a 1/3 of that due to foreign investors being paid to distribute a film and taking a portion of the proceeds in the process.

  7. zehel metaleil says:

    how a movie with more 140 millons in pre sales can open with lower box office debut? even if people dont go to see it this mkake no sense.

    • Conrad S. Hauser says:

      $140 million in pre sales? Where do you people get your numbers from? That would be $40 million more than Force Awakens. BvS did $20-$25 mil in pre sales.

    • You do realize that the film will be in the theater for more then one weekend right. 500 million in first weekend more then breaks them even and it hasn’t even played on demand. Are you a studio executive or a nit picker?

      • Blake says:

        You don’t understand how movies and studios make money.

        As a general rule, to BREAK EVEN a movie has to double its budget. That’s because nearly half of the money made goes to the theaters, and movie budgets don’t include their promotion budgets, which are often 80% of their budgets.

        So this movie, as a rough estimate, cost about 500 million to make (production budget + promotion budget). So they took in 420 million this weekend, but they only get half of that, which means they’re currently in the hole for 280 million.

        Obviously no one knows if the movie will do well over the next few weeks, but it most likely needs to cross a billion to be a success for the studio.

  8. vlad serf says:

    If Steven Spielberg make this movie
    Movie will be least interesting but rooten tomatoes will give it 89%
    They just hate it.
    This is reason why Mell Gibson can’t do more movies.
    The most creative and truthful director of all the time .
    + Clint Eastwood and many more

  9. Anon says:

    LOL I love how bitter and butthurt all these articles are over BVS. If this was a Marvel movie you’d be jizzing in your pants about how great this total was!

  10. Cath says:

    The estimates were all over the place throughout the weekend. They ranged from 130 to 180 million. 166 is somewhere in the middle. Of course there would be a drop on Sunday. How many people have other things to do on Easter? The headline is a bit much. 4 million off of yesterday’s estimate but yesterday’s estimate was 10 million less than your earlier estimate and the actual estimate is 26 million more than early estimates. Math…

  11. Leo says:

    Very interesting article which makes me wonder about the legs for this film and When the word of mouth comes in to play we could be looking at a 65-70% drop for the second weekend and my guess for a final total is around 400 million maybe 375 if The Jungle Book affects the film but it would be on its 4th week. Worldwide though word of mouth has a lesser affect than here in the states so we could still be looking at 500-700 million worldwide which with dometstic puts it at final total 900-1.1billion. This worries me for titles that won’t have this huge burst of box office because without batman or superman in the film if the film is not good it will NOT make its money back. Suicide Squad is the the exception but it also depends on how much they use batman in both the film and in marketing. But the titles I am worried about is some of the lesser known titles if they get such reviews wont have a cushion of a huge opening weekend Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman,and Shazam

  12. pretendernx01 says:

    Uh, you guys had an article predicting the movie would make $120-$140 million and now you’re trying to claim $160 million is “lower”.

    • Conrad S. Hauser says:

      The early estimate on Sunday night had the film grossing $170 million, which would have been a milestone for Warner Bros, because it would have topped Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows 2 as their highest opening ever. All the article is stating, is that the finally tally came in at $166 million, therefore, “lower” than Harry Potter. There is nothing wrong with reporting facts in correction of estimates. Some people like to know the actual totals.

    • pretendernx01 says:

      Do you even read your own articles? Your wrote it: “‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Eyes Massive $140 Million Debut”

  13. jhs39 says:

    A ‘B’ Cinema Score is low for this type of film. Marvel films typically receive an ‘A’ and even the divisive Man of Steel earned an ‘A-‘. To put that in proper perspective Green Lantern and Catwoman both also earned a ‘B’, which probably doesn’t bode well for Batman V Superman in the coming weeks, even without much in the way of competition.

    • Watchmen was amazing> I loved it and it got the worst reviews I have ever seen. Get me some popcorn and an Imax and burn everyone’s phone. I’m goin’ to the movies baby! Ben started with Kevin Smith. The man is a brother in arms. I support and encourage the good ones.

  14. jimmy says:

    Great movie looking forward to the next films in this DC Universe.

  15. Jim says:

    You know what other movie got a “B” Cinemascore? The much reviled Affleck-Daredevil movie, lol.

