‘Veep’ Sued by LAPD Officer Over 30-Minute Meal Break

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Courtesy of HBO

An off-duty LAPD officer is suing the makers of HBO’s “Veep,” claiming he was not paid for a 30-minute meal break.

The officer, identified in the suit only as “D. Wilson,” worked security for the show on a single day in December 2015. According to the lawsuit, Wilson was paid a base wage of $53.22 an hour, plus a $75 car allowance. He also received time-and-a-half for working more than eight hours, and double time for working past 12 hours. Wilson complains that he was not paid for a 30 minute meal break, “despite the fact that no such meal break was taken.”

Wilson also contends that he did not receive payment until more than a month later, which he alleges is a violation of California Labor Code.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney Alan Hale, seeks unspecified attorneys’ fees and costs as well as civil penalties for the labor code violations. The suit names Second in Command Productions, the legal entity that produced the show, as the defendant. Hale did not return messages seeking comment.

HBO declined to comment.

“Veep” was produced in Maryland for its initial four seasons, but was lured to California with a $6.6 million tax credit last year. It was among the first batch of shows to come to California after the state expanded its tax incentive program from $100 million to $330 million per year. It was renewed for a second round of California tax credits in June.

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  1. takeahike_damnnosyshit says:

    You know what? I hope this teaches them not to hire cops anymore.

  2. Hey, hey, hey…. California….

  3. Grey Guy says:

    California giving a tax incentive to bring jobs to state. What a concept! Won’t give that break to the little guys this. More liberal mouth pieces paying it forward. Not!

  4. richard head says:

    I bet the cop axed out the actress and was declined, enter instant d-bag.

  5. Sim PleFacts says:

    First, who the hell ever hear of that show? Second, you CA folks set yourself up for this sort of crap with your uber-progressive agenda. Progressives gotta have unions; union members gotta take advantage of ever break in the book. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  6. David Alster says:

    Must be a Union Guy.

  7. David Lanham says:

    People watch this stuff?

  8. This has nothing to do with money, it’s to show how Hollywood is full of Hypocrite Liberals, that really has no clue what’s going on in everyday lives of hard working Americans..

    • Gene Alborought says:

      Huh? Go ahead and cite any pertinent information to back up your baseless claim.

      That’s what I thoutht.

      • bizkopp says:

        I work in the industry. I’ve done two seasons of this particular show. You do get meal time taken out of your timecard/total overall pay and if you are union you are required 30 minutes of a sit down meal every six hours or you are paid a penalty. Sounds like this guy was “broken” for lunch on paper but didn’t actually go to lunch which is a regular situation for non-union employees in the industry such as production assistant and some location folk (which is the department this police officer was working for.) Crew probably broke for lunch- someone communicated poorly with the officer or didn’t tell him and now this.
        Now a second note should be that officers sometimes/usually cover these film sets AFTER they have already worked a full shift at their regular police job or they go to work after their film shift. So these guys are working like 20+ hour a day and it’s a way to make some extra money.

  9. There are many, many nouvau riche celebrities in Santa Barbara..Some are well-liked and some are insufferable.

  10. How is this news! There wasn’t one negative comment about Donald Trump! These sort of RACIST stories are very disturbing!

  11. appleforaface says:

    Little pussy doesn’t get what he wants. So sad.

  12. Charles says:

    The leftists love their tax breaks..But scream to the heavens (oops not PC) ..scream to rafters when some corporation gets them..But what else is new..Liberals are the do as I say..Not as I do..because I care..Bunch of Hypocrites like most Liberals

  13. tick tock says:

    The Communist mind set at work. Hollywood is a cesspool.

  14. mmercier0921 says:

    All obscure legal mechanisms inserted within the legal apparatus by the marxist left should be turned on them whenever opportunity presents. Slowly bleed these pigs with their own knife.

  15. MMMMMIke says:

    They never heard a Peep from Veep?

