Amazon Won’t Move Forward With ‘Good Girls Revolt’

Good Girls Revolt
Courtesy of Amazon

Good Girls Revolt,” the retro drama that told the story of female journalists battling for recognition at a revered newsweekly in the 1960s and early 1970s, is in danger of becoming part of history. Amazon Studios has declined to pick up the show for a second cycle, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

An Amazon Studios spokesperson could not be  reached for immediate comment. Sony, the studio behind the program, intends to shop the series to other outlets, these people said.

The drama depicts a staff of editors and reporters at the fictional “News of the Week, all grappling with a singular challenge: The men are reporters who get all the glory, while the women are researchers who are often cheated of it.

The series, which was created by Dana Calvo and stars Genevieve Angelson, Anna Camp and Erin Drake, is based on the book “The Good Girls Revolt, written by Lynn Povich.

The cancellation comes despite data commissioned by Sony showing the series had gained traction among Amazon’s subscribers, according to one of these people. Data from Symphony Advanced Media, a company that tracks mobile streaming, suggested “Good Girls” had a significant audience with an 80% completion rate, this person said, and a viewership larger than Amazon series like “Goliath” and “Transparent.”

The Symphony numbers can be controversial, and not every party in the media business takes them as a proxy for viewer streaming activity. In the absence of hard data released by subscription-video-on-demand players like Netflix and Amazon, however, they are used as a directional guide.

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  1. Susan Watts says:

    SO FRUSTRATED!! I can’t believe the show was cancelled. My husband and I just binge-watched Season 1 and were very moved. It was well written, well acted, and covered a critical period in our history. I hope the show is picked-up and will continue. Amazon – you were ill advised not to continue this show.

  2. Bev says:

    I’m so disappointed, I was so looking forward to season 2 and what happened next. I binged watched it as it really grabbed me. I can’t believe this was cancelled and can’t help wondering why with all the garbage on Amazon that’s more aimed at men, that this programme bruised the ego of the male who decided it!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Im so disappointed!!!!. I binge watched the first season, then looked to see when the next season was coming out, and it’s not!!!!!. This is a smart, insightful look at a struggle women are still fighting on some level. I wish Amazon would reconsider.

  4. Katherine Mitchell says:

    I just finished season 1 of Good Girls Revolt and LOVED it. I’m shocked this isn’t being picked up for another season. I’m hoping to catch season 2 somewhere in the future.

    • Donna says:

      I agree with Katherine and so many of the others who have commented here… This show is of the highest caliber; the casting was perfect; acting was amazing, and the backdrop was so realistic… I was so disappointed after watching the last show of Season 1 that there are no plans for Season 2… How can that be? PLEASE find a way to produce additional seasons. It will pay you back, since so many of my friends are getting Fire TV just to see Season 1.

  5. dave says:

    This series is great,it must continue

  6. NIKKI says:

    I am so disappointed! I found the show by accident and then binged watch the whole season! I have been anxiously awaiting season 2!! Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. caroline says:

    too bad it is a great show wow disappointed …. empowering positive educational and inspiring what a shame i am amazed

  8. Jennifer says:

    I loved Good Girls Revolt!!!! There NEEDS to be another season! I hope another network picks it up because it was the BEST SHOW!

  9. Carolyn says:

    If Amazon keeps cancelling series before people can get attached to it, they will never have a success. I loved Alpha House, cancelled, now Good Girls Revolt! Come On!

  10. Julie says:

    I cannot believe Amazon is so blind and short sighted in renewing this series. Great cast and an even better story line! One that needs to be told!!!!

  11. Micha says:

    I watched the entire season one of Good Girls Revolt in a couple of days and absolutely fell in love with it as well as all the characters. I am very disappointed that this smart, sassy and incredibly pertinent series has been cancelled after just the first season. I agree with the other comments made, bad decision Amazon. I will also be looking forward to seeing it through another media venue soon! You need to let a series build up a little momentum at least before shutting it down, Amazon “Axe” guys and gals, seriously!

  12. isabel says:

    you have got to be kidding! i rarely watch television or network shows, but this show exceeds all expectations. The dialogue is intelligent, the acting magnificent, and the story better than any thriller i know. this time deserves to be examined, and the fact that it was done so well is a credit to amazon. the decision to pull this series is ill-founded. i look forward to viewing it on a different site.

    • Nancy T says:

      I wish I would have known how spectacular this show was before they killed it. I would have fought for it. It’s beauty, complexity, and most importantly, relevance were not marketed. At all. In times when viewers are spoon-fed reality pap and mind-numbing falst news, we could all do with a reminder of the shoulders of giants upon which we stand.