  16. Nanny Mo says:

    You know Hollywood, they say stuff to themselves until they believe it’s true. The fact is the story on this one is weak and we’ve seen SO MANY SUPERMAN / BATMAN films that if the story stinks, we just move on. I’m so sick of super hero films that it takes more than CGI these days to get me to spend the $150 (babysitter, parking, LA B.S., tickets). Yikes it’s expensive to go to the movies these days.

  17. Steve Kemper says:

    A. The studio was targeting $140m, not 170.
    B. It DID make $170m($424m globally)
    C. The $400m budget rumor has been debunked on multiple occasions After tax incentives and product placement/marketing, the studio paid less than $300m.

    Variety loves making asses of themselves.

    Sorry haters – like it or not – the Snyder-verse is here to stay. WOO-HOO LUV THIS MOVIE!!!

    • Jedi77 says:

      The studio released weekend estimates at 170.1, morons.

      • If you were really a Jedi you would no that projections mean dick. IF YOU MAKE MORE MONEY THEN YOU SPEND IT IS CALLED A PROFIT> Anything else is just mental m@sterbation.

        This film is already making PROFIT now. It made the cost and ads in 3 days. If this is a bad weekend then why have a industry at all?

        Hey JEDI,I guess you would just throw the money out from international sales because it doesn’t fit your worldview to take it This Jedi has gone to the dark side baby!

        My work is through here. Good luck DC! I’m not making any money off of this, just a proud Comic fan like yourself.


    • Bia says:

      this variety is hater? In the next report the warner provided 1 billion.

    • Rock says:

      If you think WB’s investment is closer to $300 million, then you’re either horribly naive about the finances of this industry or so far in the tank for this movie that you’d try to b-s everyone, kinda like the studios themselves. You probably think MAN OF STEEL was a huge hit–I mean, $650 million worldwide! Yeah, WB took a bath on that film after the theatrical run, ’cause it needed to make at least a billion dollars just turn a small profit before heading into the home market. There was a short-run series last year, I think on, showing people just what the balance sheets on modern movies actually look like. The costs are so much greater than what you think and even beyond what gets reported. The 20th biggest profit number for 2014, amongst hundreds of movies released, was shockingly small. BvS is costing WB many hundreds of millions…it’ll need bionic legs to make it worth their while.

      • Conrad S. Hauser says:

        @ Jake – Are you kidding? You do realize that there was no Man of Steel Part 2, because Warner Bros was disappointed that MoS did not break $300 million domestically. They put Batman in the sequel and the title to prop it up for a reason.

      • Rock says:

        Do you seriously believe that BvS cost less than the most recent X-Men movie? The Amazing Spider-Man 2? BvS and Interstellar are on par financially? If you could actually make these movies for the numbers you’re talking about, then they wouldn’t be the gambles that they’re made out to be. The idea that somehow this particular blockbuster was a bargain…come on! That’s just not how it works. As for Man Of Steel…the studio only keeps about 40% of the box office–for Man Of Steel, that was probably in the $260-280 million dollar range…subtract production/marketing/release costs AND overhead AND the participation/box office-related deals for the producer, director and key actors and you’ve got a huge loss. WB expedited the Justice League ’cause they didn’t want to risk sending Superman out solo again and disappointing…again.

      • Steve Kemper says:

        Yes, the total was about $450m. But Warner got a lot of that back from tax incentives and marketing/promotions. They’re out of pocket was less than $300m

        And this doesn’t even count the money they’re making for toys/games/figurines/books/apperel/etc

      • Jake says:

        Your numbers may be closer but there is no way that Wb would make this movie if the horrendous man of steel did not make money

  18. Lou says:

    This movie will have the legs of someone who had Superman drop a building on their legs. It was a stinker and word of mouth will kill it. Watch it finish with Man of Steel’s worldwide gross.

    WB, fire Hack Snyder.

    • Lance says:

      People seem to forget that bad word of mouth, horrible reviews and a below average B cinemascore are going to make this movie plummet next weekend. My guess is 70% at least.

    • Jaymes Deen says:

      Sorry buddy, but I thought this movie was awesome, not sure what film you saw or what you were expecting.

