UCLA Shooting Unfolds Just as Tom Arnold, Brady Campaign Hold Press Conference to Curb Gun Violence

Tom Arnold
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As Tom Arnold was in the midst of a press call for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence on Wednesday, word came down of a shooting at the UCLA campus.

“I can see UCLA from my office,” Arnold told reporters, adding that the streets were “blocked down there.”

He then noted that he does extensive work at the university to raise money for children’s health, and compared that to what is spent on gun violence. “It is so frustrating, the amount of money that and medical attention that we waste on this,” he said. “It is so frustrating to me.”


UCLA Shooting

Two Killed in UCLA Campus Shooting, Police Confirm

Dan Gross, the president of the Brady Campaign, called it “another tragedy” and said that it reflected the rate of gun violence in the country. “You can rest assured during the length of this call … that there are going to be tragedies.”

Arnold talked about his 24-year-old nephew, Spencer, a military veteran, who used a gun to commit suicide a month ago. Arnold talked about how his nephew was able to obtain weapons even though he had previously attempted to take his own life. His nephew got nicked out of the Army, Arnold said, and was “actually deemed unsafe to operate a weapon.”

But in Iowa he “got a concealed weapons permit, which is crazy to me,” Arnold said, adding that his nephew was diagnosed with chronic depression but refused to get treatment.

Spencer, he said, was “obsessed with guns” and joined gun clubs. He had five loaded handguns next to his bed.

“That would be like me sleeping next to a cabinet made of chocolate cake with a drawer full of cocaine,” said Arnold, who is a recovering addict. “I’d do well the first night, but there is going to be a bad day for me sometime. That is just the temptation. That is just too much.”

Last fall, Arnold said that he grew alarmed that his nephew was engaging in social media conversations with “right wing gun guys,” talking about violence against the U.S. government. Arnold made plans to go back to Iowa to take away his nephew’s guns, even if that meant kicking down his door. But some of his family members thought he was overreacting, and tipped his nephew off.

“I don’t want to take away guns,” Arnold said. “I just want mental health and mental illness protection.”



He also blasted GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump as an “idiot” and “conspiracy theorist.” Trump has criticized “gun-free zones” as “like offering up candy to bad people” — an attractant to potential shooters.

Arnold said Trump will “say anything,” and that he was “more disappointed with my friends who are going to support him.”

“If he is president he would probably close down White House tours because he probably wouldn’t want any of those people in his house,” he said.

“I happen to know how dangerous guns are,” Arnold said, adding that he has experience firing guns at ranges. “I am sure Donald Trump has not.”

Arnold also said that the idea of arming teachers in schools was the “stupidest thing ever.” “Teachers need to be good teachers,” he said.

He said that a problem with the gun debate is that, when talking to gun rights advocates, “as soon as you hear the word ‘slippery slope’ by the other side, then you can’t talk to them. There is no gray area.”

The Brady Campaign has been pushing for expanded background checks and closing loopholes that allow instant gun purchases at venues like gun shows.

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  1. Tom Arnold says:

