Academy Nominates All White Actors for Second Year in Row

Oscar Nominations 2016 Black nominations Diversity
Courtesy of Sony/Universal/Warner Bros/Netflix

Last year’s Oscar nominations drew howls of protests for their lack of diversity. This year, it’s even worse.

“Creed” was written and directed by the black Ryan Coogler and starred a black man, but the only nominee was a white man. “Straight Outta Compton” had a great acting ensemble of mostly young, black unknowns, and was directed by the black F. Gary Gray. But the film’s only nomination: for its screenplay, written by two Caucasians.

Last year, the hopes for diversity were based on one film, Paramount’s “Selma,” which earned two nominations, for best pic and song (winning the latter). This year, there were more opportunities, including “Creed,” “Straight Outta Compton” and “Chi-raq,” as well as “Beasts of No Nation” (directed by Cary Fukunaga). As with last year, the Hispanic/Latino filmmakers were represented only by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and his team in the “money” categories.

Some may conclude that the nominations reflect institutional bias against minorities and women within the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, but the problem is with Hollywood’s major studios and agencies. There were 305 films eligible this year. If hiring reflected the U.S. population, Oscar voters would have weighed 150-plus films directed by women, 45 directed by blacks, 50 by Hispanics, and dozens of movies by directors who are Asian-American, LGBT individuals, people with disabilities and members of other minorities. Of course, the actual tallies were a fraction of those numbers.

Surprising omissions from the actor race this year included Idris Elba for “Beasts of No Nation,” Will Smith for “Concussion,” Michael B. Jordan from “Creed” and the many young actors in “Compton.”

Last year, #OscarSoWhite lit up the Twitter-sphere, generally focused on the acting and directing categories, mostly due to omission of actor David Oyelowo and director Ava DuVernay from “Selma.” But in fact, the imbalance carries into the majority of categories due to lack of opportunity.

In the Jan. 14 announcement, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences listed 23 total producers for the eight movies picked in the best-pic race; seven were women. For the two screenplay races, 17 individuals are nominated, with four women and no racial minorities. The sole nom for “Straight Outta Compton” went to a self-described “white Jewish gay guy from Connecticut” and his white writing partners, Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff.)

Several Oscar categories traditionally offer a mix of gender, race and sexual orientation among nominees, including documentaries, shorts, feature-animation, costume design, hair/makeup and editing. That’s true this year too. But in many of the artisan races, it’s an almost all-male list (e.g., cinematography, sound editing, sound mixing). One breakthrough this year: Sara Bennett joined two colleagues in the visual effects category, grabbing a nom for “Ex Machina.” That makes one woman of the 19 total nominees (for five films) in that category.

The guilds don’t keep records on the racial breakdown of their membership. But most have training programs designed to help foster more career advancement opportunities for minorities and women. But so far, hiring in Hollywood is still overwhelmingly dominated by white men.

For optimists, change is in motion. At the Governors Awards in November, AMPAS president Cheryl Boone Isaacs, who is African-American, announced the formation of A2020, a five-year plan in which the Academy and the studios will work on programs to ensure that top executives expand their thinking when hiring, mentoring and encouraging new talent.

For pessimists, a five-year plan is too slow. But the harsh reality is that the film industry works at a glacial pace, locking in stars, writers and directors several years in advance. So even though studios and agencies may say they want immediate change, it’s a question-mark how realistic that is; an overhaul was not evident in this year’s nominations, and it may not be apparent next year either.

Awareness of the problem isn’t new in the film industry; various solutions have been proposed, only to fade away.

In 1956, Variety ran a series of articles asking why there aren’t better roles for black actors. Three decades later, the situation hadn’t improved. On Feb. 19, 1982, Variety carried the front-page banner “NAACP faults film employment.” At a press conference, the group released a “white list,” naming 43 films “in which the organization says blacks have been excluded from significant roles in front of and behind the cameras.” The story added that every major studio was represented on the list of movies.

Similarly, on Feb. 12, 1991, Variety ran a front-page story about the findings of the DGA Women’s Steering Committee: Of 207 feature-film assignments, 11 went to women. That’s 5.3%. Nearly 25 years later, the number had barely moved: Women comprised 9% of directors on the top 250 domestic grossing films and 12% of directors on the top 500 domestic grossing films, according to a new report by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University.

The few 2015 Hollywood films from women directors included “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “The Intern,” “Suffragette,” “The 33,” “By the Sea” and “Pitch Perfect 2.” Films directed by blacks, Asian-Americans and Hispanics included “Straight Outta Compton,” “Creed,” “Beasts of No Nation,” “The Revenant” and “Chi-raq.” They got some Oscar attention, but the diversity factor overall is still low.

The Academy in June invited a record 322 new members, with many reflecting the Academy’s push for greater diversity among its membership. But the current membership — overwhelmingly Caucasian and over-50 — won’t see a fast overhaul soon, due to membership rules. The Academy is an honor society, in which industry experience is the primary consideration to join. Hollywood history has been filled with those demographics, and AMPAS is not about to kick out its current members.

The film industry is about two decades behind television. The boom in cable channels means more risks and more diversity, in terms of gender, race and sexual orientation. This year’s Emmy Awards marked a milestone as Viola Davis became the first African-American to win for lead actress in a drama for ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder.” The success of shows that run the gamut of “Scandal” and “Empire to “Key & Peele,” “Black-ish,” “Orange is the New Black” and “Transparent” offer a reminder that diversity is good for showbiz, in front of and behind the camera.

