Variety Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Variety Endorses Hillary Clinton for President
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For the first time in its 111-year history, Variety is endorsing a presidential candidate — Hillary Clinton. While it is commonplace for mass-market newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post to endorse candidates, that’s not the case for trade publications. But this year, the editors-in-chief and our publisher, Michelle Sobrino-Stearns, feel strongly that we should buck tradition and take a public stance on this historic election; for the same reason that The Atlantic endorsed Clinton (marking only the third time since its 1857 founding to back a candidate), we didn’t want to sit on the sidelines and come down on the wrong side of history.

There are a number of other motivating factors behind our decision. We believe that Clinton is not only the best candidate for the job, but the only candidate. As many endorsements have noted, she has the experience and temperament necessary to make a truly effective president. In fact, it’s hard to think of any presidential candidate with the depth of knowledge and public-service record she has.

Clinton has been spent her entire life as a social-justice activist, fighting for the rights of women, children, families, the disabled, farmers, veterans, and the LGBTQ community. She has taken on such crucial issues as climate change, racial injustice, and the epidemic of gun violence. She’s not “nasty” — she’s tough and unafraid to smash barriers, whether it was negotiating strict sanctions against Iran, or brokering a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. She’s a global diplomat who has traveled extensively to forge ties with foreign leaders.

Likewise, in the industry we cover, she enjoys widespread support, having cultivated relationships with entertainment figures dating back to her role as first lady. At a time when the industry is enjoying tremendous growth across borders and cultures, she will understand and embrace the importance of international cooperation and the influence of soft power.

“We believe that Clinton is not only the best candidate for the job, but the only candidate.”

She has often talked about the strength of diversity in the American fabric, a topic that only recently has been given meaningful attention among studio chiefs, network heads, and industry organizations. We would expect her to continue this conversation from the bully pulpit of the presidency.

But it is a far different story when it comes to her opponent. Donald Trump lacks the experience, knowledge, and diplomacy to hold public office. His run for the presidency can be viewed as nothing more than a ploy to land another TV deal or launch a new cable channel so he can continue spewing his sexist, racist views. (Variety frequently writes about how sexism and racism run rampant in Hollywood, publishing such stories as a way to keep shining a light on the inequities that oddly still exist in a business that is largely liberal.)

Trump has a long history of disrespect for and objectification of women. Since the surfacing of the now infamous video of his lewd 2005 conversation with Billy Bush, at least a dozen women have gone public with claims that he sexually harassed them.

Sexual harassment is a subject that has made big headlines in the entertainment press, as stories about alleged high-profile abusers like Bill Cosby, former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, and Trump have surfaced. It was nothing less than public harassment and vindictive, belittling misogyny when Trump, after a 2015 GOP debate moderated by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, said on “CNN Tonight” that Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever.” Later, on Twitter, he called her a “bimbo.”

As for Trump’s racist views, we’re talking about a man who wants to build a wall to block immigration and expel all Muslims and undocumented immigrants (whom he dubbed “bad hombres”) in our country.

Show business is grappling with its own diversity issues — witness last year’s #OscarsSoWhite controversy, and #BlackLivesMatter. During these challenging times for Hollywood and the world at large, Trump would not be a moral leader who could inspire change.

“Women, young and old, are ready to have someone in the highest office who will protect their rights, champion their causes, and serve as a role model for this and future generations.”

Let’s talk about another disconcerting issue that has cropped up during Trump’s campaign that is essential to the way the media business functions — his treatment of the First Amendment. Trump has intimidated reporters and made multiple threats to sue outlets for stories he despises — a tactic in keeping with his litigious past, but highly unusual for a candidate.

Moreover, he has gone beyond libel threats to hint that he would use the levers of power to go after media companies he dislikes. He suggested that Amazon has antitrust issues. “Oh, do they have problems,” he said. The size of tech giants may be a genuine issue, but Trump’s context was his unhappiness with the way he has been covered by The Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The time has come to elect our first female president. Women, young and old, are ready to have someone in the highest office who will protect their rights, champion their causes, and serve as a role model for this and future generations.

