Academy Overhauls Membership, Voting Rules to Promote Oscar Diversity

Oscars Academy Awards Placeholder

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has approved a series of major changes, in terms of voting and recruitment, also adding three new seats to the 51-person board  — all part of a goal to double the number of women and diverse members of the Academy by 2020. The changes were approved by the board Thursday night in an emergency meeting.

Also on Thursday, the Academy met with ABC officials and reps of Chris Rock, confirming that he will host the Feb. 28 ceremony, according to sources. Jada Pinkett Smith, Spike Lee and Will Smith said they will not attend. Some other activists had urged Rock to withdraw; he never addressed those directly, but insiders said he believes he can do more good by remaining, since the Academy Awards reach a worldwide audience.

The membership changes were announced Friday in a statement, with Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs adding, “The Academy is going to lead and not wait for the industry to catch up. These new measures regarding governance and voting will have an immediate impact and begin the process of significantly changing our membership composition.”

The moves also affect the voting status of several new and longtime members.

Beginning later this year, each new member’s voting status will last 10 years, and will be renewed if the new member has been active in film during that decade.  In addition, members will receive lifetime voting rights after three 10-year terms; or if they have been nominated for an Academy Award.  The Acad will apply these same standards retroactively to current members.  In other words, if a current member has not been active in the last 10 years they can still qualify by meeting the other criteria. Those who do not qualify for active status will be moved to emeritus status. Emeritus members do not pay dues but enjoy all the privileges of membership, except voting.  This will not affect voting for this year’s Oscars.

In order to immediately increase diversity on the board, the Academy will establish three new governor seats, to be nominated by the president for three-year terms and confirmed by the board. The current board consists of 51 people.

At the same time, the Academy will supplement the traditional process in which current members sponsor new members by launching an ambitious, global campaign to identify and recruit qualified new members who represent greater diversity.

The proposals were passed unanimously at an emergency board meeting Thursday night. Academy honchos opted not to wait for the regularly scheduled board meeting on Jan. 26.

After worldwide media criticism over the Jan. 14 Oscar nominations, Academy officials knew they had to make some bold moves, and make them quickly. The image of the Oscars and the Academy were tarnished when the all-Caucasian lineup of 20 actors immediately led to bigger questions about the lack of diversity within the Academy — and ultimately within the industry.

Nobody was asking for quotas or affirmative action; instead, the protests were angry at Hollywood’s longtime failure to recognize racial and gender diversity in the country. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that non-whites constitute about one-third of the population. Yet studio decision-makers are overwhelmingly white and male, which is reflected in their films and especially their awards hopefuls.

Out of 305 eligible films, only a handful were made by directors of racial minority; only a few were directed by women.

Along with Boone Isaacs, the board’s membership and administration committee, chaired by Academy governor Phil Robinson, led the efforts to enact these initiatives.

Academy CEO Dawn Hudson and Boone Isaacs have helped champion a push to invite more diverse members; in June, the org announced invitations to a record 322 new members, representing a cross-section of the population. But with 6,261 voting members, the new additions apparently didn’t make much of a dent.

The Academy has 17 branches; actors nominate actors, editors nominate editors, and so on; the entire eligible membership votes on final Oscars.

Four days after the Jan. 14 announcement of nominations, Boone Isaacs issued a statement saying there would be “dramatic steps to alter the makeup of our membership.” She did not give details at the time.

The Academy said it will also take immediate action “to increase diversity by adding new members who are not governors to its executive and board committees where key decisions about membership and governance are made. This will allow new members an opportunity to become more active in Academy decision-making and help the organization identify and nurture future leaders.”


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  1. Capt Rio says:

    So nice to embrace a new system that nominates token minorities next year and they should also ensure that not just 90% of host are from the LGBT community but promotes a new world order and gun control. The messages should ensure that free speach only supports a one world people’s view. It would be nic to judge by the performances and not judge actors by their color but I guess that dream is gone.