    You seem very passionate about your guns. No one will ever convince you they are extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. You also sounds very fearful and you should be. I’m going to lay out some facts which I’m sure you will disregard but I want to put them out there because they are about me personally. I am a gun owner. I 100% support the 2nd Amendment and our right as Americans to defend ourselves and our families. I grew up with guns in small town Iowa. I worked at a meat packing plant for 3 years and my job title was “Gunner”. I’ve shot a huge variety of guns from hunting deer here to shooting with Marines in Afghanistan and several other countries around the world. I’m guessing I personally know more about and have had more experience with guns than most of you. I also have not allowed myself to be manipulated by the gun lobby for the last 30 years who say over and over again “If you vote for ___they will take away all of your guns” because I know that’s pure BS trying and succeeding in getting scared, gullible Americans to buy record amounts of guns. No one is ever going to take away legal guns but you guys are making the gun lobby richer and richer. That’s your choice but another important fact is most legal guns purchased and used are not used to kill bad guys. Most are used for suicide or to harm members of gun owner’s family. It’s a documented fact. Ignore it if you choose. I pray that one day you will not find out the hard way. Guns are your right but they are not toys. They are incredibly dangerous and accidents happen to the most trained gun owners or their family. Guns are also an awesome responsibility. If you have one in your home I hope you store it appropriately. Me and my brothers were obsessed with my dads gun. Even though he warned us constantly as soon as he left for work my brothers and me tried.to figure out where he kept the key to the lockbox that contained the cartridge as well as the key to the closet whee he kept the gun one day we finally figure them out and were out in front of our house showing off for the other neighbor boys We were lucky we didn’t kill someone. This is Gun Violence Awareness Month. Gun violence and safety are not political issues but you don’t see it that way. I met with the largest gun dealer in Arizona this weekend and 5 times a day refuses to sell guns to people who pass background checks. He’s tired f being a mental health professional. 90% of crime guns in US are sold by 5% of gun dealers. The bad ones. I want to shut bad people down. I also want back ground checks to include a box noting if the person is mentally ill or a domestic abuser or suicidal or has threatened others with their guns. At least until they complete counciling. That sounds reasonable to me and to the families of these folks. I want internet gun purchases to require the same scrutiny as legit gun shops. That is fair and gun shop owners want that too. Same with gun shows. My nephew was kicked out of US Army because he tried to hang himself in his barracks. That was his second suicide attempt. The Army diagnosed him as “gravely suicidal, chronically depressed and offed counciling which he did not accept and yet the State of Iowa issued him a concieled weapon permit after all that because he still passed their back ground checks and Iowa is considered a state with tough gun laws. I want to change that. Sure he might’ve killed himself anyway and as some note he could’ve used a knife but as I said I worked in a meat packing plant for 3 years and if you are impulsive or in a time crunch (we slaughtered 5000 hogs a day) you always us a gun because it works before you can even have a second thought. So: I don’t want your guns. I want you to protect yourself and your loved ones but I want you to know how to use it. To understand how dangerous it is. To limit friendly fire. To understand how bullets travel when you have to pull the trigger. To accept the responsibility all of us gun owners have when our guns are not in our possession. To be careful. To protect the ones who can’t or won’t protect themselves (you have to at least care about the epidemic of returning US Veteran suicide) I want a level playing field for all gun retailers. That is all. Common Sense gun legislation. Even if it only saves 5% of Gun Violence deaths, isn’t a little common sense worth it. BTW if the NRA was the lobbying group for cancer research or heart disease we’d probably have cures by now. They are great at what they do. They’ve convinced you you’re life is in constant danger from a foreign home invasion when it’s literally 100,000 times more likely cancer or heart disease will get us all. Tom Arnold

    • Goliath says:

      You sound passionate as well. Unfortunately, you also sound a bit ridiculous. There are so many glaring errors in the “statistics” that you appeared to manufacture as you were typing, that it’s not quite worth the time spent picking them apart one by one. Just know that you come across as uninformed, eneducated, and as a bit of a fool regarding this topic. I’d suggest a little more research, sprinkled with a dab of common sense, before you commit to any more of your “tl;dr” essays. Best wishes in your future endeavors, though. This one was definitely a swing and a miss.

      • Wendy says:

        I am the mother of the nephew he is speaking of. I am disgusted Tom, who barely knew my son, has taken his story to use for his own personal gain. He has stated many untruths in order to make his story Hollywood worthy. Thank you to everyone who has commented against his liberal spewing. It is deplorable that a human being would publicise a story against anyone, let alone his own nephew, who cannot defend himself. My son was funny, smart, and had many friends of all different backgrounds. He received military honors at his funeral. Which Tom would have known if he attended the funeral. He did not send a card, or flowers, but all the sudden he is so concerned? Please do not support him in any acting or comedy endeavor. My sons father and I are truly greatful for all your support. My son hid his depression, so you can imagine the shock we have been through, and yet still have to endure as we have asked him to stop using our son and his name, but he continues to do so.