  16. Dave says:

    I suppose he won’t be called back. Seems he is a little dense.

  17. Haven’t watched Veep and I never will.

  18. Hollywood only has to pay the exorbitant fees demanded by off duty cops and deal with drama queens like this officer because they’re the only ones allowed to carry firearms in LA.

  19. Kumar Patel says:

    ““Veep” was produced in Maryland for its initial four seasons, but was lured to California with a $6.6 million tax credit last year.” —

    Gotta love how these hollyweird lefties love tax cuts for movie production but hate it when it is proposed for everyday working Americans :)

  20. dan says:

    It’s a California thing. Netflix routinely didnt give us lunch breaks, yet deducted the time from our paychecks. I think Californians are so used to immigrants working through lunches they just assume everyone wants to do that, regardless of the law.

  21. Reverend G J Callen says:

    This is the one of many fundamental problems in America. We allow such frivolous woven law suites to even occur and get past GO.

    Yet another waste of precious resources within the judicial system that ultimately works against the people as a collective.

    If we were to add up all these frivolous suites and the ones of stupidity (I.e: spilling hot coffee in your lap) it would be self evident that these actions warrant a closer look at the reality impacts to us all.

    • Divemedic says:

      I don’t see why it is frivolous for a person to expect to be paid for their work. If he worked for those hours, he should be paid for them.

  22. EV Town says:

    The industry is controlled by union thugs, you’d think that by now they’d know how to treat other union idiots.

  23. SallyMJ says:

    The officer is correct. If he were, say a black female, or of any other profession, he would most likely would have been paid in 2015, along with a profuse apology.

  24. Henry James says:

    I’m not sure what the merits of this suit are, but if the officer is in the right, then good luck. What struck me about the article, however, is the dichotomy of what the industry tells us is right, and what they themselves do. For instance, I don’t think it’s a well-kept secret that Hollywood in general tilts left. There’s nothing wrong with this, heck, I tilt left too.

    What bothers me is that, while Hollywood pushes for higher taxes for most affluent groups, they spend a significant amount of their time *avoiding* taxes. Runaway productions, tax incentives, etc, etc.

    Wouldn’t an industry that lobbies for and champions tax increases for the rest of the citizens, be glad to pay its own fair share?

    Apparently, the answer is “no”, and this is inexplicable. It’s similar to decrying gun violence while profiting from and glorifying same.

    This article highlights but one of the reasons it’s become difficult to shake the “hypocrite” accusations when I debate topics of the day with my less progressive colleagues.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment.

    • heartpursuer says:

      @Henry James “…and this is inexplicable…” Actually it’s pretty easily explained. It comes down to greed and a desire to control.

      Of course these failings are not the exclusive province of one political party, but it’s particularly toxic when it comes from the Left, which insists on piling restrictions and mandates on the rest of us, while managing to live free of those same liberty-stealing provisions.

  25. Susan says:

    Isn’t the lead actress JLD worth milions and will inherit BILLIONS?

    • Sam Longsmouth says:

      What does that have to do AT ALL with the production company, Genius?

    • Kent says:

      Yes, and I’m sure she handles the catering as well as the payroll. Moron. Wonder if they paid her?

      • blame Trump says:

        Sorry, if she has enough time to watch and bash Trump, then she has enough time to stick her nose into this and make sure the cop gets paid! Just put a camera in front of her. As long as she can get likes on Twitter, she’ll do it.

  26. Ben says:

    SHAME on Variety! I have personal knowledge of this case. He’s suing because he didnt get paid period! THE LUNCH ISSUE HAS LITTLE OR NOTHING TO WITH IT. If you clocked in & did your job, but didn’t get paid, what would you do? If you want to get upset, get upset at the payroll staff that didn’t pay him or return any of his phone calls. I dare this clown Gene Maddus to post the actual lawsuit on this feed so everyone can see how shady and slanted your “reporting” is. Just another idiot with an anti-police agenda hiding behind his keyboard….

