Elisabeth Hasselbeck Moves From Greenwich Mansion to Nashville Estate (EXCLUSIVE)

Former “Survivor” contestant and fearlessly outspoken conservative talk-show host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who voluntarily left her plum gig as a popular co-host of the widely watched “Fox & Friends” morning chat show in late 2015, has sold the stately and colorfully appointed colonial mansion in Greenwich, Conn., she owns with her husband Tim Hasselbeck, the retired professional football player-turned-ESPN sports analyst, for slightly more than $4.56 million. And, as we first heard from the Bizzy Boys at Celebrity Address Aerial, the pair has shelled out a whisper more than $2 million for a brick-built traditional residence in a prosperous suburb of Nashville.

The slightly more than 7,600-square-foot Greenwich mansion spent eight months on the market, and the couple settled for an amount well below their almost $4.8 million asking price, but still turned a tidy profit on the property, which they picked up in May 2012 for $4.2 million. A gated drive circles up to the front of the spacious yet understated residence that opens to an entrance hall stretching clear through to the back of the house. There are marble fireplaces in both the formal living room and the mahogany-trimmed library that was boldly done up with high-gloss navy blue painted walls and a leopard-print rug. Silver wallpaper shimmers with light tossed off from a Subaru-sized crystal chandelier in the formal dining room, and the generously commodious eat-in kitchen has slab marble countertops, designer appliances, and an adjoining family room anchored by a fieldstone fireplace set between built-in bookshelves and display cabinets.

The Hasselbecks’ new home just outside of Nashville in the genteelly monied Belle Meade community, sits on a verdant acre. Listing details show the house has six bedrooms and six full and three half bathrooms in just over 7,100 square feet. The double-height foyer is flanked by a library/office and a formal dining room, while the main living room has a fireplace, and opens to both an eat-in kitchen and an ample, screened porch with a brick fireplace. A media room on the upper floor is soundproofed with cork-lined walls.

The Hasselbecks previously owned a couple of apartments on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, including a two bedroom and two bathroom property sold in 2008 for $1.6 million and a four bedroom and three bathroom spread on West 99th Street bought in April 2008 for a bit more than $3.3 million and sold at a loss in July 2012 for $3.1 million.

listing photos (Greenwich): Houlihan Lawrence
listing photos (Nashville): Fridrich & Clark

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  1. lilkunta says:

    her family is in rhode island and his family is on boston. they lived in CT which is still close to RI and Mass. Tennessee is far. Why the move? She is not working. IS Tim still working for ESPN? IS she sick again ?

  2. Rose says:

    I like her personality, she is one brave woman.
    I have watched since she was in the views ..she was one beautiful out spoken girl among those oldies. Hh..

  3. JRR says:

    Her brother in law used his connections to get Hasselbeck a lucrative job, once again! On Wikipedia she thanks her husband’s family for her career. Nashville is the Happening Place . Known to all in the business now. She will host, I think a Country Music events, do not remember. And will be raking in millions. Like her husband. His brother got him that lucrative over $4million dollar job! Connections, not intelligence, not charisma etc get you jobs!

  4. Roger Dupont says:

    Elizabeth just was able to do that everyone else in Connecticut want to do. By moving out she just saved herself thousands in taxes.

  5. Sam Flagg says:

    So Tim & Beth decided to move away from New York. Good for them. Sounds like they want to live somewhere in “real” America – away from the east coast liberals.

    I never could live in a place like NYC or Boston. Don’t like the imposed nanny state.

  6. Me says:

    I do not think there have been this many replies in the last year for one home. I love it. Because she is conservative she is a lightening rod for haters. Get a clue people, the pendulum is shifting right and that is where the anger is coming from on your side.

  7. Misty Koeth says:

    Hope she stays in Nashville and off of TV……can not stand her!!!!

    • Me says:

      Your just constipated Misty because your Mama (who is probably your cousin) named you Misty.

    • Janie Sanders Vega says:

      Misty Koeth, love how cruel you are toward Elisabeth (being sarcastic, love Elisabeth myself). So, what has she done to you for you to be so cruel? I realize you are making just a statement of what you have seen on TV about her, but if you do not know her personally, then why the cruel comment. Evidently, you have not take the time to do further research regarding Elisabeth not only as a wonderful christian and a good wife and mother to her family. Yes, she was very opinionated about others who crossed her, i.e. “God awful” Rosie O’Donnell, but she had a right to cross Rosie. If someone called you a coward, I bet you would come running out of the gate to defend yourself. Misty Koeth, ease up woman on your cruel comments about individuals which I probably only influenced you by only your low self-esteem of yourself. This low self-esteem of yourself has obviously caused you to made you take out your own personal issues on Elisabeth. No, I do not know her personally, but I see and believe she has excellent morals, good christian beliefs and stands by anything she says and does not let women like you Misty Koeth get her down. Lastly, check your spelling, the word cannot is spelled c a n n o t, not can not. Your grammar skills are horrid.

