Al Roker Slams Ryan Lochte and Confronts Billy Bush in Viral Video: ‘He Lied’

Al Roker thinks this whole Ryan Lochte debacle is pretty cut and dried: He lied.

“He lied,” Roker told Billy Bush on “Today.” “He lied to you, he lied to Matt Lauer, he lied to his mom… He left his teammates hanging while he skedaddled. There was no robbery, there was no pull over. He lied.”

Bush started to defend Lochte, “He certainly lied about some details…” but his thought was hilariously in vain as the weather anchor cut in, “No.”

Now, an edited version of the video credited to — which has since gone viral on Twitter — keeps score with bells and buzzers.

Lochte told the fake account of being pulled over and robbed at gunpoint in an interview with Bush on Sunday. Lochte has since apologized for lying and will now appear in a sit-down interview with Matt Lauer that will first air on NBC Saturday night.

Lochte’s original account to Bush:

“We got pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a badge — a police badge — no lights, no nothing,” Lochte recalled. “Just a police badge and they pulled us over. They pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground — they got down on the ground. I refused, I was like, ‘We didn’t do anything wrong, so — I’m not getting down on the ground.’ And then the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said, ‘get down’ and I put my hands up. I was like ‘whatever.’ He took our money, he took my wallet — he left my cell phone, he left my credentials.”

2016 Olympics: The Biggest Controversies to Come Out of Rio

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  1. Matt says:

    They left him his phone and his credentials…WTF to that??? Not from experience or anything… But when you rob someone, especially w a gun, the cell phone gets taken. Otherwise your victim can call 911 or the equivalent as soon as they leave

  2. BillTex says:

    Al, I assume you won’t be voting for HRC for President if you hate liars so much.

  3. Dee Green says:

    Nice to hear someone tell the truth about lyin’ Ryan. Good on you, Al!

  4. liljeff14 says:

    Al just told it like it is. The video of these idiots vandalizing says it all. Way to go Al!

  5. rayarena says:

    Roker is another one that jumped the gun and piled on Lochte. So quick to call Lochte a liar which presumes that the Rio Police which is notoriously corrupt was telling the truth. Well, new reports shed new light on the overblown incident. The so-called “vandalism” was limited to tearing a poster down and urinating in some bushes; no broken windows, doors, or soap dispensers. Oh, and the guards identified themselves as police officers and essentially shook Lochte and his buddies down. So much for the horrible lying vandalous Lochte and crew!

  6. loco73 says:

    Wow…what a bunch of ass clowns!!! I think those non-alcoholic mojitos on the desk are going straight through their brains…and NBC wonders why their ratings and viewership numbers are down?! I mean, if you tune in to watch event coverage from the Olympics and then you get to listen to these duelling nitwits instead…talk about a buzz kill…

  7. knight4444 says:

    ryan is a douchebag asshole! he thought he white privilege was going to work in Rio! ryan is a dumber than fu%k idiot! that story was so lame and transparent! Roker was probably pissed off because he knew many of american caucasians would just give ryan the benefit of the doubt! BTW billy bush is a asshole too, telling Roker to CALM DOWN! who the fu%k is billy bush ???

  8. Maryellen Freeman says:

    Al Roker’s Jerry Springer moment. You don’t point your finger to cohost and attack him. Unprofessional. Bravo to Billy Bush. Get rid of Al.

  9. jona says:

    Nice try Al. Ratings still suck though!

  10. Rudy Mario says:

    Lochte is a disgrace. He magnifies the Ugly American perception abroad.

  11. Regardless of what Lochte did or didn’t do, who cares what Al Roker has to say about it?
    You know what is worse than anything Lochte did? The NBC coverage of the Olympics and having it commented on by the creeps from some New York City local programming.

    • Caron C. says:

      Please! Enough about the Ugly American! Have you traveled abroad? I have, and have never seen the “Ugly American”. OK, maybe once. We bring our money, smile, tip, and enjoy our experiences in another country. We murder a foreign language but try anyway. Have you ever run into a group of Asians on tour or some tourists from India abroad? Now, that’s a show.

      • Jay says:

        @Caron … inevitably you have to bring up the Asians to create the eww factor and sidestep the issue. shame on you. Admit the ugly behavior and move on.

