Playboy Enterprises Reportedly Wants More Than $200 Million for Playboy Mansion

Playboy Mansion

SELLER: Playboy Enterprises
LOCATON: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $200+ million
SIZE: 5.02 acres

UPDATE: Buckle your real estate safety belts, butter beans because as of this morning the Playboy Mansion has officially hit the market with an official and officially eye-popping asking price of $200 million, the highest asking price ever for a residential property in Los Angeles. The gargantuan listing is being handled by a trio of Platinum Triangle powerhouse brokers, Mauricio Umansky at The Agency and Gary Gold and Drew Fenton at Hilton & Hyland.

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: According to celebrity gossip juggernaut TMZ, the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles is soon to go up for sale and the owner — Playboy Enterprises and not Hugh Hefner — hopes for a brazenly quixotic and international publicity assuring sale price “somewhere north of $200 million.” Given the highest price ever paid for a private residence in Los Angeles is somewhere around $100 million it seems improbable the estate will sell for anywhere near $200 million and TMZ’s unidentified sources went on to posit that the official listing price will probably be substantially lower and optimistically opine that the world renowned party palace will more likely fetch something in the neighborhood of $80 or $90 million. So the story goes, prospective buyers who don’t pass out from the preposterously high price tag will be allowed peek and poke around the entire 29-room pile, except for Hugh Hefner’s private quarters that consist of a number of adjoining rooms on the mansion’s second and third floors, and should someone sign on the dotted line they will be required to accept a lifetime tenancy by Mister Hefner, now 89 years old and married since 2012 to 29-year-old former Playmate of the Month Crystal Harris. (We imagine those two have so much in common, don’t you? Anyways…)

The Gothic Tudor style pile, prominently set on just over five lushly landscaped and generously watered acres that border the high-toned Los Angeles Country Club in the Holmby Hills ‘hood, was designed by prolific architect Arthur Kelly and built in the mid-1920s for department store heir Arthur Letts, Junior. The estate was acquired by the pioneering soft-core pornographer and philanthropist in 1971 from entrepreneurial inventor and avid chess player Louis Statham for what was then a record-setting $1.05 million. A gated driveway sweeps through a petite redwood grove before it circles up around a huge fountain at the front of the imposing and somewhat dour main residence that the Los Angeles Tax Man shows measures in at 14,217-square-feet but some online resources suggest adds up to as much as 21,987-square-feet. In addition to the multi-winged main mansion the estate includes commercial and outdoor kitchens, several aviaries and exotic animal pens, vast lawns and extensive gardens, and a tennis court. A games house is filled with arcade games and includes a mirrored and mattress-floored room designed to look like the back of sexed up 1970s van conversion. Then, of course, there’s the world renown lagoon-style swimming pool and grotto where for the last 40-some years untold numbers of horny men — some of the biggest names in Hollywood, to be sure — have lustily cavorted with a veritable army of barely dressed and surgically enhanced young women. Frankly, you couldn’t pay this property gossip to swim in that pool without a full hazmat suit but, then again, we’ve never been invited to the Playboy Mansion and we don’t expect to be so that’s not really an issue, is it?

At one point Mister Hefner and/or Playboy Enterprises owned two other multi-acre estates in Holmby Hills. In 1996 Hef picked up the 2.28-acre property next door to the Playboy Mansion where his Playboy Playmate ex-wife Kimberley Conrad lived with their children in a 7,318 square foot residence with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The estate was put up for sale in March 2009 at $27.995 million and sold in August 2009 for $18 million to its current owner, 30-something year old Pabst Blue Ribbon beer brand owner Daren Metropoulous, younger son of Greek-born billionaire businessman C. Dean Metropoulous. In June 2001 Mister Hefner — or, more correctly, a limited liability concern connected to Playboy — paid around $4.5 million for the so-called “Bunny House,” a 1.3-acre spread across the street and a few doors down from the Playboy Mansion’s service entrance on Mapleton Drive and that was used to house women who either were featured in or hoped to be featured in the magazine. The Bunny House was put up for sale in April 2013 at $11 million and sold six months later for $10 million to hedge fund honcho David Kaplan who, as it turns out, also owns the 15,000-plus-square-foot mansion next door.

