Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper, Will Ferrell Among Supporters of Obama’s Gun Actions

Elizabeth Banks Bradley Cooper Will Ferrell
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Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper, Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Rashida Jones and Paul Rudd are just seven of the nearly 100 high-profile figures to sign a letter of support addressed to President Obama, publicizing their endorsement for his Monday decision to take executive action against gun violence.

The effort is sponsored by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Organizers are urging supporters to support #enough on social media and to ask celebrities at the Golden Globes for their thoughts on gun violence.

The letter begins by thanking Obama for his courageous actions against gun violence, recalling recent mass shooting incidents and reciting gun violence statistics.

“Like you, and like most Americans, we have had ENOUGH,” the letter declares. “We have had enough of seeing unthinkable tragedies happen and nothing being done. This level of depravity should rattle anyone with a conscience.”

It continues by again praising Obama for his recent efforts and calling on the members of Congress “who failed to act on the gun violence epidemic” to take similar action.

“Thank you for beginning to end this national disgrace and show your fellow citizens and the rest of the world that the United States of America does indeed stand for the principles on which it was founded,” the letter concludes.

Additional celeb signees include Mark Ruffalo, Kristen Wiig, Sophia Bush, Nick Cannon, Liam Neeson, Tobey Maguire, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianne Moore, Tom McCarthy and Olivia Wilde.

The full letter and list signees can be found at EnoughLetter.com.

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  1. Mary Bengochea says:

    omg.. Don’t you people READ? May be you can’t read.. sorry let me tell you what it is all about in simple english. NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS. Responsible gun ownership is what this is regarding. Keeping guns out of the hands of those who should not have them.. examples… CRIMINALS, MENTALLY ILL, so if you are mentally ill and or a criminal then I suppose you can keep bitching but otherwise STFU!!!

    • Use your brain says:

      Use what is between your ears instead of blindly accepting the bs from DC. They want the ability to take guns from people. So they say crack down on the people who are mentally unstable, on a made up terror watch list or the no fly list. Well since they maintain the lists, they control who gets put on it. So now a woman who is raped or is domestically abused and needs counseling and maybe some Xanax for her to sleep at night or Paxil to help her thru the grieving process can be deemed a threat to herself and have her RIGHT to a gun taken away – can you say this is the real war on women taking their ability to defend themselves away. In the same fashion someone who is part of a state militia can now be put on the terror watch list and have their rights stripped and a person who has the wrong name or went to a questionable website can arbitrarily without due process be put on the no fly list and have their gun rights taken.

      Here is a nice test for you. If you are so trusting of the government lets get rid of all the amendments and just see what happens. When someone from the govt shows up at your door with no warrant and wants to come in and go through your house top to bottom just go ahead and let them in. Do you really trust the govt that much? After seeing all of the abuse even with a bill of rights, can you imagine what would be happening in the U.S. Without the bill of rights. No? Then stop letting them pick and choose which rights they can infringe on and start telling them to go after the real sources of gun crime – not the rape victims, the rapist and other violent criminals.

    • Shandy says:

      THANK YOU. Someone with a lick of common sense or thinking skills? Wow! Where are people coming up with the idea that the average, law-abiding, sane citizen isn’t supposed to be able to own a firearm for self-defense purposes? Who could possibly be against efforts to get them criminals, terrorists, and the severely mentally ill?
      Thanks, Elizabeth, Bradley, Will, Mark, Julianne, Kristen, Liam, Nick, Tobey, Sarah, etc. Love you guys.

  2. Beth C. Pfohl says:

    Just curious and honestly so. Have any of these well paid (and well protected), artists ever sat down and conversed with less wealthy law abiding citizens who have actually defended themselves and saved their loved ones (or anyone around them), from those criminals who have attacked them? Another question might be WOULD they ever sit down with these same less wealthy law abiding citizens who have actually defended and saved their loved ones (or anyone around them), from those criminals who have attacked them? My guess is they probably wouldn’t because they might have to change their belief that everything being proposed by this executive order won’t guarantee the safety which it purports to accomplish.
    Would women such as Elizabeth Banks or Sarah Jessica Parker deny a firearm to the young woman (who spoke at the CNN town hall broadcast), who survived a horrific rape in college and now has a gun to protect herself and her two children? Do these women believe she shouldn’t have the wherewithal to obtain that which she believes will protect herself and her kids?
    These Hollywood folks are well meaning but somewhat ignorant since they’ve been ensconced behind the security walls that their fame and fortune has allowed them to purchase. And it sounds like a classic case of (paraphrasing here), “rules for thee but not for me “.