  2. Hello. I’m o glad I looked into the changes that the Academy is going to make. ‘Cuz I don’t see NOTHING here that is gonna make any significant difference in the Academy’s membership. Maybe in 20 years you’ll see a difference. “Launching an ambitious, global campaign.” What does that mean? I loved The Oscars all my life, until about 5 years ago, when I really started to see them for what they are. Ego trips for studio heads and actors and actresses that don’t even realize they are being paraded around in ridiculously expensive, over-the-top clothes. 20 spoiled actors do not constitute diversity. Go to Syria or Honduras or inner-city Chicago and do some charity work and then talk about diversity. And, yes, my opinion on all this matters, ’cause I go to the fricking movies almost every week to see “quality” films. Do people realize that films that gross $40 million means that about ONE PERCENT of the population has seen these movies? Yes, that means Birdman, or Spotlight, or Boyhood, or Carol and The Danish Girl combined. Signed, #OscarsSoWhiteSoTrite.

  3. Nathanael says:

    I looked into the details, and this isn’t going to help. The problem is that “sponsorship” is the only way to get into the Academy, and each member can only sponsor one new member per year, which means that all the old white guys can sponsor a hundred low-quality members every year, but the very few non-white, female members can only sponsor a couple of really great members every year.

    They need to change the admission system. Until then, their awards are irrelevant junk.

  4. kev says:

    just make cartoons and be done with it ……………. .no more problem

  5. says:

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  6. TheBigBangof20thCenturyPopCulture says:

    Overhauling the ranks of voters and not the voting process will lead to backlash and open up a legal can of worms. Did it ever occur to them that some academy members may not be current or active due the same marginalization that applies to blacks? I don’t mean to split hairs, but there is also movie land discrimination within the white community. Only the whitest whites are afforded fair opportunity while other shades of pale are often segregated to supporting parts and stereotype roles. Not all whites are porcelain Smiths & Joneses. And so where is the equal protection from ethnic group bias?

  7. Michael Durbin says:

    The reason no black actors were nominated for an Oscar this year is because no black actors, with the possible exception of Idris Elba, deserved a nomination – regardless of what Mr. & Mrs. Fresh Prince say. Unfortunately for Elba, “Beasts of No Nation” could be called the “Film of No Viewers”. It would not be the first time an actor – of any race, ethnicity – was overlooked because few people saw their film.

    There is nothing wrong with the nomination process, this whole episode is the cynical, self-entitled rantings of Mr. & Mrs. Fresh Prince; perhaps he should have spent more time with his dialect coach on “Concussion”, rather than assuming he is entitled to a nomination. Further, the hypocrisy of Fresh Prince talking about equal opportunity when he has routinely used nepotism in securing opportunities for his children.

  8. Chris says:

    People are overlooking the obvious. So what if the Academy changes its membership, this does not change what movies are being made and who is cast in those roles. For example, if you have 300 movies being made and out of those 300 only 25 present opportunities for minorities, not just Blacks, all minorities to be nominated, then the possibility or margin one will be nominated is slim. And if those 25 films are not “Oscar worthy” the opportunity shrinks even more.

    As an African American who loves film, I just want to see good movies by quality actors/actresses, regardless of their ethnicity or nationality

  9. jamiekins says:

