Rob Reiner Says He Won’t Shoot in North Carolina Unless Anti-LGBT Law Is Repealed

Rob Reiner Says He Won't Shoot
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As studios and media companies were lining up to condemn a pending Georgia religious liberty bill, North Carolina’s governor signed legislation that overturns local LGBT anti-discrimination ordinances.

Rob Reiner, who helped lead a campaign to overturn California’s Proposition 8 in the courts, on Thursday said that he won’t shoot in North Carolina unless its new law is repealed.

“Until this hateful law is repealed and LGBT  North Carolinans are treated with the equal dignity they deserve, I will not film another production in North Carolina, and I encourage my colleagues in the entertainment industry to vow to do the same,” he said in a statement released through the Human Rights Campaign. “Enough is enough.”


Nathan Deal Georgia Religious Liberity

Hollywood Condemns Georgia’s Religious Liberty Bill

The state drew a healthy share of production, particularly to the Wilmington area, until lawmakers altered its tax credit program to a far-less-lucrative grant program. Still, the state has drawn some pilots as well as ABC’s revival of “Dirty Dancing,” shooting near Asheville.

Meanwhile, the chorus of studios and production companies opposing the Georgia bill continues.

Netflix said that it would move its productions elsewhere if Gov. Nathan Deal signs the legislation.

“Netflix is an inclusive company,” the company said in a statement. “We recently completed two films and a series in Georgia and had planned on filming two series there in the coming months. Should any legislation allowing discriminatory practice be signed into state law, we will move our productions elsewhere.”

Open Road Films also said it opposes the bill.

“Open Road Films is proud to support diversity and inclusion in all of our business practices,” the company said. “We will not remain silent in the face of a discriminatory law such as Georgia House Bill 757. Along with our colleagues in the motion picture industry, we urge Governor Deal to veto this reprehensible proposed law.”

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  1. Clean Willie says:

    He’s still alive?

  2. durrell says:

    Rob Reiner, we don’t need you filming in Kentucky either. We plan to keep our bathrooms just the way they are.

  3. ric says:

    so a guy who’s never shot here will continue not shooting here because he can’t shower with 6yr old girls when he’s playing dress up? what a devastating loss…

  4. Richard says:

    PERFECT! You are missing the common sense logic in this as most of Hollywood and the liberals in America do. This is not about abusing the rights of any group, it is about common sense and the protection of anyone that is not of a given gender entering another bathroom. Have we grown so overly tolerant of everything that we elevate the rights of anything that comes from the LGBT community? This is a very dangerous precedent that others are taking. When other states make it legal to engage in the use of Marijuana, and other states rights decisions, do we then as citizens of North Carolina stop trading with those states? No.

    When it comes to who would walk in the bathroom on my kids in my state, you better believe I support our State. Please Rob read the details instead of clouding your mind with emotion first. Common sense Vs Elevating rights of certain groups above all. This is what the North Carolina Law is about. No one group or groups should be above logic and common sense.

  5. Debby says:

    As a North/South Carolina resident I applaud Rob Reiner’s decision. How can we fight bigotry in the world when we can’t destroy it in our own backyard.

  6. Cathy Trivette says:

    Ok, Rob Reiner, then stay in Hollywood where all you do is promote gay activity and attempt to force it down our throats! All of your movies and TV programs are becoming disgusting anyway. I really do not want to see women with women and men with men in sexual activity. Just because YOU in Hollywood think it’s okay…..that doesn’t mean it’s okay. If only you believed in GOD, our Maker, you would know it is WRONG!

    • I believe in God, my Maker, and this is still wrong. Not homosexuality. Acting like these people are third-class citizens.

      Being able to go to the bathroom and have a normal life is a human right. A rather basic one.

      • tracierathsack says:

        @bill Johnson, do you think this bill is bad or good? I”m confused. The op is saying that they believe in God, but that this bill is bad.

      • Bill Johnson says:

        I am a citizen of the USA which means I don’t have to believe what your god represents..You ( I assume) are a citizen of the USA which means you are not able to enact laws based on what your god (NOT my maker) represents.Read the Constitution and The Bill Of Rights.