      • lil' gay boy says:

        You do, I hope, realize the irony of lambasting Misty (who, I suspect, you do not know personally) for expressing her opinion whilst going on (and on and on and on) with your own views, and in an insulting manner as well?

        Perhaps Vega is Esperanto for Trump?

  8. lil' gay boy says:

    So she’s moving to a house that’s as characterless and unremarkable as she is; so sorry to see her go…

    As Nana used to say, “…peace to her ashes; if she ever gets to be ashes…”

  9. Southern Yankee says:

    I stopped watching the View when she left but did not follow her on Fox. I like her and has the nicest qualities. The best to her and her family.

  10. robert blyth says:

    Elizabeth Hasslebeck is slowly fading into obscurity where she belongs. She was a car wreck at the View and got fired then she thought that they really gave a damn about her opinions at FOX but they just wanted another “girl” to look good in a pistachio colored dress while looking adoringly at a middle aged white guy while HE does all the talking.

  11. Christina G. says:

    Wow, you sound really racist. I can’t stand Republicans, but I don’t assume they’re all white and/or racist, as you apparently do. That’s like calling all Democrats black and Hispanic. Either way, only racists make it all about race.

  12. Isaac Joel says:

    The Nazi party was socialist. Their official name was: National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

    So nice try.

    • Norcaj says:

      Isaac, Right on, the clown, as is usual for The Marxist Left, displayed his ignorance. I too have attempted to teach his ilk about The National Socialist.

  13. Christina G. says:

    Racist much?

  14. Michael Grefe says:

    I am happy for them if that is what they want. I am just surprised as they seem like they are checking out of show business.

  15. Jambbo. says:

    Nashville, huh? In a home half the cost? Selling their NYC properties? Looks to me like they are ‘checking out’, essentially retiring from public life. Oh- Nashville has a major airport for Tim to fly out of if he wants to continue calling games. Or maybe just to get away from her and the kids. But it’s pretty clear her career is over for the foreseeable future. Must be nice to ‘check out’- I hope they realize how lucky they are to have that financial freedom. Tennessee is beautiful, it’s safe and the people are nice. But it does get unbearably hot and humid in the summer and the hillbilly culture and country music connection can be grating. Nashville is a small town with limited opportunities and choices of all things. There are a lot of poor people in Tennessee as well. Not where I’d choose but certainly the dollar goes farther in that part of the country. They will be a big fish in a little pond there; I’m certain they’ll join a country club and be treated like royalty.

    • Sinclair Collins says:

      Jambbo, I don’t know where you’re from, by I moved from the north to Nashville and you missed the mark on many a thing in your first hand description of this town.

      Primarily, they won’t be treated like royalty…nobody will know them and they’ll be able to go out and live like normal people unlike a New York or LA. We have a lot bigger fish living here than them, and they get along fine with the communities.

      Hillbilly culture? Really? There is the annoying country music downtown, but that’s fueled by the thousands of northerners that come here constantly.

      They will like it.

      • Amy Mc says:

        You hit the nail on the head…have lived in the area for 30 years. Saw Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman the other day. He was picking her up from yoga class in his Bugatti. Nobody bothered them. Have also seen them at the local movie theater, too. Then there’s the run ins with Steven Tyler, Jack White, Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon. Everybody LEFT THEM ALONE! No wonder they like it here.

  16. Nancy Halbleib says:

    so glad for Elizabeth and her family. A wonderful and beautiful lady. So glad she left the VIEW.

  17. Something tells me she was probably another one who was sexually harassed at Fox News.

  18. Edna Bowden says:

    Never a fan if Elizabeth. Never as good as Gretchen Carlson!

    • lrb047 says:

      Who cares? I really don’t give a crap where the bi#$% lives as long as it’s not in my neighborhood. Can’t stand her! She belongs in the mountains with the rest of the hillbillies. She’ll fit right in.

      • j arthur adams says:

        A lady who acts the part! She is married to the same man that is the Daddy of her children! She also promotes HIGH moral values! In this day in time there is way to much of the above missing in our society!!

  19. Isaac Joel says:

    “…fearlessly outspoken conservative…”

    She’s barely conservative; she’s moderate, at best.

  20. dave beck says:

    Wait until she finds out about the 100 degree heat and 90% humidity in the summer.

  21. Xavier says:

    GOOD FOR HER! I’m happy for her, her family and all their success. She deserves it. Miss her on the view. Of course I haven’t watched in two years. Too watered down with too much left liberal self righteous hypocritical talk. Once she, Barbara and original producer Bill Gedde left, show sucks.

  22. The woman in the picture sure does not look like Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Are we sure the wrong picture was not used – or has she changed this much since I last saw her?

  23. Me says:

    A tidy profit? Just the commission if it was 6% ate up half of it. That is without other fees and any improvements that were made on the sale property. They probably did not lose money, but it is not “tidy”. They are smart to get out before the Obama bubble bursts.

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