President Obama to Ellen DeGeneres: Washington Is ‘Depressing’ (Watch)

President Obama to 'Ellen': Washington Is

President Barack Obama, while taping an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday, said that he doesn’t really miss campaigning except for one aspect of it: Getting out of Washington, “which can sometimes be a little depressing.”

“Well to get out of Washington or what part is depressing?” DeGeneres asked.

“Well, Washington,” he said, drawing some laughs at the deadpan delivery.

Obama was in Los Angeles on Thursday for an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and a pair of fundraisers in Hancock Park, before spending the weekend in Palm Springs.

He also talked about gay rights, saying that “one of the things I’m proudest of because my whole political career has been based on the idea that we constantly want to include people and not exclude them.” He praised DeGeneres, telling her, that “changing hearts and minds I don’t think anybody’s been more influential than you on that. I really mean it.”

Obama also talked about how he had figured out how not to fight with wife Michelle Obama.

“Ya know, after about 15 years I finally figured out that she’s always right,” he said, as the audience laughed.

Obama watched a videotaped Valentine’s Day message that his wife sent to be played on the show, after which DeGeneres had him create his own message, actually a comedy bit. “I love you so much. I Obamacare more about you than you even know.”

In another part of his visit to the show, Obama answers questions from 6-year-old Macey Hensley, a presidential expert, including one on whether the U.S. has made contact with aliens.

This was Obama’s first in-studio visit with DeGeneres since taking office. The interview airs on Friday.

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros. 

Watch some of the excerpts below:

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  1. bob says:

    You Tube: NSA REPTILES PT 1(2)

    By Repentant One

  2. Swish'O'Licious says:

    There is a support group for Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and other people who have Koch Bros. Syndrome.

    IT WAS THE KOCH BROS. WHO DID IT! IT WAS THE KOCH BROS WHO DID IT! If you think the Koch Bros. did it, you’re NOT ALONE! FOLLOW THE HERD! ALL THE WORLD’S ILLS ARE CAUSED BY KOCH FEAVER! UH… I have a cold, I’m sick. Caugh caugh caugh! It was the Koch Bros. who caused my problems! I need to listen to SEIU and Follow Obama into HELL! Right to work sucks! YEAH! Those evil Koch Bros. hate “informed people” who watch the news, and do everything mindlessly like Hitler Followers!

    Don’t blame Me, Obama said to Ellen. Uh… It was those Koch Bros!

  3. sam paris says:

    I bought a car for my stepson when he was 16. He loved it and after a year, decided to take off the springs, remove the bumpers and repaint it primer gray. Then he rolled it, sort of caving in the top and decided he hated the car. Sound like the Obama/washington story?

  4. Marlene Kirk says:

    I’d be depressed too if I would have taken this country down like he has.

  5. Depressing? DC has become a toxic sewer. If Obama wants to do something truly constructive, he should direct the EPA to clean up the area from Balitmore to Richmond, and pay special attention to the National Capitol Region.

  6. T Hindenburg says:

    Obama and his liberal traitors made Washington DC Depressing…they made the rest of the country depressing too!

  7. Mr. Bill says:

    Who’s making you stay? Leave…right now! And hopefully the door will hit in the ### on the way out–hard.

    • What makes you think he lives in DC? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, and obviously not a “Harvard trained ‘constitutional scholar, ” to recognize that DC is an backed up toilet.

  8. Russ says:

    Washington DC has been depressing the heck out of me for over seven years now.

  9. charlie says:

    Here is the court jester at his most narcissistic self aggrandizing pathetic self. An abject spineless fool who has done so much damage to this country.

  10. kestrel27 says:

    No Obama, you and your policies are depressing, period.

  11. texas58 says:

    Pal, Washington with you in it is even more depressing for Americans.

  12. Joe Neckbone says:

    Washington is “depressive” because of Oblahma.

  13. DD says:

    @ 3:59 in the video, that was soooooooooooooooo CUTE !!!!

  14. Patricia Knuth says:

    The fact that barry from honolulu has 340+ days left in office is what’s really depressing…

  15. Darke Tyger says:

    Obozo is depressing. WORSE THAN BUSH!

  16. bc says:

    Having read most of the comments here, all of Y’all are making me more depressed lol. Trust me I am right with you.

  17. jim martin says:

    You’re Depressing.

  18. Gina says:

    Excellent Job, Commander in Charge! I am proud of you in the midst of this ilk.

  19. What’s depressing is that he’s still in office and actually has some people who still approve of the job he does, apparently based solely on his skin color.

  20. Seems all he does anymore is go on talk shows. Anything to manufacture a legacy that never will actually be there.

  21. Bitter49er says:

    Spent how much time on the visit to Kenya last year? Maybe 22 hours. The lame media refused to show or even mention the hundreds of naked Kenyans who protested his promotion of homosexual marriage. Even Kenyans can’t stand his ideology.

  22. Bushama and the First Dude, would gain a lot of respect from the LGBQTN Community if they would finally come out of the closet.

  23. Pete L. says:

    It is to be profoundly regretted that Barack Obama has occupied the White House for these past 7 years. One can only hope that he does not make a complete fool of himself on the way out of the White House’s door in about 11 months. I hold no hope that this will be so, however, he has demonstrated a complete lack of presidential equanimity, relying upon his oft found technique, of “my way or the highway.” Many of us cannot wait until he is gone into the dustbin of history.