    They’re probably going to delete this post, because it exposes the TRUTH.

  27. Mjd says:

    Variety, you’ve got to be kidding me, that a lawyer would take up a case on 30 minutes for a paid lunch? Or issue that payment took a month? This entire situation is a joke. Can’t see VEEP as having done much, or if anything wrong here. How does an minuscule employment argument warrant an article? Talk about frivolous suits!

    • Kent says:

      Thank you for sharing. It sounded spurious. Is there anyone in journalism anymore that isn’t a worthless POS?

    • Kent says:

      Thank you for sharing. It sounded spurious. Are there anyone in journalism anymore that isn’t a worthless POS?

  28. Another reason to leave California. Litigious whiners run to the government bureaucracy with their petty grievances.

  29. CALPERSED says:

    Whats offensive is a minimum wage <$10/hr but a cop makes $50+ plus bennies and a pension on the backs of working class taxpayers.

    Reporting a fairly mobile fat @ using a handicapped mirror hanger to the Taxifornia Department of Mexican Voters:
    DMV Agent: How do YOU know he's not disabled?
    Me: My taxes pay for your salary.
    DMV Agent: No they don't! Mine do!
    Me: dumbfounded silence
    there's your sign…

  30. LaMonte Roosevelt Jones says:

    What a freakin’ whiner!

  31. Scotty says:

    Thanks Greedy jerk LAPD cop. You just screwed your coworkers from ever being hired for off-duty work I hope you choke on the lunch proceeds…

  32. JT says:

    Really? Get a life. I can’t tell you how many times I missed out on a lunch break. But to sue? Must be a union thang.

  33. John Johnson says:

    So all companies in california get the same tax incentive right??!!!

  34. othelzer says:

    hollywood is used to getting away with treating people like dirt
    good on the cop for holding p standards,

  35. nOT says:

    There is no Federal requirements for “meal periods”, and California’s is clear.
    Sounds like they wants pay for an extra half hour that doesn’t exist. You don’t get paid for something that you never did, even if you think you were “denied”, you would get pay for hours worked not both. DIR will probably Toss the Wage & Hour claim but may admonish the employer.

  36. edrebber says:

    Shame on HBO for terrorizing the public with this armed thug. The politically correct thing to do is to hide in the corner and call 911, if there is any criminal activity.

  37. Tammy says:

    And this is making headlines why?

  38. sonoco says:

    The Skipper of the Minnow is an attorney now. Moving up in the world.

  39. Claude Slage says:

    These tax credits are our money. It is being used to subsidize these bs shows. It should stop.

  40. markdeckard says:

    Amazing how the “pay your fair share” crowd chases tax incentives from. Oast to coast just like the greedy capitalists do. Dont they know that the more taxes they pay the more virtuous they are?

  41. Ben says:

    They baited you all in with the title of the article. The lunch break has little or nothing to do with this. Personally know this officer. He a hard-working family man. Officers do not clock out for lunch. That’s the industry standard here in Los Angeles. The suit is because he DIDNT GET PAID for his work. He made no less than 4 phone calls to production trying to his paycheck. The production company BROKE LABOR LAWS. That’s why they’re getting sued.

    • Mjd says:

      Sound like this officer is a joke, suing for 30 minutes of lunch? Let’s disagree, waiting a month to get payroll? He sounds like a sensitive snowflake. Maybe he needs to move and get a job at a car service or something more suitable towards his bonkers sensibility. Suing over this minor dispute is ridiculous. This entire situation is clear, only his family/friends are
      On his side … Or a bureaucratic morons who perhaps work at the DMV or Parking ticket bureau. Real people know it’s a joke.

      • Susan says:

        All the Liberals on this page posting against the officer would be screaming bloody heck if they didn’t get paid for hours worked. How is it that an actress worth millions and set to inherit billions isn’t making sure her that all folks are treated fairly on the set?

