‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Racks Up 24 Million Views in First 24 Hours, Topping ‘Tarzan,’ ‘Independence Day’

Who ya gonna view?

The “Ghostbusters” trailer racked up more than 24 million views across YouTube and Facebook in the 24 hours after it debuted online to mixed reactions, according to data from ListenFirst Media.

The all-female reboot has weathered polarized reactions since going into production, but the numbers indicate that interest in the film is greater than the disgruntled, sexist fanboys might suggest.

“Ghostbusters” topped both “Independence Day: Resurgence” and “The Legend of Tarzan” in opening-day trailer views, with “Resurgence” racking up about 12 million and “Tarzan” topping 8 million views.

The ectoplasm-fighting females were no match for superhero fare, however. “Suicide Squad,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Captain America: Civil War” all outdid the ‘Busters, with “Squad” topping 34 million views in its first 24 hours, “Justice” behind it with 30 million views and “Cap” with 26 million.

Paul Feig directs Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones in the Ivan Reitman-produced supernatural comedy, which bows July 15. The topliners were surprised that news of the reboot was met with widespread negativity.

“The fact there was so much controversy because we were women was surprising to me,” Wiig said last year. “Some people said some really not nice things about the fact that there were women. It didn’t make me mad, it just really bummed me out. We’re really honoring those movies.”

Paul Feig, who is directing the movie, was equally stunned by the comments he was hearing about the movie. “The amount of vitriol did surprise me,” the director said to Variety of the social-media response. “Some of the most vile, misogynistic sh-t I’ve ever seen my life.”

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  1. This is going to be the 2016 worst movie and it has nothing to do to an all female crew, just a bad script and bad actors and overall bad movie. This should have been Ghost-busters 3 with the old crew introducing their replacements with a new young and funny crew(female or not). By the way, Melissa McCarthy is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE actor.

  2. Edmund Dantes says:

    The reason it shows so many ‘views’ is because people keep going back to the trailer on Youtube to comment & rant on it. Not to actually see it again. -and why would you use data from “ListenFirstMedia” instead of just going straight to the source; the actual trailer on Youtube??? You can get ALL the info you need from the first 2 pages of endless ‘this is going to suck’ & ‘SONY deleted my comment’ comments. The dislikes outnumber the likes by a HUGE margin, and even women are totally outraged at how childish and unfunny the movie looks, proving it’s not a feminist issue. Plain and simple, the movie looks sucky, because they made a sucky movie.

  3. Wedge Coy says:

    24 million views but has a fuck ton of dislikes…

  4. Jacob Tyler says:

    “Sexist fanboys” Your bias is showing, Marianne.

    Just out of curiosity, what pejorative do you flippantly toss out when women express disapproval over the trailer?

    The reactions are not mixed. It’s overwhelmingly negative. Blame the “sexist fanboys” all you want, it’s not grounded in common sense and you know it.

    By the by, Marianne. Did you happen to miss the part when one of the Ghostbusters licks her gun before holstering it? You know….feminism.

    • therealeverton says:

      You’re the one who has made the mistake here. That remark is specifically directed at the people mentioned not ALL people who dislike the idea that this film exists at all.

      It isn’t even about the trailer, you need to try reading this article again.

  5. I wish we could all get over the issues of a few idiotic misogynists and just dislike this because it simply looks terrible.

  6. Stop saying the trailer debuted to “mixed reactions”. There has NEVER been a more completely loathed trailer in the history of movie trailers. That’s not “mixed”.

    • therealeverton says:

      Yes, like the way nobody likes Transformers. Some people like it, some people hate it, many are indifferent and a LOT of noisy complainers were always going to down-vote it no matter what, so you have a lot of smoke and B/S to cut through before you can get any idea of what your average person actually thinks about this.
      The box office will reveal all.

      The international trailer is far better too.

      • popcornsprinkles says:

        Problem is that Transforms didn’t delete all negative comments that weren’t sexist only to put up bots to say how good the trailer is. The whole thing they are trying to push is “if you don’t like this movie you are sexist.” You know what, that is some serious gender politics that I as a woman find disgusting. We are not human shields for a shitty movie.

  7. I see a cast of talentless, uncharismatic hacks working off an awful script that happen to be women.

    First movie was lightning in a bottle: the product of incredible collaborative screenwriting by two (!) of the lead actors with a third lead generally considered one of the finest comedic actors ever. That movie is inventive, wonderfully quirky and epic in spite of what was comparatively a small budget.

