Will Ferrell, Listed as Backing Bernie Sanders, Stars in Hillary Clinton Caucus Video

Will Ferrell Bernie Sanders
Richard Young/REX Shutterstock

Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Saturday tweeted out a video of Will Ferrell and former President Bill Clinton urging voters to caucus in Nevada.

“Caucus…for Hillary,” Ferrell says at one point in the video as he poses for pictures with fans.

Ferrell was among the prominent entertainment industry figures backing Bernie Sanders in a list the campaign released in September, and is still among those named as endorsing the candidate on Sanders’ website.

“He worked with President Clinton to get people to caucus in Nevada and is co-hosting an event for her,” said a Clinton campaign spokeswoman. “He is supporting her.”

A Sanders campaign official did not immediately return a request for comment.

Clinton and Sanders are in what polls say may be a tight race for Saturday’s caucuses, with results expected in the early afternoon.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Will Ferrell I appreciate you showing everyone your true colors…and I also appreciate that you no longer support Bernie. I thought you were a lame actor and a very unfunny funnyman so it has worked out beautifully that I will never support any project you are involved in ever again. Thanks!

  2. Linda says:

    Good for you Will Ferrell !
    Thank you.

  3. Kristine Reed says:

    He is showing his ass, just like Rob Lowe. Here is what happened, when Sen. Sanders released his economic plan the wealthy stars got calls from their money people. Their people told these actors that they would be in a higher tax bracket with Sanders! Think about it….

  4. Jaz says:

    Will Ferrell’s movies are sh#t! He’s never been in a movie that was good. Him endorsing Hillary just proves he’s a dumb a##. Will go fu##k yourself, you stupid pos! Hillary is a bi##h and sold out. She should be kicked out of the running for president. She’s already lied about her emails. She lies every time she opens her fugly mouth. Go home you wench! We’re totally screwed if that wench is elected. Don’t vote for that liar!

  5. Ted says:

    Next weeks headline: Hillary can’t run for president because she’s going to jail. She’s a liar and a crook. Why can’t people see that? I guess they are too dumb! Shillary for prison 2016.

  6. juanarto says:

    Next week’s headline: Sanders Concedes, Endorses Clinton

  7. John Paul says:

    Will Ferrell just lost a lot of fans. Will you are a traitor and an idiot! I hope you change your mind and go back to Bernie. Hillary is not good for president or anything. She belongs in prison and hopefully she will be there soon. She’s a sell out and a liar. If she becomes president we’re all screwed. Unfortunately a lot of Will Ferrell’s fans will vote for Hillary because of Will Ferrell.

  8. Morgan says:


  9. techno says:

    Sounds like Wil Ferrell may have bought from someone. How can someone waiver their decision so easily. Well, he might of compromised a lot of his fans too. Just sayin that Americans don’t want someone a part of the problem. Bought and Sold at a price on the backs of Americans.

  10. Randy Stortroen says:

    Ferrell has never been remotely hip, just funny. His whole shtick is anti-hip: “big dummy.” Now he is coming out as serious. Bad move, typically, if you are a comedian. Look at Dennis Miller and Bill Maher. Only their sponsors GAS.
    Do they swing votes? Politicians skate way too close to the edge of comedy already, so they can’t benefit from comic support.

  11. BillUSA says:

    It never ceases to both amaze and disappoint me that people rely on celebrities to guide them to the voting booth.

  12. Bob says:

    Will Ferrell is an idiot! Shillary for prison 2016!

  13. Iw says:

    We always thought that Mr. Ferrell was an idiot. He has now proved us right!

  14. Bruce says:

    Well, Will Ferrell is a comic, after all.

  15. Trollimo says:

    Spread it around go viral! Phase 2 of this political revolution is electing new politicians to office and not re-electing the Democrat establishment currently supprting a rigged political and entertainment system. Fascism is a driving force to the Clinton machine. Stay tuned lists of grass roots organizations supporting are going to be working to make sure our politicians work for us, in public office. We cannot afford to lose to the GOP or turn the country over again to political dynasties with hidden agendas and dark money interests.Hillary is in the negatives in general match up polls via Quinnipiac, she loses to all of them except Trump she wins by 1 point. Democrats wake up. Throughout history common people n fascist countries were always unsuspecting they were being manipulated by entertainment propaganda. His new economic plan is gaining praise from professors in the U.S., France and journalists. As President Bernie forces corporate lobbyists and private business out from public offices they will boost the private sector by adaption and drive up competition. He is going to collect on the 76 billion dollars Wal-Mart has stashed in tax havens. Wal-Mart are clients of Hillary’s business partners. There’s more…billions upon billions more, the Clintons made the world a playground for the wealthy and skimmed off the top, using public office.

  16. Trollimo says:

    Quinnipiac polls show Hillary loses in the negatives to all Reoublican candidates in the general election except for Trump who she beats by 1 point. Bernie Sanders beats all Republican candidates by a good few points ahead of the margin of error, all of them in a general election. Democrats lets not lose the election! Vote for Bernie Sanders! Hillary doesnt believe she is a liar because if she didnt believe her lies they wouldnt be convincing, she know that….

  17. Trollimo says:

    So happy for Bernie is now declared the frontrunner via Fox polls and new poll via Quinnipiac shows Sanders beats all GOP candidates by a good margin, Clinton loses to GOP candidates in the same poll but beats Trump by 1 point. As with midterms 2014 many Democrats wont bother to vote if Hillary were elected. Democrats lets not lose the general election.

  18. Joyce Tyler says:

    Sanders campaign has consistently lied about endorsements, so I’m not too surprised about this one.

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