    Even with an overhaul of the system, if bad films and performances start winning because of color the Academy can kiss their audience goodbye. Black people are so used to whining about everything I am not surprised. How can 13.2% of the population have so much control ? It seems like this is railroading the Academy and what is worse the Academy is letting them get by with it. The first Oscar that goes to someone because of their color you can bet that people will no longer believe in the system at all. If you do the math over the last few decades Blacks have won about 20% of the Oscars and it is selfish of them to expect more since that is above the percentage of Black people. It is a crime to give in to them at the expense of everyone else. This is an incubus to all films. And more white people lost than blacks by far.
    It would help if the Black community would produce films about things other than the lower end of the Black experience in society. Most people white or other minorities won’t pay to see them. Straight out a Compton is not an Oscar worthy film.
    Be careful Academy, your next move could be the beginning of your downfall. I’ll give up films completely if they are going to blackwash them for one minority that is only 13.2% of the population. There are too many other things in life to enjoy. If you lose the 67% of white non hispanic people in your audience so you can give unworthy people of color Oscars how will it benefit you ? The Academy’s audience is already on the decline, wait till you see what happens when you give Oscars to people because of their color !
    And despite Jada’s pseudo intellectual arrogant attitude, you would think she would be bright enough to know that she has an axe to grind with her husband having lost a nomination and someone else should have said something if something had to be said. It leaves her just looking like a sour grapes wife.
    She is welcomed to take her resources elsewhere as far as I am concerned. Historically Black films make almost NO money. People are tired of the violence, whining and self pity that engulf most of them.
    The film industry is a business. If you can’t make money you’re out just like every other business that fails to succeed. Since she is being so snotty, I think everyone should refuse to see any film that has a black person in it. We can boycott too ! Let’s all act like childish whining brats ! Shall we ?

    • Chris says:

      Your reply is simple minded and exposes your jaded mindset towards Blacks in America and their contribution to the business of film making. The tired notion, not reality, that “black movies” don’t make money is laughable. I can name white actors like Bradley Cooper, whose films make no money at the box office unless they’re a part of an great cast, but you will just chalk that up to poor performance. Yet, Will Smith, for many years has been considered an International Star because of the box office he generates outside of America. Whether or not a movie is financially successful in the states or overseas has nothing to do with the race of the leading actors.

      Get a grip on your reality. White America does not make up 67% of the box office.

      You’ve made so many mindless, racially tainted statements in your post it’s extremely laughable.

  10. jamiekins says:

    I will never watch another Will Smith movie and that makes me angry I liked his movies but this is ridiculous and I am tired of this nonsense.
    Never again !

  11. Eliz McDonald says:

    We can’t start having “Oscar Affirmative Action” it’s RIDICULOUS!!! And “Reverse Racism” (or really simply outright racism) is childish, stupid, divisive and taking us backwards.

    I do not believe that blacks want to be seen as perpetual victims and the only people who can’t exist without “special” education, “special” help, “special” attention, “special” tv programs and oscars and “special” handouts endlessly. People with a darker skin pigment are no more victims then anyone else.

    Growing up in Wash. DC in the 50’s and 60’s my family and I had black friends then and still. Those friends would have been insulted to be singled out as incapable victims needing special help and handouts. They rose to prominence on their own merits.

    But all that was before street drugs and the “welfare-drug” addictions ravaged the black communities! That was before Al Sharpton and ilk did the most degraded thing ever possible to the black community… made them seem like 5-star victims needing endless maintenance to survive. Sharpton is 5-star WRONG.

    Handle this man-made “racist” problem by getting rid of street drugs in ALL communities and the welfare-drug in black communities and they will thrive again. It’s as simple as that. Those two drugs took them down, and those two drugs eliminated will take them back up. AND bonus – all the other problems associated with those two “drugs” will slough off too. Things like bad education, broken homes, bad jobs, all of it will go because they’re rotten SYMPTOMS of the problem, not the SOURCE of the problem.

  12. rAlene cozad says:

    WHY Is it , that the only person’s who shout “The Racism Card” are black americans? How can we EVER stop racism if no matter what… It always ends up to be about” Racism”! I’m sure the nominees chosen were NOT chosen because of the colors of their skin!!!! Shut Up with this racism BS quit thinking you deserve to act like this because of the color of your color!!! TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!! As it always is…And to think my white child and I looked up to you Mrs.Will Smith. 😌

  13. This is an issue that is complicated and difficult to encapsulate beyond the soundbites. While I think the African American community (or any other minority community for that matter) have the right to point out the very uneven representation they have at the Academy, I believe the reaction to this year’s nominations may have been a bit too heavy handed. If nothing else, rather than pointing the finger at the people voting whithin the Academy, the critical look should be made at the producers and distributors of said films, who by and large make decisions to cast (and typecast) actors and hire directors of a certain race for their movies. If they had more willingness to take chance on minority actors/directors, there would be a lot more diverse product for which the Academy could vote and things would get further normalized.