We are proud to endorse Hillary Clinton as president and put an end to a prolonged election circus dominated by an egomaniacal ringmaster. Through it all, she has remained dignified and focused on the issues. We believe she will lead America forward with great vigor and success.

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  1. vj says:

    111 years and Variety fawkin’ crashes and burns! Fuck you for being so STOOPID as a company to even get into this and severely ASSININE for wilfully ignoring the blatant deep rooted criminals Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are.

  2. FloridaEastCoast says:

    Variety is way behind #2 in circulation to the Hollywood Reporter. Formally endorsing any presidential candidate is a business mistake. You alienate part of your audience forever.

  3. Steve Barr says:

    Trump is gong on trial for child rape in December. Go Hillary!

  4. Andre says:

    We are not living in the Middle Ages. And since today in order to fail to see the truth one should indeed choose to do so, commenting on all the lunatic – at best – or deliberately misleading statements made in the above article would be a waste of time.

    So let me just tell you this. I’m not a fan of Trump. I have a hard time seeing him as some sort of white collar revolutionary. I also do not think that he is quite equipped for the tremendous task of fixing the country which may well be FUBAR (though he’ll hardly do any worse than previous representatives of this duopoly circus who critically contributed into the current state of affairs). I’m not even sure if he’s going to give it a genuine try.

    But … there is a difference between a POTENTIAL DEMAGOGUE and an ACTUAL WAR CRIMINAL. And anyone who chooses to be willfully ignorant to the extent of supporting the latter becomes a knowing accomplice to their acts. And that is serious. Because it is not just a ‘moral crime’. It’s a real one.

  5. Doug FORBES says:

    Political illiterates endorse Hillary at a moment that exposes their

  6. BillUSA says:

    Hey lefties, still so sure Hillary is best for us all? Read this from a local paper which is often accused of being a liberal rag. (Take note of that Variety, a publication actually reporting non-partisan news.)

    Political field office in Norwood snagged in voter fraud probe

    By Alex Rose, Delaware County Daily Times

    Posted: 11/01/16, 8:06 PM EDT | Updated: 2 hrs ago

    NORWOOD >> Pennsylvania State Police were seeking evidence of voter registration fraud at a local political field office Friday.

    A search warrant written by PSP Trooper Christopher Daly and served at the FieldWorks LLC office located at 510 Chester Pike Friday afternoon listed potential misdemeanor offenses for violations of the Pennsylvania Election Code and tampering with public records.

    Jeffrey A. Johnson, acting deputy press secretary for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, could not comment Tuesday on whether anything was removed from the property or if anyone associated with the office is facing charges. An affidavit of probable cause accompanying the warrant has been sealed, according to Delaware County District Attorney spokeswoman Emily Harris.

    The warrant, signed by Delaware County Court of Common Pleas Judge Kevin F. Kelly, sought various records and documents, including blank voter registration forms, “templates … used to construct fraudulent voter registration forms” and completed forms “containing same or similar identifying information of individuals on multiple forms.”

    Washington, D.C.-based Fieldworks has a large client base of progressive organizations and offers signature gathering as one of its mainstay operations. The organization’s website indicates its “commitment to running clean signature drives and weeding out fraudulent or unethical tactics is unparalleled in the industry.”

    FieldWorks said in a statement Tuesday that it is working with county officials to provide information on its program and an unspecified number of applications under review.

    The organization said it has a “zero tolerance” policy for fraud, and works closely with state and local officials to ensure it exceeds the requirements of the law while proactively bringing any problems to the attention of authorities.

    “In keeping with our regular practice, we will work aggressively with authorities to seek the prosecution of anyone involved in wrongdoing,” the statement said. “As this is an ongoing investigation, we’ll decline further comment until the authorities conclude their efforts.”

  7. Stacy says:

    Long standing customer and once avid reader…..Goodbye Variety. Saddened and disappointed by your decision, as you too will be when you are filing bankruptcy and closing your doors!