  2. Andrew Sepp says:

    This is from Tom Arnold the cocaine addict? Am I missing something here? This is the leftist voice of clarity preaching about gun violence? In Colombia, where your cocaine comes from, there is a hundred times the violence, and its all supported by cocaine addicts like Tom.

    • Tom Arnold says:

      Yes, I’m a recovering addict. I can still try to save lives too though right? Or are you not letting me? Is this a rule you made up or official rule of Hollywood? Let me know. Supposed to speaking to a big group of young addict this weekend then raise $$ for kids camp. Then I’ve got this child safety stuff. Bottom line if you are truly powerful enough judge me you’ll save me a fortune and a whole bunch of personal time and then I will have no life and be able to spend my days insightful hilarious quips with you all

    • Tom Arnold says:

      Goliath. If you’re trying for condescending you must learn how to spell UNeducated. ENeducated makes you appear to be stupid. It takes the wind out of the sails of your whole little piece. Goliath is a powerful name and you sounds like you have and love guns and that makes you feel powerful too but seriously? I feel sorry for you buddy. You live in fear of a false boogie man or woman now who is coming to your house to take your guns. Or that your words could in any way diswade me from doing what I’m going to do. Writing in the comment section is not peaking in my world unlike yours. Facts are not opinions so they’re not negotiable. Who’s more EN educated (you brought it up:) is pretty obvious the only important difference is I want to learn more about this issue and there’s much more to learn. Sadly you and your peers believe you already know everything so you think you’ve got it figured out. It’s all black and white. It’s not. Not even close. Lots of gray area. I highly recommend life’s gray area. It’s where I live. Most people do. I can work with anyone who has some gray area. That’s how we’re going to work on this gun safety issue. That’s why we will slowly succeed. Your comments here are your peers do not represent the Republican friends I know. Just the conspiracy theory buff like yourself. I wish I could think like you do. Black and white. I will give youallprops. You folks do have e monopoly on comment sections everywhere. I challenge you to contibute something else to this planet. Or not. At least you tried with me. You can stop now. I know in your heart you didn’t mean to come off as a bone head but you kinda did. I hope you and the rest of these pro gun violence commenters are buds in real life too and not just trying to empress and one up each other on this site. I hope it’s real. Human contact is s good thing.

      • Goliath says:

        Again, my uneducated (on this topic) friend, you have swung and missed. That’s strike two, for those keeping score. None of your baseless accusations against my character have even the slightest whiff of accuracy. As before, picking your nonsense apart one point at a time would prove to be an exercise in futility, since you seem so entrenched in your misguided opinion. I will offer two points for you, however, that may serve you going forward. Since you pointed out that a misspelling renders everything stated beyond it as unworthy of reading, focusing so much of your rebuttal on what was clearly a typo had pretty much the same effect. You may have possibly stumbled across a rational thought towards the end of your rant, but I didn’t care enough about your response to read its entirety. My final point is regarding the name Goliath. It has nothing to do with being big, or owning guns. It was the name of the gorilla in the movie Instinct. He was the one who was simply a shadow of his former self, due to being forced to live in a captive environment that was a shadow of the one he was taken from. I watched that movie as it was based loosely on the book Ishmael. If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend doing so. It highlights the importance of the planet not being created solely for humans, and our true insignificant place in the grand scheme of things. Now, my friend, put your big boy panties on, and quit getting so offended by Internet drivel.

        By the way, I’m actually a big fan of yours, so thanks for this interaction. I find your professional work very entertaining. Best wishes.

  3. jack says:

    Isn’t this the same guy who beat his ex-wife Roseanne? Keep guns away from him!

  4. Marc Wilson says:

    He nailed it. He failed. Guns, pills, jumping from a tall building, doesn’t mean we ban guns, prescription medications, and skyscrapers, it means we get people the mental health treatment they need. It is illogical to blame a train when someone jumps in front of it to commit suicide. Banning trains is not the answer. Getting people the mental health treatment they need is what saves lives.