UPDATE: Gil Robertson, president of the African-American Film Critics Association, told Variety that he was “shocked but not entirely surprised” over the lack of diversity in nominations Thursday.
“I think there’s an ongoing disconnect with the Academy members,” he said. “We have to re-double our efforts to convince them that diversity is important and that they should be open to the stories of other people.”

The AAFCA recently named Universal’s N.W.A biopic “Straight Outta Compton” the best film of the year, with runner-up going to Ryan Coogler’s “Creed.”

Robertson admitted that he was perplexed that “Straight Outta Compton” had not received more traction among Academy members. The film landed a single nomination for screenwriting.

“Even the oldest Academy members have been exposed to hip-hop culture becoming part of the mainstream,” he said. “So this makes them look totally out of step.”

Robertson expressed disappointment over the exclusions of Idris Elba for “Beasts of No Nation” and Will Smith for “Concussion” and noted that Oscarcast host Chris Rock is likely to highlight the lack of diversity during the ceremonies.

Joe Hall, founder and president of The Ghetto Film Schools in New York and Los Angeles, said he was unsurprised by the exclusions due to the lack of effort at public high schools to train minority students in filmmaking.

“The nominations are actually a distraction from the question of why we are not building a pipeline to generate diverse candidates,” Hall said.

Jeff Friday, founder of the American Black Film Festival, said the lack of diversity in nominations stems from the lack of diversity in the Academy membership.

“The composition of the membership is very homogeneous and that’s going to be reflected in their choices,” he added. “I know the issue is close to the heart for Cheryl Boone Isaacs but it’s also not something that will change right away.”

(Pictured, left to right: “Concussion,” “Straight Outta Compton,” “Creed,” “Beasts of No Nation”)

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  1. Jayc says:

    We are all people with 2 arms and legs, it’s just the colour of the skin. We all need one another wether we are doctors,nurse,police,careers. Or even the corner shop. Just being nice is the best gift ever

  2. Doug says:

    Make a movie worth watching. America has been over correcting for years. Believe it or not, we want to see movies with just white actors. Half EVERY commercial, sitcom, and movies have black. Black are a tiny minority. We don’t fear blacks politically, we just sick of hollywood shoving black actors down our throats. While portraying whites as dumb,ugly,or extremely fat. Or, the big one…a white woman pining over some black man. Simply not true in real life. We’ve stated watching Australian, and British tv and movies to balance the racial crap out. My goodness, make your own movies, and stop taking over EVERYTHING!

    • Rachel Bazeritvch says:

      How about may the best actor be nominated! There is no affirmative action as an actor and thank goodness for that. How about acting, not always trying to send a message about unfairness. Do the blacks actually think the white people don’t have struggles? Get real, we get discriminated against, passed over for jobs, harassed, bullied, you name it, it happens to us too. Stop seeing yourself as black, last time I looked we’re all primates!

  3. Joe Jayson says:


  4. Robert Cassini says:

    Just another instance where all these racist blacks make use of the race bait. I wish the whole race would stop their incessant crying and whining, jeez it gets old. Is there another race of people that constantly cry about everything that their not able to achieve on their own? Anyone inclined to call this post racist, don’t. Point the finger at all the crybabies instead and maybe, just maybe we can slow the river of tears down and have everyone hold themselves accountable instead of always begging for a free ride. Stop crying and begging.

  5. Old_Piper says:

    A list of African Americans who where nominated for Academy award for best actor in a leading role.

    1958 Sidney Poitier
    1963 Sidney Poitier
    1970 James Earl Jones
    1972 Paul Winfield
    1986 Dexter Gordon
    1989 Morgan Freeman
    1992 Denzel Washington
    1993 Laurence Fishburne
    1994 Morgan Freeman
    1999 Denzel Washington
    2001 Denzel Washington
    2001 Will Smith
    2004 Jamie Foxx
    2004 Don Cheadle
    2005 Terrence Howard
    2006 Forest Whitaker
    2006 Will Smith
    2009 Morgan Freeman
    2012 Denzel Washington
    2013 Chiwetel Ejiofor

    For the love of Christ is there truly anything wrong with this? They are people that earned this of their own merit. Why are you going to shout “Racism” now? Grow up.

    • Old_Piper says:

      It’s funny but no one really cares about your racist or gay views anymore. It’s all more or less equal. All this posturing of equal rights for this group or another. No one cares because it isn’t important anymore. The only people that care are those who can’t see past the 1800’s.

  6. David Hsieh says:

    OK! When was the last time an Asian Actor was nominated?

  7. Monty says:

    Here we go again. Talent doesn’t count. I’m so old I remember when the BEST got Oscars, not because of your race or gender.

  8. I don,t see the problem…. the black servant got an award in the 1939 film with Clark Gable

  9. Stan says:

    You don’t see white people bitching about not being in a Tyler Perry movie. If black people want to be regarded for a white produced award (I mean it’s not like we get nominated for any exclusively black awards.) They should provide rolls for each other, their are a lot of millionaire black actors and producers who can provide acting rolls for their black brothers and sisters. They bitch about how racist us whites are, but they expect us to still provide jobs and awards for them.

  10. Craig White says:

    Well. Its been awhile since all the hullabaloo over the Oscars and lack of Diversity in their annual love in. My initial reaction at the time was, not the race card again.

    The only actor I could think of at the time that may have been overlooked was Idris Elba. My thinking at the time was maybe because ii was a Netflix production. I thought both he and the young boy who played the Lead were both outstanding.