  8. BillUSA says:

    I love how the left supports a woman who

    1) went after other women who Wanderin” Willie had affairs with.
    2) stood by her philandering husband when any other bra-burner would have left him.
    3) has repeatedly slow-footed her meted cooperation with the non-partisan FBI.
    4) has proven to be an inept government employee unless you count getting rich while SOS.
    5) has accomplished nothing positive on her own except titles next to her name.
    6) who has made it on her husbands name.
    7) who is a national security risk due to her poor judgement as SOS and her pay-to-play schemes.
    8) who needs the help of the entertainment industry to stump for her.
    9) whose employees resort to underhanded smear and intimidation tactics to sway voters.
    10) who is being voted for merely being a female.
    11) who needs a sitting President to campaign for her.
    12) who represents a party which has taken more from its constituents than it has given.
    13) who has raised suspicion of being ultimately responsible for the death of a leaker.
    14) who is of the same political bent as the sitting President who has done more to make this country worse in his eight year reign of incompetency and blatant corruption.

    They’ll vote for someone like that, yet claim to pass on a more capable candidate who wants to take a different tack because of something he uttered 11 years ago, things he’s only been accused of, and because they believe anything that comes out of their blackberries and televisions.

    I’m all for campaign finance reform. But I’m even more in favor of voter reform. I’m not saying the right should be taken away. I’m saying it should be bestowed upon those who pass an aptitude test based on all the significant issues of the day. I mean we’ve already seen a man elected because of his skin color, and may soon see a woman elected because of her plumbing. Race relations have worsened and soon sexual relations will worsen. Our society is fracturing by the day because the most important issues aren’t being addressed. Trump is no prince, but he’s a helluva lot better than a sure bet for worse with the Queen of Corruption.

  9. Jonathan Lee says:

    It’s amazing how lots of comments reflect a negative view of Clinton, AS IF SHE WAS ALONE IN THIS RACE.
    Look to the other option, and understand that this is not a mere question of “right” or “left”.
    Please, read the article explaining why she is is not Virgin Mary, just “the only candidate”.

  10. Argos Wolf says:

    Really? I’m in shock.. I never would’ve imagined an ENTERTAINMENT outlet supporting the left. Can’t wait until Trump wins and I start laughing at all the chagrin of the Hollyweirdos and the media

  11. Bill Weightman says:

    The right choice by an Historic and valued entity! Ms. Clinton is the one to carry us forward on all issues.

  12. BillUSA says:

    Variety has thrown away any good will it engendered in it’s long history by this one simple act of betrayal to it’s readers and this country. It has become a garden-variety rent-a-rag ready to align with the highest bidder.

  13. Boy, that’s a surprise, he says sarcastically.

  14. Ken Ahepyu says:

    Amazing how these trolls come out in force when they want to ‘ change the narrative…’ :-)

  15. JOE S HILL says:

    To Variety and its staff-you have a great publication,and you known as “the Bible of Show Business”-but your leftist political views-and your endorsement of Hillary Clinton,makes many of you look extremely stupid! stick to reporting what’s going on in the Entertainment business,and keep out of politics,especially when you’re endorsing a lying,sneaky opportunist former 1st lady,and i hope your publication regrets its foolish decision!!

  16. Alex says:

    I vote not to come to this site anymore, if anyone needs me I’ll be at TMZ

  17. Tiaza says:

    Who endorses an “Anti-American” criminal that exposed our Nation’s Top Secrets?

    You’re aiding and abetting a criminal.

    • cadavra says:

      You’re confused. It was Bush and Cheney who outed an undercover CIA agent, and were punished by living out their lives in luxurious mansions paid for by the billionaires they made richer.

    • Dunstan says:

      Tiaza, exactly which of the “nation’s top secrets” did Clinton expose?

      There have been no criminal charges and there won’t be – unlike Drumpf, who is facing numerous sexual assault investigations.

      You have your head so far up your behind, all you can see is Fox News.

      • BillUSA says:

        Where’d you find that opinion, in your latest beg-letter from the DNC?

      • Hugh Mungus says:

        “There have been no criminal charges ”
        The FBI wouldn’t open up investigations again unless they thought there was grounds for indictment. Trump is also actually facing 0 criminal charges. All the sexual assault allegations are civil suits.

      • Tiaza says:

        By the way Dunstain, I get my news from CNN…AND I’m a first time voter for Bernie

      • Tiaza says:

        Do you really have NO CLUE that the FBI said she sent and received 110 Top Secret Military emails? What are you watching MSN?

