‘Batman v Superman’ Dipping to $50 Million Second Weekend

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is still the top contender at the box office, but its second weekend in theaters won’t be quite as victorious as its debut.

Warner Bros. and DC’s clash of the superheroes is now tracking for a three-day total of $50 million, down from yesterday’s expected $58 million. “BvS” pulled in $15 million on Friday from 4,256 locations, and it’s expected to hit a cumulative domestic gross of $260 million by Sunday’s end. The first week of the movie took in $209.1 million in the U.S. — the 10th-highest first-week total of all time — with a $166 million opening weekend.

Despite the negative reviews, audiences appear to have embraced the film, based both on box office turnout and on social media metrics. Fifty seven percent of the conversation on Twitter following the film’s debut has been positive, according to social media tracking service Fizziology. Less than 10 percent of the tweets about the film have been negative, with the rest falling under the neutral banner.


Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

‘Batman v Superman’ Hits a Wall at China Box Office

Other box office champs this weekend include the unsinkable Zootopia, which is heading for a weekend haul of $20 million from 3,698 locations. Disney’s socially progressive animated saga brought in $5.5 million on Friday, portending that the film will cross $275 million in total domestic grosses by the end of the weekend.

Universal’s “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” will claim third place. The sequel to the 2002 original pulled in $3.5 million on Friday from 3,179 locations. It’s expected to generate a three-day total of $11 million, pushing its domestic cume past $35 million.

A pair of faith-based films will claim fourth and fifth place. Debuting this weekend, Pure Flix’s “God’s Not Dead 2” generated $2.9 million on Friday from 2,320 locations. The sequel to the 2014 original should finish its debut weekend with $8 million.

Also in contention is Sony’s Jennifer Garner starrer “Miracles From Heaven,” which brought in $2.2 million from 3,155 locations Friday. The faith-based pic is expected to wrap up the weekend with $7.5 million, topping $45 million in total domestic receipts by the close of its third weekend in theaters.

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  1. bob meier says:

    “Despite the negative reviews audiences still seem to have embraced the film.” What else is new? Any glance on any week’s box office will show that the vast majority of cineplex viewers don’t read or pay any heed to reviews. The top ten films are almost always the ten worst reviewed with a few exceptions (the exceptions mostly being at end of year awards seasons screenings.) It’s too bad-that negates the value that the average person holds of film reviews. Film critics aren’t “elitist”- they are giving their informed opinions of films which most choose to ignore.. Too bad.

  2. Terry of fakeababydotcom says:

    Clearly it didn’t live up to the hype. I’d give it 6/10. That dip is not surprising. What a shame.

  3. First off, 57% positive comments on social media does not constitute audiences “embracing” the film. We are talking about two of the most popular and definitely the most well-known superhero characters of all time here with a massive pre-installed fan-base. So just over half the audience approving is a pretty low benchmark.

    Secondly, I don’t buy that the other 43% were “neutral”. No negative comments on social media at all? Really? The truth is that this film has polarised audiences. Not sure why Variety is sitting on the fence here.

    • Alex says:

      Social media and bad word of mouth is the reason the films box office take dropped 70% in it’s 2nd week out. I’ve noticed that everyone who thought it was a great idea to have Affleck play Batman are now nowhere to be found.

  4. kwasi says:

    I went to watch the movie the second time, and now I wish I didn’t , because I hate it now.this movie sucked. First of all, why is superman been blamed for the deaths when she went to save Lane from the terrorists, this people were killed with Guns and you’re blaming superman. And didn’t superman see those guys leaving on the bikes when He is coming to save Lane. In this movie superman apparently don’t care about criminals, so Batman is chasing criminals, superman stops Batman instead, destroys his bat car, just flew off and leaves the criminals, didn’t he know batman was chasing criminals. I know am ranting too much , I so want to love this movie, maybe I will go and see it a third time. poor story writing , poor editing and poor directing. Please don’t spoil Justice league.

  5. Jacques Strappe says:

    3 years of incessant marketing for this turkey, no competing films, huge screen launch with record number of IMAX and 3D screens. What a bust. What a joke. What a waste of a quarter billion dollars plus even more in marketing and other costs. Bring in the Marvel consultants stat!

