Markiplier: YouTube Gamer Makes Play to Expand His Scope

Courtesy of Markiplier

Markiplier is one of our 2016 Famechanger honorees. For more, click here

A little over four years ago, Mark Fischbach was studying biomedical engineering at the University of Cincinnati when he got laid off from a mind-numbing job. His mom kicked him out of the house after an argument, so he moved to an apartment, at which point he found out he needed an emergency appendectomy. Then was told he had a fist-size tumor in one of his adrenal glands.

“All this stuff culminated at once,” he says. “I was in the hospital and decided I wanted to do something else.”


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Given his lifelong love of video games, he decided he wanted to make action videos “with guns and explosions,” like Freddy Wong’s RocketJump. But then Fischbach found he had a penchant for making videos of himself playing games, right as the trend was taking off. “I wanted to put myself onto the screen 100%,” he says. “I wanted to make sure people saw me for me, and made sure I was being authentic. The way I play videogames with my friends was how I wanted to come across—that’s the style I applied to my videos. I think it’s the camaraderie that people like.”

That’s when he became Markiplier, video-game personality followed by 13.3 million subscribers. Games featured on his channel span multiple genres, with the indie horror title “Five Nights at Freddy’s” representing his most-viewed gameplay videos to date. Markiplier delivers sonorous and excitable narration, sprinkled with a few F-bombs.

Asked what his favorite game is, Markiplier says he can’t single one out. But he allows that ID Software’s new “Doom” first-person shooter released this spring is “wonderful, a really, really creative reimagining of the first one.”

Markiplier has also rallied his fans to donate to his causes. According to Fischbach, viewers have donated more than $1 million to charities including the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and the Best Friends Animal Society.

Markiplier is affiliated with Revelmode, a joint venture of Disney’s Maker Studios and Felix Kjellberg (YouTube megastar PewDiePie), which will produce original scripted series starring gaming personalities, as well as games and charity projects. “I think Mark’s appeal heavily lies in the sense of community he has cultivated among his viewers, along with his honest approach to content and his commitment to giving back,” says Courtney Holt, head of Maker Studios.

In 2014, Fischbach, who turns 27 on June 28, moved to L.A., the center of gravity for many in the YouTube community. “Pretty much all the opportunities I was getting were out here,” he says. In addition to gameplay videos, he creates sketch comedy bits and videos where he plays physical games, like when he and his friends raced through a children’s bouncy castle wearing “drunk goggles” while being pelted with water balloons.

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“I want to push myself into music and acting—more traditional media stuff,” he says. “If someone wants to make a movie and have me in it, I want to make sure I have the skill set to do it properly.”

Despite being on such a public stage, Markiplier concedes, he’s basically an introvert. “There’s so much I do that I put out there. Sometimes I just like to go to movies by myself and escape,” he says.

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  1. ryan coombe says:

    feature my name on the next subnoctia video.

  2. ryan coombe says:

    i love you mark

  3. Misty-Day says:

    Markiplier is an amazing Youtuber. He’s “big brother” to a lot of people, the guy that watches out for you and teaches you new things like how to play a scary game like a boss, how to follow your dreams and how to swear, of course. He’s generous, giving to charities and to people and I had the honor of meeting him in real life and what I saw was a gentlemen who is truly trying to give back to his fans and to the community and loving every minute of it. He brings back my faith in humanity, one charity, one video game, one vlog at a time. If anyone deserves this, it’s him.

    Congratulations Mark, you’re amazing. Please don’t ever change.

  4. Yvette says:

    Mark is the most genuine person on YouTube I have seen. He’s had to adapt to the changes that come with growing fame and has done so gracefully. I will continue to follow his channel and journey as he reaches to accomplish his goals and dreams. Best wishes for you Mark.

  5. Bob says:

    Hes far from ‘authentic’. He used to be, once upon a time. But anyone looking at his current videos knows that is no longer the case. He over-reacts to stuff, hes no longer as honest in his criticisms as he used to be. Where as before he would admit a game is bad, and not sugar coat it, now hes perfectly willing to play sub-par horror games simply because they’re the ‘flavor of the month’, and doesn’t even bother to at least admit that its bad, instead going on and on about how ‘SCARY’ and ‘GOOD’ they are.

    He still donates to charity, but that’s it. Don’t even get started on series he refuses to finish. Some of them are understandable, due to the suicide thing, but don’t keep claiming you’re gonna finish it after that and then never do so. Either admit you won’t finish it, or finish it. Don’t lie about it.

    Lets not forget the fact he wanted to do a genocide run of Undertale first,(most likely because he saw the ‘HARD BOSS FIGHTS’, and wanted to portray undertale as a rage game, since videos of the final boss and people raging as they try to beat him get the most views(gee i wonder why), and realized he couldn’t),

    Hell, remember when he would even be quiet for a few moments to let the game’s narration or story talk? He doesnt even do that anymore. He just keeps yapping on over it, and then intentionally ignore tutorials just so he can cuss out and insult the game, claiming its too hard or too cruel or didnt explain him anything when he talked right over the instructions that even a 12 year old child woulda been able to read and understand.

    Its a disgrace that this is what ‘comedy’ and ‘entertainment’ has come to.

    • Malone says:

      I do understand what you mean, but I do not fully agree, to be completely honest. I really feel that he’s trying to be himself in his videos. If you find that he has somewhat of an annoying personality, good for you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you putting your opinion out there, but I don’t see why you complain about everything he does, when you can just stop watching him if you truly find his entertainment to be a disgrace.

      – Thanks

      • Darren says:

        Your comments has a lot of aggression in it to the extent to where it seems you have a personal vendetta against Mark for whatever reason. I understand his humor might not be your cup of tea nor is his style of commentating these days as he has changed a lot, but to go as far as to call his humor disgraceful and say he isn’t authentic is just pushing the line. Some series he doesn’t finish because they aren’t do well with the ratings, you have to remember, this is his job. When the videos aren’t getting the certain amount of views or he just doesn’t find it fun, he can’t just continue to waste money on doing it. It’s not a case of being less authentic as it is keeping his fanbase entertained.

  6. Safiya says:

    Mark is such an amazing person not to mention easy on the eyes. He has done so much for us and his community. Saved lives, improved people, you name it. And yet he thinks that he doesn’t deserve us. Its actually the other way around and we can’t thank him enough. He is a great person to look up to and and a kind friend

    • Malone says:

      Absolutely. Even if he didn’t try so hard to entertain us, it still would be a blast! Every time I fee down, I tend to go visit his channel, just by habit. And how amazing is it that he pushes himself to do two or three videos a day? Many Youtubers have trouble doing two videos a week! I hope he sees our comments, and knows how much we all love him.

  7. Sofia says:

    i always felt that Mark was an amazing man and i’ve watched almost all of his videos. Seeing a man, like Mark, do so much for others that he has no need or requirement to do, puts him in the above and beyond category in my book.

  8. Rian says:

    I love Mark’s video just as much as the next fan and seeing him be labeled as a Fame Changer has made me truly appreciate what he does for us.

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