    This looks so cookie cutter I was actually surprised it wasn’t a Kurtzman/Orci Script-O-Writer 5000 project.

    Biggest tell was in the beginning screen caps “Four scientists saved New York…” Four scientists? They’re calling Winston a scientist? Did they even watch the original movie?

    • therealeverton says:

      Calling Kristen Wiig a “talentless hack” severely weakens anything else you have to say mate, it is simply the opposite of industry, and general, opinion by a distance.

  8. Gage says:

    “The numbers don’t lie…” so do the numbers of drink & drive accidents. What’s the point? Terminator Genysis had over 25 million views, so? The movie AWFUL and it tanked at the box office.

  9. Gozer the Destructor says:

    Things wrong with this trailer.
    0:07 Reference to original movie in an attempt to trick
    people that this might be a sequel.

    0:13 Winston was not a scientist, which is exactly what
    makes the character awesome. GB did not just save NY, but all of humanity.

    0:18 Sentimental shot of the firehouse in hopes that the
    audience will carry some goodwill for Feig’s monstrosity of a trailer. Same for
    the music.

    0:24 Remember these good times?

    0:32 Holtzmann is a quirky character. We want to drive home
    the point, so she is going to snack on Pringles when they encounter the library
    spirit. She’s eccentric. Get it? Just look at the potato chips!

    0:33 Scooby Doo neon-colored Victorian cartoon ghost.

    0:35 Menacing ghost eyes obviously do not “seem peaceful.”

    0:40 Double Dare.

    0:41 Cartoons are not scary and do not fit the tone of the

    0:46 Feig really wants you to get it.

    0:47 Yellow goggles, gloves, and Egon’s hair from the Real
    Ghostbusters indicate that Holtzmann is quirky.

    0:54 Scooby Doo neon-colored old timey cartoon ghosts

    0:57 Heart on radioactive symbol. Feig wants you to get it.

    1:00 Need to state that Hotlzmann is a “brilliant engineer”
    when her presence on the team and the surrounding laboratory makes it apparent.

    1:01 Stolen bear-trap contraption from Saw.

    1:03 Wink, cause we want you to know that Holtzmann is

    1:05 Need to show that “no one is better at quantum physics”
    than Gilbert by having her stand in front of a white board full of equations.
    Feig really wants you to know that women can do math too. People already know

    1:08 Remember the helmet contraption that Egon put on the
    Keymaster in the original movie?

    1:16 Tolan says she knows NY, but works in the subway. Would
    be more believable as a cabbie.

    1:20 Holtzmann likes the hearse… you know, cause she’s

    1:25 The Chinese restaurant HQ wants you to recall “the last
    of the petty cash” from the original movie and feel good about it.

    1:27 See how Holtzmann is standing? And how she has her
    tongue out? We want you to know that she’s quirky.

    1:30 Trite joke not fit for a franchise built on subtle,
    intelligent, and offbeat humor.

    1:35 Splatoon!

    1:35 “Someone is creating a device that amplifies paranormal
    activity…” Human is antagonist much more menacing than the ancient Hittite god,
    Gozer the Gozerian? This eliminates some of the actual horror elements of the
    original that gave it such as sense of doom. (Ivo Shandor did construct Dana’s
    building as an antenna. However, he was not an antagonist in the movie).

    1:38 Cartoon ghosts. Jake Skellington ghost makes things
    more cartoony.

    1:42 Hotlzmann is quirky. We really want to make sure you
    understand this about her character.

    1:45 This joke. Character is so quirky that she thinks it
    was the hat or the wig rather than the act itself.

    1:49 Blu-ray placement and Jack Skellington again. If you
    like him, then you might like this movie too.

    1:51 Clichéd gun contraption and gun-slinging to show

    1:52 Holtzmann licks gun to remind audience that she is
    quirky…AND in your face!

    1:54 Old proton pack streams hope that they will garner some
    goodwill for the movie.

    2:01 Cartoon slime.

    2:09 Parody joke from a 40 year-old movie already shown
    countless times.

    2:10 Aww hell no! Yates’s expression is more suitable for
    some other SNL skit.

    2:15 Slapstick comedy instead of subtle, intelligent, and
    offbeat humor.

    2:18 Clichéd joke from a 21 year-old movie.