  7. Chuck Finley says:

    I am trying to understand where the so called bigotry is coming from. If your ID or birth certificate says M or F then the person should use the restroom associated with that reference. You want to repeal a law because it ‘may’ give the opportunity to discriminate? So when is this news? People use laws all the time for the opportunity to discriminate. look at hair laws for blacks, real estate covenants, rental agreements, gerrymandering and redlining. However 1 -2% of the population want to infringe their struggle on to others rather than promote safety. The law was to avoid a person posing as one of these people in an effort to avoid rape, assault or sodomize another person. What about the safety. Today I feel like a woman so I can use the bathroom for a female? Do we need a person at the restroom to check genitalia now. Where was Rob Reiner during the Academy uproar, just like others – on mute I guess.

    • Because you don’t understand the issue. The people entering these bathrooms (usually, there are people who may abuse this, but they are not us because if they were they’d understand that this ruins other people’s rights) are not looking to commit rape. They want to pee. They have the general appearance of a female, so they cannot, I repeat, cannot go to the men’s restroom, or risk being beaten to death. If they are that low a percent, how would it hurt you anyway?

      My ID and my birth certificate say two different things. I was born a male, but I am now legally a female. This law, on the other hand, ignores a legal document from the DMV to randomly discriminate. While we’re talking about safety, what about mine? I have no intention of molesting any female, I want somewhere safe to pee.

      What about these people checking genitalia? How is that different from these hypothetical peepers? And for the record, this is the reality of transgender.

      Most states do not even change the birth certificate after a full surgery (which would leave me with no function to assault anyone, as I would have no penis). This means under the eyes of backwards state A, I am still male, despite having breasts, hips, and the surgical approximate of a vagina.

      • durrell says:

        The reason I support this legislation has nothing to do with bigotry. I don’t feel particularly comfortable sharing a bathroom with someone who I think is a woman but is not my wife. If I had a daughter, I would not want her to enter a bathroom occupied by someone she thinks is a man.

  8. Sven says:

    It’s unfortunate that people who support the anti-LGBT legislation cannot see that they are bigoted people. So many of “you” cite your religious interpretations as the reason for your stance on this subject. Didn’t Jesus say to love EVERYONE? Isn’t it funny how the clergy is factually known to be the largest group of pedophile offenders (usually with homosexual orientation), yet “you” have ignored Christ’s basic tenet of “loving everyone” to be clouded by these same people? If you consider yourself to be good, god-fearing servants then “judge ye not”.

  9. Rodey says:

    from this point on I will not go see a Rob Reiner film

  10. Rod says:

    Where was Rob Reiner when Adam Lambert Gay-Bashed his boyfriend? In fact where are all the LGBT-Q people when a Gay attacks another Gay? Nowhere!!! Yet they raised a fuss about a law in NC or Georgia? Hypocrites!!! If you have male parts use a men’s restroom room, if you have female parts use women’s restroom! How hard is common sense and logic? Oh but you don’t “feel” like you want to?? Many people “feel” like they don’t have to go to jail when they commit crimes but that doesn’t make them “innocent”. How about Tolerance working both ways??? Maybe people would be more accepting of Trans people if they weren’t so b*tchy! If you don’t like the Bathroom Law Rob Reiner or any LGBT-Q Supporter go to a SAFE SPACE AND STFU! Because many people who are “Gay Friendly” aren’t anymore! They don’t want to bake cakes and cater to people who are Intolerant themselves! If you don’t like Christan Cake Makers go find some Atheist or Wiccan pro-LGBT to make a Queer cake for you! Dim wits in Ore!

    • Eli says:

      They wouldn’t be more accepting, because trans* people usually aren’t bitchy at all. It’s easier to be bitchy when you’re discriminating instead of being discriminated against.

  11. Larry Liberal says:

    Good for Rob Reiner, people like him help to make this a better world. I hope your colleagues follow suit. To bad for every good guy there are negative forces like Ted Nugent Kid Rock .

  12. fredmatsch says:

    It is a good thing reiner wont be doing business in N. Carolina. The state has enough mental illness with there own liberals.

  13. Robert says:

    In Canada we have separation of church and state. So our laws guarantee that churches do not have to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, which are civil ceremonies. But churches also have no say in whether those civil marriages take place. Therefore pastor protection laws like this are not needed. Separation of church and state. Americans should look into it.