  5. Sawall says:

    LOL if anything it proves their strict laws and “gun free zone” signs, and the rest of what they advocate has been a complete failure… gun control is the wrong solution to the problem…

  6. Uhare Eino says:

    How could this have happened in a state that has universal background checks already? How could this happen on a gun free campus in a gun free zone? It’s like he just ignored the laws/signs or something…

  7. Andrew Kyle says:

    Tom just doesn’t understand that we have a right to bear arms. 99.9% of gun owners are law abiding. it is the criminals who liberals who group us together with who are problem.

  8. old hermit says:

    Arnold is far from qualified to expound on firearms, except he is a one time celebrity, which makes celeb’s think they are expert on every thing. If he was that worried about his nephew he should have done something despite other family. I suppose Arnold is sure Hilary always tells the truth(how much is bloomie paying him?) And the brady bunch making the most of another killing and a suicide, yes dan it wasn’t the ‘mass’ shooting you were hoping for. Gross is spewing tripe agin, the present background check system is sufficient, we don’tneed a law making you do a background check and pay a fee to give your son a shotgun for Christmas. And any gun purchase except for commiefornia is instant allowing y to buy and leave with a firearm the same day. Again that excepts many nanny states.

    • Tom Arnold says:

      His Army discharge paperwork literally says: “Unsafe to operate weapons”. But Iowa still issued him concieled weapon permit. I’m asking for that info to be transferred to any service persons BG check info. Important info like this is getting hidden from BG checks everywhere everyday. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. I’m going to challenge current Iowa Gov Terry Branstad to explain how this could happen to me and how we can try and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Terry is a Republican (we’ve got to be bi partisan) I am not but we worked together to stop the pediphile from my youth so we have a history. He’s a good man so Iowa’s a good place to start

  9. Randy Sliker says:

    You see the Liberal agenda –Push Anti gun PROPAGANDA !! Lets make sure we vote them out this election !!! Join the GOA and NRA and VOTE like your rights depend on it They do!

  10. dpricepac says:

    Well if he can see UCLA from his office, I’m sure he can see the “no guns allowed” sign. Hmmm, let’s see, I guess that law didn’t work/ Maybe we need to pass 10 more to make sure this never happens again!! It’s “just common sense”, isn’t it?…..

  11. Nfafan says:

    California has solid gun control laws in place. Oh, wait….

  12. Libsarenuts says:

    Gun free zones are come kill me i’m unable to protect myself zone plain and simple. libatards can’t see this because they think guns are the problem. Ask Oklahoma City what timothy mcveigh used. I guess libatards want diesel and fertilizer banned too.

  13. Love U Longtime says:

    Sounds as though the family was negligent by exposing the rest of us to a known danger.

  14. J T Ammons says:

    And we can all see how gun control is working for California, who’s gun laws are among the nation’s most restrictive. Ever wonder why all of these shootings happen precisely where the most stringent gun laws already exist? It’s because gun control is – AND ALWAYS WILL BE – an abject failure. Like most liberal policies.

  15. Shaniqa Pikes says:

    Oh. Of course. He is the guy who married Rosanne Barr. That makes him qualified to change the constitution and disarm law abiding Americans. Because he’s famous.

  16. Shaniqa Pikes says:

    Who is Tom Arnold, and why should I give up my rights and my country because hes related to a suicidal nutcase?

  17. RandyBR says:

    Lets see… California has gun laws nearly as ridiculous in number as Chicago or NYC… And the college is yet another “no gun zone”. You cannot carry a knife OR pepper spray on campus.. so, basically you’re attending classes totaly without the ability to defend yourself against *anything*. Good job.

  18. Roger says:

    I never knew Tom was such a left wing nut job.
    I was hoping he was different than the rest of the Hollywood lefties.

