Daryl Hannah Sells to Boyfriend Neil Young (EXCLUSIVE)

According to property records, actress, documentary producer, and die-hard enviro-activist Daryl Hannah sold her eco-conscious hippie-chic hideaway in the mountains above Malibu in an off-market deal for $3.6 million to an inscrutable blind trust that real-estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak swears is controlled by — oddly enough — Hannah’s music-legend boyfriend Neil Young. (Young divorced his wife, Pegi Young, in 2014.)

The “Splash” star, who co-starred last year in the Netflix series “Sense8,” purchased the 17.6 acre spread in two separate but contiguous transactions in June 2001 for a total of $1.32 million. The larger of the parcels was once owned by trumpet-blowing musician and record executive Herb Alpert.

Hannah had the property on and off the market between April 2011 and March 2013 with an asking price that started at just under $5 million but was later dropped to $4.25 million. Listing details show two solar-powered residences on the mostly unimproved mountainside property, one a rustic shack clad in corrugated metal, and the other a former hunting cabin that dates back to the 1920s, updated with under-floor heating and an indoor/outdoor bathroom with a Japanese soaking tub.

Our research suggests the lifelong vegetarian also maintains an off-the-grid retreat outside of Telluride, Colo., that includes a small residence that was once a stagecoach stop.

listing photos: via Zillow

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  1. MalibuBlue says:

    Mommy was paying her bills, now sugar daddy is. If she made 5 million, she spent 15. Limousine liberal in la la land.

  2. txtea says:

    hmmm…my guess she is broke..so snags married man…gets him to buy off her debt and put in a trust for her…

  3. kbarr says:

    Hannah has aged badly.

  4. JohnS says:

    So environmental super hero Neil Young will be using his private plane to jet between his Hawaii estate, and his Malibu ranch? Of course that is after purchasing the property with a blind trust in order to avoid taxes.

    Typical Bernie Sanders supporter.

    • Me says:

      Nicely said John. Especially regarding the blind trust. It is time America wakes up to the hypocrisy of these millionaire spoiled hippies who tell us what to do and do the opposite.

    • Philip Kay says:

      If only the “typical” anyone supporter could create iconic music for more than four decades. Co-found an effort to support farmers and farm workers – Farm Aid. Raise two severely handicapped children as well as starting yet another foundation and the associated school for such children, raising millions of dollars with performance without any fee or expense being paid by him or any other performer.

      So before you so flippantly point fingers, perhaps we should know from whence this absoulte dirvel originates from?? What percentage of your work (if you even work) is devoted to charitbale endeavors. How many schools have you started and operated without any funding outside your own efforts – how many?

      Also, how many old classic big US made cars have you fully converted to altnerative energies, thus not using any of your precious fuel.

      Trump for president will be just well suited for someone like you. Will be a while lot different tune for you if that happens, Enjoy. Peace for ALL Species.

      • Padmafrench says:

        Thank you Phillip Kay – brilliantly said. As for the Trumpies – please just turn down the aggro, relax, re-read Philip’s words, dig deep and consider being kind, generous and open-hearted – give it a go – makes you feel good!

      • Me says:

        And Philip…you have to be from Canada. Are you not? At least the next President DonaldTrump is not ashamed of his private plane. So much so, that he parks it behind him at his events. Why would he be? He earned it.

  5. FC says:

    Hippie haven. Cough cough. Ummm!


  7. Man oh man. It would be totally hot to look through that front window and see those two having sex. just kidding.

  8. eddie willers says:

    Neil went crazy after his brain blew up.

  9. tom357 says:

    Neil lost credibility when he divorced Pegi for this bee. Thought he had more self esteem than that.
    So much for all the sensitive lyrics and environmental thoughtfulness.

  10. Me says:

    Wait until he bullzoses this dump and flips it for 3x what he paid. She is another snot nosed brat who grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth with a rich Doctor daddy.

    • Mickey says:

      One can’t fault a person because he had parents that achieved and made money. She too did pretty well for herself. Don’t condemn someone that does better than you. You need to admire that person.

      • Me says:

        Mickey I appreciate your feedback. The issue with Daryl is that she is a limousine liberal, of the do as I say and not as I do variety. She flew on private planes while telling others to conserve resources. Like Oprah her carbon footprint is indelible.

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