AT&T Is Ending DirecTV Now $35 Monthly Pricing for 100-Channel Bundle

Directv Now
Courtesy of AT&T

In October, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson vowed that DirecTV Now would disrupt the pay-TV biz with revolutionary pricing: The internet-streaming service would launch for a mere $35 per month for a package with more than 100 channels, dramatically undercutting other TV bundles.

Turns out, the theatrical flourish was a very limited-time promo offer. This week, AT&T revealed that the $35 monthly introductory offer for the DirecTV Now “Go Big” package will end Jan. 9, 2017 — less than six weeks after the telco launched the over-the-top package.

After Jan. 9, new subscribers who sign up for DirecTV Now’s Go Big tier with after Jan. 9 will pay $60 per month. Existing subs will continue to pay the $35-per-month rate for now, but the company also said the fees may increase at some future date. In addition, “channels, features, and terms (are) subject to change & may be discontinued without notice,” AT&T said in a notice on the DirecTV Now website.



DirecTV Now Debuts, Reveals Full Channel Lineups

DirecTV Now bundles start at $35 monthly for the “Live a Little” package with 64 channels (plus local stations where available), and range up to the top-tier “Gotta Have It” package with up to 130 channels for $70 per month. Cord-cutters and “cord-never” consumers are expected to gravitate to the entry-level package — which analysts say AT&T appears to be offering at negative net margin.

Local channels on DirecTV Now are available for only select markets from ABC, NBC, Fox and Telemundo, where the broadcasters have owned-and-operated stations. AT&T says that where it does not offer local broadcast channels, it provides day-after-air primetime shows on-demand.

Subscribers can add HBO and Cinemax for a limited-time promo price of $5 each to any DirecTV Now package. In addition, regional sports networks including those from Comcast SportsNet, Fox Sports Networks, YES Network are available in only specific markets (and only in the $50-per-month or higher tiers).

CBS is currently not available, though AT&T says it is in talks with the broadcaster about including CBS and Showtime.


Directv Now

AT&T Unveils DirecTV Now and Sets Channel Pacts With Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon

DirecTV Now initially is available to stream on Apple TV (fourth generation), Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick TV, Google Chromecast, iPad and iPhone, Android 4.4 and later, and Internet Explorer 11 (on Windows 8 and later), Chrome version 50 and later, and Safari 8 and later.

The service is limited to two simultaneous streams per account, which AT&T said is designed to ensure it delivers the highest-quality video possible to devices in the home. AT&T recommends DirecTV Now customers have broadband connection speeds of 2.5 to 5 Mbps per stream for HD quality, while it recommends 150 Kbps to 2.5 Mbps broadband connection speeds for mobile devices.

The service also offers more than 15,000 TV episodes and movies on-demand. DirecTV Now does not include DVR functions, which are slated to be introduced in 2017, but it does include a 72-hour “catch-up” VOD feature for programming on many channels.

DirecTV Now is available in the U.S., but not in Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Users are unable to access the service outside the United States.

As an incentive for AT&T wireless customers to sign up for DirecTV Now, the telco does not count the OTT service’s streaming video toward monthly data usage. The FCC’s wireless bureau issued letters to both AT&T and Verizon asserting that such “zero-rated” services are anticompetitive and violate the agency’s network neutrality rules — a charge both telco giants have refuted.

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  1. Mariano Amaro says:

    I am being charged for a service i can’t even get. I cancelled and i am still being charged. That’s bull crap.

  2. Henry says:

    I’ve had this service for 4 weeks now. Using it on PC is a pain with IE, Edge and Chrome browsers. Having said this, streaming with Apple TV box has been flawless – no hick-ups, no picture distortion, no buffering. I have not tried it with Fire Stick yet. Waiting for ROKU to add this app. I do hope DVR services are on the way. I hear people screaming SCAM and RUN… Well, scam it is not. I signed up for a $60 service paying just $35 for three months in advance and got free Apple TV box worth $150. How is it a scam? As to possible price increase and channels lineup changes – these are what all cable companies do as well. The only way the cable companies keep their prices is when you sign a contract. No contract – no price guaranty. Grow up and stop complaining or use TV antennae and keep adjusting it every 10 minutes.