  6. Jacques Strappe says:

    Global critics and movie goers have spoken in unison: “My Big Fat Batman vs Superman Wedding Has Fallen” and can’t get up. Go see Zootopia, instead.

  7. Jim says:

    Ouch! A Batman vs Superman movie struggling to reach a $1 billion. Utterly pathetic! DC is a hot mess

  8. Jim says:

    LOL, embarrassing for a movie with the two biggest superheroes of all time. What a disaster!

  9. jj says:

    BvS is a mature movie with deep and entertaining riffs on the superhero movie. Audiences will come around to the DC universe. Great movie with all around superior performances.

  10. cjflan32 says:

    A huge second weekend drop doesn’t surprise me at all. Most people that wanted to see were going to see it opening weekend, and even I’ll admit that, while I liked it, probably won’t go see it again. The last Harry Potter movie dropped 72% in its second weekend and that had a 96% rating on RT, which apparently is now the end-all-be-all on whether a movie is good or not.

  11. Aldub Abdul says:

    Thought this could be one of the best superhero movies of the last 20 years. I enjoyed every scene of the movie . An art Epic Superhero!! and great performances by all cast. and who’s laughing now? THE MOVIE IS A HUGE HIT! moviegoers proves critics were Wrong! i dont believed in film critics , – they are just bunch of bullies. Its a shame the world of internet , are Bullies !!

    • mightymad says:

      Sorry, fanboy, but the critics weren’t wrong. They mostly scored it as a 5/10, which is accurate – I personally rate BvS as a 6/10. Happy for you that you enjoyed it, but it is simply not that good.

      And, although the movie will make its money back, calling it a monstrous financial success is a little bit premature – there’s still a outside chance it doesn’t get to the billion mark.

      All this to say: really wishing Snyder and Goyer weren’t involved in JL.

    • JR says:

      There is a corollary here…just as Batman’s psychological pain gave him reason to find someone to bully and attack, the movie audience, angry that their “Super-Friends” memory of the characters were not here, need to lash out at this heroic stab at a mature comic-book movie. When the Wonder Woman movie comes out, they will probably be just as ticked-off that the Wonder Twins aren’t in it. (Although, oddly enough, I think I saw that they might have been in BvS! Not sure until I see it again this coming week.)

      • EricJ says:

        The only one with “Superfriends memories” and fears of “Wonder Twins nostalgia” is unfortunately WARNER–especially after beating the mean-spirited gags into the ground for three years on their own Cartoon Network–which is why they keep feeling a neurotic inferiority-complex need to make “Dark, gritty deconstructions” of the JL heroes, instead of going all-in like Suicide Squad or the Marvel Studios movies. There is a certain advantage to characters the audience has never heard of.
        The DC Animations, OTOH, were made by writers who actually worked for DC, and have no shame about what they do.

        The reason Wonder Woman remained relatively unscathed is no one thought to make Lynda Carter jokes, thus Warner had no fears or psychological trauma complexes about putting her on screen as written.
        As for Mamoa’s “badass Aquaman”…ohh, it’s going to take Warner YEARS of therapy to get over their neurotic Superfriends issues. I don’t want to be around to see it.

  12. Lennon says:

    So happy to still see Zootopia doing so well! Really hoping for it the one billion mark! Funny as it sounds that might now be out of reach for BvS.

  13. redhawk says:

    Not surprised at such a huge dip. The movie itself was passable, but so disappointing considering that it had Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all in it for the first time ever together on the big screen.

    Zack Snyder, the writers, and WB bit off more than they could chew, and it showed.

    • JR says:

      I disagree. They just bit off more than you can digest. They simply over-estimated a spoon-fed audience. Aside from the editing which only revealed how much was cut from the version we were intended to see, this comic-book movie for grown-ups was an exceptional experience, particularly in IMAX 3D. Can’t wait to see the complete movie this summer.

      • mightymad says:

        @JR – you consider MOVIE CRITICS to be a ‘spoon-fed audience’?

        lo…. god, you DC fanboys need to calm the hell down, and take the time to find a narrative that actually make sense when you tried to defend this movie.