    Since then I have seen both Concussion and the Revenant. This just the past week. I have seen League of Denial (Netflix i think) and I believe the movie did a great job in portraying events as they happened. Will Smith’s performance was excellent. Worth a nomination? I think so in retrospect. The revenant was a beautiful movie. However I find it hard to believe that DiCaprio was nominated yet win an award for his performance. He spent a majority of the film grunting, grimacing and crawling around on the ground with very few lines or interaction with other characters. Really? In my humble opinion hardly worthy of an Academy Award. His body of work in the movie Blood Diamond was far better.

    Also, Benecio del Torro in that smuggling movie with Emily Blunt was outstanding as well. Both of them were.

    So..In retrospect if I had to choose Best Actor just these two Movies it would be Will Smith by a landslide.

    Just my humble opinion.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dude, Sharmeen Obaid is a BROWN paki who won the oscar, so calm down!

  12. Ava says:

    Nobody ever says anything until the damage is done and the ship is sinking and then the super black hero has to come and save the day, but who really benefits from this? Once again the incompetant wreckless people who have no feelings for anyone else …we do not exists in their realm. Not only do they have a monopoly on the films we watch it is irrevelant to our society and no relates to it but the people who made the films. If that is all we can go see at the mivie theatre DUH CRAP. It is a crying shame a movie about the near end of the world won best picture which seems to be all these people can concentrate on is disaster violence and destruction….and segregation unfairness mean spirits evil etc etc etc THAT IS THEIR ENTERTAINMENT…i could find better ways to spend billiins of money on making a movie that is beautiful entertaining warm family oriented and everyone can enjoy than to waste talent on MAD MAXX look for the minories to bring us back to reality and stablize the toxic film industry

  13. Anna says:

    Everyone pities the black actors, but what about the Latinos, Asians and the NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS (the ONLY REAL Americans!) in the United States??? The whole Oscar event is an insult to their cultural heritage and has been for many years !! It is a meaningless fashion circus for the rich!

  14. tinsol says:

    If Will Smith ever wins an Oscar ill kill myself. He simply is a very average actor period. He os himself as whatever character. Entertaining but never Oscar worthy. And straight out of compton?really?uh boyz in the hood came out years ago and they are newbies playing uninteresting stereotypical roles thay only ring true in the black community.

    • Loretta says:

      What people fail to remember is that blacks represent 13 percent of the population and Latino and Hispanics represent 17 percent. Women 50 percent. What about Asians etc…. Ask yourself were these films and actors really better or was it because they were black that they should have gotten recognition just because they are black. Just points to ponder.

      • Juliano says:

        HERE’s some points for YOU to ponder: New Jim Crow Fact Sheet :“No To Prisons, Yes To Caring Communities”

        We imprison more people than any other country

        The U.S. has over 2.4 million behind bars, an increase of over 500% in the past thirty years

        We have 5% of the world’s population; 25% of its prisoners

        People of color represents 60% of people in cages

        One in eight black men in their twenties are locked up on any given day

        75% of people in state prison for drug conviction are people of color although blacks and whites see and use drugs at roughly the same rate. In NYS, 94% of those imprisoned for a drug offense are people of color.

        The number of drug offenders in state prison has increased thirteen-fold since 1980

        5.3 million Americans are denied their right to vote

        13% of black men are disenfranchised

        Over the past two decades, state spending on prisons grew six times the spending of higher education

        From 1997 to 2007 the number of women in prison has increased by 832%

        Nearly $70 billion is spent annually on prisons, probation, parole and detention

        Our Position: “Mass incarceration and the racist practices of the New Jim Crow as manifested in all the collateral consequences imposed on individuals are communities will be dismantled with a grassroots, bottom-up effort led by those most directly affected and supported by their allies.”

        Now hmm it seems to me that black people are VERY judged and ‘awarded’ for prison sentences and lives ruined. There is no problem about *that* kind of judging it seems, yet for acting talent ,no. As a woman you should be aware that the same tired sht arguments from those in power (mostly white) that blacks just aren’t as talented at acting, directing, editing, producing, costume design, etc etc etc is the same argument that women had to put up with (and still do in other parts of the world) by the predominant male judges who wanted to either sewing or cooking in the kitchen. ALL they had to pretend was they knew and you didn’t and if you reacted you had a ‘mental illness the termed ‘hysteria’!

      • Veritas 128 says:

        Juliano – You clearly have a lot of time to trash other people for expressing their opinions. While I completely respect your right to express your own opinions you choose to disparage others whose opinions disagree with yours. For some reason, every time you post another diatribe on this website I get an email. I hope you have a job since you devote so much of your time to attack other people that you don’t know? Most of them do not go around hating others. They are just trying to vent about things that frustrate them. However, you apparently are a misanthrope. Also, you blindly post a biased list of New Black Crow statistics but clearly don’t know much about how to analyze the likelihood that the statistics are biased. First, consider who prepared the list and what their objective was in publishing this list. You illegally copied this list without giving credit to and citing the source. What if this list was prepared by a biased, white hating organization or by Al Sharpton? Did you ever hear the expression “Liars figure and figures lie? It is easy to misuse statistics to falsely convince the uninformed. For your enlightenment, I am going to briefly comment on these statistics below. But first, here is a good example. You state 13% of the population is black. About 12.8% of people employed in the movie industry are black. If you just look at this one statistic, this issue is over! However, that is a BS statistic because, the majority of the members of the Academy are elderly and white, even though the President of the Academy is a black woman. By the way, go on YouTube and watch this year’s Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards. Nominations and voting took place after the Oscar nominations were announced. Almost every single winner was black until they gave Best Actor to Matt Damon. I am sure some of those black winners were truly deserving. However, by actually giving the award to the one black person nominated in each group of five nominees, there is no way to place any credence in the worthiness of the recipient. By the way, since Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize without having a single accomplishment for achieving peace means that no one will ever be able to have respect for the value of a Nobel Prize again. Last point before I comment on your statistics. A disproportionate number of minorities and natives of other countries were nominated and were winners at the Oscars this year, including Best Director to a Mexican two years in a row, and people from Chile, Australia, England, India, Hungary, Sweden and others. So, because there were no black winners the Academy is intolerant and racist. Did you know that in 2009, 2011 and 2013 the Best Actress winner was black? Pretty good hit ratio for 13% of the population. See how statistics don’t paint a true picture. Of course, there are not enough black nominees and winners. But, if they spend the next ten years trying to make up for this, then the Oscar awards will be meaningless and the truly deserving recipients will not be distinguished from the affirmative action winners.