    Also to take into consideration is that over 40% of the population in the U.S. is Caucasian, while African Americans represent 19%, so we also have to account to the fact of demographics. Heck, you could make the argument Hispanics and Asians should be even more outraged as their representation is even lower. So that brings the matter on how to distribute those “seats” at the Academy. There is always the possibility of having certain ethnic groups overrepresented. I think if they truly want to make this “fair”, they would need to consider having more Hispanics than African American members, as HIspanics are a larger minority. In the end, the decision will be based on the pressure politics certain groups excert, rather on the volume of work of people selected for these seats.

    It is a shame in the end, as I think constant overrreaction will dilute a very valid message to ponder on. I don’t believe this was the year to make such statements. Let’s keep in mind that actors of African descent won Oscars in the last two versions of the Awards, and two Hispanics won Best Director. One year does not a trend make. I truly hope the Academy’s new rules are made considering the entirety of the issue, and not just cave in to the wish list of a small but very loud group of activists.

  14. RJD says:

    From now on any black that wins an Oscar will have an asterisk next to his name because it will be deemed that they won because of their color. What a bunch of whiny pathetic losers. They wonder why they’re disliked more and more as time passes.

    • jamiekins says:

      Your numbers are way off. According to US census numbers Black people are 13.2% and white non hispanic race is 67%. So if you’re going to make a point please check your figures. But I agree with what you said in general.

  15. druxmanworks says:

    This stinks! To take voting privileges away from current older members is not right.

  16. Big E says:

    If by “racist” you meant “hilarious”, then you are right.

  17. J.r. Bomber says:

    Yea, I’m a middle aged white dude but I knew these people had a real racism problem when Clint Eastwood in the same old role beat out Denzel Washington in “Glory”. That was when I stopped watching these silly awards. LONG overdue.

    • Anonymous says:

      J.r. Bomber says:
      “Yea, I’m a middle aged white dude but I knew these people had a real racism problem when Clint Eastwood in the same old role beat out Denzel Washington in “Glory”. That was when I stopped watching these silly awards. LONG overdue.”

      Denzel Washington won the Oscar for Glory in 1990 as Best Supporting Actor. Clint Eastwood was not nominated for anything that year and did not receive his first Academy nomination until the 1993 Academy Awards. Clint Eastwood has never won an Oscar for acting.

      Your comment is very strange.

  18. Brad says:

    There is no doubt that racism towards African Americans still exists in the USA in 2016, mostly from ignorant people. Ignorance still exists as well. That’s why racism exists towards all races today. That’s why bullying exists. If something bad is going on socially, ignorance is present. However, there is also no doubt that those who have fought and continue to fight real social injustice have no choice but to roll their eyes over this “controversy.” What else would you expect from people who live in a scripted world? I’m so thankful that these folks don’t know real hardship these days. Could you imagine what would happen if Jada had to stand in the back of the bus or go to a separate bathroom or endure a brutal beating, all in a society where that is accepted? I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t last very long. I Thank God for people like Martin Luther King! We are all equal regardless of our skin color or wealth or gender or whatever, and should be treated as such. But I don’t remember his speech where he dreams about that day where black millionaires who are adored by people all over the world will control the Oscar nomination process and finally be free. I must have slept that day in class. I’m fine with making changes that get worthy people recognition for their work. I’m just so tired of this political correctness where people have nothing better to do than be outraged by something. It’s really kind of embarrassing. #oscarsdontmatter