        The FBI went on to say, “Being the Secretary of State and stating she never got Top Secret emails, means she NEVER did her job for 6 years.” Wake up girlfriend

  18. Peggy Krause says:

    Thank you, Variety, for taking a stand and endorsing Hillary. She so deserves it. Your article was wonderful!

  19. .... says:

    Variety endorses corruption, criminality, perpetual war, economic decline and the destruction of the nation.

  20. sandyfl100 says:

    Can you just give her a fair listen and ask yourself: Is this what I might really want?

  21. BillUSA says:

    I wonder how many subscriptions Variety has lost today due to their idiocracy deciding to get behind a criminal, traitor and hypocrite?

    • Christopher Darling says:

      Probably very few. The one good thing about the entertainment industry is that it is filled to the rafters with creative individuals who use their minds and all their senses to create, not to slavishly follow. I doubt that there are very many subscribers to Variety who have swallowed the bullshit that Donald Trump has been serving up for the past 11 months. Trump is the appropriately named buffoonish villain in a Hollywood movie, while Hillary Clinton would be played by Dame Judi Dench, perhaps a little cold and remote, but tough-as-nails and utterly accomplished.

      • vj says:

        Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were slaughtered and crushed because of who they are. Trump broke the glass ceiling as an
        Outsider who won YUGE…and will run this Great Country like a successful business. So unlike the fake president we’ve suffered through for 8 hellish years.

      • BillUSA says:

        Keep huffing that glue….

    • cleverity says:

      The right ones. Some vulgar fraction of 8814.

  22. SPIKE says:


  23. Shari says:

    Thanks for such a wonderfully articulated segment. Hillary would make a great president and save America’s image in the world. #Imwithher

    • BillUSA says:

      The image of what, a strong woman always whining about being picked on? A government employee who got rich while on the job? A loathsome liar who benefits from the clout wielded by her philandering husband? Yeah, she’s such a role model. The only reason you support her is because she’s a woman. You sexists are all alike – thinking with your “plumbing”. Grow a damned brain, will ya?

      • Christopher Darling says:

        One of the few salient features of the paywall was that it kept troglodytes like BillUSA from polluting our comments column. Since he is, no doubt, a 13-year-old boy typing furiously with his left hand (as his right hand is occupied) in his parents’ basement, he would have had no access to a credit card.

        Oh, and try switching hands, Bill. As Duddy Kravitz said, “It’ll feel like a stranger.”

  24. cleverity says:

    I wonder who the alt-right equivalent of Variety endorses.

  25. AllWiledUp says:

    Well, thank God, the National Enquirer and the KKK’s White Nationalist Newsletter have endorsed Trump. I felt so sorry for him as he had no other endorsements. So white trash have rallied to his cause. He must be so proud.

    • Tiaza says:

      A Little History lesson. The KKK was started by the Democrats numbskull.

      The 13th Amendment abolished Slavery, voted for by the Republicans 100%, 23% Democrats
      The 15th Amendment gave blacks the right to vote, by 100% Republicans, 0% support of Dems
      The 14th Amendments gave Slaves Citizenship, supported by 94% Republicans, 0% Democrats
      The 19th Amendment gave Women Rights to Vote, supported by 96% Republicans, 17% Dems

      • cadavra says:

        Ah, Tiaza, another benighted soul who conveniently ignores the mid-60s, when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act, The Voting Rights Act, and the Fair Housing Act, whereupon all the racists abandoned the Democrats and ran into the waiting arms of the GOP. As LBJ famously stated, “This will cost us the South for a generation.” Though as it turned out, it’s been four generations so far. Try to keep up.

    • BillUSA says:

      Variety, The National Enquirer and the KKKWNN on your reading list, hmm?

  26. Johnny Bliss says:

    no one gives a fuck about variety

  27. WeakWeek says:

    One week before a projected historic win, you jump on the bandwagon. – How weak.

  28. John says:

    Relax, everyone, it’s just an endorsement. Everyone and every publication has the right to endorse a presidential candidate, no need to feel offended or get upset. I like Variety’s breaking tradition over 111 year history, I echo Variety on this. Because for the first time in my life, I will endorse myself as President of the United States when I vote on November 8th.