        MY COMMENTS:

        We imprison more people than any other country – We are the most law-abiding society with the most resources devoted to law enforcement. Is the a bad statistic or a good statistic?

        The U.S. has over 2.4 million behind bars, an increase of over 500% in the past thirty years – US Population was 240 million in 1986 compared to 322 million now. Law enforcement resources and scientific capabilities to find criminals have increased dramatically over this time. Admittedly, some non-violent drug offenders should have their sentences shortened.

        We have 5% of the world’s population; 25% of its prisoners – We are the most law-abiding society with the most resources devoted to law enforcement.

        People of color represents 60% of people in cages – The mere use of the term “cages” instead of cells underscores how biased the organization that published these statistics is. Moreover, it is a known fact that a disproportionately high percentage of crimes are committed in underprivileged neighborhoods. Young people growing up in these neighborhoods have extremely limited opportunities – Get a McJob or lead or life of crime. Only a small percentage are able to be successful. Why aren’t black leaders lifting a finger to change this?????

        One in eight black men in their twenties are locked up on any given day – See the prior comment

        75% of people in state prison for drug conviction are people of color although blacks and whites see and use drugs at roughly the same rate. In NYS, 94% of those imprisoned for a drug offense are people of color. – Without citing statistics on how many people committing violent drug offenses that result in dead and wounded victims, how do you make sense of this statistic? More police resources are committed to patrolling and protecting the black neighborhoods because that is where the violent crimes are concentrated. Before you go “buying into this statistic go into those neighborhoods and interview the upstanding black residents who live in daily fear that they or their innocent family members will be caught in the crossfire of a violent crime? What would these neighborhoods be like if all police stopped patrolling and arresting criminals? That being said, not everyone in prison deserves to be there.

        The number of drug offenders in state prison has increased thirteen-fold since 1980 – The entire country has been waging war and spending a lot of tax dollars to get drug offenders off the street. So, the program has been successful. If the goals of the program need to be changed that will required a lot of new dialogue with the lawmakers and law enforcers. That seems to have started just recently.

        5.3 million Americans are denied their right to vote –This is absurd. Anyone that doesn’t have any form of ID after all these years has to be an illegal or a criminal that is not entitled to vote anyway. There are so many resources out there to help everyone get their free ID cards in every single state. No one is better at getting out the vote than the Democrats who devote tens of millions to driving people to get their ID card and then driving them to the polls. This ideological nonsense is as factual as the “War on Women” Go to Arab counties that kill women who want to get an education before you go talking this country’s treatment of women.

        13% of black men are disenfranchised – Do you even know what this means without giving specifics of the criteria used to assemble this statistic and without giving statistics on other races. Otherwise, this sounds like a desperate attempt to throw out a meaningless number to make a point.

        Over the past two decades, state spending on prisons grew six times the spending of higher education – This is an absurd statistic! Higher education means colleges and universities that are generally funded by the students. Who is doing the spending? Federal, state and local government would presumably be doing all the spending on prisons? Who is doing the spending on colleges and universities which are largely self-funding? See how statistics can lie. How do you make sense of this statistic? Throwing out unexplained statistics is a commonly used propaganda tactic.

        From 1997 to 2007 the number of women in prison has increased by 832%. – This is another unexplained statistic. How many women were in prison in 1997? In the most extreme example, if you start with 1, an increase of 832% means that there are now 8 or 9. Also, the culture has changed greatly. Society widely believed that it was quite unusual for a women to commit a crime. Now with equal rights for women and sending our women to the front lines on the battlefield, society sees things differently. What if the police didn’t follow leads on female because of that mindset back then? Now, DNA tests may have brought many changes.

        Nearly $70 billion is spent annually on prisons, probation, parole and detention – In a vacuum, this is a lot of money. So, how do we reduce this amount and what would the implications be to safety of law-abiding citizens? Are our tax dollars at work or are they being frivolously wasted?

        I spent a lot of time commenting to demonstrate how the old adage of a little knowledge is dangerous. Every unexplained statistic should always analyzed and meaningful questions should be responded to in order to lend any credence. This is why it is so important to respect, listen and learn from other people’s opinions. It may not change your own opinion, but there is a lot of potential to expand your experience and knowledge that you are closing your mind on. That is intolerant and discriminatory. Good luck to you.

    • Juliano says:

      bet he can type legibly…! sheeesh
      oh and by the way sht for brains *Hollywood* is the *epitome* of stereotyping. that is what this is all about! Saw this video while back. people are asked this question ‘what do you think a world without black people would be like?’ and one guy said ‘Hollywood’!

  15. nadine says:

    I thought we were smarter than this. There is no racism. The actors of the nominated films were based on true characters.
    Will Smith u just lost a fan..

  16. Connor Woods says:

    They shouldn’t nominate actors just because they are black!!!! The better actors just happen to be all white 2 years in a row, this “scandal” is absolutely ridiculous lol
    I wonder how many times people will say that my comment is racist, so best to make it clear now that my wife is black and our children are mixed race.