  12. Rebecca K says:

    Watching Ryan Lochte being interviewed was like watching a dog trying to talk. One of the most painful things of that nature I’ve ever seen.

  13. Akex says:

    Lohte lied and has an IQ of 11

  14. jff says:

    Roker makes a good point. He lied and should e called out on Now lets see he’s as vocal and steadfast about Hillary’s lies.

  15. Joanna St.John says:

    Ryan Lochte said, “We were demanded” (?) No such grammatical syntax in the English language. This guy went to college? And then Billy Bush thought Lochte’s description was “mellifluous”? We’re in Trump land again. What is the average American IQ anyway?

    • Mary Shaw says:

      Go Joanna St. John…college? IQ??? Reading things on-line and listening to supposedly educated people speak on TV makes me shudder.

  16. Eric Kane says:

    Dial the outrage & indignation back a little Al. You tried to fart in the White House & crapped your pants. At least I was already aware of how dumb Ryan Lochte is. Your lousy judgement is stealth as hell, lol!

  17. Swimmer Mike Boomerdaddy Phelps says:

    What gold medals did Al ever win? Brian is a good friend of mine. Be nice Al R!!!!

  18. BillUSA says:

    Uh…..just who the hell is Al Roker?

  19. J says:

    Shut up about “white privilege.” This is not a real thing. If you honestly believe minorities don’t get away with more privileges, you’ve never actually seen it first-hand. Most of you are millennials that have no life experience whatsoever; you simply think you have an understanding because you “empathize.” Is Ryan Lochte a pathetic excuse for a human being? No question. Is he guilty because of white privilege? No. If anything, it’s due to his bitch of a mother who has spoken for him for the past 8 years as his unofficial manager/agent/overbearing presence in his life. He’s a mama’s boy, a brat, and a playboy. He’s not a product of “white privilege.” Stop using fad terms that have no basis in fact.

    • swarze says:

      Al Roker has had a 40 year career in broadcast journalism. Billy Bush is the 1st cousin of George W Bush. So what is your point, exactly?

    • Jason says:

      Wow! Sounds like my comment might have hit a nerve. I’m not a millennial, I’m a 50 year old white male, born and raised in the US.
      White male privilege is real and exists, and I too have been guilty of using it to my advantage. We all enjoy privileges that come to us by virtue of our culture, race, jobs, or groups we belong to. The issue here is when we actually believe that we deserve to get away with things that no one else does simply because we are in the majority, or American, or rich… The list goes on and on.
      But as long as we refuse to acknowledge that something as decisive as white male privilege even exists, we’ll never even allow ourselves to see the path that will lead us toward a better world.

    • Bill Ifemeje says:

      please, the media tore up simone for doing something lesser than this. And now all of a sudden its the actions of a child? A weary and tired child. An amazing athlete that represented his country well? Lets focus on the gold, man f outta here

  20. Billy Bush never said “he lied”, he used the word “embellished” trying to defend what this grown man did.

    • Julie says:

      He did embellish. The truth is that they were robbed. But Lochte lied about the details. For instance he said their taxi was pulled over.

  21. MyFavoriteSong says:

    Agree with Al. Lochte lied. Pure and simple. His latest interview Lochte says he over exaggerated. Really? A lie is a lie. Period.

    • Cath says:

      He made some things up, embellished others, and told some truths. The guy was blitzed, in a foreign country, with guys holding guns speaking in a language he did not understand. He did something stupid, embarrassed himself, those with him, and maybe those “reporters” who passes along his story oh so seriously. NBC and Matt Lauer are mad at him because he upset their rosy picture of Olympic athletes. Surprise, they are full of testosterone and human, doing what most Americans do when “the team” wins a big one, party excessively and do dumb things. Al Roker’s feelings were hurt? Why should he care?

  22. Look He lied,he lied,he lied and that’s all folks

  23. AKZS says:

    Ryan Lochte is 32 YEARS OLD. He is not some “kid” traveling abroad, Billy.

  24. Jason says:

    My favorite part is watching Billy Bush stand up in support of White Male Privilege which was built on the concept of doing whatever you want, make up some lie to cover it up and then expect to get away with it. Lochte’s an idiot and Bush isn’t winning any points for making light of his actions.
    I’ve never been a fan of Al Roker, but rock on brother!!!