  19. Donald Wood says:

    make up your own mind. google “how often are guns used for defense annually”. Even entries trying to prove 2.5 million is bs come up with 100,000. In my mind 100,000 is quite enough reason to support the 2nd.

  20. Tyler Roark says:

    Its so funny. The media has no problem reporting all the gun violence but silent when guns saves a life. If guns don’t save lives then why did police bring them to the scene? Why is it that all the anti gun people that the media puts in front of the cameras are protected by guns? Any anti gun politician who hides behind armed guards are not a leader. They are a coward.


  21. Larry Thoreson says:

    If there were no people but millions of guns would there be any “gun violence”?

  22. Sam says:

    “Just as they were holding their press conference”??? Looks like it didn’t work huh?

  23. Mustafa Hamsho says:

    Well, if ONLY that sociopath at UCLA would have know that the two Toms were out holding a “press conference” to shame people who shoot guns at people…well, you and I both know he would have stopped RIGHT there, dropped his gun, and just started bawling his eyes out with shame.

  24. The thing that was really hilarious, was Arnold’s comment he knew guns. He knew guns because he had fired some at a gun range. ROTFLMFAO.Arnold, you know how dangerous guns are when 400 people were killed in on night and you were there. That has to be the dumbest argument I have ever heard against guns. The thing you can’t pound through these stupid anti gun peoples heads. Any smart person, and probably a lot of dumb ones as well know, and it has been told to them over, and over. Anybody realize they could stop reading right here? BAD GUYS WILL HAVE GUNS NO MATTER WHAT THE LAWS ARE. And the black market don’t even want to know your name.

  25. Well, Tom, perhaps if Hollywood wasn’t making movies that glorified gun violence as a solution to all problems then wannabe tough guys wouldn’t be out there trying to emulate their movie hero. So maybe we should focus on restricting the 1st Amendment right to show a gore-filled kill festival and call it entertainment.

    As to the real world of guns and violence, it’s clear guns aren’t issue for violence in America. That probably sounds strange to someone in California, where you enjoy extremely strict gun laws (as people get shot left and right) but the FBI compiles reports each year that show gun violence has been dropping as a trend since the early 1990’s. Annual Murders are down by almost 2/3rds from some years in the 1980’s…but here is the kicker. At the same time more and more states have authorized “concealed carry” laws so that millions upon million upon millions more Americans are carrying guns. Yet..murder rates and violence keeps falling. According to the FBI.
    So in a somewhat inversion fashion to how Japan can have almost no gun ownership, yet have people committing suicide at a rate 5 times greater the United States, even though it is an advanced country, five times as many people are carrying guns now in the US..and our population is 80 million people larger than compared to the 1980s, we are still experiencing a 2/3rds decrease per year in murders from firearms compared to the 1980’s. As I say, even though 10’s of millions of more Americans are carrying guns on their person daily.
    So guns aren’t the issue. There are more of those being carried by more and more people yet the numbers of murders keep falling.

  26. Frank says:

    If his nephew had mental issues, and guns, he lied to buy them and get a CCP. He should have just called the police in that area and told them he was a danger to himself. There are laws, whether or not liberals want to believe that.

  27. Ralph Malph says:

    His nephew got nicked out of the Army, Arnold said, and was “actually deemed unsafe to operate a weapon.”

    But in Iowa he “got a concealed weapons permit, which is crazy to me,” Arnold said, adding that his nephew was diagnosed with chronic depression but refused to get treatment

    Either this is a lie, or his nephew lied. Maybe Tom Arnold and his liberal friends should spend their time working on laws to limit liars instead of trying to limit the rights of law abiding people.

  28. adam says:

    guns prevent crime simple as that.

  29. I bet a lot of people scoffing about the futility of gun control laws in light of things like this happening are the same ones demanding birth certificates and genital checks in public restrooms.

    • bkwnc1 says:

      I live in NC and haven’t seen anyone demand a birth certificate or perform a genital check in a public restroom. Got anything else to make unsubstantiated ignorant claims about.

