Oscar Snubs: Idris Elba, ‘Beasts of No Nation’ Top Digital Discussion of Missed Nominations

Beasts of No Nation
Courtesy of Netflix

According to digital content analysis, “Beasts of No Nation” was the film that garnered the most Oscar snub-related online buzz on Thursday following the 2016 Oscar nominations announcement.

Digital marketing company Amobee Brand Intelligence conducted an analysis of all digital content engagement surrounding Oscar nomination upsets on Jan. 14 by assessing over 600,000 mobile, video, web and social sites to measure what people were seeing, reading, interacting and engaging with regarding the topic of Oscar snubs.

Not only was Netflix’s “Beast of No Nation” the most-discussed snub, but the war drama’s lead actor Idris Elba topped the actor category. Ranking second for both the film and actor categories, “Creed” generated 96% as much Oscar snub-related digital engagement as “Beasts of No Nation,” and star Michael B. Jordan received 45% as much chatter as Elba. Coming in third place for film was “Carol,” with Will Smith (“Concussion”) hitting No. 3 in the acting category.

Considering that four of the top five films on the list feature black protagonists and the other focuses on a lesbian relationship, Amobee concluded that a common thread in what audiences considered an Oscar nom upset was the exclusion of minorities. Furthermore, the actor list is topped by three black actors and minority actresses are wholly missing from the list, which calls into question the number of quality roles being granted to minority women.

The company also applied its methodology to director nom snubs, which generated the only list that wasn’t dominated by minorities. Ridley Scott (“The Martian”) topped the list, while Steven Spielberg (“Bridge Of Spies”) and Ryan Coogler (“Creed”) generated 58% and 46% as much digital engagement, respectively.

For the second year in a row, the Academy nominated all white actors, resurrecting the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag on Twitter. The hashtag was birthed largely because “Selma” director Ava DuVernay and actor David Oyelowo were omitted from the 2015 Oscars race. Amobee discovered that #OscarsSoWhite was used 76,644 times between the Oscar nom announcements and 5 p.m. ET on Jan. 14.

Here’s the full rundown of Oscar-snub related data:

Films Most Associated With Oscar Snub
1. “Beasts Of No Nation”
2. “Creed
3. “Carol”
4. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
5. “Straight Outta Compton”
6. “Ex Machina”
7. “Sicario”
8. “Tangerine”
9. “The Good Dinosaur”
10. “Going Clear”

Actors Most Associated With Oscar Snub
1. Idris Elba (“Beasts Of No Nation”)
2. Michael B. Jordan (“Creed”)
3. Will Smith (“Concussion”)
4. Michael Keaton (“Spotlight”)
5. Kristen Stewart (“Clouds Of Sils Maria”)
6. Johnny Depp (“Black Mass”)
7. Jacob Tremblay (“Room”)
8. Helen Mirren (“Trumbo” or “Woman in Gold”)
9. Amy Schumer (“Trainwreck”)
10. Michael Shannon (“99 Homes”)

Directors Most Associated With Oscar Snub
1. Ridley Scott (“The Martian”)
2. Steven Spielberg (“Bridge Of Spies”)
3. Ryan Coogler (“Creed”)
4. Quentin Tarantino (“The Hateful Eight”)
5. Todd Haynes (“Carol”)

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  1. Lilieth says:

    The Academy Awards are out of date – set up by white people in 1927 at a time when segregation in USA was law. t’s 2015, the way we hear about good movies like good music is via social media. I recently watched Chris Rocks film Top Five (via Netflix) I thought it was funny, thought provoking and smart – the fact that it was not an Oscar winning film did not diminish my enjoyment. However, lets be real here an Oscar nominated film carries box office kudos which can translate into good revenue. This is not about race it’s about money and power – key Hollywood white players maintaining a system to ensure they generate big box office revenue and circulate that money to benefit predominantly white actors and white film makers. The best thing black actors and black film makers can do is keep on making good independent movies; there is a lot of money to be made so keep on knocking on the door with your good work. Lets face it some of the best black, and white film makers are Oscar less.

  2. jut says:

    beasts of no nation got snubbed because its a Netflix original. The academy is in bed with the major production and film companies, they don’t like Netflix getting attention.

