Piracy Group Apologizes for ‘Hateful Eight’s’ Leak

The Hateful Eight
Courtesy of The Weinstein Co.

The piracy group behind the leaks of “The Hateful Eight,” “The Big Short,” “Spectre,” “Creed” and more high-profile movies is apparently sorry for the much-publicized leak of Quentin Tarantino’s latest.

According to Business Insider, the group, dubbed Hive-CM8, issued a statement on Sunday to apologize for the ordeal, saying it’s “sorry for the trouble we caused.”

“We didn’t plan to comment at all on recent events,” Hive-CM8 said. “But we feel now that we should.”

“Sorry to disappoint, but there was no hack or any such thing,” it goes on. “We got the copies sold from a guy on the street, no decryption was needed. We were definitely not the only ones.”

The group also tried to reveal the rationale behind the leaks of the many Oscar-contending movies, saying it simply “wanted to share this [sic] movies with the people who are not rich enough or not able to watch all nominated movies in the cinema.”

On the flipside, however, Hive-CM8 said it believes that the piracy, and the publicity that comes along with it, will end up being a plus for the industry.

“Since everyone is now talking about [The Hateful Eight] we dont think the producers will loose any money at cinedate, and we tell you now why,” it said. “We actually think this has created a new type of media hype that is more present in the news,radio and in the papers than starwars, [sic] and the promotional costs for this were free.”

In the end, the piracy group praised “The Hateful Eight,” thanking Tarantino for making “an excellent,thrilling [sic] and entertaining Western.”

The leaked copy of Tarantino’s western was previously traced back to Alcon Entertainment co-CEO and “Point Break” remake producer Andrew Kosove, who maintained that he never saw the screener.

Read Hive-CM8’s full apology below:

We didnt plan to comment at all on recent events, but we feel now that we should.

Sorry to disappoint M but there was no hack or any such thing . We got the copies sold from a guy on the street, no decryption was needed. we were definately not the only ones. cpl other movies have been on the net days before, not done from us So we wanted to share this movies with the people who are not rich enough or not able to watch all nominated movies in the cinema.

Of course this files are not representing the movies how they can be enjoyed in the cinema

As said in our nfo, please support the producers and watch all movies in the cinema on a big screen, like you should do anyhow. The Producers need the money from ticket sales to get back the production costs.

As for Hateful Eight Movie:

We feel sorry for the trouble we caused by releasing that great movie before cinedate even has begun. we never intended to hurt anyone by doing that, we didnt know it would get that popular that quickly

The Hateful Eight is an excellent,thrilling and entertaining Western that combines terrific direction,a fantastic cast,a wonderful script,beautiful photography and a memorable score. All of those elements make The Hateful Eight an unforgettable film that is Quentin Tarantino at his best.

Since everyone is now talking about this movie we dont think the producers will loose any money at cinedate, and we tell you now why. we actually think this has created a new type of media hype that is more present in the news,radio and in the papers than starwars, and the promotional costs for this were free

If lets say 5% of the people planned to watch this movie at cinemadate, due to this media push we unintenionally created, we believe that now 40% of the people will watch this movie in the cinema cause everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to see the movie that created so much noise. this will push the cinema tickets sale for sure.

we really hope this helped out the producers in the longrun, so that the production costs are covered and more

we also think that the hateful 8 movie is the top candidate for the awards and will win by a mile over others thx tarantino for this wonderful movie

sorry it was around christmas we didnt plan that at all either, we wont do another movie before its cinedate, and we def wont go up to 40 as planned, we think we have done enough already.


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  1. Jon snow says:

    Hive 8 releases sucked anyhow, they were chopped up to remove watermarks and that distorted them plus they didn’t cut out all the watermarks so they screwed the provider. Only better than a cam for not being as blurry and not having people walk in the middle of the screen. Win for the movie industry in that respect, the should really past more watermarks in varying parts of the screen to make it annoying to watch post edit.

    The movie industry also needs to rethink their distribution model to address the theater shortcomings.

  2. kevin says:

    “Haha, this is just a big Ile plz don’t try to prosecute me, I meant well.” The only films that torrenting benefits are the loses that bomb in the theaters and post release dvd. I have seen pre release movies that were dogs and glad I didn’t waste my money, have also seen pre/post release movies that I liked and my friends wanted to see so I went with them to watch again. I’m afraid it’s the former more than the latter. I do like having to avoid moviegoing crowds because some can be plain old inconsiderate jerks, I do like the roomy theaters with recliners and fresh pastries…but not necessarily enough to see it again outside of a discount matinee without without a social reason. Those movies days are over….my sound system is good at end beats having to listen to crazy loud movies in an adjacent theater drowning out the movie I paid for….they need adaptive sound settings for realz.