  19. Rock says:

    I love how WB and the film’s defenders will try to spin these numbers as good or even better than expected. Fact is, they spent in the neighborhood of $400+ million just to make and market a movie with Superman AND Batman in it. How does that movie NOT open huge? This isn’t the Fantastic Four…Superman and Batman, with Wonder Woman and others sprinkled in? There were too many people waiting for this movie to finally happen, too many committed to being there when it opened for the film to bomb out of the gate. The issue is, how was it not bigger? It should’ve challenged records beyond those for WB, DC and the month of March. Why is this movie even in opening in March? It’s Superman and Batman for God’s sake! Face it, the shockingly terrible reviews and mediocre word of mouth will hold this film back in the long run, just like it did with MAN OF STEEL, which was made by the same people. Superman and Batman in the same hugely expensive movie, and they can’t beat Iron Man, CGI dinosaurs and even Harry Freaking Potter.

    • Nanny Mo says:

      And yet, WB will give these same filmmakers another $400M to blow! It’s a form of insane retardation, if you really think about it, but it’s the same in politics, we keep putting the same ole Bushs and Clintons in and expect something new. Riot! Well at least the Bush dropped out.

  20. kdads says:

    This article, especially the headline, is another example of the industry media trying to bring this movie down for some reason. By every measure financially, the film outperformed projections. This article points out that they *may* not have hit the adjusted projection made during opening weekend…This movie wasn’t perfect but it was entertaining.

    • JR says:

      Ordinarily, I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I’m, starting to wonder if there might not ne something to what you say. This was a damn good movie…a few flaws but nothing deserving of all the vitriol. Listening to people as we exited, all that I heard people say was positive. Perhaps the Marvel movies left viewers unprepared for a more adult super-hero flick.

      And of course, cutting half-an-hour from the movie doesn’t help. I, for one, plan to see it again (there was so much to digest). And I’ve already put in my pre-order for the Ultimate Cut 3D combo-pack Blu-Ray..

      • OGamer says:

        This was not a “damn good movie”. It was ok at best. There were a lot of awesome parts, but the rest of the movie brought it down. It was too much for Snyder to handle and it shows. It is what it is and next weekends numbers will reflect it

    • Chizz says:

      Very foolish comment.

      1) Are you aware the studio makes the projections? They can therefore lowball the initial estimates to make the performance look better.

      2) If you know ANYTHING about Variety, you would be aware that they have been shilling for BvS non-stop for the past couple of weeks, including printing one of the most favorable reviews. They are the part of the industry that is trying to spin this debacle into something positive

  21. It was lower by 4 million? That’s it, Movie’s a bomb

    • Conrad S. Hauser says:

      No one said it was a bomb. Early Sunday night estimates had the movie at $170 million, which would have been an even bigger deal for Warner because it would be their biggest opening ever. The finally total of $166 million is still a huge opening of course, but that puts it behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 on Warner Bros opening list. That deserves to be reported, since anyone calling BvS Warner Bros biggest opening ever based on the estimated number would be wrong.

  22. JR says:

    Hollywood Reporter has a totally different take, including the increase in stock due to the good performance of the movie since Friday:

    “Zack Snyder’s superhero team-up film, in which the caped crusader battles the man of steel, bowed to a giant $170.1 million from 4,242 theaters and also made history globally with a $424.1 million opening. It’s a step in the right direction for the studio that endured a string of 2015 flops.

    Time Warner shares opened on the New York Stock Exchange on Monday up $1.13, or 1.5 percent, to $71.14. On Friday, they closed at $69.94”.

    • cornersss says:

      “Hollywood Reporter has a totally different take”

      The take above isnt that much different. Just said they missed their mark by $4 million, but broke records despite the shortfall.

      • Conrad S. Hauser says:

        @ JR – No, it is official that Batman v Superman finished with $166 million for the weekend, and therefore, behind Harry Potter. Next time, actually do a little research before assaulting someone for reporting facts.

      • bmg615 says:

        The last Harry Potter earned $169 million on opening weekend. Batman V Superman earned $166 million. BvS is definitely behind Harry Potter at this point.

      • JR says:

        It is different. The Variety piece states: “The revised numbers do, however, mean that “Batman v Superman” will drop a rung on the all-time list of top openings.”