    • Crymea says:

      So he didn’t get paid in a timely manner, got a Labor Attorney who subsequently tacked on any other things he could find.
      Got it! So how did it get leaked to the media unless someone wanted publicity?

      • Ben says:

        Certainly wasn’t leaked by him. Lawsuits filed in court are public knowledge. I’m guessing the super-sleuths at Variaty look for suits brought against productions and spin them any way that want and pray on the ignorant to buy into them. The media writing a bias story against a police officer? Say it isn’t so! (That’s sarcasm)

    • Fasdf Fasdf says:

      coool, man! thanks for giving US the inside scoop!! the media LIES…. LIKE A RUG!!

  42. Snakepliskin says:

    Typical: Ms. Dreyfus and her overlords at HBO are card-carrying members of the Democratic Party. The party of slavery, secession, the Confederate flag, apartheid (Jim Crow), destroying the black family, abortion on-demand — more black babies were aborted in NYC in 2014 than were born. The Democratic Party that ensures poor black families are denied the opportunity to select the school they think best for their children. Ms. Dreyfus will knock over six people to position herself in front of a camera; and tells anyone who will listen that she is a Democrat and how important it is to elect Democrats. Yet she treats working Americans with indifference and condescension.
    Like others of her ilk, Ms. Dreyfus lives in a gated community, but opposes border security. She sent her children to an exclusive private school, but like her elite brethren denies that opportunity to the poorest, most desperate Americans. The fact they would refuse a public servant who keeps them safe the time to eat lunch comes as a surprise to no one.

  43. Charles Riley says:

    All of those sets have tables of food set up for cast and crew. Is he saying that he was forced to work all day without access to food? Is he saying that he was not allowed to sit down and eat said food. Is he saying that he wanted to eat that food with no expectation of duty while eating? His job as a guard includes a uniform and gun that exudes authority everywhere he walks or sits. Was he wanting to drive off somewhere eat and come back within a 30 minute period and denied?
    All in all what he is saying makes no sense, I do not understand his complaint.

    • Gus Mueller says:

      It’s clear that what he is saying is that he was not paid for a half hour break, and since he did not actually take the break he should have been paid because it was time spent “working”. Clearly the production company did owe him almost $30. Your poor reading skills are appalling.

      • Wayne Coogan says:

        Okay… now that you have criticized someone’s reading skills, lets review your communication abilities. You say, its clear… …he was not paid for a half hour break, and since he did not actually take the break he should have been paid because it was time spent working.” Which is it? Should he have been paid for taking a break? Or for working the break? If they owed him money for taking a break, plus he worked during the break, it would make sense that he should be paid double-wages for that 30-minutes. What is it? You failed to communicate clearly.

    • kevin says:

      You are right, he is full of it. I have worked as a cop on many sets. You have to try hard to avoid all the free food available. As a cop, you do what you want. Hungry? Walk to craft services and fill up. No one says anything.
      Dummies like this screw ot up for everyone else.

  44. If that guy IS A COP; he’s making the rest of Law Enforcement look like greedy morons This “officer” should be happy they have a job; especially one that can pay that much money!

  45. bob says:

    typical union slug

  46. Mac-101 says:

    He had made that much money for one day and he is suing over a 30 minute lunch break payment? No Wonder Hollywood is moving to everywhere except the USA!

  47. Alfred says:

    He worked through his lunch break time. Every company I ever worked for paid for all the time worked including the time for lunch if you worked instead of taking the break. Get it?

  48. Chicky Dee says:

    Not a bad gig but you still gotta pay the guy for his work and not try to screw him.

  49. JR says:

    There really is only one issue here: what was in the contract? If the contract stipulated that the officer’s lunch break was paid time, it doesn’t matter whether it was $26 or 26 cents, he is owed that money. If it stipulated that he was to be paid within a day or a week, he should not have to wait a month.
    Perhaps they thought that the officer got his $26 worth from the thrill of working on a TV production.

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