    • Just Me says:

      Pastors were never obligated to perform same sex marriages in the US. We have separation of church and state, unfortunately conservatives only believe freedom is only for white CIS Christians.

  14. Good for Rob.

    This is about the most fundament Human Right and American Value – EQUALITY.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”.

    Any politician who does not believe in equality for We The People is un-American and morally unfit for public service.

    • Robert it’s the same here. Separation of Church and State is in our Constitution and Churches do not have to perform same sex marriages. Some DO, but they are not required to. Besides, that’s not what this law is about.

    • Liuao says:

      That is precisely what we’re supposed to have here. It’s just not respected. Our First Amendment allows for freedom of religion, as well as freedom from religion. They don’t respect it or honor it. We have a lot of religious arguments made, even by politicians, who act like the Constitution doesn’t even exist. It’s an affront to our Constitution, but as you can see, they couldn’t care less and have no respect for it. Half of the arguments or debates we have shouldn’t even be held in the first place because of the fact that they’re made on religious grounds. We still have these issues.

  15. Jerry Seltzer says:

    why are the republican governors and legiislators so interested in only taking away rights? And then standing on morality and you find the ex-governor on the Appalachian trail with his mistress…..the same biblical book that you are quoting equates shellfish with the same expresson of abhorrence…..I am not gay or LGBT but you who use religion for your own agendas are abhorrent.

  16. Rob, you’re a good man – I’ve admired you since All In The Family days back in the 70’s – Thank you for your LGBT support.

  17. alan ferland says:

    Thanks Meathead, but folks with your thinking are the problem. Hollywood spews crap and people lap it up like mothers milk except it is a slow poison not milk. The best thing to do is not watch television and do not support their movies, who will be affected more?

  18. White says:

    Thank you Rob. I watch all your movies as a thanks you for all the support.

  19. I guess Christians don’t have a right ‘not to be offended’, like Mr. Reiner, and all the homosexuals and liberals seem to claim a “constitutional” right not to be offended. I really don’t care if they make most of the movies coming out today, anywhere, including North Carolina.

  20. john eddy says:

    hate the sin NOT the sinner being gay IS a sin according to the ORIGINAL Greek AND Hebrew the Septuagint and the vulgate and the Torah and……you get my point. people on both sides would do well to study biblical historical AND systematic Theology along with critical and philosophical thinking and algorithms before getting all EMO on each other. and yes I truly believe ALL people in the LGBT community Will be sent to torment “many will confess my name but I will turn away saying I never knew you” (paraphrase mine)


      • @john eddy. THAT is exactly the problem… (paraphrase mine) YOU paraphrase the Bible. YOUR preacher paraphrases the Bible. Our religious leaders have been paraphrasing and editing the Bible to be “easier to understand” for ages. The problem with all that paraphrasing is it becomes like the game telephone. By the time it gets to the lay person it doesn’t even resemble the actual Hebrew words it was written in. So by all means… Keep right on paraphrasing today’s translated versions of translations of translations of the Bible and what it REALLY means. THAT is the exact ignorance that allows these sort of laws to come into play. Some of you folks could use a little more time in actual Bible Study..

  21. Henry says:

    Oh my, the greatest director in the history of filmmaking, he of many,many,many hit films of which I can’t recall a single one right now, is THREATENING to not film in North Carolina. Do you think they will still be a state? What will all the people there do? How can they possibly survive if the great Rob Reiner doesn’t film there? This is a real pickle. Think of the children!!! The poor children! A couple of them might actually know who Rob Reiner is, although doubtful.

    • GuinnessGrrl says:

      Here’s a list of the films Rob Reiner has directed, since your brain is frozen in the 1950’s.
      1984 This Is Spinal Tap
      1985 The Sure Thing
      1986 Stand by Me
      1987 The Princess Bride
      1989 When Harry Met Sally…
      1990 Misery
      1992 A Few Good Men
      1994 North
      1995 The American President
      1996 Ghosts of Mississippi
      1999 The Story of Us
      2003 Alex & Emma
      2005 Rumor Has It…
      2007 The Bucket List
      2010 Flipped
      2012 The Magic of Belle Isle
      2014 And So It Goes
      2015 Being Charlie
      2016 LBJ

  22. Jane Doe says:

    Who cares where Rob Reiner films? His stuff stinks. He won’t be missed by the good people of North Carolina.