Aerial image: Bing

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  1. rocky says:

    most people in LA DO dream of a life of low morals and a sexual free for all, most other people in the USA do not, at least its not #1 on their list.

  2. Chuck Raney says:

    200 million is almost more than Playboy Enterprises current Market Cap.
    I wonder if the ex-wife and kiddos still live next door ?
    I thought they sold the “bunny hutch” down the street off already?

    I’d buy it for 30 mil. It isn’t worth the extra bump. That grotto thing has to be torn down, it’s ugly. Matter of fact, it’s Fugly. Ditto for the random not-really-a-stream thing taking up space in the backyard
    Most of the additional “out buildings” have to go also.
    Hef has to go also. Why would anyone sane or otherwise Eccelstonian agree to buy a house with the open-ended condition of Previous-Owner-Occupancy ?? What if he lives 20 more erection-free years ?

    Oh when I said “I’d buy it for 30” I MEANT if my investment in the Powerball pays off.
    My Lawyer says I have to tell you guys that that was not an offer to purchase real property, it was casual conversation.

    • Chuck Raney says:

      I see the questions I asked about the other properties were answered in the article, ya’ll don’t jump on me ! I had to go do some invoices before I read it all. (Forgot I did not read it all)
      If you look on a map program you can see the hutch down the street, it’s the one with TONS of parking behind it.

  3. DC Guy says:

    “(We imagine those two have so much in common, don’t you? Anyways…)”

    There’s that snark that we do so love from Mama!

  4. cadavra says:

    I’ve been there numerous times and it is always immaculate. Hef is something of a germophobe and has a full staff to keep the place spotless. All these clorox and hazmat jokes are just cheap shots at a man who was fortunate enough to live a life most of us couldn’t even dream of.

    • jamiekins says:

      I don’t want to burst your bubble but most people do NOT dream of a life of low morals and a sexual free for all. I’m not sure where you grew up or what your parents were like but most people dream of having love in their life of one person not a gang sexual experience. Your remarks only expose your own personal lack of upbringing. And contrary to your other remark a true germophobe would never allow hundreds of scantily dressed people wander around and EXPRESS their sexual freedom (for lack of a better term) in such a way. So happy you’ve been included in what you consider an appropriate back drop for your particular lifestyle.

      • jamiekins says:

        What a moronic remark. I am not a prude. Most people don’t dream of a life of low morals, you may think it’s cool to act like an animal with no self control, but most people do not. It has to do with self respect and having a healthy image of yourself.

      • opinionfree says:

        Don’t speak for ‘most people’, you self-righteous prude.
        If you feel this way, don’t look for safety in the masses, own it yourself.

  5. jamiekins says:

    With a complete drenching of 100% natural germicide peroxide which kills everything in it’s path I suppose that this would be an interesting home to live in if you could get past the history that some may feel is interesting but most people would find disgusting. 

    The property is the best thing about this place. Albeit that the Los Angeles country club is beyond exclusively segregated and about as easy to get into as heaven itself. Which is good for someone who wanted privacy from them as well as the myriad of who knows what kind of people have been using this brothel like bunny palace for the entirety of it’s Hef owned existence. I have always thought it was interesting that they used an innocent looking cuddly furry bunny to mask porn like intentions. Mama, I’m not sure if even your hasmat suit would give me a sense of comfort in and around this place. I have always thought the white wash that Hef’s group tries to give this place in public interviews was a riot. As far as general gossip goes this place has probably had more sex on the grounds than any given 6 brothels in Nevada over any period of time you might choose to examine.

    Among the notable acquisitions that the new owner would possess is the fact that is was built before they started using laminated veneers instead of solid wood in the interior, which always has that beauty that can only come from solid wood. I rather enjoy Mama’s dourly afore mentioned exterior as being one of the few attributes the place would have for me.