  19. Ima Right says:

    EMERGENCY MEETING? these Hollyweird snobs are like the snobs who run the Rock and Roll
    Hall of Shame. And these award shows are so stupid and worthless anyway because just like in
    music you have the worst movies and music being forced on the public while lesser known films
    and music that real fans love and watch and listen to and buy are overlooked by these snobs!
    and this racism crap made up by the left wing nutjobs to push an agenda when the failed policies
    of the demoncrap party and black leaders have done nothing in the last few decades but make
    i worse for all americans. White people have racism and are treated unfairly just as much as blacks.
    99% of white people are not born rich and have it made thru their life and with the demoncraps and
    liberals running the country now it has gotten 100% worse not only for blacks but whites too.
    the jobs? the cost of healthcare? the brainwashing of the youth and old with their cry baby whining.
    Life is hard and not everything goes your way and sometimes never does! that is life! there are
    many rich blacks in this country who are like many liberals who talk the talk the talk don’t walk
    the walk! hippocrites! all of them. boycott hollyweird and politicians and all this un-American crap.

  20. Phil Ayling says:

    I sure hope the Academy is increasing the number of Muslim members; their stories and culture seem under-represented. Maybe the same for evangelical protestants too; their stories seem to be part of a new vanguard of specialty divisions. That’s hardly mainstreaming and Academy promotion.

  21. Alex says:

    This is not going to stop many films and actors from being snubed, look at the films with lilly white casts that got no or few noms. Also, why are there only 8 films nominated? It’s suppose to be 10.

  22. Jules says:

    So, in the last two years….Plantation Owners from the 1800’s have taken over Academy Voting????

    We’re shocked that Multi-Millionaire Black Actors that have been Nominated for Academy Awards and that have WON Oscars in the last 4-5 years, are part of the “Black Stars Matter” calling Academy Members Racists.

    It’s ridiculous. I guess blacks have forgotten about the runaway Oscars for black Actors 2012 & 2013.

    Why don’t we just give every black Actor in the Screen Actors Guild a “Participation Award Oscar?”

  23. Ric says:

    disgusting, moronic

  24. I think they should be promoting talent and excellence! Race comes with that determination! If they are yellow, brown, black or white has no bearing on selection! Affirmative action has weakened our work force for many years!!!

  25. Jim says:

    “Nobody was asking for quotas or affirmative action”…..that’s exactly what people are asking for, whether they use those labels for it or not.

    • Tracey says:

      Yep. That’s exactly what these activists want. For people to be nominated not because of the quality of their performance but because of the colour of their skin. And have you noticed that Hispanics have largely stayed silent? They are way too dignified to enter into this sore loser hissy fit. Didn’t the great Martin Luther King say don’t judge a man by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character/ achievements? These activists are an embarrassment to their race. And plenty of blacks DONT agree with them.

  26. Tracey says:

    A handful of black activists have destroyed the Oscars and what’s more people are really angry at the Academy and Hollywood for caving into them.

    Next year’s Oscars will be laughable with token minorities nominated everywhere in an obvious sham that will have people all over the world rolling their eyes. Get ready to laugh. It will be PATHETIC to see. And the value of the award will be completely eroded. For example they will look around desperately to nominate a woman director even if she’s done a movie a notch above a home video. The second the Oscars decided to cave in to the forces of political correctness the Awards were finished. This is a very sad moment. What they have done today will result in the Oscars becoming meaningless affirmative action awards.

  27. Andy Thomas says:

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  28. IT--two--IT says:

    INTEL RUN Hollywood

    INTEL RUN ‘dissent’

    INTEL RUN conflict ‘creation’

    One great big INTEL RUN – – —-franchise slum, as RED CHINA handover TREASON
    is seamlessly ‘managed.

  29. Martin Pal says:

    How come no one is complaining about the lack of diversity in the RAZZIE AWARD NOMINATIONS?