        It’s for kids, it’s for adults… it takes itself seriously, it ISN’T serious, just pure fun… it’s for the fans, it’s for non-comic readers… PICK A NARRATIVE ALREADY AND STICK WITH IT.

  14. EricJ says:

    Now, I know I may have made a lot of jokes before BvS came out about comparing it to Fifty Shades of Gray’s, quote-fingers, “shocking” second-week dropoff after the core-fans who rushed theaters in the first week had been satisfied, and studios were dumped with buckets of cold Reality Water after it turned out normal mainstream moviegoers had no interest in seeing it to begin with.
    But I’d like to say that’s unfair: Fifty Shades had a 73% cliff-dive in its second week, and to compare that to BvS’s mere 65% is a harsh and excessive overstatement. ;)

    • Richard says:

      Well BvS may have had a lower big drop than 50 Shades but is wishes it could have its
      final multilpier if it did it would have a worldwide gross of over 3 billion. Say what you will about its fanbase or casting but 50 keep pretty close to its source material and it took in more profit than BvS ever will. Same with Deadpool which also proved you don’t need to spend 400m to produce and market a good superhero if you have a good scrip that brings something new and sticks close to the spirit of the source material .

  15. C watts says:

    An 81%drop!!!!!!!! In just week 2 for B v S!!!!!!!! WTF happened????????? OMG!!!!!!!! THIS IS A DISASTER OF EPIC PROPORTION!!!!!!! We’re talking about a film with a total estimated budget of at least $300+ million. Holy Moly, Batman!!!!!!!! We’re in DIVERGENT territory now!!!!

  16. Cath says:

    Ben Affleck is good as Bruce Wayne. Surprised me. As the actual Batman he was sort of “eh.” On the other hand, he wasn’t “Batman” all that much. He doesn’t have the lips for the cowl.

  17. alex downey says:

    given it had a huge opening weekend it has performed very badly since. i believe a better director would have seen this taking in bigger numbers. this will not reach a billion worldwide which is a terrible result.

  18. Lance says:

    AWFUL drop considering the only new competition this week is a crappy, unfunny racist comedy and a Christian propaganda movie. Batman v Superman is a disaster! This shit might not even reach 1 billion.

  19. John Torrance says:

    Whatever the outcome for this movie, I would be extremely wary or reading anything at all out of your metric that 57% of Twitter comments have been positive. We know now social media is a giant echo chamber with like-minded people talking to themselves. Political parties regularly win on social media and lose elections. The Cinemascore of B (same as ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘Catwoman;’) is a much better guide. I liked the movie a lot better than ‘Man of Steel’ but in my opinion it is not up there with any of the great Supermans or Batmans while Snyder could in the end prove as divisive a figure as Joel Schumacher.

  20. dregj says:

    loved the movie
    seen it three times
    cant wait for justice league
    and wonder woman
    and the flash movie

  21. Krishna Jaipersad says:

    Social media “embracing” the film does not equate with boxoffice earnings! this film is doomed as the stinker it is & if by some miracle, manages to join the $B club, so be it! would have been better with Christian Bale & Brandon Routh!! just my opinion of course!

    • You could be right. I like Cavill more than you, it seems, but Superman Returns is likely Singer’s best movie. But no one can possibly outdo Donner, Reeve, and Brando. It’s just cursed in so many ways.

  22. Fre says:

    going to see the movie and “embracing” it are not the same thing

  23. Alex says:

    The geeks don’t like it, they’re not going to see it several times like they did with “STAR WARS”. I’m not going to see it because I still think Ben Afleck was a bad pick for Batman.

    • Mike S. says:

      The movie isn’t that good but Ben Affleck’s Batman is the best one on screen and Wonder Woman is great also! I just wish we could get a different director for Justice League(Ben Affleck)…I brought eight members of my family to the movie and now none of them want to see Justice League…but they do want to see Wonder Woman. :-)

      • G Rah says:

        Yea, I am off the DC excitement boat as well. I’ll wait a few days to get word back on Suicide Squad before I decide to watch it or not but outside of that my interest is borderline nonexistent at this point. If they can properly tackle two of the biggest, most well known superheros in a movie I have no faith in them adding on lesser knowns and making it entertaining

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