Rosie O’Donnell Responds to Backlash Over Suggesting Barron Trump Might Be Autistic

Rosie O'Donnell Barron Trump
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Rosie O’Donnell said she has “no ill will” toward President-elect Donald Trump’s children after the comedian shared a video that suggested that his youngest son, Barron, might be autistic.

In a poem posted on her website on Saturday, O’Donnell explained that she had become “immersed” in researching the condition after her 3-year-old daughter, Dakota, was diagnosed with high-functioning autism in September.

“as we try to grab onto / anything to keep us standing / the knowledge we r not alone / there r others living this too,” she wrote. “when i saw the anti bullying video / that mentioned barron / it spoke to the symptoms many ASD kids have / it was educational and informational.”


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She added that if the news were true, it “would help so much with the autism epidemic.” “i feel he is a clear and present danger / but this autism subject — / had nothing to do with donald / though i admit / he does trigger me in all ways,” she wrote.

The controversy started this past Monday, when O’Donnell shared a seven-minute video compiling clips from the Republican National Convention, the presidential debates, and Trump’s acceptance speech that suggested 10-year-old Barron might be showing signs of autism. Critics bashed O’Donnell for placing an unnecessary spotlight on the youngest of the president-elect’s children.

O’Donnell and Trump have a long, tumultuous history of feuds, and O’Donnell has previously written a poem about another member of the Trump clan: His daughter, Ivanka. In October, O’Donnell wrote that Ivanka Trump was “absurdly nice” when the two met in a chance run-in.

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  1. The hate in her heart has affected her looks.

  2. Roger says:

    Wasn’t O’Donnell the person who wanted Martial Law to prevent Trump from getting into power? In other words, this deeply sick woman wants to throw away the rule of law in this country because of he psychopathic hatred of Trump. According to her, we should become a Communist/ Fascist state (same thing in reality) because of her hatred of Trump.

    • All dems want to do away with the rule of law, and the Constitution. Note Obama’s ignoring the proper procedures of US Govt. Note George W”s necessity of applying Constitution via the SCOTUS. Note Dems attacks of duly elected President.

  3. Peggy potters says:

    People like Rosie O donnell make me mad Barron is a 10 year old boy that looks much older .he acts like a 10 year old to me .My granddaugher is 12 years old she’s 5ft. 8 120 lbs looks 16 17 years old but she still acks her age before you speak think and be smart it is hard to fix a wrinkled heart. She gets hurt a lot by looks and words

  4. Annette says:

    I actually thought he acted autistic as well. I don’t think Rosie O’Donnell is attacking Trump nor his son Barron. She is stating something that many people thought. Rosie, especially with her past history with Trump, was probably not the best person to call this out. If Barron is autistic, let them come forward, when/if they choose to make it public. It’s also quite possible he was just a bored young man listening to the same repetitive nonsense for over a year that we all got sick of hearing.

  5. Maddie says:

    It’s a sad day when a celebrity or anyone else for that matter exploits an innocent 10 year old child. Are children fair game too now? Remember Hillary and Michelle not long ago on the campaign trail? “When they go low we go higher”. Where are you now ladies? Shame on you for not speaking out!

  6. louise_1 says:

    Sounds like Rosie is eating crow.

  7. Louise Sergi says:

    Donald Trump had plenty of material if he wanted to blast Rose on her children and he never went there…she has NO basis for her statements but fabricates things about a child…Consider the source.

  8. JD says:

    Disgusting! Talk about bullying, she is bullying this little boy. He is 10 years old! Why are you speaking about him period! If he does or does not have autism it is NONE of her business or anyone else’s. It is time to learn to respect people’s privacy and leave the children out of it no matter what!

  9. Loretta King says:

    It is obvious that Rosie has made these comments to be cruel, not because she has any good intentions. Shame on you Rosie!

    • ibuylow2014 says:

      I did not realize how true Trump’s comments about O’Donnell were until I heard about this. Where is the outrage in the media about this?

    • Rosie’s notorious viscous temper has cost her 2 marriages, destroyed a relationships with her adopted daughter & taxed the remaining relationships of her other adopted children.
      True to form, her attack dog nature is (wrongfully) barking up yet another tree.
      Everything Trump said in defense against her attacks was true. A crude, rude, obnoxious, dumb, unattractive pig, but most of all, A loser.
      If Rosie spent even half the time she does viciously attacking others, on improving herself, losing some weight, searching for things that made her happy, etc. but no, Instead Rosie invests in that vile viscous nastiness & is it any wonder when faced with her own reflection daily, she is chronically depressed.

      Fix yourself Rosie, you are broken … fix yourself before it is too late.

  10. Karen says:

    Rosie Is a profoundly thoughtless, hateful, bitter provocateur for speaking about this child! No wonder her kids detest her.

  11. ACS says:

    Sad that anyone would take it upon themselves to publicly place another, child or adult, in the spot light for what they see as their right to trespass others personal space and life. It’s not your business or story to tell! Regardless if its the son of a global public figure or not. “amazing opportunity….” ? Who are you? With no value or respect for privacy of your neighbor ?! Want to bring awareness- Please do so with respect and dignity.

  12. Bea says:

    There is NO excuse for her comments and this article makes it sound as though there is, by calling her heinous behavior a ‘controversy’. This child should not be in the spotlight to raise awareness for anything, let alone Rosie’s child’s diagnosis. Barron is the President Elects son, just as Malia and Sasha are Obamas daughters, speaking of which, where are the President and Michelle? Awfully quiet in regard to the bullying of this family. Both the heinous designer that bullied Melania and O’Donnell victimizing this poor child. Michelle is supposed to be a child advocate, she should be speaking out.

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