    Having said that, I don’t know why AMPAS is getting the brunt of this hyped up criticism. I just looked on the Metacritic site where they have a running list of over FIFTY groups and/or organizations who have nominated and awarded films this year and with few exceptions, they are all pretty much the same films and performances that AMPAS has nominated, and the exceptions are mostly in places that have more than five nominees in a category or they split up categories into comedies and dramas and other things in that regard.

    On top of that, AMPAS has been doing things like hiring a black producer for the awards show and a black host. The AMPAS President is a black woman. They gave out honorary oscars recently to Spike Lee (he accepted it) and Oprah Winfrey (Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award). One can dismiss all of this if one wants to, but those are no small things in my opinion.

    I’m still mad Brokeback Mountain lost Best Picture to Crash and that the Board of Governors have something against awarding Doris Day an honorary Oscar or the Hersholt Award.

    Shouldn’t a goal for all of us be to “try” and elevate ourselves from always looking for something to be offended about (negative energy)? Being in a state of offense doesn’t allow one to grow or change or understand, and it sure doesn’t feel good, either.

  30. Jim Harlow says:

    I’ve watched every Oscars presentation since I was 12. And this is the first time I may not watch, simply because of al the crap surrounding these nominations. A great question to ask people who wanted black people nominated is this: What movies or performances would you remove to replace them with black performances? Also, a few years back there were many deserved nominations by black actors and actresses.
    I’m shocked that lesbians across the country aren’t angry that Carol wasn’t nominated. It is a great, beautifully acted, socially relevant film by a director who could easy have been nominated.
    Spike Lee is still angry that Do the Right Thing wasn’t nominated? Really? On GMA he griped about Driving ‘f’ing Miss Daisy. Got news for you Spike. Saw your movie. Thought it was just “ok” at best. The acting and directing in that film was average at best. Kind of like a student film. And not even close to a best picture. And I taught Film in High School. I used Driving Miss Daisy, Spike, not your film. I think it is a much better movie, with wonderful performances by Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy. Both deserved best acting nominations. I love Will Smith, but didn’t really want to see Concussion. And was he or his wife even invited to the Oscars? Don’t you have to be invited before you say “I’m not going?”

  31. msd says:

    I was worried that they were going to panic and do something knee-jerk like increase the number of acting nominations but this is a sensible change. Life voting rights should never have been automatic in the first place. Reserving that honour for people with 30+ years active in the film industry, and previous winners and nominees is a good move. Now if they could only find a way to make members actually watch the films they vote on. And cut down on the ridiculous, excessive campaigning!

  32. Cat KNell says:

    Really the worst display of poor sportsmanship EVER. Shame on you cowardly Variety for not calling it like it is!!! If you can’t stand the competition get out of the kitchen.

    • Tracey says:

      Yep. Shame on Variety and Hollywood Reporter for not calling it like it is. Why didn’t the Academy publish a list of all the black actors who have received academy awards (which is almost all of the greats like Denzel etc).

  33. Sean says:

    So ANY WHITE deserving artist on the cusp WILL NEVER GET IN!!!!

    Yeah. That seems like the right way to go about it.


  34. Pookie says:

    How is establishing a “quota system” in ANYBODYS best interest?

    Jada Smith throws a temper tandrum because Will was not nominated …l and the Academy buckles under

  35. 85wzen says:

    Why not gather the growing black community that is homeless on those fabled Hollywood Streets! Yeah, they can vote for all these simpering little weasels! I’m sure they are just bursting with Celebration and Concern about some rich Black Clown who played Kunte Kinte!


      Perhaps you would prefer they burst with celebration and concern over the rich white clown playing “Sasha Fierce,” the great gay white hope. LOL!!!!!!! See how works. Imbecile.

  36. TheBigBangof20thCenturyPopCulture says:

    The snub may turn out to be good for Oscar to bring about change. This will be a must see protest telecast, the plight of all thespian minorities (other ethnics, those marginalized as not white enough and not just blacks) may be addressed. And perhaps we’ll get better more upbeat films in the future. We can’t plunge the showbiz zeitgeist into a millennial dystopia due to climate change and economic uncertainty. Entertainment is supported to be about escape from reality and not just a reflection of it.