    2:19 Parody joke from a 40 year-old movie already shown

    2:24 Dubstep Ray Park Jr. theme.

    • Train wreck in progress says:

      haha sexist fanboy’s, no the trailer and the movie are horrible there was a remake of the trailer that was better that added the original theme music and then cut most the trailer out. haha again.

  10. Jordan says:

    Please stop using the whole “disgruntled, sexist fanboy” angle. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from but the amount of dislikes on Youtube outweigh the amount of likes on the trailer’s video. Are there sexist and racist comments? Yes, indeed. Ignore those trolls because most of the criticism is coming from people with well thought out issues they have with the trailer and almost none of them mention women!! Truly a shocker? Maybe you need to do some journalism and take a deeper look, browse passed the surface of troll comments and you’ll find a world of people who are delivering their negative opinion regarding the movie as in depth and thought out. Are we not allowed to dislike something anymore without it being a huge political movement? But of course, you’ll use this whole angle because it will guarantee views for your little article.

  11. Mike says:

    Independence Day, Tarzan etc aren’t the only thing this trailer has “topped”. It has topped the Jem and the Holograms trailer in number of dislikes.

  12. Chaz says:

    It’s brown pants time over at Sony, no matter how many hack journalist they hire. You can’t polish a turd, folks.

  13. franc says:

    //The all-female reboot has weathered polarized reactions since going into production, but the numbers indicate that interest in the film is greater than the disgruntled, sexist fanboys might suggest.//

    This broken record of the default argument being “sexism” and “misogyny” no longer has traction. All it says to most people nowadays is that you have nothing of consequence to say and choose to hide behind a discussion terminating cliche by demonising those that make legitimate criticism with the tawdry smear that they are “haters”, “bigots” and “harassers”.

    Empress, you aren’t wearing any clothes.

    The trailer gives us little more than tired, unimaginative, uninventive, unfunny, CGI overloaded Hollywood paint-by-numbers garbage. It’s convenient to play the “misogyny” card, but it doesn’t disguise the fact that what looks and smells like crap more than likely WILL BE crap.

  14. Kurt says:

    Only to see/comment on how horrible the trailer is. No mention of the dislike bar? Nice, try Variety.

  15. orvalthirty says:

    not a single thing mentioned about how there are 2 dislikes to every 1 like for the fembusters trailer? there are now 300,000+ dislikes for the trailer compared to 150000+ likes. twice as many people hate it as like it. explain that, you hacks at Variety. or are you going to keep carrying Sony’s water for this giant abomination of a film?

  16. Why the hell is your publication ignoring the biggest elephant in the room? Why are no entertainment outlets like this mentioning that this awful trailer has over 140,000 more DISLIKES than LIKES? That is a MASSIVE disconnect between the people who didn’t like the trailer & articles like this praising the trailer. I find it stunning that this detail is just not even being mentioned once in any of these articles. This trailer was an unsupervised dumpster fire.

  17. clar85 says:

    Mostly everyone hates this trailer. Have you not seen the dislikes??? What kind of stupid article is this.

  18. This has nothing to do with sexism. It has to do with going after a cash grab by using the lowest common denominator. This film looks more like “Madea Joint RIPD” than truly honoring the source material. It’s sad.

  19. Vitriol Jones says:

    Are you not seeing the downvotes on the trailer? The “interest” in this film is interest in seeing it thrown out before it hits the theaters. People hate the idea, hate the chosen director, and hate the actresses chosen. What we see is evidence of what people have been saying all along. This. Movie. Will. Fail.

  20. Jeffrey Roffman says:

    For all of the people who keep saying that they have been against this new Ghostbusters ever since they heard about it not because they are sexist, but because they hate reboots/remakes, please direct me to all your previous posts of outrage about these 2015 films BEFORE they came out:

    Star Wars
    Mad Max:Fury Road
    Terminator Genisys
    Fantastic Four
    The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
    The Peanuts Movie

    • StarWars 7, Creed, and MM:Fury Road were sequels.
      Poltergiest reboot was horrible.
      Terminator reboot was horrible.
      Fantastic 4 was horrible.
      Man from UNCLE was from a TV show.
      Peanuts Movie was from TV movies.

      Here are some other reboots that were horrible: Red Dawn, Total Recall, Point Break, Karate Kid, The Bad News Bears, Planet of the Apes, Arthur.