  3. cadavra says:

    This is like saying, “Hey, it’s okay that I shoplifted that 12-pack of beer, because it was so good I’m gonna come back and buy more.”

    Stealing is stealing. End of story.

  4. Mudhoney says:

    Hateful 8 is terrible. Direct to Amazon Prime, at best. Commercially, Tarantino dropped the ball with this dog.

    And the pirate-bit is a lame PR stunt.

    Nice try Harvey — have a red-ink bath on Quentin lol

  5. Moviefan says:

    I don’t know how to do torrents and all that. The viruses/malware scare me off it anyway. My problems with Hollywood:

    1) NY/LA get everything early. What about the rest of us?

    2) A vast majority of good movies are released between October and early January. The rest of the year gets ignored. Summer, when lots of people have time off, is all blockbuster crap. I understand why they do releases this way – they want to keep things fresh in the minds of Oscar voters. But how are you expected to see 25 movies in theaters from October through the end of the year? It’s almost impossible, unless you live in a large market.

    3) They’re not doing it anytime soon (theater backlash), but I wish they’d allow people to rent current releases on iTunes/Vudu/Amazon/Google Play for $15 or $20. I have no sympathy for (most) theaters because they do nothing to police bad behavior. They want to sell you your ticket and then wash their hands of the talkers & texters (where I live it’s overwhelmingly talkers BTW). First off, I have no movie theater close to where I live. It’s a 40 minute drive. If I do go to the theater, a majority of the time I have to deal with jerks talking. I wish they could develop a new business model that would allow you to rent new releases in HD. Maybe charge $20 to rent it. Then, when it’s released to own, allow you to purchase for an additional $10 or something. I want to be able to see things in my home before the Oscars, but it’s almost impossible to get out to theaters to see everything.

    Most of these Oscar movies won’t be out on digital/disk before the Oscars on 2/28. It’s a letdown, not being able to see them all before the awards are given.

  6. icy says:

    HAHA! This didn’t happen when his other films were leaked…Oh the movie is flopping so lets play the leak card. Nice try, though!!

  7. Brian Wiley says:

    they could of released it at least after opening weekend when the films viewership dropped.

  8. Matt says:

    Most pointless statement ever. They didn’t even take the time to spell check. What’s the point of apologizing for piracy while making no mention of ceasing the piracy?

  9. Dredd 2 says:

    Well, i saw hatefull 8 at some guys house after a party. To be honest, trailers didn’t sell it, kept showing same bits over n over. and many reviews/word of moth, made out the movie was long and talky and tookn place entirely in one room. So i figured the film was not gonna be cinematic enough to go to a theater.
    Glad i watched that bootleg!! The film turned out to be VERY cinematic, and my favorite Tarantino film after Pulp Fiction! I’ve since raved about the film, and plan on seeing it at the theater with a few friends that i’ve talked round. So, I guess to a point, the guys in this article have a point! Creed was fantastic too but thats one for dvd to go with my Rocky collection.

    • Mudhoney says:

      “…raved about this film” Lol good joke, dude.

      Only people raving about Hateful 8 are on Weinstein’s payroll or skipping their schizophrenia meds lol

  10. Steve McKay says:

    What a bunch of bullshit. That’s like saying ‘We are sorry we shot and killed that guy but we think it will bring a lot of exposure to murder, so its a good thing.” Fucking losers. Can’t afford movies then don’t go or get a job.

    • J. Bolton says:

      Shut up, Steve. I bet you would grab torrent files if you knew how.

      • deadlyfoe says:

        I know how to use torrents. I don’t do it because it’s wrong. Simple as that. There’s no justification for stealing and most theatres have various concessions or discount days. Can’t afford it? Wait for discount DVD or Netflix. Can’t afford Netflix? Then I guess you have more important things to worry about than a movie.

      • Rex says:

        YOU shut up J. Bolton. I bet you’re too busy STEALING everything you watch to entertain the thought that a LOT of people actually prefer to pay, HONESTLY, for the entertainment they watch, whether in a theatre, on a disc, downloading LEGALLY or streaming from any of the countless providers that make this stuff available to us for a nominal fee that all but the cheapest LOSERS couldn’t afford, especially I feel hey em already got the computer that’s helping them to STEAL everything. Your numbers are actually shrinking, dipshit. Thankfully.

        And by the way, many of us absolutely DO know how to use torrents — curiosity gets the better of everyone at some point — but the inconsistent quality and download times, not to mention the ILLEGALITY of it, make it not worth our time when superior paid options are so WIDELY available.

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