  13. Kiaran says:

    I just binge watched this series and I loved it. In reality, not much has changed since the world depicted in GGR. Despite years of case law, changing societal norms and expectations….women are still earning less than men for same/similar work and men still hold the vast majority of political and private sector jobs. Apparently, that’s particularly true in the entertainment industry. No women decision-makers in the room when Amazon cut this show. How surprising….

  14. Karen W says:

    Oh, that’s just great! There’s finally a good quality show to watch amid the crap and garbage and there’s no Season 2? From what I can see, it’s still a man’s world. Mad Men was on for how many seasons? Now an accurate and entertaining show about women in the 1960s/1970s and there’s only one season. I originally found out about this show from a friend because I didn’t know it existed. Hey Mr. Producer…I’m talking to you, sir! You’ll find your audience, just do a little bit of ad work and voila! You have your hit show and your ready made audience.

  15. I just finished watching the last episode of season 1, and I’m shocked to hear that there’s no season 2! Stupid decision, Amazon. I hope someone else picks it up because I want to see more. :(

  16. Jennifer K Eaton says:

    Poor decision Amazon. This is a great show. I was very much looking forward to season 2

  17. syzygysb says:

    Sheesh. This same thing happened with The Borgias. You get hooked on a series and then it’s a total letdown when you find out the execs decided not to keep it going. Utterly frustrating. Amazon, if you’re reading this: PLEASE find a way to put together Season 2.

    • Georgia says:

      Totally Agree. I love this show then bamm now no more series. Exactly why I don’t usually watch a series on Amazon!

    • carole poole says:

      this is a fantastic show and it is shameful that there is no season 2. I was part of the women’s movement and this show depicts a significant time of transition in a beautiful and thoughtful way. Change your mind amazon, please.

      • Sam says:

        Completely agree…a little mad men for the of the best series I have seen in a long time. It’s thoughtful, excellent writing and talented cast and well styled for the time. I can’t believe this is not being renewed…it’s one of the best they’ve had so far.

  18. Kim anderson says:

    I love this show! Can’t believe it won’t continue. Story and acting is great!! I’m extremely disappointed

  19. Leslie Whittet says:

    Someone please pick up Season 2! I just binged on Season 1 and really looking forward to Season 2 (and beyond!). Excellent writing, acting and set/costume designs!

  20. Jan Walters says:

    I just happened to find ‘Good Girls Revolt’ a couple of nights ago on Amazon Prime. I watched the entire season in two days. I almost didn’t even watch it because of the title. ‘Good Girls Revolt’ sounds like a porn show. Horrible title. But when I started watching, I couldn’t stop! Shame on Amazon for not advertising this show. Bad Amazon for cancelling season 2. They can’t leave us hanging. What is Finn going to do about Patricia?? It’s a great show; just advertise and change the goofy name.

  21. Rita says:


  22. blancahblack says:

    This is some of the best TV I’ve seen. I don’t know what is wrong with Amazon. Damn!

  23. theb says:

    why is it that every show I love gets cancelled!

  24. Kathy M says:

    So sorry to see this. I hope it gets picked up elsewhere. Disappointed in Amazon.

  25. Delight says:

    What a disappointment to not air season 2. Remarkably done well, from acting to costume selection. The events depicted were so real. It brought back memories of my younger years.

  26. Sherry says:

    Cancelling good shows with great ratings is a brain dead decision. I think I will not be renewing my Amazon subscription! I wish everybody who reads this will threaten to not renew theirs so that maybe just maybe one of the brain dead decision makers will change their minds.

  27. Patty says:

    I just finished watching Season 1, having discovered the show 2 weeks ago after getting my Fire Stick. Honestly, I hadn’t expected to like it as much as I did. But it was a really great show, and I was SO looking forward to Season 2. What a disappointment! There are so many stupid shows and dumb reality TV out there that it was refreshing to find GGR. I hope it gets picked up by Netflix or elsewhere…this happens to so many good shows!

  28. jeff says:

    I sure enjoyed it. I’ll never understand some corporate decisions. Obviously they don’t make them based on the viewers reviews…

  29. What a great series! I was really looking forward to season 2. What a poor decision by Amazon to cancel despite good ratings. I will also rethink my Prime renewal.

  30. Kevin says:

    One of the triggers for my trying Amazon Prime was getting access to this show. I’ll be rethinking Prime renewal. In the category of “don’t be sad it’s gone, be glad it happened,” Good Girls Revolt was my first exposure to Erin Darke, who does an AMAZING job portraying an unexpectedly complex character.