    • AK says:

      Star Wars – Not a reboot or remake, it’s a sequel. Also, a ton of people complained about it (but a ton more loved it.)
      Creed – Not a true reboot. Again, a sequel.
      Fury Road – Sequel!
      Poltergeist – I didn’t see anyone saying anything BUT “Why remake this?” And it was so mediocre that it just faded away.
      Terminator Genisys – Technically a sequel, but I’ll let this one slide because time travel effectively makes it a reboot. The Terminator franchise has been all downhill after the T2. Does anyone have high hopes for this underperforming franchise?
      Fantastic Four – You’re kidding me, right? This had nothing but negative press. Fox predicted it was going to bomb so hard that they just decided not to spend money on a 3D version. Ouch.
      The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – You got me, I haven’t heard complaints about this one.
      The Peanuts Movie – “Peanuts without CHarles Schulz?! Those monsters!”

      • Harry says:

        I get that reboot and remake are dirty words because “they’re destroying my precious sensitive childhood! How dare they?”. We’re tired of remakes and sequels, I get that, I truly do. So whenever one is announced there’s usually a knee-jerk reaction to hate the project before any footage is ever released to the public. It happened to Terminator, it happened to Robocop, and many others. But never at this scale or with such vitriol. When they announced a new Ghostbusters movie, a good portion of the people was actually celebrating it, but as soon as they announced the Ghostbusters were all female, comment sections all around the internet exploded with rage-fueld comments that ranged from mild, but understandable, frustration to some examples of the foulest misogynistic slurs and insults that would cause even to most ardent of MRA forums users to be jealous.

        Do yes, I do believe that the main reason behind the massive hate towards this movie is sexism (wether it’s conscious or not). Again, there always been some negative response to remakes and reboots, just because they’re reboots, before any footage is actually shown. That’s actually “normal”. But like this? Nope. Never. The only thing I can remember that came relatively close to this was when they announced Michael B. Jordan as the new Human Torch.

  21. Bill says:

    Yeah, I was one of the masses who looked at the trailer, but I only did so as I heard it was terrible and it was. Thanks for the warning. McKinnon seemed to offer some humor in it, but if anyone watched the Independent Spirit Awards, they may wonder about that as, much to my surprise, she was awful.

  22. Bob Lassiter says:

    Ah well, I was never going to watch it anyway, no matter who the cast were. I have zero interest in remakes and sequels. Same reason I didn’t watch the new star wars film, the transformers or star trek remakes. Perhaps if other people would do the same Studios might stop making cynical crap like this and we can end this age of mediocrity.

  23. Dan Hemroyd says:

    Don’t like it? Ignore it, don’t pay money to see it, tell your friends to not see it. The only thing these interstellar lizard bitches understand is money. No money, no shitty reboots, sequels, spinoffs.

  24. Conspiracyin559 says:

    Has nothing to do with perceived sexism and everything to do with the fact this looks like unfunny crap

  25. doylet42 says:

    Part of gender equality and allowing women to star and lead films is also allowing them to fail too. There are incredibly funny women leads. Both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler led some of the most successful and popular comedy series on television in a decade. Netflix is featuring women comedic leads in shows like the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Fuller House. Zoey Deschanel leads the New Girl. All of these women succeeding terrifically at comedy and audiences of all types are enjoying them.

    On the other side, there are men that are horribly unfunny. Rob Schneider is unintentional cringe comedy, David Schwimmer is another. There are a lot of men that succeed at comedy and many others that fail. Part of equality is the allowance for both. The negativity isn’t about women not being funny, it’s simply that the trailer doesn’t look very good both in script and general feel, which makes these women look unappealing to a movie goer looking to be entertained.

  26. Pat says:

    Being against this reboot because it looks lame and unfunny shouldn’t automatically label someone as a ‘sexist fanboy’.

    • therealeverton says:

      So who are you talking to here? Who here has been saying it does?

      • Pat says:

        Feels like you’re bending over backwards to defend this movie and this article. The writer clearly labeled those against this remake as “sexist fanboys.” Re-read the post.

      • therealeverton says:

        The writer of this article never says that. The writer speaks to the disgruntled, sexist fanboys. He neither says that all disgruntled people are sexist, nr that all the fanboys are either sexist, or disgruntled. He speaks about those people who are disgruntled and sexist.

        He does that with much justification given the disgusting things that those people, to which you clearly do not belong yes, have behaved.