    With Playboy magazine giving up nudes between it’s covers, the next step would be for Hef’s perspicacious advisors to suggest that he and his never ending string of brides that are the age of his would be great grandchildren to turn Jehovah’s Witness and start going door to door in the neighborhood trying to cleanse his past with talk of Jesus himself before he takes that final bunny shoot on the grounds with his bunnies who have coveted their position while compromising their morals. All for a photo or two in the porn drenched mag that hysterically and historically has been promoted for it’s “INTELLECTUALLY WRITTEN ARTICLES”. Anyone that believes that, now or ever, I would venture a guess that THE AGENCY OR HILTON HYLAND, could probably find you some low country swamp land in Florida if you’re looking to go south. I have to admit that having Pam Anderson for the final nude photo shoot is somehow completely appropriate. Debauchery and the man made woman take a final bow. 

    I am going to laugh about this for months as the price drops. Unless some moronic Chinese or Russian oligarch comes along and actually is dumb enough to fall for this scheme. Would someone tell me WHY anyone would like to give Hef 200 million dollars so he could live in a home that he already owns?  Why doesn’t he just stay until he kicks the bucket and let the estate sell it after he is gone? Is there someone that wants to give him 200 million for nothing? The ego of some people never stops amazing me. The interest alone that 200 million would generate would make this offer a nightmare.

    Next thing you know,  Bill Cosby is going to write a book explaining every bit of his past and we’ll all find out it was all just some big misunderstanding between him and his open marriage concept, and that over 40 women just misunderstood his dating principles and approach. A big seller I’ve no doubt.

    Hugs to Mama,

    • James says:

      “Albeit that the Los Angeles country club is beyond exclusively segregated and about as easy to get into as heaven itself.”

      What does this mean?

      • jamiekins says:

        It means that it is it is segregated in many ways, wealth, position, OLD money, probably racial, & exclusive to few places that are that difficult to join in our society as it stands. Laws in most cases just prove to be a guideline, there are thousands of ways to circumvent them.
        And most people think heaven is easy to get into, it is quite the opposite.
        Are you really that simple ?

  6. James says:

    One of the few or the only property in Los Angeles with a zoo permit?

    Was the Daren Metropoulos house designed by the same architect? Do they share a common history?

  7. Jim dandy says:

    If was gonna spend 200 mil, #1. The crypt keeper is leaving, along with his sailors cap, pipe, robe and goldigger. #2. hazmat team arrives to scrape the “DNA” off the walls and floors, inside and outside.

    • Desert Donna says:

      Jim you took the words straight out of my mouth. This place is shovel and clorox clean up ready.

      • jamiekins says:

        LOL that was great…….Jim, I agree I don’t care how well maintained it is I would have to have it sterilized to my satisfaction no matter what anyone says about how CLEAN it is. Blech !
        I almost got goose pimples when you wrote about having the DNA scraped off the walls. OMG ! I would have it stripped of all wall coverings and furniture from the ground up. and yes the keeper would have to go, it is so gross to see him sitting there with some child really compared to his age. I gives me the creeps. I have heard of
        autumn-spring relationships but never, Neanderthal, vs college aged relationship. I can’t imagine why he feels chic. I stand by what I said above, he’s disgusting.

  8. KathyRo says:

    This is no ordinary sale.
    Hugh Hefner sold the mansion to Playboy many years ago and pays rent to Playboy to live there ( a substantial amount btw — this is no sweetheart deal ). Playboy also rents the property ( minus private living space ) out for parties. In return Playboy maintains the extensive property and I think also pays for the staff so the Hugh can live in the style he’s accustomed to. I doubt Playboy realizes any profit from this arrangement.
    There’s rumors that the buyer has to assume the same conditions Playboy is currently operating under : Hefner will continue there until his death and pay rent; the owner can continue to lease out the rest of the property.
    So the new owner is essentially buying a business in addition to the property, a business Playboy is looking to offload. And not only that but the current renter really sees himself as the owner. Right now if there’s any conflict between proposed party rental dates and Hefner, I would imagine Hefner would “win”. Also I’m willing to bet any proposed changes to the property ( like axing the petting zoo ) would require Hef’s approval as well.
    Really Playboy is the only company in the world who would take on these obligations and now they’re looking to get out of them? Interesting…

    • Mark says:

      Hefner never owned the house, it was purchased back in the 1970’s by Playboy Enterprises, back when Hef controlled the company. He has always just been a renter.

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