‘Saturday Night Live’ Takes On #OscarsSoWhite Controversy

'Saturday Night Live' Takes On #OscarsSoWhite
Courtesy of NBC

There's a curious pattern in the nominees for this year's 'Screen Guild Awards.'

“No matter how you feel about it, it casts sort of a pall over the season, which is too bad.”

That’s how one of this year’s Oscar nominees summed up the now-annual #OscarsSoWhite controversy when we spoke at the PGA Awards Saturday night. Indeed, while it might be unfortunate for the nominees, while many might express bewilderment over the controversy’s persistency this time around, the debate over diversity in the Academy — and the industry — has claimed the identity of this year’s awards season.

And then “Saturday Night Live” went ahead and made it official.

It’s a funny sketch. It works. It caricatures the Academy’s tendency to award a white male demographic while specifying one of the (more facile than incriminating) complaints this season: that the only nominees from films led by people of color were white.

“Weekend Update” anchor Michael Che also took aim. “The Oscars ceremony is so long and so white and so boring it might actually win an Oscar,” he quipped, adding, “There’s got to be nothing more infuriating to Spike Lee than nominating a movie called ‘Brooklyn’ starring only white people. That’s just rubbing it in.”

I laughed.

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  1. Arnie Tracey says:

    Judd A’s newly hired, avowed racist, single white female, “Girl’s” sabotaging, wannabe writer must be having an multiple Os.

    I that right, Les?

  2. You gotta love how liberals lineup and fall all over themselves when blacks start the racist and victims cards.

  3. Lex says:

    SNL so ugly. In all honesty, that is the ugliest cast I have ever seen. I have even seen the early 80s cast with their bad hair. About the Oscar’s being racist…. ah, who really cares? I’m sick of celebrities whining.

  4. Jacques Strappe says:

    Oscars are so white because Hollywood has been so white and so male for so long. First, make a lot more great films by non white women and men directors and starring non white women and men. Then, if the Academy continues to ignore all films made by and/or starring non white men and women, there is a problem with the Academy voters or the system. Not sure the boycott by Will Smith and Jada Smith or Spike Lee will be very effective. They should have attended and spoke out on the red carpet, etc about the diversity problem in films..

    • Moshe says:

      Who are you going to sell tickets to? It’s going to take a lot of black folks and white knights fill those theaters left vacant by whites.

      “More great films by non white women and men directors and starring non white women and men.” Good luck with that. Good grief.

  5. Kathryn Evans says:

    true dat

  6. JAFOWM says:

    There really is no chance of ever ending perceived racism. Nothing will ever be enough for blacks until they can own white people as slaves. It is not about equality, it is about getting even. They are not interested in equal opportunity, only equal outcome. The first words they learn are not mama or dada but “it’s ’cause I’m black, isn’t it?” The first card they ever get is not a birthday card but a race card and they play it for the rest of their lives. When a black person says they want to have a discussion about race, what they mean is “sit down, shut up, and let me tell you why you’re racist”. To them racism is something that is practiced against them but never practiced by them and diversity is a one street. #BlacksSoWhiney

    • Mackie Messer says:

      Yeah, moron, that’s right, black people want to own white people as slaves. Racist idiots like you discredit yourselves the minute you open your pig-ignorant mouths and start spouting your hysterical, irrational nonsense. Your pathetic paranoid sniveling says everything that needs to be said about you. JAFOWM: Just A Feeble Odious White Man.

    • mla28ny says:

      Honey, the next time a black person fires you from your job and walks around after you when you apply for other jobs and tells them not to hire you, then maybe you can cry reverse racism.

    • bill robinson says:

      Until you live the life in the shoes a a black person your opinion is like what I just flushed down the toliet a few minutes ago.

      • Oscar so Wilde says:

        Until you live the life in the shoes > O < a gay person your opinion is like what I just flushed down the toilet a few minutes ago…… bing bada BOOM! BIGOT!

  7. RTF says:

    They nominate Straight Outta Compton’s screenplay, but not the film, the director or any of the actors? Oh, the three writers are white. Makes sense.

    • Thomas says:

      Unbelievable. Only the white writers got the noms. Figures. Redmayne was “Oscar-worthy” when his drag queen film was announced, BEFORE it was actually filmed. Wow.

  8. macd says:

    Although they’ve boycotted the Oscars (as even white folk do if they’re not nominated), have the Smiths also hit the ‘parental control’ option on their cable box to keep the SNL bigots from entering their mansion?

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