Olympian Ryan Lochte Fabricated Robbery Story, Brazilian Police Say

Ryan Lochte

UPDATED: Brazilian police say Ryan Lochte and three other U.S. Olympic swimmers made up a story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio.

Officials said that Lochte, Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz, and Jimmy Feigen were at a gas station the same night that they claimed to have been robbed. Rather, one or more of the four vandalized a gas station bathroom.

“There was no robbery the way it was reported or claimed by the athletes,” Rio Civil Police Chief Fernando Veloso said, speaking in Portuguese, during a press conference in Rio on Thursday. He added that several swimmers admitted to lying.

Although a judge has not made a decision yet concerning charges, he said the swimmers might be charged for false testimony and vandalism.

“In theory, one or all of them might be charged for false communication of a crime and for damaging private assets, the gas station,” Veloso said, CNN translates. “I’m not saying that they are charged right now because of that. We have to finalize the investigation and in theory that could be the case. This kind of crime will not lead to their arrest.”

Conger and Bentz checked in for a flight out of Brazil later on Thursday after testifying in the robbery probe, according to the Associated Press. Feigen has not been interviewed yet. The FBI is working with Rio police and may seek a judge’s order to have them question Lochte, who Veloso said was intoxicated during the vandalism. Veloso said the swimmers can go home if they cooperate with the investigation.

According to officials, one of the swimmers tried and failed to open an outside bathroom door. The swimmers then pushed on and broke the door, prompting a guard to confront them. The store manager asked the swimmers to pay for the broken door, which they did, and then left. Veloso said one of the security guards pointed a firearm at the American swimmers in order to control one of them, bur didn’t use excessive force.

This police report is different from the story Lochte told after conflicting reports surfaced on Sunday morning. Conger and Bentz also allegedly confirmed to police that Lochte’s story was a lie.

The swimmer told NBC’s Billy Bush that he and the three other swimmers had been pulled over by fake police officers and robbed at gunpoint on Saturday night.

“We got pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a badge — a police badge — no lights, no nothing,” Lochte recalled. “Just a police badge and they pulled us over. They pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground — they got down on the ground. I refused, I was like, ‘We didn’t do anything wrong, so — I’m not getting down on the ground.’ And then the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said, ‘get down’ and I put my hands up. I was like ‘whatever.’ He took our money, he took my wallet — he left my cell phone, he left my credentials.”

Lochte’s mother, IIeana Lochte, first broke the news to USA Today, prompting news coverage and police attention. Mark Adams, the International Olympic Committee spokesman called the report “absolutely not true.”

On Wednesday, a judge ordered Lochte to stay in Brazil and issued a search and seizure warrant for the swimmer, but he had already left the country before the police could seize his passport. Feigen’s passport was also requested. Conger and Bentz were both removed from their plane on Wednesday night.

Watch video of the gas station incident, which surfaced on Thursday, below.

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  1. Mary S McCorquodale says:

    It was a young stupid mistake. Let’s not blow this up to be bigger than all the lifetime efforts and good faith the Olympic Games represent. Other athletes have made mistakes and have come back to prove otherwise. I suggest the first stone be thrown by the one who has never made a mistake. Let’s allow these men to do what’s necessary to correct their offenses and let them prove they are worthy of continuing their work as Olympians.

  2. Breaking News: TMZ Declares That Taking People’s Money At Gunpoint Without Involving The Police Is Not Armed Robbery!
    Breaking News: TMZ Declares That Everything Gun Toting Armed Robbers say Is True And Olympic Athletes Lie About EVERYTHING!
    Breaking News: TMZ Agrees That Reporters Don’t Need To Talk To Locals To Determine What Shape The Bathroom Was In *Before* The Alleged Vandalism That Was Used As An Excuse For Armed Robbery!

    Ever been to a foreign country? I’ve been charged for ‘missing towels’ that were never there. I was charged for ‘damage’ to a dresser drawer that fell apart when it was opened. I was charged for ‘hotel services’ I never ordered and were never delivered.
    Ever nicked a guy’s bumper and found yourself paying for damage from previous accidents? I’m going to break my bathroom mirror and say Trump did it…he’s finished, now…

  3. Ana says:

    I love americans. Have a lot of good friends on USA. But this represents the one thing I hate about most of them. I’m Brazilian and know how Rio isn’t a paradise without crime. But we try to receive the tourists (LOTS of amerians, by the way) wih maximum of cordility.
    But to come and lie like this? On this time of paranoia about security? On the middle of the Ollympic Games here? No, this is just a huge “not”!
    One of the things I did heard about this is a comparition with an incident that involved a Brazilian idiot, an american airport and a stupid joke about bombs. The Brazilian was secured and could not come back. The swimmers, however, just run away, fully shielded by the Ollympic Comitee.
    This is sad.
    PS: Sorry about any bizarre error. My PC is just stubborn and is trying to translate this to Portuguese every time I hit the “space” button.

  4. Beto says:

    LIAR…..MESS UP THE AMERICAN IMAGE AROUND.should be banned from

  5. Engelbert P Germadnig says:

    Thanks to young stupid Americans, world image of Ugly Americans is reinforced. If they had a shred of decency they would apologize and forfeit medals, they don’t deserve them.

  6. A HEADS UP ON THE LOCHMESS Monster says:

    This is a case of privileged men taking advantage of a city and country in dire poverty. They knew American bigots would believe their story and not question the validity regardless of how stupid it sounded. Mr. “I WAS LIKE WHAT-EVS,” with a gun pointed to his forehead for good measure, should have his medal (s) stripped along with the rest of the liars. And let’s make no mistake, it’s one thing to lie about your weight, or your age, but it’s quite another to cause an international scandal at the 2016 Olympics, by indicating an entire people with your lie about how you were held up at gunpoint and robbed by four men dressed as cops, when what really happened was your criminal destruction of a company’s property, public indecency, and false statements about policing in Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil. Surely, just like the Russian doping athletes, they will be banned from future Olympic competition from their highly inappropriate behavior. Their behavior, like the Russians is not in the Vienna of the true Olympic spirit. And we know Americans would be calling for bans and prison sentences if any other people had committed such a heinous act of international corruption.

  7. krikaoli says:

    People from Rio deserve an apology.

    • Michelle says:

      They “may” have lied, but there was plenty of other confirmed crimes that happened; one of which someone stealing $20k in cash from an athlete. Now why that stupid athlete brought that much $ & left in room is another story. But there have been several substantiated stories of theft — so that is why this was easy to believe.

      • krikaoli says:

        Yes, I agree, of course. These other crimes, and you are probably right about their existance, don’t change the fact, they were disrespectful with the people and city of Rio de Janeiro. I do not question all the people who believed, we Brazilians also believed, and we were revolted to know swimmers were robbed. My only concern here was that Rio deserved an apology, and finally the North America Olympic Commit gave it, and that was more than enough. I just read it on the news. The rest is an ordinary event, they are young, were drunk… and have girlfriends. I have heard worst cases, that the guy invented a kidnap to avoid his girlfriend, but the police here also found out the truth. lol

  8. ex360 says:

    Bros being stupid bros in Latin America. Forgetting what they did, going back home and badmouthing everything else.

  9. homosezwut says:

    #wut the hell. – why?

  10. Spider says:

    I thought it was weird that Lochte didn’t look shaken nor freaked out when recanting the story to Billy Bush on the Today show. Even Billy Bush appeared to incredulously glance at the camera during the interview.

  11. Bob says:

    The hair dye must’ve gone to his brain.

  12. Jimmy Green says:

    another “privileged” brat seeking attention.

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