      • Pat says:

        The writer of this article?

  27. Michael Sellers says:

    Here’s a stat u might want to consider. To date, with 19.4 m views, Legend of Tarzan has 4,885 Dislikes, and IDR with 19.9M views, has 4,835 Dislikes. Ghostbusters, with 14.7M views has 235,552 dislikes. (The counts are from Youtube on the distribs official channel)…..so …. that means that Ghostbusters is drawing dislikes at a rate that 55 times greater than either IDR or LOT. Just sayin’ . . . . .

    • Jeffrey Roffman says:

      The amount of dislikes the trailer has generated shouldn’t be surprising, given that thousands of people posted negative comments about the film prior to ever seeing a trailer. They were waiting with baited breath to click “dislike” on the trailer. Some people are so invested, you could say OVER-INVESTED, in the original Ghostbusters that they are going to be against this film no matter what. And then, yes, there are many, many guys out there that have stated that the reason they are against the film is because their beloved Ghostbusters are now women. Neither Independence Day or Tarzan has either of those things to deal with. People aren’t emotionally invested in the original Independence Day, or any version of Tarzan. Secondly, neither of those franchises have recast their lead with women, so sexist guys aren’t going to be up in arms (although if Tarzan was suddenly a woman, a lot of those guys would all of a sudden be much more concerned with the “longstanding legacy” of Tarzan).

      Also, regardless if someone was or was not excited for the new Ghostbusters, this is a very poorly edited trailer. There are terrible trailers for good movies, and there are great trailers made for some bad movies (ahem, JOY). Saying this movie is bad based on the trailer is a foolish thing to do, but that’s not going to stop people from doing it.

  28. tyler1861 says:

    I sincerely hope this movie fails, or at the very least does not recoup its investment so that no more sequels are made. I hate Dan Ackroyd (soooo much for the way he spent years and years constantly pushing for a remake or sequel (he owns the rights)…Bill Murray wasn’t interested – thought the scripts were terrible, Sigourney Weaver wasn’t interested, the late-great Harold Ramis passed on the project and even John Landis thought it was a stinker of an idea.. So then money-hungry Ackroyd decides to make it an all-female deviation in hopes that would line his greedy pockets with cash

    • Jeffrey Roffman says:

      Well, Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver signed off on this version of Ghostbusters and both have scenes in the film.

  29. David5309 says:

    24 million views, and I haven’t seen 1 person say anything good about. This one looks like a flop.

    • therealeverton says:

      Then you can’t even have looked on Variety, let alone anywhere else. Even this comments section has proof lots of people liked it, to some extent. More to the point, given the propensity for the naysayers to barge in (Apparently nobody likes Transformers films, despite the billions of dollars of tickets they sell) it’s possible to argue that as many, or more, people like it as don’t,

      Even without that, plenty of people like it and you will see as much if you open your eyes.

  30. Randall Starr says:

    Disgruntled, sexist fanboys?!?!?! What the Hell is that? We’re not talking about comic book movies, or a property that was once for children. EVEN IF you were speaking of Ghostbusters the cartoon that viewership would be 40.

    WILL YOU PLEASE STOP INSULTING EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH YOU?!?!?!?! The word fanboy is completely misused here, despite the fact that it’s an ugly word used anywhere.

    • therealeverton says:

      The comment fits exactly. It isn’t aimed at EVERYONE, it is aimed at precisely who it names. The sexists, misogynists who have cluttered up countless boards with their disgusting comments, based solely on this being an all female version. Just look up the comments,, they are NOT hard to find.

      Fanboys, a term I have never liked too much to be honest, come in all ages, both sexes (although fangirl is also a term, and for basically anything that you can be considered a fan of. It’s sadly accepted terminology these days.

      Also you miss the irony of being insulted by something, whilst insulting a massive group of people yourself, comic book fans, who come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Also, no offence, comic books range in variety far more than two films, one of which isn’t that well liked and the cartoons and such based on them.

      But regardless, unless you’re pretending there haven’t been a lot of sexist comments about this film, you need to accept tat as a reality and that people have the right t defend themselves against such attacks.

  31. evil says:

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  33. Barry Weir says:

    I’d like to make two points and hope my post survives the moderation:-

    1) The idea that this has been warmly received is a narrative that is being fed to us by the media, but is not reflective of reality. The trailer has received a very mixed reaction. Just look at the number of down votes on the YouTube video and read any online talkback.