    • Juliano says:

      not ‘racist’–that’s a loaded term. It is blackophobic.
      Now please tell us how your measure that the white actors this year who were nominated were better than the black actors. What do you use as your criteria for such a judgement. Have YOU been to drama school for example–even?

      • Anonymous says:

        To Juliani –
        I am an actress and your comments are as ignorant as they are mean spirited.

  17. John Watson says:

    BS!!! Make a movie worth nominating or act in a way worth nominating and we’ll see you at the oscars. What? No one wants to make a movie about you or with you? Waa-Waa. Get your pals together and make films like Spike Lee has done. Contact all the millionaire black actors and rappers to share the wealth and invest in black artists. That’s the way it’s done not by affirmative action and making us watch good film ruined by Whoopi, Latifah, Viola, Will, or Common.

    • Juliano says:

      so your an anonymous actress ey? why, you ashamed of what you say?
      Tell me: are you a good or a bad or a mediocre actress?

      • Juliano says:

        ahh your hired by black people? maybe this is why you remain anonymous, seeing you cannot think the black actors of Hollywood are good enough to even be nominated, or it seems black directors, producers, editors etc? If not please tell me your real name and I will see some clips of your acting and judge you, and let you know whether YOU would deserve to be nominated or win an oscar according to me. You think your great right?

      • Juliano says:

        yes it is.
        I guessed you were a human being….
        Who told you you have a ‘great skill set’? Yourself? A black or white judge?
        and yes I have soul like you and everyone

      • animymous says:

        My skill set is I am a seasoned actress. How do I know I have a great skill set? I work. I am hired by black people and by white people.. Do I have an Oscar? No. Can I telll the difference between bad acting and good acting? Yes.

        Where do you live? Sounds like you don’t get out much.

      • Anonymous says:

        To Juliano (if that is your real name)

        I am a human being with a great skill set. I also have a soul, which apparently you do not.

  18. Shirley says:

    Until African American or black people (whatever they are calling themselves this week) decide to become simply PEOPLE their racist views will always make them small and petty persons. Your skin colour doesn’t make you better or lesser actors. Only exceptional talent will get you stand out recognition. I will think less of Will Smith now. Didn’t think he was so self important and arrogant! I see that these people are not in the least concerned with the French, Ukrainians, Jews, native Indians etc,etc. They are only concerned with the color of their own skin. This is far more relevant to them than their talent – or lack thereof. Please eat your sour grapes in SILENT dignity……if you can! Really shameful. How are you all not shamefully embarrassed to try and diminish the achievements of the outstanding actors?

    • Juliano says:

      I am sure Will Smith doesn’t give a rat’s arse what you think of him–little brain.
      How would a mediocre little-brain like you even KNOW what ‘exceptional talent’ even is?
      Native Americans…? Oh you mean the original people’s of the ‘USA’ that white people such as yourself invaded and committed the worst genocide in history? Them? Your concerned about them are you silly-little-rigid-horrid-brain?
      I would be ashamed to be you little vile brain with your blackophobic views

      • Juliano says:

        you *are* still around. you got the very same mindset. white supremacy! only you can act, direct, produce, edit, etc etc

      • tinsol says:

        Your racist against white people move on. None of us were around when American Indiands were harmed. The only thing in common with the perpetraitors is that they were also white. Are you saying people today should take responsibility for crimes committed in the past solely based on the color of their skin? White guilt? Thays racist.

      • Juliano says:

        I am pleased to say I don’t know her, I am just going on the words she types from her fingers.
        I f you understood the terms you use like misanthrope you’d knows definition is ‘a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society’ which is not me. I rather hate those who target people of colour as though they are set apart and the one judging is somehow thinking themselves superior.
        Also you don’t seem to know what ‘racist’ means also.
        I am sure the white person receiving the oscars will not know that either seeing they get awarded by old white-supremacist and Zionist farts who have lost touch with whats going on!

      • Veritas 128 says:

        I hate those who target people just for being White as much those who target minorities and the police who risk their lives to defend all people, especially in the underprivileged areas. While there are some bad cops, I would like to believe that most of them serve the greater good. It sickens me when “Black Lives Matters” paints all cops as bad, encourages cop killing and interrupts politicians that say All Lives Matter. BTW – I think misanthrope perfectly describes someone who would put a label on anther person they never met because they have no tolerance for the opinions of others, which is why I chose that word.

      • Veritas 128 says:

        Juliano – You don’t even know Shirley and you are labeling her a little brain. I don’t know you or Shirley but your choice of repugnant words suggests that you are a bigoted misanthrope. What does society call it when somebody makes a judgment about another person that they have never interacted with and without any basis for making the judgment. Oh, that’s right a RACIST!! On another note, in the future when affirmative action Oscars are awarded, the recipient will never know if they really earned it for their talent. That is the real shame because there is already a lot of talent among the black and all minority communities.

    • Sleeper says:

      I have already posted a comment, but I agree that it makes people like Will Smith who did not get nominated that boycott the Oscars look like poor losers. And it is very disrespectful to the winners. Very ungracious to say the least.

      It is very interesting when I watch professional sports – very integrated racially. When the team loses they do not cry racism. They say “they did better than us”.

      Is is very diminishing to the motion picture business that they feel there should be a “quota” on which “racial group” gets an Academy Award. Just goes to show these individuals do not understand the meaning if art.