  31. Diana Strassmann says:

    Amazon is cancelling a show that details a key time in the feminist revolution. Powerful women’s voices not worthy?

  32. Phyllis Powell-Hodgkins says:

    My husband and I loved this series. Good Girls Revolt was compelling, interesting and an all around good show. Just when a person gets really hooked, the series is cancelled. I hope this decision is turned around, as we were so looking forward to Season 2.

  33. Ann Murphy says:

    Short sighted move to cancel this series as it was one of the best out there. Great writing, superb casting and interesting story lines. Amazon should rethink this.

  34. Sonia says:

    NOOOOOO!!!! This is terrible news. It was a great, well-written show, that is so prevalent, even 40 years later. I hope another network will grab this amazing show.

  35. D says:

    Say it isn’t so! I just finished the first series, and went looking to find out when I would get to watch again. What a disappointment to find out it won’t be returning.

  36. ravengirl57 says:

    We should not take this lying down. I say we REVOLT … somehow. Damn you, Amazon !

  37. Kathryn Younger says:

    Oh, come on!!! I really strong show about women, and it gets canceled?!? Lame move Amazon. Please, someone, pick it up.

  38. David Jarrett says:

    We binge watched the entire series in only a few day and then bought the book (on Amazon) so the company even made money on us. Great show one of the best. I have recommended several people to watch it. Very stupid not to continue it

  39. julia says:

    That’s unfortunate. I really liked it as a show, better than Goliath or Transparent that I did not watch beyond the first episode

  40. Jean Montanti says:

    Amazon doesn’t know how to count the number of their viewers, only the number of people who use the free mailing service associated with Prime. If they are to be successful in this business, they should learn to give shows like “Good Girls Revolt” a chance or we all will be stuck watching the drivel on network and CW.

    • Sam says:

      Which is shocking because they supposedly pride themselves on data, having employees spending hours and hours on end doing analysis not to mentioned AI…this is ridiculous.

  41. hotpotmama says:

    So sad! I just started this show a few weeks ago. LOVE IT! Very disappointed that Amazon not continuing.

  42. ravengirl57 says:

    Wow, even in the entertainment media, women are being hurled backwards into the dark ages. I thought this was only in the new Trump reality. Amazon, you are making a big mistake.

  43. Norn Cutson says:

    I liked it; it reminded me of CHINA BEACH; a little clunky in dialogue but enough heart, engaging characters and enough growth throughout the season that I was fully on board for S2.
    It was a treat to see Anna Camp in a serious role, and I expect to see more from Erin Darke!

    It IS bizarre that they gave it so little time to find an audience; especially as it was during the election and I think everyone wanted/wants ESCAPISM in these times (maybe I just answered my own question?)

    I’m genuinley disappointed; I hope they can shop it to another platform.

  44. Linda Montanti says:

    Amazon is crazy if they dump this show. It’s the best they have to offer, an intelligent story which precisely gets that time period. The writing, acting, art decoration, music, are all spot on. They have to give people time to find it, win some awards, like they did with “Transparent.”

  45. Russell Calabrese says:

    Sorry to not see this show continue. I agree with Trina. I feel a lot of what the Womens’ Movement needs right now is a spotlight on what was fought for. Today it seems we need to jump start the fight for equality on all fronts. Things seem to be slipping a bit backward.

  46. Trina says:

    So disappointed there will not be a season 2! I lived in NYC during this time and they got it RIGHT!!!! Absolutely LOVED this show – what a bummer !!!!!

  47. Zohra O'Doherty says:

    I hope it’s picked up by Netflix or Hulu so I can watch Season 1. I’m not a Prime member so only watched Episode 1 and adored it. Prompted me to buy the book.

    • Tripp Fell says:

      This is very disappointing. GGR is a good show – not great but certainly better than anything on broadcast which, quite honestly, is the minor leagues right now. The quality of programming on SVOD & cable is now the gold standard. Hopefully GGR finds a new home. The show has a fresh voice & is very well done. It deserves a future.

  48. dbk636466 says:

    Good Girls Revolt is one of the best series out the entire season (network, cable, and streaming)…Amazon is nuts to pass on a second season…Frankly GGR is the best series that Amazon has ever put out (and I’m a huge Transparent fan)…As a member of the Amazon Preview Group I have to say that I am surprised that they would make a decision like this and hope they will reconsider.

  49. Jennifer Howard says:

    I loved Good Girls Revolt and I am very eager to see it picked up either by Amazon or another outlet! It’s one of the few series that I watched eagerly and quickly this season and I have been sharing it with all of my friends who have given back incredible reviews to me!!

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