        That is incorrect…it is ahead of HARRY POTTER, not behind

  23. Rafael says:

    Actually it did make $170 million. With a total of $424 million world wide. Which was reported in countless articles yesterday.

    • Lance says:

      Did you even read the article, you idiot fanboy? The final actual numbers always released on Monday morning.

    • mightymad says:

      … Never heard of the concept of ‘revised numbers’ before today, haven’t you, Rafael?

      • Conrad S. Hauser says:

        There is a reason the Sunday Night numbers are called “estimates”, and the Monday numbers are called “actuals”.

    • bmg615 says:

      The numbers put out Sunday mornings are just estimates. They are basically guessing how much money each movie will make on Sunday based on past box office patterns. Think about it — how can anyone know for certain exactly how much money a movie will gross throughout Sunday by 10am Sunday morning, when theaters aren’t even open yet?

      It isn’t until Monday morning, when Sunday’s box office registers are closed, that the final true numbers are tabulated. You’ll see everyone revising their numbers today. This happens every week.

  24. Erik Mara says:

    Who cares what critics say? its only an opinion from highly paid people who watch movies for a living. Besides, critics doing a superhero flick is like a NASCAR analyst reviewing the NFL.. doesn’t work that way! Again, why should critics matter? it’s an opinion like yours and mine.

    • mightymad says:

      Your weak-sauce NASCAR analogy doesn’t explained why critics gave raves reviews for the likes of “Deadpool” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”… So it ‘doesn’t work that way!’, unless they think the same way as you do, amirite? *sigh*…

      And the main difference between your opinion, Erik, and the overwhelming majority of critics is that… unlike you, they aren’t DC fanboys. Which makes their views way more objective.

      Plus, what Chizz said.

      • Jaymes Deen says:

        But why would you go and watch a movie if you were “not” a comic book fan? I have spoken to people and some just dont watch “x” type of movie.
        So who watches DC and Marvel movies? Well mostly ….Fanboys, yes those old enough to grow with comics, those young getting into comics. Yeah you know people that like comic like movies.

        Your post of bashing on the guy because he is a “fan” of genera/brand/character is completely stupid. Of course If I am a comic fan, the person I want to here review is the “Comic Fanboy” not some 50 year old grandma that thinks her crap doesn’t stick like these “professional movie critics”

        Check out rotten tomatoes, the “critics” say almost a 29, the Movie goers say 79……. hmmm clearly something is wrong, and I will go with the movie goers.

    • Chizz says:

      The general idea is that critics are educated and well-versed in film history, versus the drooling meathead apes who can’t spell and haven’t seen a movie made before 1970 that comprise the target audience for superhero movies.

      But hey, if you think a dimwit’s opinion holds the same weight as an educated one, I applaud your conviction.

  25. This film was a freaking train wreck. It’s the kind of movie I’d expect if you gave a high school kid 250 million dollars to make a movie. It lacks any coherent direction, pacing is horrific, and Lex Luthor was badly miscast.

    • Jose Kuervo says:

      also.. get familiar with Superman Birthright storyline which is basically the inspiration for this Luthor. jesse looked JUST liked him in that comic book story.

    • Jose Kuervo says:

      movie was awesome…only train wreck is your comment.

    • Keiran S-C says:

      id describe greenlantern or ultron as a trainwreck this was on par with avengers at least and i personaly i cannot stand the avenger characters or the narratives but i dont go rating their movies 1 stars and being a winey bitch about it just because its not for me….

      The film made complete sense just beacuse you dont know the source material doesnt make its incoherent it made sense to fans and will be revealed as the narratives unravels over the course of a few films to ppl who arnt familiar with the universe.
      As for direction the film spent the first half, world building, introducing and establishing characters in the universe, while building tension by telling the current state of affairs concerning superman and batman and the affects they have on sorciety.
      Then about 7 minutes or so of foreshadowing the justice league and Flashpoint storylines and a bit of their personal lives. Then proceeded onto the third act which is the results of lex luthors meddling, from the start of the film with lois, coming to fruistion and causing the heros to come together and fight a common enemy.

      all in all it had amazing direction and with the slightly extended time fit everything in nicely while preping fans for whats to come. please judge the movie for its quality and not your preffered fandom..