  3. Bill B. says:

    Smart people.

  4. Wondergirl says:

    Yet their bodyguards are armed, for sure.

    • Marc says:

      And you bet each one of those guards had a background check. Loser.

      • taffy says:

        The point, loser, is that these people are able to afford the best protection but want the only protection available (a gun) ripped from everyone’s else’s hand so they can’t defend themselves or their loved ones. Why do the rich hate the poor so much? Why are actors’ lives more important than anyone else’s?

  5. Alex says:

    Every time these pinkos pull time $*&% gun sales go up, maybe if they shut up the great unwashed will calm down. If Cooper has any balls he’ll say that he regrets staring in “American Sniper”, believed that Chris Kyle was a lunatic, and thinks Clint Eastwood is a gun nut. Go ahead Brad, make my day.

  6. Peggy says:

    It’s really easy to sit in your big white castles on the hill, with your electric fences and your state of the art security systems, and your botyguards and tell me I don’t need a gun. Maybe you don’t but I would guarantee you’d want one if you didn’t have all those things and didn’t live in your ritzy neighborhoods. You don’t like gun violence then don’t star in movies and make millions of dollars for them. You’re promoting violence. But as long as you do make those millions, and have safe rooms in your homes, don’t tell me to not own a gun. I lost my home because of Obama and his recession. I’m 63 years old and no home and you want my gun taken too?

    • Val says:

      Only crazy americans think guns are a right to everyone. It’s not 1800 anymore, wake up!

      • taffy says:

        So just criminals should have guns? Is that what you’re saying? People shouldn’t be able to defend themselves as the crime rate skyrockets and the governments import ISIS?

  7. AMERICAN says:


    • Leny verbunt says:

      To Peggy
      Wtf gosh u Americans r weird
      Lose the guns already & the anger- thanx god I’m Australian

      • taffy says:

        Yeah. Australia where violent home invasions are skyrocketing because the citizens are left defenseless while the criminals are free to buy their guns illegally off any street corner or schoolyard while judges allow someone who just got busted for committing 30 violent home invasions to go back out onto the street to continue without punishment. And let’s not talk about the Muslim-on-white gang rapes. Australia used to be a great country but it’s making the slide into a third world hell hole in recent years and you know it. Next time you want to lie about how great Australia is, make sure another Australian isn’t reading your drivel.

      • Proud American says:

        I don’t often comment on anything I read as it is often written by imbeciles but the anti-American sentiment offended me.
        Before commenting you should remember if it wasn’t for us weird Americans and our guns you would currently be speaking Japanese or not born , seeing as how your relatives would have been sent to concentration camps and systematically murdered. Short memories on the other side of the world? PS , My two Grandfathers say you are welcome. As for these “actors” they live in a fantasy world. They make comments to appear to be relevant. Most Americans with a brain that functions know they are nothing but wealthy, self serving egotists . Now I will leave you Liberal fools to rip my post apart.

  8. taffy says:

    All giving up their gated communities and armed bodyguards huh?

    • Marc says:

      Who said anything about that? Ignorant fool. Stop hating America and a Democracy.

      • Use your brain says:

        Obama and these people supporting his actions are the ones who hate democracy. The congress was elected by the American people and they support what Americans want. Obama said it himself first term “elections have consequences” and when America voted in more conservative to congress it was for the consequences that the American people wanted. Obama now skirting congress on many issues – not just guns – shows his disdain for the democratic process. Only if it works in his favor does he approve of free elections…..

        As for all the actors and actresses on this list… No surprise there. Rich people with all the protection they can purchase telling the rest of us we don’t need guns. amazing that these people don’t see the consequences of the actions trying to be taken. Now a rape victim who is depressed, angry and scared may be deemed a hazard to herself and have her rights to a gun taken away. Same for a domestic abuse suvivor who is need of counseling.

        Way to support a war on women douchebags.

      • taffy says:

        What is “hating American and a democracy” have to do with me calling out the hypocrisy of those who live in gated communities with armed bodyguards telling everyone else to give up the only protection they might have? Next time, actually read my comment instead of throwing out your knee-jerk idiotic accusations that have nothing to do with my comment. You’ll come off as less of a fool that way.

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