  37. Jimmy Green says:

    outrageous stupidity. no one have missed those three LOSERS.

  38. Ernest Beltran says:

    Bulls—, what more do they want? Blacks have won academy awards for their performances, not that they were all that great, but they still won. The more you cater to them the more they want. Will Smith is not that good of an actor, he deserves nothing!

    • Tracey says:

      Don’t worry. Will smith’s career is over and so is his wife’s. Anyone stupid to bankroll him in a movie now might as well flush their money down the toilet. There is a lot of global anger directed towards him and his wife and those people will be boycotting his movies.

    • Ivan Cohen says:

      As to how good Will Smith is or is not that good of an actor would depend what scripts and roles are presented to him. George Clooney has been in films not worth writing home about either.

  39. Tracey says:

    The Oscars will become meaningless now – Time to rename them the Affirmative Action Movie Awards. It was a big mistake to pander to the black activists who will never be satisfied. Will smiths career is over – all his movies will flop from now on. The public is angry at this political correctness.

  40. Tracey says:

    Next year the Oscars will be pathetic with token blacks, Hispanics and women nominated everywhere. Get ready to laugh. It will be PATHETIC to see. And the value of the award will be completely eroded. For example they will look around desperately to nominate a woman director even if she’s done a movie a notch above a home video. The second the Oscars decided to cave in to the forces of political correctness the Awards were finished. This is a very sad moment for Hollywood. What they have done today will result in the Oscars becoming meaningless affirmative action awards.

    • MovieBuff101 says:

      sad but true

      • Phoebe says:

        I don’t really see the value in an Oscar anyway. When is the last time you’ve seen Helen Hunt, Hilary Swank, Michael Douglas, Holly Hunter, Nicolas Cage or Adrian Brody, all Oscar winners? Meanwhile, Leo, Cruise, and Cooper work streadily without an Oscar on their shelves. As for Black actors, I’d rather be working and earning at my craft than getting a worthless statue. Truth is Will has been BIG box office for years. Denzel and Morgan work regularly. What I’d rather see is more minorities in films not being a stereotype. Also, the trend in films is true stories or films based on true events. If the object of the story is white, then you must cast accordingly. I’d like to see Black or Hispanic some true stories – not slavery, gangs or drugs.

      • Carlos B says:

        You said it, perfectly. The value of the award will be completely eroded.

  41. As an Equity & Sag/Aftra member, I think this is the best the Academy can do at this time. As a NYC native, I live with diversity & seeing more diversity in film, like life, is welcome. I hope more talented people of color will apply to become members of the Academy. I hope this move will inspire everyone!

  42. Jerome says:

    Anyone notice the lack of diversity among the starting lineups in the NBA All-Star game? Perhaps the NBA should change its policies to ensure more diverse starters.

  43. it’s a simple numbers game, black people are only 13% of the population. categories with 5 nominess will only have a 6.5% chance of a black person being nominated…

  44. Kai says:

    Funny how society, the media, and businesses use rap music for their commercials and their clubs and drunken spring break parties and shows yet when the origin of a famous and well known rap group is made into a movie it gets no attention.

    All because of the glorifying of White people and White ideology and western civilization that comes from glorifying ancient Rome and Greece and their debauchery and fall along with pretentious renaisance period of Europe.

    I guess you have to make a movie about a White band called the ‘Doors’ and their drug addict alcoholic lead singer Jim Morrison to get any attention and notoriety from White people.

    So sad how White people can’t function amd have any self esteem and feel secure unless they glorify themselves to such self centered and one race heights and extremes.

  45. worldsinmind says:

    Legislation of art sounds like socialism.

    I remember black movies and actors who have stood above. Now we are to diminish that achievement by lowering the threshold of excellence? Curious.