      • Conrad S. Hauser says:

        Avengers was not a poorly edited film cluttered with confusing plotlines. Even the people I know who liked the film overall said that the editing was bad, first hour of the movie was boring, and easy to get lost in (not in a good way).

  26. Ben says:

    “I truly enjoyed this movie and I saw it 4 times, every theater that I was in applauded this movie, something just doesn’t feel right” ??? You are a liar. This is a terrible film and no one clapped.
    This film is an insult to the industry and coherent storytelling. It will have a terrible second weekend.

    • Raf says:

      I saw the movie 3 times. Just because you think it is a bad movie does not mean it will be bad for others. Have you heard of the magical word called opinions? I have friends who have seen it four times. So what is there not to beleive? Oh that is right! Since you think it is bad then when someone says they saw it more than once and you disagree then they are lying.

      • Sexracist says:

        “I saw the movie 3 times.”

        Sir, there’s this great thing available out there called A Life. You should get one. That way you don’t have to spend your entire weekend with strangers in a dark room watching grownups playacting childish fantasies.

    • Paul R says:

      They applauded at our theater too… Easter Sunday 3:45 pm showing at Point Orlando – 3d IMAX it was an awesome spectacle! Loved it! Light years better than Spiderman 3 (63% – RT) & Amazing Spiderman-2 (55% – RT)… They absolutely SUCKED.

    • L says:

      they clapped several times each time I saw it ( which is twice)

    • Keiran S-C says:

      The film is fine stop being over dramatic,personally i loved it but you cant please everyone, when compared it to whats passed as superhero movies over the last few years its one of the top ones.

      Films like x-men DoFP, Gurdians of the galaxy, the first avengers, ironman 1, man of steel were all amazing! for this genre of movies but when you look at some of the rubbish thats come out such as Thor 1&2, iron man 3, ultron, green lantern, superman returns they only skated by on diehard fans BVS clearly belongs in the better side of the list where abouts depends on your taste and which franchise your a fanboy of but you can still respect both without being a douche about it

      • Keiran S-C says:

        i dont see why his mothers name being a trigger word is a suprise to ppl. superman is fighting to save his mothers life, then before he gets killed he uses his last words as a plea to batman to save his mother?? why do you think this is unusual :S

        and he uses her name, so batman would actually be able to find her, thats why he doesnt say mum or mother as no one knows who superman is

      • It’s simply a bad film. Just because it has Batman and Superman in it doesn’t make it awesome. I actually laughed at the end when they suddenly made up and were friends.

        “It’s his mothers name!”

        LOL, are you serious?

    • Jaci says:

      They clapped in my theater.

  27. Luisbats says:

    This just doesn’t make sense to me, I truly enjoyed this movie and I saw it 4 times, every theater that I was in applauded this movie, something just doesn’t feel right

    • Stop lying Luisbats. You didn’t see it 4 times. The theater I was in had ZERO clapping whatsoever. All you heard were crickets for 2.5 hours.

      • Rafael says:

        Montello just bexause you did not like the movie does not mean others did not. Like i said in one of my previous comments. I have watched it 3 times. Other friends have as well some even 4 times. I am sorry you are so hardheaded that you cant accept other people’s opinions.

      • Justin Hall says:

        It was great! I loved every aspect of it. The only people that couldn’t follow the movie were either very young children is non-comic book fans.

  28. Keiran S-C says:

    idont think so, i read that it got $170.02 M and became the sixth highest grossing opening weekend release in north america just passing deathly hallows

    • Lance says:

      Nope, the finals numbers came in today and it only did 166 million. Deathly Hallows takes back his WB crown!

    • Keiran S-C says:

      yea this is the only article i can find saying it earned less than 170 million in north america

      • Conrad S. Hauser says:

        Check again. Estimates get reported on Sunday night. The “Actuals” get reported on Monday. By now, everyone has the “Actual” $166 million final number.

      • bmg615 says:

        The numbers put out Sunday mornings are just estimates. They are basically guessing how much money each movie will make on Sunday based on past box office patterns. Think about it — how can anyone know for certain exactly how much money a movie will gross throughout Sunday by 10am Sunday morning, when theaters aren’t even open yet?

        It isn’t until Monday morning, when Sunday’s box office registers are closed, that the final true numbers are tabulated. You’ll see everyone revising their numbers today. This happens every week.

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