      • Juliano says:

        lol ohh didums, it ‘sickens’ the privileged little Variety forum typer when people say ‘Black Lives Matter’ after one of the thug cops/pigs have shot an innocent young black person. Imagine how it SICKENS the one killed, his/her mum, dad, bro, sis, friends, community who have to live with that constant threat!? THAT is *sickened*! You silly person know nothing about it. You use words like ‘sicken’ for your little white privileged brains to be contradicted and challenged

      • Veritas 128 says:

        Thanks for proving Shirley’s point about how most of the racism is being inflicted by the black community, not the white community. As a child, I was beaten, held up by gunpoint and had my used bicycle stolen by black kids. That indoctrinates a person to be racist. However, I overcame all that nonsense when I grew up. I have been a huge advocate of helping the black community and have offered many suggestions to provide better role models, address broken homes, teen pregnancies and many other important goals to help improve the opportunities of the black community. Name a single black leader in this country that is doing anything to advance these goals. Surely not Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Barak Obama, Whoopie Goldberg. More than half the time, I hire minority persons at all levels of management for my company. Not because they are minority, because they are the most qualified. We discuss these issues. They are upstanding, competent and educated individuals. They are more upset with Black Lives Matters than I am. They reject Al Sharpton as a leader of the black community. They believe that people and organizations that preach hatred and murder are hurting the black community and setting race relations back a generation. So, it is not just White Privilege as you call it that feels this way. Would you say that these people have black privilege because they worked so hard to be successful and educated with good paying jobs. While white privilege may exist to an extent, there you go again painting an entire race with a broad brush when you have no idea what you are talking about. I grew up in a very poor family and lived in tough neighborhoods. I chose to work hard and make something of myself at a time when people like me were being denied opportunities to make way for lesser qualified job seekers being hired through affirmative action. While this wasn’t something I was in favor of, I certainly understood why it was necessary, I just worked that much harder to be successful. I sacrificed a huge part of my family life to get ahead. You would so easily paint me as being white privilege when you speak through ignorance of the facts. Just like anyone who disagrees with a particular position or statement by Obama is painted a racist. Only the ultra intolerant would do that. By the way, what kind of impression do you think it makes on the white community when they witness black protesters throwing rocks and molotav cocktails at police, burning down stores, some of which are owned by other blacks and destroying the very neighborhood where they live? It is pretty clear that you are the racist because you clearly hate all whites, not just the ones in the minority that are still racist. It’s 2016, not the 1950’s!

  19. Juliano says:

    well errrm ‘tarzan jane’ I award YOU the oscar for one of the most blackophobic posts I have seen here, and that’s saying something! Like to make a speech? [pulls mike plug out of socket]

  20. Gary says:

    To be honest, the only 2 black actors I can think of that should be considered for an oscar are Sidney Portier and Morgan Freeman. Will Smith? Is he an actor? Maybe in a few years when he has under taken some more serious roles. Seriously, I Robot is to Driving Miss Daisy as a sock puppet and cardboard box is to The Lion King! One SHOULD be considered for awards, the other… not so much. There are many many many great films and many many many great actors. So now I ask.. should an actor be nominated just because he is black and a certain percentage of blacks are required to be nominated for diversity? When black actors get out of their comfort zone and start looking for more serious roles that do not portray them as thugs, gangsters, drug addicts or rappers.. I didn’t see Ememin getting nominated.. and he is white.

    Lets not make a racial issue out of something that has nothing to do with race. You don’t hear the thousands of other non-black actors complaining because they weren’t nominated!

    As far as black actors not getting good roles.. whose fault is that? The black actors? NO! The white casting agents or script writers? NO! The black community as a whole? DAMN RIGHT! Now, don’t pitch a fit here… What i mean is this.. if you have blacks running around promoting themselves as gangsta or rapper or whatever, that is the public image they project and that is the roles black actors get in films. You have to cast actors that are believable in the roles.

    I am hoping for the day to come when there are no “black” actors or “white” actors.. just ACTORS! When it is just as believable to see a black man cast as a Plantation Owner as it is for a white actor to be cast as “huggy bear”. Just for a couple examples, ya know?

    Everyone has to admit, that the roles of black actors has changed since the beginning of films.
    A bit off topic here.. But I would like to acknowledge the tremendous accomplishments of Amos and Andy toward the acceptance of blacks in the film industry. Lets all of us reading this, put our hands together in a little round of applause for these two, if only in showing personal appreciation for the work they did in getting blacks on film. (Back in the day, even black slaves were white actors with black-face, just like most Indians in old westerns were white actors painted reddish brown!) *clap clap clap* for Amos and Andy!

    Over the years, the roles have changed even more. Now it is common to see a black actor holding a position of a judge (A Few Good Men). It is also on the actors to show they can do more than typical stereotypical roles, and break into new roles!

    It’s a long slow journey, but the roles of blacks in film have come a long way since Amos and Andy, Roots, and Gone with the Wind.and as these publicly “acceptable (read believable) roles change, I am sure you will see many more black actors nominated. Hopefully by that time, nobody will think “About time a black man got nominated” and will only think “He was awesome in that role, and played it brilliantly”!!!

    Now just to close, to set an example of what i mean about actors and roles.. Consider these actors in this role: The role of Ben Matlock

    Andy Griffith – The actual actor cast in the Matlock series

    Now consider:

    Morgan Freeman for the part of Ben Matlock.
    Now …
    Tyler Perry or Will Smith.or Cris Rock?

    Point? If other black actors made the same commitment to their profession as Morgan Freeman, we would see a lot more Oscar nominations, now wouldn’t we?

  21. Rick says:

    Wow there’s a lot of hate on here. What’s worse- some black actors complaining about diversity or some people on here spreading all this hate just because they complained. So what. Let them complain. It is just an award for acting! Lol. Some people taking everything so seriously.