  23. Jerry Givens says:

    Who cares what Rob likes the boycott thing goes both ways. I know I am not going to watch any movie or TV show he has anything to do with. Unless he changes his tune

  24. Kim says:

    Yes! Hats off to Rob and others who are following suit. It is time for the old ways to be put aside and the new embraced. No person in this country should experience discrimination of any kind, regardless of race, gender, religion, or identification

    • Cecilia says:

      What happens when a person especially a child gets raped or hurt due to this law. I do not feel that guys who have children would not want this either. And we don’t care if Reimer comes to nc. And would those businesses want to be sued if a person got hurt in these restrooms, I don’t think so. It’s about the all mighty dollar

      • Duke says:

        Are you actually saying that LGBT and gays are rapists and pedophiles?

      • WEBone says:

        Don’t be completely dense… A straight rapist can (and by recent news reports they do) follow women into bathrooms and rape them – no matter whether there are trans people in there or not. These men (term loosely applied) hardly need to go to the trouble of dressing up as women to commit a rape. Do you think there is some magical property to women’s bathroom doors that prevents someone not dressed properly from entering??

      • Corrie Gillikin says:

        A person being Transgender is not a lifestyle, no more than being gay is. These laws have been passed all across the Country and not one child has been raped or hurt. If someone wants to rape somebody. they don’t care if it is a bathroom or not. What this law comes down to is discrimination against the LGBT community and people are still angry that same-sex couples can get married. Move on people. It is the law of the land and everyone should be treated equally under the law.

  25. john says:

    Liberals don’t want you to tell them what to do, but they do want to tell you what to do.

  26. tracierathsack says:

    So all the folks saying that he’s not welcome in NC, so apparently are all the LGBT folks in NC.

    I DID live there.
    I DID Attend Church there, and VBA, and GA’s then ACTEENS.
    So all of you who hide your hate, your bigotry, and your ugly evil judgment behind the mantle of “God”, I pray that you see that at no point does the Lord say, “hate your neighbor, judge they neighbor, throw stones while in glass houses, and force my word upon all whom you see”.

    Also, God does not care where we pee.

    • Marla Boye says:

      People keep referring to who pees where, but the biggest mpact of the legislation is no protection for LGBT in every aspect of their lives, including refusing service in restaurants. NC just went back 50 years to those days at the Woolworth lunch counters except now it is LGBT rather than blacks. If I was an LGBT living there I would be fearful. I left NC in 1964 because of the bigotry. If every LGBT withdrew their money and their talent (science, industry, arts, entertainment, etc.), past and present, the bigots would be shocked with what would be missing from their lives.

      • Chuck Finley says:

        I hate to burst your bubble Marla but blacks are still refused at National chains across America. However America has a love affair with LGBT more so than people born of a different hue. Additionally the two are not the same. I can physically spot a person that may be black, You can not necessarily do the same for the LBGT. So top putting them in the same reference.

      • Marla Boye says:

        Intended as support

      • tracierathsack says:

        I agree. I was only addressing the issue folks raise here.

    • Mitchem says:

      Traci, we are all sure that everyone in the world shared the EXACT same experiences you claim you did. Grow up and get a mind of your own and stop being so judgmental. Penises DO NOT belong in a lady’s bathroom. It’s common sense. Use yours. You sound like a child.

      • tracierathsack says:

        Jelli – I love my family, whether or not I agree with what the Bible says. The Bible ALSO explicitly forbids (same Leviticus Book) cut hair, shaven beards and hamburger. Most all of those things you can find in the same restaurants folks who are quoting Biblical things.

        I remember being taught that there is no greater sin than another – except for the sin of committing evil in His name – third commandment if I’m not mistaken. That’s the one that is Unforgivable.

        What is evil? Take a gander at the other 9 commandments.

        -Don’t have other Gods
        -No Graven images – we’re screwed with selfies and statues and videos – heck even Facebook fits this bill.
        -Using his name in vain
        – Remember Sabbath
        -Honor parents
        -Don’t commit adultery
        -Don’t steal
        -Don’t lie
        -Don’t covet houses, wives, or anything else.

