Half of Millennials Drop Shows They Think Aren’t Easy Enough to Watch

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Millennials are watching a lot of video these days. They spend more than six hours of their precious daily 24 either watching TV or streaming video, according to new research from TiVo.

But while they’re spending more of their days than other generations enthralled by moving pictures, these younger viewers are also becoming a little more impatient when it comes to access to their content: 54% of the millennials surveyed by TiVo have stopped watching a show because it was too burdensome to access — i.e. not enough episodes were available to catch up on, episodes were behind a paywall or moved platforms, or the viewer encountered some other impediment.

Those shows were a mixed bag: some broadcast (“The Big Bang Theory”), some cable (“The Walking Dead”), some near their conclusion (“Game of Thrones”), according to Paul Stathacopoulos, TiVo’s VP of strategy and strategic research. TiVo knows what shows people dropped because they had 2,500 respondents write out the series they’d stopped watching due to the aforementioned reasons.


Data: U.S. Millennials Watch Netflix Series More Than Broadcast TV Hits

“Some of it depends on where people came in and got introduced to the show,” Stathacopolous told Variety. Those who started watching a series on a service like Netflix grew frustrated after hitting the limit of episodes easily available to them.

“The moment millennials and Gen Z run into any barrier to access, they just turn and run,” Stathacopolous added. “They think, ‘There are four other shows I can go watch right now.’”

Being such voracious consumers of what’s now simply called “content” means these millennials have the highest rate of penetration when it comes to streaming services. A massive 91% of those surveyed subscribe to at least one.

That could spell a bit of trouble for new entrants into the SVOD arena, like Turner’s just-delayed FilmStruck, or even the long-term U.S. growth for a company like Netflix. The last thing cash-conscious millennials want is the obligation to cobble together multiple subscription services to watch what they want. But as more and more programmers try and wall their content or spread it across different streaming services, that’s exactly what’s happening.

The millennials’ willingness to abandon ship, though, indicates those programmers may start to see diminishing audiences that no longer translate into big financial returns for their series.

“We may over time start to see the average lifespan of highly successful properties start to contract,” Stathacopolous said.

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  1. Paywalls Suck says:

    I’m not a millennial, but I get it. Right now, I’m paying for netflix not cable. I have stopped watching network prime time shows as they are broadcast because I do not want to set my schedule to align with the network’s schedule and if I miss an episode they make it too difficult to catch up because I AM NOT AND WILL NOT PAY FOR MULTIPLE SERVICES. I’ll catch the shows later on Netflix if at all. Take note ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, the writing is on the wall. People don’t like to jump through hoops to get access.

  2. The path of spiritual immaturity says:

    Wow. What a sad commentary on the state of today’s 20 somethings . Basically, they are tv and movie addicted. And they are dependent on mom and dad and the grandparents to finance their lives. No wonder the country is becoming more and more punk-ish, at least for a certain segment of society.

  3. Slicey says:

    Big Bang Theiry is on syndication like 12 times a day and The Walking Dead is the most watched show on television. Pretty sure they’ll do just fine without short attention span millennials.

  4. Ina Bliss says:

    “easy to watch”?

    Bunk is harder for the mind to digest than logically comprehensible information based upon axioms, laws, principles, rules and logically applied instruction,

    therefore, 99% of current ‘entertainment’ is doomed along with its audience, since mainstream ‘science’ has its irrational falsity-laden hold on almost all of the flood of trivial inconsequential ‘information’ (to mean “inner formation of new-wine brain-channels and connections)- the 2nd flood of Noe.

  5. missdotty31 says:

    Wish I was a milenial and only had this issue to bother me.could someone research the difficulties of keeping up with a series when you’re working 45 hours a week?

    • Matt Ingram says:

      I’m a Millennial who works 50 hour a week. No problems keeping up with a series. I can catch up on the weekends via streaming.

  6. Haz says:

    So basically this is the future of our country? Maybe Hilary should become president and start WWIII and get these idiots drafted.

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