    2) There are a great many existing Ghostbusters and movie fans who have problems with this project that have nothing to do with the casting of four women. I was reading one particular talkback yesterday and it was 75% negative comments, and only about 5% of those even said anything about female leads. I personally do not care for this because I don’t care for Feig’s juvenile, low brow and crass humour, I don’t find either Wiig or McCarthy particularly funny and what I have seen so far lacks creativity and just looks like a lazy rehash. I found the trailer particularly average and it did not increase my interest in the movie. With this project Hollywood demonstrates how it continues to be creatively bankrupt and just bleeds old ideas dry. There is nothing daring about it, either in terms of Feig casting his usual go-to choices, or the project going for a truly new take on the property. The trailer looks exactly what you would expect, another Paul Feig style movie, but just one that trades off of an existing franchise’s goodwill and is squeezed into a Ghostbusters setting.

    While it is brave to reboot such an iconic property with four women as the leads, what is sad is that the casting of four women was decided as a gimmick before the rest of the project. The story, characters and so on, weren’t even given any thought when the genderswap was decided. Feig practically said as much when the project was first announced. That is passed off as ground breaking and being in support of women, but in reality it is insulting to them because it shows you that their casting was for the novelty factor and not for reasons of it evolving out of the creative process once at least some decisions had been made about what the story was and what the new franchise universe would be. The novelty was set in place and then what appears that a lazy reworking of what has come before has been hastily built around it (judging by, inter alia, the mostly recycled designs to the reused idea of four white scientists and a black blue collar team member). Objecting to that approach is not objecting to four women as leads, which I myself have no problem with. It’s quite the opposite. It’s objecting to lack of creativity and the casting of women still being reduced to a novelty. It is also, equally, insulting to men because it means that Feig decided no men could be cast as the leads before he even sat down and worked out a story. That’s discrimination as well. What if, for instance, the story had come first and the best characters were, say, three female Ghostbusters and a male one? What if the characters were written as mainly asexual and either man or women could have taken the role and the casting determined who was best, irrespective of gender? Neither of these was a possibility. How can they be when one immediately dismisses one gender in favour of another before evening putting put pen to paper, while reducing the other to a gimmick? You discriminate against women when you decide in advance that they should be cast based on their biology and for political reasons, and not because of them being the best talents for the roles you have written. Nothing about the approach to this project has been about true gender equality, something I care deeply about. Contrast it to Star Wars: The Force Awakens where several roles were written either colour or gender blind and the people who were cast were hired because they were the best talents for the role, both John Boyega and Gwendolin Christie being examples, without it mattering what race or gender they were. THAT is equality – and nobody (that I know) who saw Star Wars batted an eyelid about either.

    The press really needs to get away from this default position of anyone who dislikes this project being some angry sexist fanboy who can’t stand women. Such people certainly are out there, but to dismiss every critic of the project as being like that is to succumb to an unfair stereotype. This whole project has created a situation where the press are both going out of their way to show how worthy they are and, at the same time, are now walking on egg shells, petrified that of they offer a negative reaction or any criticism they will have them embroiled in a sexism row, even if it’s not justified. I find that very, very disappointing and frustrating.

    • Richard says:

      Seriously all this hand wringing for a comedy movie. Saw the trailer with a mixed company group and everyone was cracking up . Today at work I asked if anyone had seen it and two single adult men said ..without seeing it ..that they would never ever see a female Ghostbusters …so I take with a grain of salt this getting negative feed back by all the males posting here.

      • Mike says:

        Everyone was cracking up?

        Was there a gas leak that you weren’t aware of?

        Which parts made your group laugh?

        I sort of chuckled at the bit where the blonde Ghostbuster asks if the hat is too much, but that was the high point for me.

      • Jennifer T says:

        I just wanted to point out there was a Ghostbusters sequel already made years ago, Ghostbusters2. With the original cast. It was pretty bad.
        I’m not a huge fan of Feig comedies, but I think Leslie Jones is hysterical. I will see it just for her.
        About the “controversy”, seriously this is Ghostbusters. Have you seen it as an adult? Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s not some inviolate document. It’s a crowd pleasing comedy movie.

      • I’m not sure you understand what I was trying to say.