  29. says:

    I get endorsing her from your perspective, she is one of your own, but to include this statement “We are proud to endorse Hillary Clinton as president” is a little overboard. She’s a candidate that is under her second FBI investigation in a year.

  30. Rhonda says:

    Huh, she bought you, too.

  31. Mark Burks says:

    Wow, that’s really going to influence a lot of voters..the vacuous, celebrity-worshiping clods who read this rag likely know nothing about politics and have little interest in voting.

  32. Man alive why are so many of your commenters absolutely crazy republicans?

    • BillUSA says:

      Former US Attorney: New investigation necessary because of mistakes in the first Clinton investigation

      It may come as no surprise to some that the FBI has again begun to investigate Mrs. Clinton’s emails. That may be because FBI Director James Comey came to a political conclusion in the first investigation, according to remarks from former US Attorney Joe DiGenova at a recent Judicial Watch Forum.

      “After looking at the entire record, that he has made public–and it is not the entire record–it is very clear that from the moment he took control of this investigation, he decided that he was not going to recommend the prosecution of the first female nominee of a major party for President of the United States. The FBI director made a political decision. He did not make law enforcement decision,” Joe DiGenova, Former US Attorney and Independent Counsel.

      Now because the first investigation wasn’t complete DiGenova says FBI Commissioner James Comey couldn’t ignore new evidence.

      “It is fairly obvious that the original investigation was not thorough and was not complete because they did not discover this laptop that belonged to the husband of one of the major subjects or targets of the original private server investigation. Thus, Comey was required to inform Capitol Hill because of the public statements he made and the testimony he had given under oath. And if he didn’t inform them, the agents were going to leak it to the press,” Joe DiGenova, Former US Attorney.

      And agents may have been motivated to leak to the press because some agents may have felt the previous investigation compromised the integrity of the FBI, says DiGenova.

      “From my conversations with people both in the bureau and outside the bureau, it was fairly obvious from the public, as well as the private conversations former senior FBI officials, that there was general disregard for the investigation that Comey had led. Remember, Comey kept this investigation at the Director’s level. He didn’t give it to a field office. He didn’t handle it through regular order,” Joe DiGenova, Former US Attorney.

      And if Comey had handled the first investigation through regular order, the FBI would have discovered Anthony Weiner’s laptop, DiGenova says. DiGenova also says Comey made terrible mistakes in the initial investigation, which meant he had something akin to a mutiny on his hands inside the bureau, which made the announcement of the follow up investigation almost inevitable.

  33. MerryMarjie says:


  34. Mary says:

    Why? It makes you look stupid. Of all the elections you pick the lying corrupt politician? Shame on you. You are making me sorry I read your paper. Sad day for entertainment.

  35. Farmer John says:

    VARIETY has finally come out — of the pig pen that is. On my farm the animals are treated fairly and humanely and they have been so for generations. What could have prompted this venerable publication to break 111 years of non-partisan tradition. Perhaps a gigantic number of subscriptions or a purchase by the Clinton Foundation of hundreds of high priced vehicles from the Penske store? Shame on whomever made the decision to endorse a politician that I wouldn’t hire to shovel shit on my acres. Why, because she’s been doing just that on her own for decades and at much higher wages.

  36. Donna says:

    Variety would be better served by not breaking its 111 year record!

  37. Ted Nugent says:

    lmfao no kidding. your coverage of the election has been shallow and biased and literally not one person in the country’s vote hinges on your endorsement. your political coverage is embarrassing – just stop.

  38. brianc6234 says:

    So Variety supports a criminal as President? You people should be arrested. You have no morals. You might not like what Donald Trump did in the past but he’s no different than most politicians. They’re all bad. Hillary Clinton though is a huge crook and killer. She already proved she can’t handle a job like Secretary of State. If she can’t handle that job there’s no way she can handle being President.