  30. Guess the guy was not listening? Makes me wonder how he got past the gun free zone sign without getting arrested!

  31. DrPF says:

    These moronic libtards have certainly helped a lot…it was one of their stupid gun free zones, so nobody can defend themselves when a crazy libtard goes off like this. Wow. I am impressed with these idiots….NOT!!

  32. Joh Chance says:

    What is the connection between the Brady campaign and the anti gun people and the violence that erupts just before they hold one of their rallies and press conferences. It this some sort of an orchestrated event?

  33. Ken Parnell says:

    Ask Tommy how those gun free zones are working out there in Californication.

  34. Mark Mullins says:

    I do believe that UCLA is a gun free zone, so by Tom and the left’s standards it should be a safe zone and a veritable liberal utopia.
    Then again so should the American version of Fallujah, Chicago.

  35. Trippn says:

    Mental health is the problem Tom, not guns.

  36. Booderness says:

    You will never curb criminals shooting people as long as they are never in prison. Under re-alignment, most criminals don’t go to prison in California. As far as guns go, there isn’t a law in the world going to work when criminals don’t care about the law. California already is one of the most oppressive states. If it won’t work there, it won’t work anywhere. Put the bums in prison and they can’t hurt anyone. Lock up the kooks and they wont hurt anyone.

  37. feas ant (@feasant) says:

    you might as well try to curb farting.

    300 million people in USA. 100 million own guns. lets say 10,000 people decided to kill someone with a gun.

    so, lets punish 99,990,000 people by passing stupid laws to stop the 10,000 people who are crazy

  38. Mike RG Chandler says:

    It sounds like Tom Arnold (and by extension, his associate, The Brady Campaign) is the nutty one.

  39. Ken Barr says:

    His comment about ‘I know guns are dangerous’ is absurd. Is there anyone that doesn’t know that? To imply that Trump doesn’t know is asinine.

  40. This is what happens when you put a bunch of idiots in charge.

  41. phathd says:

    Ever notice all of the anti-gun Hollywood people say, We don’t want to take anyone’s guns.

  42. Craig Gibson says:

    So will it dawn on these liberal control freaks that they’re awash in strict gun control in California and not only does it do absolutely nothing to make anyone safer, but that this incident took place on a campus where guns are forbidden? What am I saying, as if logic will reach people operating entirely on feelings.

  43. Ronald McDonald says:

    Stefan Molyneux said it best:

    “If you are for gun control, then you’re not against guns, because guns
    will be needed to disarm people. You’ll need to go around, pass laws, and shoot people who resist, kick in doors, and throw people in jail, and so on; rip up families, just to take away guns.

    So it’s not that you’re anti-gun, because you’ll need the police’s guns to take away other people’s guns, so in actuality, you are very pro-gun, you just believe that only the government (which is of course so reliable, honest, moral, virtuous, and forward-thinking)
    should be allowed to have guns.

    So there’s no such thing as gun control, there’s only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small political elite and their minions.

    Gun control is a misnomer.”

  44. Profiteer says:

    So Tom and his Minions, would be fine with this Murder/Suicide, is the victim was stabbed to death? Would they be screaming for Knife Control ?Or if the Victim had been run over,would they never ride in a car again? It’s just a tool.

    • Chris says:

      The day 20 children and 6 adults were slaughtered at Sandy Hook elementary, a man in China went on a stabbing rampage at an elementary school, stabbing 23 children. None of the children died.

      If the man at UCLA had a knife, maybe his victim would be alive today.

      You’re argument is childish and pathetic.

      • Mike RG Chandler says:

        And the Isla Vista murderer killed three of his victims with a knife. Point being, to focus on “the gun” is childish, pathetic, intellectually dishonest and lacks a basic understanding of problem solving.

  45. Paully says:

    And of course Hollywood has never promoted gun play in films from the beginning 1904.. It’s just too easy an argument though. And I’m a 007 fan,sigh..

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