  22. fedup says:

    Al should be nominated for an Oscar impersonating a neighborhood organizer. That is of a very small neighborhood (71). Like his brother Barry Sortero commonly known as BHO. Please someone in the mainstream media validate these two impersonators.

  23. mark says:

    race race race thats all it is they want everything he used his kids as a race card just like he did all knight if a WHITE PERSON DID THAT ON NATIONAL TV WEED BE IN COURT

  24. usbusi says:

    It’s driven by the viewers I think. If white viewers are the majority who pay dollars to watch movies, the majority of stories written will be about white characters. That is why they did the parody of this protest showing a black woman attacking the trapper from the 1700’s and the other parodies. I don’t think it should be taken so personally. Perhaps next year there will be a good black character movie and there will be a black nomination or two from that movie.

  25. Rex says:

    The only way to fix this problem is to ask the though questions without regard to any “political correctness” or fear of ridicule or retribution. Start with this pivotal question:

    Who runs Hollywood?

    Tell the truth when answering that question. Don’t be intimidated by the answer. Don’t be afraid to state the answer in clear terms.

    Do that, and we may be able to actually find a solution within Hollywood.

    Another solution is to take the power out of the hands of those in power. We need a film industry rebellion against Hollywood.

    Boycott Hollywood!

    All those extremely talented actors, writers, directors, and producers who have been snubbed by Hollywood should get together, pool resources, and build the already-developing film industry in Dallas, Texas, away from Hollywood’s influence. All the actors of a particular color, creed, or political persuasion that have been “blacklisted” by Hollywood should take their talents elsewhere. Texas is a business-friendly state with no income tax, that will likely give tax breaks to new businesses.

  26. ShoeGalNY says:

    I’m sorry…but when did awards (and life for that matter) become about not how hard you work or how talented you are but the color of your skin???? And wasn’t the host of the Oscars African-American…or is Chris Rock white and I just don’t know about it or I’m color blind????? If you don’t win an award, it’s because a) you suck or b) there was a movie that didn’t suck as bad as yours. Frankly, there’s no movie this year, last year, or the year before that I would waste my money and time to see…they’re all garbage. And I avoided watching anything to do the Oscars last night due to this ridiculous BS. But, unfortunately this crap keeps popping up in my Newsfeed so I feel compelled to voice my opinion. So, long story short…these ” actors” should just shut their mouths while sitting in their multi-million dollar mansions whining about “poor poor me I wasn’t nominated for an award”. SHUT UP!!!! There are real people out in the REAL WORLD with real problems. And lastly, maybe (JUST MAYBE) if YOU stop shoving the color of your skin in everyone’s faces maybe everyone will stop seeing the color of your skin and the world can go on in peace and harmony. Until then, there will racial divide…because you have made it that way. Congratulations.

    Irritated “TAN” Woman

  27. aslymansaid says:

    So what exactly is the issue when blacks have their very own, EXCLUSIVE, “Black Movie Awards?” and have had this since 1997? Are they hoping for awards for movies about the thug culture? So nice to be preached to by the entertainment industry -it’s almost like they believe their opinions matter! How darling!

  28. Love.this year will be a greater l am u fan all. We all know everybody have he or she prunble try help who does have to help his self Asia Africa east Arabia put mouth for it thanks… Pleased stop Lazies. White or black or Green what ever pls stop.

  29. Veritas 128 says:

    Chris Rock needed to use the art of humor to bring attention to the lack of black nominations for major categories, but only to prevent a backlash from his black circle of friends. The problem is that he so overdid it that for years to come every black nominee and winner will have to wonder if they actually earned the honor or if it was an “affirmative action” nomination or award. It is a little rich to accuse the academy of not being diverse when the President of the Academy is a black woman!!! By the way, last night’s nominees and winners were extremely diverse and included a majority of winners from various minorities other countries, but the black community was not represented this time. The black community will only be happy with a majority of black winners. Just like Black Lives Matters wants to elevate black communities by refusing to recognize that all lives matter and instigating cop killing. By the way, Chris Rock’s interview on the streets of Compton could not have been more insulting to the black community. Finally, why would the black community select a low-class foul mouth “angry” zealot like Whoopie to be their role model when there are so many distinguished, intelligent black women they could have chosen? Kerry Washington, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Vanessa Williams, S. Epatha Merkerson and Zoe Saldan to name a few.

  30. Bruce says:

    If “people of color” want to be recognized for their efforts, They play in numerous starring roles. ….just turn on the evening news.

  31. Don says:

    This is one of the worst Oscar. People just play racial card so conveniently. No wonder trump gets so many supports now. Movie is an art. Please do not go after people who think pieta, David and architectures in Europe are beautiful. You pick the ones that move you. Yes you will eventually get politicians to work on a plan about distributing all kinds of awards to all ethnic groups. America is not based on meritocracy anymore.

  32. Ad says:

    13.2 % black in the states. And WAY less in all other western countries. Enough said.

    What a joke. Black people need to stop looking for handouts and earn their nominations. There is no united white college fund. There is however a United negro college fund.


  33. Lani-Jane says:

    Non-White people are the ones who put an emphasis on racism, they’re the ones with the hang ups, white people are portrayed and accused of being the bad guys but most of us don’t even notice the colour of their skin, we love Non-White people, they make the World a more interesting place and you are funnier than White people!

  34. I think it’s been a long time since these brothers have been hanging out in the ghetto…I’d say the number of black folk who are writers, directors, producers and actors of major motion pictures is about equal to the number of white guys in the NFL.