        “All [these] males” posting is simply because internet talkback on movies is dominated by males, as is the Ghostbuster fanbase and the genre in general. It doesn’t mean that every male critic is a sexist, angry little basement dweller. It’s simply the main demographic you will find on movie sites.

        My post pointed out that the article is misleading and the reaction is mixed and that critics by default aren’t immediately sexist. Both are absolutely true. But a mixed reaction doesn’t mean a universally bad reaction, and for those who don’t like what they are seeing there are those that do, and I hope they go on to enjoy the movie. Good luck to them. I am just defending that percentage of the critics who aren’t angry nerds and/or don’t like what they are seeing for reasons that have nothing to do with sexism.

        Ghostbusters was a very unique movie when it came out and was one of the those films where everything fell into place and just worked. As such it built up an appreciation among movie fans and even it’s own loyal fanbase. Some people just don’t want to see a reboot, but wanted a sequel – even if it was with an all female team. Some wanted a sequel with the original guys. Some feel the whole thing should have been just left alone when Harold Ramis died. Some would prefer a more drastic re-imagining, Some, like myself, don’t think Feig is the man for the job as his style of comedy is different from the original movie (which was never an out and out comedy in any event). Some have just seen the trailer and just don’t think it looks very good or funny. None of those reasons has anything to do with four women as the leads, and so that’s why I find it dismissive of the press to just label anyone who isn’t impressed as a sexist nerd. THAT’S what I am taking issue with and what prompted me to post.

  34. John Miller says:

    The trailer also wracked up at least 12 million disappointed viewers! Man, that was a seriously unfunny trailer. I know the studio is only excited about the number of views. But, they should be concerned about the fact that a trailer, which should be showcasing the best of their new movie, left half its audience disappointed. Comedies should have laughs.

  35. A bigger story, and the one ignored in this article, is that at the time of this post, more than two-thirds of all reaction to the youtube trailer is negative. 119,760 upvotes to 221,016 downvotes.
    Franchise fans have spoken, and their anger has nothing to do with a female cast.

    • therealeverton says:

      Because they know you have to ignore such things when such an overwhelmingly negative “minority” have been bashing the existence of the film, not the film itself and would have down voted the thing no matter what.

      ~~It’s like reporting people are negtive about Transformers because the same people moan about that all the time, when the demonstrable fact is that the films are very popular even though thee are those who like to declare “most people” hate them.

      It’s A story, but it isn’t the story of how your average movigoer feels about the film, that is hard to find through all the people who were always going to be negative.

      • therealeverton says:

        “r B.) Have a financial stake in the film.”

        Which shows you are the one with some kind of agenda.

        People are blaming the sexist response for SOME of the negativity AND for the prevailing aura of negativity a number of loud, and repetitive people are keeping over the film.

        Ignoring this very clear fact, that many people who have been having a goat this film since before frame was shot, are doing so on disgraceful grounds are blinding themselves to the truth.

        YES as with ALL things Some people don’t like the trailer on “merit”, nobody disputes that, or has a problem with it, everyone has their own taste. But don’t kid yourself that a lot of this noise has nothing to do with sexist people and those who just have a Luddite attitude to something ALL film industries have been doing for a century…remaking previously filmed material.

        Get used to the idea that people can have differing views to you without need for personal profit to be attached to it.

        Comedy is often called the most subjective of all the entertainments. One person’s groan is another’s rolling on the floor. Just because you didn’t find it funny doesn’t make it 1.. Not funny or 2 something nobody else will find funny. Clearly other people found things in it funny. Paul Feig is considered to have directed two of the funniest ilms in recent years with Bridesmaids and Spy, but you will find MANY, MANY people who think both, or either of those films aren’t funny at all. It happens man.

      • John Miller says:

        You’re either: A.) In denial, or B.) Have a financial stake in the film.

        I know that everyone is desperate to blame the negative reaction to the trailer on sexism, etc. But, it’s simple: The trailer isn’t funny. That’s it. To Director Paul Feig, here’s a suggestion I take from Woody Allen’s great film, “Stardust Memories”: “You want to do the world a favor? Tell funnier jokes!”

    • John Miller says:

      I wish that Variety had a way to “Like” or up-vote posts! I would do that for yours A LOT! Absolutely agree. I personally don’t care if they had transsexuals, transgenders, anthropomorphic animals, stop-motion LEGO’s, whatever, as the new characters. There were zero laughs in that trailer. THAT is the problem!

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