        So – What is calling someone a fag? What is hurling epithets? What is saying that “if they do it I should be able to do it” when TRYING TO HURT PEOPLE?

        Personally – I have done quite a bit of studying on what that line in Leviticus means today, as most of the other things Leviticus forbids we DO. Daily, without any fear.

        Because people aren’t bigoted about women who don’t cover their hair, who wear ripped jeans, who have dirty dogs, who cut their hair, shave their beards and most of you Carolinians are gonna be sad about having to give up crab and lobster.

        right? Because the Bible is the Word of God, and we cannot, under any circumstances, break against the Word of God.

      • tracierathsack says:

        Mitchem, I’m not being judgmental. People are being hateful. Folks here ARE name calling. And saying things like I referenced. Those comments I referenced ARE bigoted.

        Telling me I sound like a child is the pot calling the kettle black. If you want to talk to me about this I will continue. But if you degenerate into name calling like a school kid, I’ll just ignore you.

      • Jelli says:

        Traci has a small point in my opinion, but I would like to know where she stands on God explicitly calling homosexuality an abomination, and why she would support something God is against? And I am QUITE sure God is against men using the same bathroom as little girls. I am positive of that.

  27. Jim Smith says:

    Dear Rob. Please don’t come to NC. If you don’t have the decency to respect religious institutions then you’re a piece of trash from the word go. Freedom of Conscience, look it up.

    • @Jelli… are you SURE that the word abomination is the actual word God used? GOD didn’t write the Bible, men did. What was the word before it was “clarified” for easier understanding? WHAT is the original word in Hebrew? hmm… The Hebrew word is “toevah” or in it’s plural form toevot. It does not translate to mean abomination. In fact it is mentioned 103 times in the Hebrew Bible….almost always having the connotation of a non-Israelite cultist practice. In the Torah, the primary toevah is avodah zara, meaning foreign forms of worship, and most other toevot flow from it. The Israelites are instructed not to commit toevah because other nations do so.
      Just because the King James version translated Toevah to mean abomination and then other translations continued to use that WRONG word and in the WRONG context, does not make it so.
      If one is going to claim to be most holy…one should be sure they have a complete understanding of the Bible they are reading AND the many translated, translations of a translation they are currently reading.

    • tracierathsack says:

      I do pray that your judgment and hatred are wiped away, that your heart is lightened, and you become more Christlike.

  28. Gigi says:

    Rob Reiner is a cheap bigot sucking at the teats of homosexuals in hope of financing for his less-than-mediocre films. North Carolina is better off if he is never within 1,500 miles of it.

    • tracierathsack says:

      Gigi, I’m sorry that you feel he’s a bigot, as the definition of bigot is more in line with the way you speak. I’ll pray that you find love in your heart.

  29. I want to personally think Reiner for not coming to NC. We like it when moral people visit our state, but Reiner does not qualify. Please don’t ever come back to NC.

    • LaughGuard says:

      Despite Rob Reiner vehemently disagreeing with all the great state of North Carolina stands for, especially the pastors in churches of which he has never set foot in, Mr. Reiner still expects all North Carolinians to support his “films” and for theaters in North Carolin to support him. This is apparently not contradictory to him and the various film studios at all.

      • Conscientious Objector says:

        Rob Reiner: How about the people of NC and GA boycott your movies? You think you’re the only one with economic power? You depend on our money for tickets, but we’ve got PLENTY of other industries bringing money to our states. People in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah and most of the other states aren’t into your idea of “equality,” either. I rented “Spinal Tap” in the `80’s, and may watch “All in the Family” as a rerun on TV. Other than that, you’ve never gotten a penny of my money. Take off, Meathead.

      • tracierathsack says:

        I’m not. I’m responding to your comments. I do pray you find love and peace and hope and a Christlike love in your heart. Not what it is you’re saying here.

      • LaughGuard says:

        Hey Traci, judge not lest ye be judged.

      • tracierathsack says:

        I do pray that you find love and inclusion one day. I pray that the hate in your heart is wiped away and you are filled with the love of Jesus that you preach. That you become actually more Christlike instead of whatever this is you have become.

  30. Ellen says:

    Dear Rob–no worries–you won’t be missed….