  35. first of all,oscar jury’s decisions are stupid.they give awards to most undeserved order to prove oscar is anti-racist ,they gave awards to many black people who did’t deserve it.denzel washigton and morgan freeman are the only deserved oscar achievers among black actors,who got oscars.many of the black people have to change their regular pattern (shouting,over reacting..etc) in acting and film making to make their films more natural.

  36. Michael says:

    perhaps there was not one single black person that deserved a nomination. it’s talent that nominates……not colour. Get over yourselves Smiths… your own movies. do you seriously think you are as UP there as the Kardashians? Talent period. What a farce.

  37. crazyfly says:

    Yawn, and there aren’t enough white players in the NBA.

  38. pardon says:

    You know why black folk stink ? So blind people can hate therm too!

    • Lakrishi says:

      And why do white people stink? Because their too busy being fucked in the ass by a dog. Get out of here with that petty shit.

  39. Ms Jones says:

    Honestly it is so depressing to listen to all these sore losers complain about a lack of diversity. There are so many fabulous performances and directors that have been completely overlooked over the years. There are MANY films made and MANY performers. They pick FIVE in each category. Honestly, some of the “non-nominees” I would not waste my time watching if the tickets were free. Their performances do not interest me or move me at all. On the other hand, there were many years awards were handed out to performances that I did not like at all. There are dozens of movies that received no nominations at all in any category that I could watch over and over again.
    Get a grip people!!!!

    • Lakrishi says:

      It wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t so damn consistent. You guys got upset because Annie was cast as a little black girl so what was that all about. You guys act like you don’t get pissed. I don’t watch the Oscars anyway. No one wants to watch something that doesn’t show anyone that looks like them being rewarded. Do you watch the BET Awards? or Black Girls Rock?

      • Ad says:

        There are black awards? I don’t think there is an all white award show. WET awards????

        Don’t say the oscars are all white as blacks have won!

  40. April says:

    Yes the oscars used to be fun to watch but tonight it was political shit, why is it on the oscars take it on a talk show!

  41. Ron says:

    WOW and i know we will see a lot of white people winning awards on the night of the BET awards or any other all black award celebration. Come on black folk, work the movies and directing. Can’t win awards if you don’t show up and do the work.

    • April says:

      This has been the worst Oscar show I’ve ever seen!! I ended up hitting the pause button so I didn’t have to listen to chris Rock anymore and fast forward to the award!!

  42. Bailey says:

    Read about the process that is used to make these determinations. Are they not voted in by their peers? People in the industry, actors, do the voting.

  43. mark says:

    how do you expect to give things to blacks when they can’t even talk right tell me please what is erf see i can’t even spell it earth well when ref comes I’m gone

  44. Kacey says:

    Sick of all the black and white jokes
    This is not what this night is all about

  45. mark says:

    so what town or state will riot to night with whit people

  46. me says:

    The Oscars should be an elegant evening. Tonight the show is well…not elegant.

    It seems more like a bad skit from SNL and I love SNL.

    There is nothing beautiful or elegant except Kate Winslet and Leo so far sitting in the crowd. Disappointed. Bring back old Hollywood glam and get those actors out like Sophia V and Chris Rock who look and act like seat fillers. By the way there are a lot of bad white actors too Rooney Mara for one.

    Bring back the elegance to the top show for best acting. The Oscars are about films not movies.

    Also lots of little kids watch and there are a lot of foul words floating around.


    • me says:

      Maybe if Will and the others acted like Sidney Poitier who’s a real actor then maybe they would win.

      It isn’t about black or white. I’m part Native American but yet I look completely white and to quote Oprah, “talk about a group of people done wrong, the Native Americans.”

      The bit Chris did of talking to the people about have you seen this movie or that movie was so tacky I don’t have words.

      The point really is not about any race it is very simply this…MONEY!

      If an actor doesn’t bring in money all around the world at the box office they will not work in big films. No matter their race.

  47. Curtis says:

    This argument is such garbage. Using the same logic, why is there something called the “Black Entertainment Awards”? Now there’s a real demonstration of diversity. People need to wake up and start seeing what we share rather than what we do not.

    • Lakrishi says:

      Even at the BET Awards, everyone gets awards, not just black people. While your fussing, you probably haven’t even seen over half of these movies. You don’t know any of these artists so why take it personal. You see people who look like you on screen, so you are happy. The BET Awards came out because black people weren’t being recognized. Now we are suppose to take all that away and sit quietly to be recognized by the Oscars. Fuck the oscars. I don’t watch the trash anyway.

      • “Everyone gets awards” Yep….that’s the way it should be. Just give everyone a damn oscar then everything will be good. You do understand awards lose all meaning when you hand them out like candy (like they do with kids today for “participating” in a sport….they get a trophy). How’s the kid or actor supposed to know what they are or are not good at if every time they turn around someone’s handing him a trophy….this is getting old. I can’t believe Chris Rock was so uncool….but if he wasn’t the rath of the blacks would have called him “Uncle Tom” among other things. Go check out Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube..

  48. mark says:

    hi no blacks OH NO WHATS THIS WORLD COMING TOO THIS HAS GOT TO STOP THEY HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT THE HIGHEST BLACK IN THE Land and yet the one year no blacks in the who cares awards the scream race i really think this world is whacky where we care moor about black tie movie and so on when theres more at stake so if this do tell you were this country has headed then your one of the few who truly are of grid with in my book that don’t seem like a bad deal. again sorry for no blacks in the most important night in the year il be sure to voice my discuss

  49. K says:

    Seriously? Can’t wait for the BET awards!!

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