  24. Say No TO Global Carbon Taxes and YES TO FREEDOM! says:

    So Obama spends hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to fly cross country to get on the Ellen Show? He’s got the BIGGEST CARBON FOOTPRINT of all time! But he doesn’t mind Global Carbon Taxes that Kill the Middle Class. While he Flies around the world to pump up his Narcissistic Ego! Why not USE SKYPE? Yet you want others to live in the Stone Age, while you have a Technocracy and have SMART METERS AND AGENDA 21! Sorry but no thanks Barry Zero! To many Barack Obama is a G*D but others know him for what he really is, the ANTICHRIST. If things are so depressing, get out of Politics and shut up! Sick of seeing you on TV LIKE BIG BROTHER IN 1984! The rest of the World doesn’t revolve around you or Michelle Obama who equally suffers from Narcissism! GET A FREAKING LIFE OBAMAS! STOP ACTING LIKE THE POPULAR SCUM BAGS IN HIGH SCHOOL WHO ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES! PEOPLE CAN SEE THOUGH YOUR FALSE FACADE!

  25. David says:

    The whole country is depressed because of you being in Washington DC

  26. SandMan00 says:

    Obama will leave Washington worse than he found it.

  27. JKL says:

    I’m 48 and I’ve never lived in such a horrid time since this piece of shit decided to implement liberal Sharia law these past depressing 7 years. Looking forward when this thing crawls back into the hell it came from and it can’t come soon enough.

    • jsm1963 says:

      I’m 52 and the only thing depressing is the level of discourse the right has descended to. The GOP establishment is scared of a Trump nomination? He’s the monster they created!

  28. Informed_voter says:

    Please leave then!

  29. pancake rachel corrie says:

    Then get the f out

  30. Mike Morales says:

    No surprises here. He sapped any goodwill left by previous administrations. Subverting the Constitution, passing the expensive health care law with no votes from what he calls the ‘opposition’ party. He added to the depression he feels about the D.C. culture. Eleven more months and we are will see a change for the positive, in any case.

  31. Will says:

    I remember when he was elected and for years after the sound of his Hollywood A-List parties rocked the streets of DC. Now so much now.
    Depressing? I really cant name one thing besides Gitmo he said he would do and hasn’t. Even the GOP Congress, for all the bad press they got, caved and funded all his priorities.
    Problem is everyone else is depressed and have a reason to be.

  32. Justin Case says:

    Obama is an old fool.

  33. Guillermo says:

    The depressing thing about washington is obama!

  34. dfsaklja says:

    Leftist doing what Leftists excel at: projecting.

  35. Patrick says:

    Awwww, poor little fella….

  36. Mike says:

    Of course it’s depressing the Constitution blocks at least a lite of what he wants to do cause the Republicans aren’t. If there wasn’t the Constitution he’d be a very happy guy.

  37. Why wouldn’t it be 90% of the residents vote democrat. It’s probably as depressing as living in the USSR- which is the future of america thanks to the democrats. Grow that government- parasites.

  38. rockeggroll says:

    Not happy with his own Utopia. Interesting.

  39. Dont Recall says:

    Washington (D.C.) is depressing? Then leave, and it likely will get better.

  40. Nicole says:

    Wow, I’m glad the First Lady can make Obamacare jokes at our expense! Awwww, baby POTUS is depressed in Washington? Guess what, we’re depressed that you are in Washington, too!

  41. Rick says:

    Barry, how could DC be depressing? Are you not growing more gov’t employee union members? Are you not driving enough businesses offshore by your many new regulations? Are you not punishing enough middle class business people with your higher inheritance tax? Are you not rewarding enough sloth with your welfare programs? Are you not killing enough babies with your support of NOW, Planned Parenthood and PBS? Are you not satisfied with the number of American troops you are killing and maiming with your cockamamie RoE? Are you not happy you are not bringing enough disease, terrorists and other criminals into our country with your defying our Constitution immigration law?

    I would have thought you would be ecstatic with the chaos you are causing.

  42. Jack Coyote says:

    Affirmative action President’s are depressing.

    • charlie says:

      Affirmative Action Is Depressing. Who Came Up With That One? Probably The Same Fool Who Came Up With Political Correctness.

  43. Larry Texedor says:

    Washington could be far less depressing if we had competent leadership that actually listened to the people but we don’t. Obama, you did a horrible, horrible job as president. We will celebrate when you are gone

  44. Richard1939 says:

    Its really depressing since YOU HAVE BEEN THERE!

  45. Abe says:

    Used to be fine till this ahole divided us. Now, the R’s and D’s can’t hardly talk to each other. Worse in public. Now they won’t beseen with each other. He’s done what he set out to do. How do you defeat a culture or a country? Divide it. DOesn’t mean any more will be done. And he’s done little. he’ll be denied his executive orders immediately. He’s lived by them. He’ll now die by them. Terrible president we thought we could trust. Bad man, bad community organizer. not much good has come from his presidency.

  46. iambicpentamaster says:

    Then leave.

  47. John says:

    But January 20 2017 will come. And then it’s morning in America again.

  48. cecil says:

    Yes, inclusiveness is his game—even though he was against gay marriage before he was for it.

    • charlie says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Degenerate didn’t quiz him on that one. Joan Rivers called it right. He’s a fag, wifey’s a tranny. (and the kids are imports from Morocco). How the hell did that loon ever
      get in to the White House? (Unfortunately, I know the answer: NAIVE AMERICANS)

  49. Mike says:

    It’s really amazing that the Secret Service has thus far successfully protected him.

  50. Here’s a novel idea President Zero, put down the pen and the phone…and leave.

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