    • Conscientious Objector says:

      “…built on the concept of doing whatever you want, make up some lie to cover it up and then expect to get away with it.” Kind of like Uncle George did with Iraq War II !

    • GetReal says:

      But you know about it, so it was very clearly widely reported on. Except none of the handful of ball players photographed, have blatantly denied being there and gone on a media campaign trying to sell said lie. Ryan lied, and I bet he lies all the time, because this was too easy and far too stupid.

  25. Cynical Jesus says:

    Brian Williams was there with him.

  26. Julie says:

    He lied about being pulled over.

  27. Sam says:

    shut the hell up AL! You are a freak and don’t belong on tv. How the hell you got here is beyo
    nd belief

  28. Chella says:

    …lying, great looking, talented 32 year old punk. While I know there is always 2 sides to every story, his behavior/actions speak volumes about his lack of character. I wonder what he does when no one is looking. And, sadly reaffirms the terrible rep we(Americans) have across the world. We need etiquette classes—goes a long way.

  29. LA says:

    Is Al Roker trying to prove his point so aggressively about Ryan or about HILLARY….who lied…who lied ??

  30. Emma says:

    Bill it like a Bush. Dang. “Embellishment”. Think they practice this stuff at all Bush family dinner tables?

  31. JUST THE FACTS says:

    And this is why I like Al Roker. He cuts through the bull.

    • Julie says:

      They were robbed. Somebody pulled a gun on them and made them hand over money. We are living in bizarro world where this is called a “negotiation.”

  32. Mai says:

    Billy Bush is as much of a disgrace as Lochte himself. Stop trying to defend a grown man who made a fool of himself while drunk and then lied about it to the entire world while sober. No amount of youth gives you the right to shirk personal responsibility. Especially when you’re an Olympic athlete representing your nation on a global stage. He embarrassed our nation, and he needs to face the consequences because he is a grown man.

  33. CynthiaMMerino says:

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  34. me says:

    I’d rather they try to explain those hideous shirts they’re wearing.

  35. bully bush is trying to explain white privilege to al roker

    • Andrea jones says:

      No, it’s white privilege. That guy is an embarrassment who flat out lied at 32 yrs old. And we will continue to call out the media and white American men who get “passes” and are coddled the way white men like billy bush tend want to do with other white men like Lochte. Don’t really care (and stopped caring a long time ago) what the “I’m tired of hearing about white privilege” crowd think nor do I care about the “I’m tired of politically correct speech” crowd thinks.

    • Julie says:

      Oh enough wit this white privilege nonsense. That’s as dumb as the term “politically correct.”

  36. Victor says:

    Ok, Rio is a violent city, but using that as excuse for their bad behaviour, that was a bad move from these American athletes. What a shame!!! Liars Liars! These “athletes” should be banned from any sports event! The people of Rio deserve, at the very least, a nice apology. I love my country, I love the marvellous city of Rio, I admit we have our problems, but don’t use that as excuse to vandalize my country and make liars of my people, who always treat the tourists with open arms and hearts, as the most receptive people in the world. I think for a third world country Rio Olympic 2016 was amazing! I’m very angry at these Americans

  37. Geo says:

    Kids huh Billy? Ryan is 32 years old.
    But Billy comes from the Bush family which always had a plastic since of reality.
    Why exactly is Billy defending Ryan Lochte, maybe a little man crush goin on there>

  38. I am so glad Al actually said something. Billy is making excuses like everyone else has been for Lochte because of who he is. Which is disgusting, I am glad someone in the media finally expresses their opinion on television not in an article, hiding behind their computer.

  39. Embarrassed American says:

    Good job, Al!!!! Billy, don’t make excuses for this lying ADULT!!!!! 32 years old & acting like a frat boy. I hope any girl who thinks he’s a good catch will seriously think twice.

  40. Blue Silver says:

    Natalie, shut the hell up and let Billy and Al discuss what they think. All in all, Lochte owes everyone an apology. I bet Lochte’s endorsements will be disappearing quickly!

    • Julie says:

      She doesn’t have to shut up. The weatherman should shut up.

      • Blue Silver says:

        Of course she does! She’s like a freakin parrot on Billy’s shoulder that constantly interjects a discussion between 2 people. It’s sad that she does that alot. Al was making valid points and telling it like it was. though. He didn’t have to and DIDN’T shut up! At the end of the day, Lochte is a damn, liar!

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