  39. BREAKING NEWS: Variety endorses Democratic candidate in 2020 presidential election.

  40. nohw says:

    111 years and Variety’s fails. Classic. So tell us again how Hillary is going to protect women’s rights? She wants to throttle up the murder of innocent children, that includes baby girls. She destroyed a child who she knew was raped by her client, protected her rapist husband and attacked his women victims. Hillary is for anything but women’s rights or for anyone else’s. Hillary cares only for Hillary. She is the best candidate for the job? Really? Someone who has committed federal crimes, lied about and destroyed evidence, her state dept. somehow lost $6 billion, and the Clinton Foundation is a pay to play scheme. Maybe Variety would be better off endorsing Bernie Madoff, at least he is serving time for his crimes. #HillaryforPrison and #HillaryForPrision

  41. nycityny says:

    Lots of Russians seem to be disappointed with Variety’s endorsement…(see Samantha Bee)

  42. kay wheeler says:

    THE CASE FOR TRUMP: Nothing or no one is 100% — The silent majority does not want an OLIGARCHY government run by 1% elite wealthy like it is now . We are no longer a DEMOCRACY that all the soldiers in every war shed their blood for. We have a rigged system based on greed. FDR, JFK were wealthy presidents who had also a heart for the middle class. At least these guys cannot be BOUGHT by big money corporations and individuals and DARK MONEY FROM MIDDLE EASTERN SOURCES. The Bernie Sanders voters are included in the trump voters who are against the bad trade deals of TPP and NAFTA THAT HAVE taken USA manufacturing and jobs. No, Trump is far and away from perfect; however, he has not in TREASON sold OUT THE USA GOVERNMENT TO BIG MONEY LIKE THE CLINTONS HAVE DONE WITH A TRACK RECORD TO PROVE IT.


    The rest of America cannot WAIT for the entire state of California to descend into the sea forever. You have already lost your minds.

  44. Mary Tierney says:

    Cogent. Succinct. Right on point.
    Takes the respected Variety, in theatrical & film worlds to call this presidential campaign, for the failed Mr T, BAD ACTOR & BUFFOON to give an intelligent ‘review.’
    This show’s closing BEFORE opening night❗️🎭👀 😂 😂 😂
    “All the worlds’ a stage and each man struts his hour . . . ” You know how this ‘reality show’ ends. “. . . not with a bang, but a whimper.’

  45. Jesse says:

    Because YOU have no moral compass. WHO WOULD WANT A CRIMINAL for President? Another criminal

  46. John says:

    First of all, to all those that listen to the biased media, Trump is not a racist, Trump
    has not publicly said he likes to grope women (Billy Bush practically tried to push that woman to give
    Trump a hug about 11 years ago when Trump politely gave her an air kiss on the cheek).
    As for endorsing Clinton. It’s like endorsing Obama’s and Clinton’s and yes even Bush’s policies of exploding our national debt to record levels year after year, allowing our trade deficit to balloon to $800 Billion a year, ignoring our border patrol’s backing of Donald Trump and plea for our government to build a meaningful wall, allow our manufacturing jobs to continue to go to other countries, and ignore the voices of millions upon millions of hard working and tax paying American Citizens that wait hours in line to attend a Trump rally. Because he speaks for the American people. That is not racist at all since American Citizens are made up of all races around the world. People are welcome anytime to the United States through a legal process which Trump wants to make easier so that we know who is coming to our country and they are no threat to the American people. I for one will tell as many people as I can to stop reading Variety.

  47. Occultology says:

    Variety just revealed its own cognitive dissonance.

    • Jazzman11 says:

      @Occultology I saw you on Samantha Bee’s show last night, you were the troll being interviewed in a hoodie and mask.

  48. adam says:

    In other shocking news, Rolling Stone magazine also endorses Hillary for POTUS.

    • Tiaza says:

      The same Rolling Stone that printed the “Fake Rape” article about UVA, with a Lying Liberal trying to smear college guys?

  49. jonbpatton says:

    I am impressed that Daily Variety has taken the bold move to endorse Hilary Clinton. Bravo.

  50. Eddie O says:

    Samantha Bee has a great video on YouTube titled “Russian Thinkfluencers” where she explains about 40% of Trump supporters online are actually paid Russian operatives meant to spread pro-Trump/pro-Russian propaganda. This is why Trump has such a strong online presence.

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