  3. Chad Gagnon says:

    This service sucks serious ass! Around 4-5pm everyday like clockwork the channels freeze, the ap goes off and you need to either turn it back on or change a channel and go back to the channel you were watching. We called them to find out why this occurs and they said “we know this is an ongoing issue and they are working on it”, they had nothing else to offer then that statement and when asked if we would be reimbursed they said absolutely not and to just be patient… We told them we wanted to cancel and get out money back since they force you to pay 120.00 (3 months in advance) and they refused. We went to our credit card company and forwarded them copies of the online conversation with DTVNOW acknowledging there is a problem and the CC company refunded us completely. They are a SCAM! Now to find out the are going to raise the rates on people without any notice is absurd! PlaystationView is the same deal and their service does the same exact thing, I smell a rat!! DUMP THEM AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND GO TO DISH

  4. Bill B. says:

    I’ve tried both DirecTV Now and Sling. They both stream okay for me and I think both are interesting deals. DTVN has more channels on their “Go Big” promo, but Sling is the better value as it’s cheaper, has more “on demand” options for various shows and DTVN’s numerous other channels are the same ones you didn’t want to pay for on cable. They do have one channel that I really want that Sling does not offer, so I am going to keep DTVN for that until the price goes up & then I’ll see what’s going on with Sling and whatever else is out there at that time. “Go Big” is not worth $60!

  5. Mke says:

    I think they’re talking about their $35 go big promotion ending, but will still have a $35 package. The promotion was always limited for $35 to get the $60 tier for a limited time .

    They will still have a $35 package just less channels.

  6. Paul says:

    It would be nice for Bay Area suscribers to not be blacked out of San Jose Sharks hockey games on CSN California when they play at the same time as the NBA Sacramento Kings. We get a blank blackout screen informing us that the NBA Kings are not available. Duh, we are in the NBA Warriors territory. We should be receiving the Sharks games like cable and satellite suscribers receive in the San Francisco area.

  7. Mike S says:

    All the comments are bashing AT&T over this, but the article fails to point out that it was announced at the launch that this would be a temporary promotion. Prices aren’t going up for the people who signed up at $35, and this was known ahead of time. There are plenty of real things to bash AT&T over without making up imaginary grievances.

  8. Lynn says:

    I’ve had this for 2 days and have yet been able to stream anything. Keep getting an error saying the channel could not be found. Biggest waste of money!!

  9. ChrisM says:

    If DirectNOW programming is comparable to DiecTV you can expect 90% of the programming to consist of infomercials, shopping and religious channels (all of which pay Direct to carry them).

  10. Rob says:

    Scammers, so let me break it down the real way we paid 35 bucks a month to beta test for them

  11. fusedust59 says:

    I work for this Co.
    The Executives are constantly stressing how we, employees, MUST hold ourselves to a higher legal and ethical standard.
    I have nothing else to to say.

  12. Jason says:

    Guess what else is ending? My subscription. Later.

  13. Michael says:

    AT&T will; increase the price (like usual) , then throw in additional fees, have blackouts, limit streaming and try to tell you how much you are saving when you are actually paying more. I dropped Direct TV when I found out about the merger, AT&T cannot be trusted. I am an official cord cutter, I have an antenna getting all local channels free, also I have 2 streaming services, spending a total of maybe at most $25 a month. No way will I pay $35 plus fees, with the small print stating that “the rates can increase anytime without notice”. It’s a ripoff.

  14. Paully says:

    Direct TVs streaming box (not the sat box) is an energy vampire and quality issues abound with the poor image..

  15. If you see ANYTHING related to AT&T, don’t walk. RUN, RUN, RUN. They now own Direct TV and it is one scam after the other. They have screwed me over and over since May. You would NOT BELIEVE some of the stuff they’ve tried to pull. For more detailed info:
    Sandi Campbell
    2757 Miller Ave.
    Natchez, Mississippi 39120

  16. Viewer Sj says:

    The service has been plagued with errors. Just look at their forums or social media and you’ll see all the complaints from people who prepaid. There is constant buffering and error messages. The video on demand is seriously lacking. And now they’re telling people who signed up for the $5 HBO, they are going to end up paying regular price for that anyway. Support representatives say they will follow up and they never do. The whole thing is a fraud. Typical ATT. I already called my credit card to reverse the charges

  17. Bas says:

    Great call and strategy AT&T.

    • fusedust59 says:

      2.5 Meg will not carry streaming video for 1 user, let alone 2 simultaneously.

    • Cath says:

      And this surprises people? Never believe any low price a TV, Cable, Dish or phone communications company quotes. They always go up, always…usually with little notice.

      • Chad Gagnon says:

        not true, we have dish and we pay 70 a month which includes EVERYTHING and we have over 200 channels and perfect HD picture. We thought we could spend less by going to DTVNOW but sorely mistaken, fortunately for us DISH welcomed us right back and even threw in some extras so we would remain happy and loyal. SCREW ATT

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