  3. Tina says:

    Why was Matt Damen and Jennifer Lawrence even nominated? Jen Law is overrated, she’s not a very good actress. She needs more experience and more range. Matt Damien suck, he’s a one dimensional actor. I can’t believe these people were nominated and not Idris Elba, Attah, Fukunga or Beast of No Nation & SOC. I’m boycotting! The only people I see deserving of this years Academy are Leonardo DiCaprio and Micheal Keaton and Maybe Amy Schumer. The others can kick rocks, they’re not deserving. The Academy is nothing but a fashion show and popularity contest…old, archaic and played out. Time for a new and progressive award shows.

  4. John Gregory says:

    “Beasts of no Nation” should have been nominated for best picture and Edris Elba definitely should have been nominated for best actor, but the movie does not qualify for an Oscar as it was not a theatrical release!!! It had a limited release at the same time it streamed on Netflix!!! It should be nominated under the Emmy Awards, but does not qualify for an Oscar! Netflix screwed their own film by not having a wide theatrical release!!!

  5. AJ says:

    How is Matt Damon nominated for his role in one of the most overrated movies all of time but both Idris Elba and Michael B. Jordan are left out?

  6. Pissed Off Asian Man says:

    The Oscars are irrelevant. As an Asian, I’m sick and effing tired of Hollywood’s lack of diversity. It’s why I cut the cord (no cable TV), and it’s a big reason why I rarely go to movies anymore. And, no, I won’t be watching the Oscars. I haven’t watched in over 10 years.

  7. #DumpOscarNow — IT’S EASY. Oscar TV advertising dollars, ratings and movie ticket sales matter. Send a clear message: (1) Don’t watch the show, especially through cable TV and online because the viewer numbers show-up instantly. (2) Inspire and enlighten Chris Rock to take a REAL stand by refusing to host the Oscars — the message will be clearer. (3) Greatly and constantly overload Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs with emails and texts to prove she has genuine integrity — rather than being just another Black Hollywood pawn or window dressing. (4) No doubt, especially in Hollywood, it’s all about the dollars and new demographics of color. ESPECIALLY the billions of dollars of color. (5) Create an alternative film awards ceremony.

  8. Joe Allen says:

    let me host that mother fucker award ceremony…ill tell them about themselves

    • John Gregory says:

      Compton, Concussion, Creed were not award deserving movies! “Concussion” was a cure for insomnia and Will Smith’s performance was too hammy! It was as though he was pandering to the Academy and over-played himself. “Compton” looked like made-for-tv garbage, and though the acting was not bad, no one stood apart. They all did an equal job in a mediocre at best film. “Creed” was nothing more than “Ghetto Rocky” and Stallone’s performance is the only thing worthy of high praise! The rest was formulaic and Michael B Jordan has the emotional range and depth of a potato! Plus, all he did was bring his Johnny Storm character into Rocky… There was not a lot that the Hollywood black community had to offer in 2015 and the Academy simply pointed that out! But guess what — a lot of good white people didn’t get nominated either!!!! Edris Elba definitely should have been nominated for best actor, but the movie does not qualify for an Oscar as it was not a theatrical release!!! I had a limited release at the same time it streamed on Netflix!!! It should be nominated under the Emmy Awards, but does not qualify for an Oscar! Netflix screwed their own film by not having a wide theatrical release!!!

      • LS says:

        You’re missing the point! Its not just about black actors and actresses being under represented, its about minorities in general. Benicio Del Toro’s performance in Sicario was brilliant. In addition this list left out Chi-raq which is satirical masterpiece.

        Your point about this movie not qualifying for a an OSCAR is beyond absurd, BONN meets all of the the official Academy Award Rules including rule three which states: Films that, in any version, receive their first public exhibition or distribution in any manner other than as a theatrical motion picture release will not be eligible for Academy Awards in any category. The film was released online a week after its theatrical premiere. Your point is invalid.

        Also your sentiment about “a lot of good white people didn’t get nominated either” is equally foolhardy. To make such a comment about an industry which is predominantly Caucasian clearly indicates your level of ignorance to matters of progression and diversity.

  9. Joe Allen says:

    this country is so full of shit…..i think it was planned ahead of time at that Academy of motion picture arts and sciences….for chris rock to host with no black nominees….i think chris rock should bring out on stage in his opening monologue all the snubs and say….here look at them,,,,here are the nominees that you missed….are you fucking scared of them you dumb mother fuckers…

  10. Cath says:

    Maybe people were confused and thought it was or should be considered a TV movie since Netflix was involved. I would think the lack of nominations for Creed’s cast members and those in Straight Outta Compton would be bigger snubs. Both of those movies were well reviewed and more mainstream.

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