  31. Patrick says:

    I just cancelled my reservations for the Outer Banks!

  32. Janet J. says:

    But I am quite sure that if Rob Reiner actually makes a good film, he will have no problem with it being shown in North Carolina theaters and collecting North Carolina ticket receipts.

  33. df says:

    Thank you Mr. Reiner. If these lawmakers were really concerned about a bathroom issue, they would have found a solution for ONLY that. Instead, they passed a law that allows discrimination in the workplace, with medical issues, etc.

    NC deserves to be fully boycotted if the residents of the state support that. People that don’t care about treating other people with respect only care about themselves and money. So take away their economy.

  34. Barb Silvestro says:

    Good for you. I hope Disney, Marvel, The Walking Dead leave Georgia too. This discrimination is out of control. People are on the wrong side of history- again.
    Instead of holding “no blacks allowed” signs now it’s just “no lgbt” , the bigotry and hate hidden behind a bible doesn’t change. Hate isn’t holy.

  35. Riff says:

    Oh, no, whatever will they do without Rob Reiner’s monumental “talent”?

    I’d say I’m adding Weiner to the blacklist, but truth told, he was already on it. So instead I’ll add Netflix and Open Road. No more shekels from me for either. Thanks, Hollowood! This boycotting thing is fun!

    • Jane Doe says:

      I know nothing of Rob Reiner the “superstar” except that he played a character named “Meathead” about 45 years ago. If he is making films, they must stink.

      • GuinnessGrrl says:

        Jane Doe, here’s a list of the movies Rob Reiner made that you’ve never heard of. Of course, none of them star Kirk Cameron…

        1984 This Is Spinal Tap
        1985 The Sure Thing
        1986 Stand by Me
        1987 The Princess Bride
        1989 When Harry Met Sally…
        1990 Misery
        1992 A Few Good Men
        1994 North
        1995 The American President
        1996 Ghosts of Mississippi
        1999 The Story of Us
        2003 Alex & Emma
        2005 Rumor Has It…
        2007 The Bucket List
        2010 Flipped
        2012 The Magic of Belle Isle
        2014 And So It Goes
        2015 Being Charlie
        2016 LBJ

  36. Barbara says:

    Thank you! It is NOT A GAY THING, IT IS THE RIGHT THING! Georgia. ..( Governor Deal) , take NOTICE, very powerful people are standing up for LGBT !! We too make up this economy. …

    • Keep your money and keep yourself out of the South. You are not wanted here.

      • Gary should be ashamed. I grew up in the South. This is not the manners I want to see here.
        You stay out of the South, Gary. I want my state free of this sorta thing.

      • tracierathsack says:

        @Rich – Not all of us from NC are hateful, exclusive homophobes. Not all of us feel like this, it is unfortunate that only the loudest, crudest and ugliest voices rise above the fray. Gary has plenty of time to sit and post on this site I guess, be exclusive, be hateful, and NOTHING like the southern hospitality and pride that I grew up knowing.

      • Rich says:

        Gary I hope you keep your attitude and bigotry in your home state and leave the rest of our country alone.

  37. Me says:

    Who cares. Go shoot in South Carolina.

  38. go georgia go says:

    And it isn’t an “anti-LGBT law.” I doubt the law even refers to gay people or homosexuality.

  39. go georgia go says:

    Religious liberties are hateful now? Now Rob Reiner is gonna tell everybody how they have to treat people? Sorry, but not all groups deserve “equal dignity.” Does the KKK and the nazi party deserve “equal dignity?” Who determines who deserves “equal dignitity?” I’m pretty sure my list would be very different. The solution is to protect essential liberties like freedom of association and freedom of commerce, etc, so that each person can decide who they think deserves “equal dignity.” But people like Reiner are only for freedom as long as you use your freedom the way they want it used.

  40. Marla Boye says:

    I applaud you

    • go georgia go says:

      I will applaud Georgia if they tell this hypocrite to stick it.

      • Juice says:

        So will I. Hollywood thinks it is so vital. Just make your TV and films, most of which are garbage, and shut up. You’re not saving lives, you’re making so-called “entertainment.”- “You better let men in the women’s room, or I, I, I… I’ll stop making an occasional film in your city!”

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