  46. Burro b says:

    Way to bow down to the hypocrites. Screw you Hollywood. And to the black folks. What does naacp , vibe and bet have in common ? They are only for blacks. GEt out with your false racism agenda. How about black on black crime ? How about the gang bangers killing innocents ? Or the crack grads wasting noneybon crack instead of formula ? Address those issues black leaders.

  47. Murica! says:

    This is ridiculous!! Change everything because a bunch of pathetic black people can’t deal with the fact that there are no black nominees! This has nothing to do with diversity. Since when does diversity mean more black people? What about other ethnic groups? Why are they not complaining?

  48. fredw says:

    do wealthy, privileged black people EVER do anything publicly except WHINE?

  49. Jacques Strappe says:

    Like many issues revolving around diversity, it’s complicated and involves not only the decisions about what films get made, who is chosen to direct and act in them but then an Academy board to select the most worthy nominees. I’m not sure directing all the anger at the Academy for their choice of nominees gets to the heart of the matter. Maybe, just maybe, there have not been worthy films involving black actors and directors over the last two years, comparatively speaking. Absolutely, the Academy should be comprised of a good cross section of voters representative of men and women of diverse racial backgrounds. First, the number of films starring and/or directed by African American, Latino and Asian actors has to increase to give the Academy voters a good assortment of films to choose from. There have been some really high profile films like Twelve Years a Slave (most recently) winning the top prize so that proves the Academy is not necessarily beholden only to white film makers and directors. There is always room for improvement. Boycotting the Oscars, like Will Smith and his wife, is anyone’s choice but it just feels like a cheap stunt and a little bit of sour grapes, especially since Will Smith was not nominated for his role in Concussion. The majority of film critics reviewing either Concussion or the Creed film, didn’t cite Smith’s performance or Michael Jordan’s as Oscar worthy. Maybe there are not enough black film critics as well to promote these films. I don’t know. That being said, I am sensitive to the issue of racial diversity in this country and in any industry.

    • brchri says:

      Very well put.

      I have not seen all the films nominated this year, nor have I seen all the films not. I couldn’t tell you if the academy’s process leaned more on merit or bias, but it would be foolish to assume it was just one or the other. This decision can only balance the body of voters.

      As you said, though, it doesn’t really get to the heart of the problem. The academy is the industry is the audience. In my opinion, if the comments here are at all indicative, the audience is the problem.

  50. And what did you do to cater to the transgender population? I find that shameful! We should have a third acting category solely comprised of trannies. Anything less is hateful.

    Seriously, though, what will happen the first time a trans is nominated? Example: Caitlyn Jenner would be nominated for Best Actress, not Actor. This will happen within the next 3 years, and will be ratings gold – go ahead and pen the script with this exact scenario as the endgame. How about… a recently divorced American G.I. returns home from a tour of combat to find his vengeful wife has transitioned his 17 yr old son into a 19 yr old girl. Cast a tranny, win Best Picture by painting the Dad as a hateful bigot and mother as a champion of trans rights.

    • Tracey says:

      ” First, the number of films starring and/or directed by African American, Latino and Asian actors has to increase to give the Academy voters a good assortment of films to choose from.”

      Who is going to put up the money? Oprah started doing that – until the movies were box office flops then she stopped. This business is about making money. What’s going to happen when these affirmative action based movies lose money? Because international audiences are not so keen on seeing all black movies. They don’t sell internationally.

    • That is almost the scenario of the play, HIR, I recently saw! It’s s son who returns from the army, to find his sister who’s in the midst of transitioning, a mother who supports her, but has let the house ‘go’ & a father who is mentally incapacitated due to a stroke.
      I think film, like life, should include everyone.
      If a transgender ( make to female) actress is nominated … It should be in the best actress category… If it’s a female who transgendered to male playing a male role – he considers himself male & so should the world see him as he sees himself – so ‘best male actor!’
      Just my NYC born & raised opinion.!
      Check out the new play, ‘Transcripts’! by Paul Lucas. Hopefully – a film one day!!

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