Two Killed in UCLA Campus Shooting Ruled Murder-Suicide

UCLA Shooting
AP Photo/Nick Ut

Two people were killed in a shooting ruled a murder-suicide on the UCLA campus Wednesday morning.

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that the shooter was one of the two men killed.

The other who was killed, according to multiple reports, was UCLA associate professor William Klug. He worked in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

The gunman was identified on Thursday as UCLA graduate student Mainak Sarkar

“There is no continuing threat to UCLA’s campus,” Beck said during a news conference on Wednesday before lifting the campus lockdown.

The shooting occurred in a small office in the Engineering IV building. A note was discovered at the scene, although its connection to the shooting is still unclear.

Local and federal law enforcement flooded to the campus this morning as the LAPD bomb squad and LAPD SWAT Team cleared the school. The LAPD also placed the city on a tactical alert.

The police investigation continues and the engineering building is still off limits to the public.

According to an LAPD spokesperson, a radio call came in from campus at 10:03 a.m. PST about the shooter. It was followed by a second 911 call about two victims possibly being down.

The UCLA campus was placed on lockdown around 10 a.m., and everyone was asked to shelter in place.

“Shooting at Engineering 4. Go to secure location and deny entry (lockdown) now,” a BruinAlert read.

According to the campus newspaper, the Daily Bruin, the shooter was described as a white male about 6 feet tall, who was wearing a black jacket and black pants.

University Police Lt. Richard Davis told the Daily Bruin that students reported hearing a loud noise followed by the sound of gun shells hitting the ground.

Rafi Sands, vice president of UCLA’s student government, told the Los Angeles Times that about 30 students used their belts to secure their classroom door after news of the shooter spread.

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  1. elvisp says:

    I don’t mind them covering the headline news,, given the number of film directors that have come from UCLA over the years. It was Spike’s demand that Variety expend investigative journalistic energy on uncovering the use of prescription mood drugs on campus that had me befuddled..

  2. elvisp says:

    Why would Variety be responsible for investigating psychiatric drug use on UCLA campus if it is not entertainment industry related? This is an entertainment industry rag, not the LA Times!

    • ftm says:

      ‘follow the money’ can answer just about any question you might have in this life. point being, all websites live on revenue and create that revenue by creating traffic to their site. sure, variety specialize in entertainment news but when there is breaking national news, they post it so they don’t loose web traffic to the news websites. when a national news story breaks, everyone is going to carry it. it’s free clickbait.

    • Perplexed says:

      My feelings, too. I can only guess that a lot of industry offspring attend UCLA, which might deem this incident VARIETY-worthy. Still, this is strange coverage for a showbiz site.

  3. Spike says:

    Enough is enough! The damned psychiatrists keep filling our nation’s youth with their mind-altering drugs (which Big Pharma has stopped researching due to all the lawsuits), and some of these kids are killing people. This has been going on for YEARS, everybody!! When will it stop?!

    I’m calling for an investigation into the infiltration of psychiatric drug use on the UCLA campus. Not tomorrow, not next year. NOW !!!

    I want the shooter found, brought to justice and I want his psychiatric records found, exposed to public view and I want the psychiatrist who prescribed drugs to the shooter to be hauled up for negligent homicide.

    I’m calling on Variety to do their own investigation of this tragedy and expose to the entertainment industry the truth behind it. Get off your duff, Variety. Do your job. This is our city, our kids, and our UCLA campus! I was just on the campus 2 weeks ago for a Conference! This is too damned close to home!

    WAKE UP, L.A. !

    • Sounds like a scientologist’s rant to me.

      • wayne Klein says:

        Has it ever occurred to you that these people are on medications because they are mentally ill and THAT might be the cause? Otherwise we would have a massive amount of killings every year rather than people that are well controlled on medications.

        I agree with the post above yours that this sounds like a Scientology rant. Drugs are overused, yes, but there are far more studies (and people) that have been helped rather than hurt by medication. What next? The Twinkie defense again? Terrorists committ violent attacks because of viagra? A silly, silly argument that looks to the shadows and lurking bogeymen hiding there.

      • nohw says:

        FACT: all of the kids that have done these shootings have been on some form of medication. Spike is 100% correct, it is because of big pharma lobbyists who bribe our politicians, who in turn try to strip away our 2A rights.

    • wayne Klein says:

      Do we know that the shooter was on “big PHARMA drugs” and that a psychiatrist was responsible for prescribing them?

      You might as well suggest that gun control be in play as well (a good idea that’s not going to happen).

      Your viewpoint is simplistic–medications don’t make anyone do anything they weren’t likely to do under circumstances where they are not medicated. The link between suicide and killing and these drugs is tenuous at best–patients who are prone to depression and may have violent tenancies are more likely to committ suicide or kill others whether they are on drugs or jot.

      Here’s how this works: if a patient that was on a medication kills him or herself whether or not they can prove a link (and it’s likely they were depressed if it was an anti-depressant), it gets attributed to the drug being prescribed. If that same person walks into traffic and is killed and was involved in a clinical trial, it gets reported as a death due to medication even if there is no casual relationship.

      Medication is only one part of the treatment process and can’t replace psychiatric help in extreme situations.

      California has minimal funding for mental health programs (this has existed since the Reagan administration in the 70s) and has hobbled care for everyone as a result.

      Opening ip the patient’s records (and having them prosecuted if they are mentally incompetent) will do nothing but cause recriminations as politicians, doctors and others try and blame someone else. Guns don’t kill people but people WITH guns can kill people so a simpler solution would be the restriction of gun or ammo sales rather than attacking the medical community.

  4. Bobby TBD says:

    “The has LAPD placed the city on a tactical alert.”

  5. A says:

    Not 10:03 a.m.?

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